Todd Redmond, everybody! (No, really, that’s what he looks like.)

Did I say something about a shindig? Ahhh, I don’t know. It’s baseball. Here’s your Game Threat.

TV: Sportsnet

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Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (R)
2B Ryan Goins (L)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
LF Rajai Davis (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
RF Moises Sierra (R)
CF Anthony Gose (L)

RHP Todd Redmond

New York Yankees

CF Brett Gardner (L)
SS Derek Jeter (R)
DH Curtis Granderson (S)
LF Alfonso Soriano (R)
3B Alex Rodriguez (R)
1B Lyle Overbay (L)
2B Eduardo Nunez (R)
RF Ichiro (L)
C Chris Stewart (R)

RHP Hiroki Kuroda

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  1. Jose Reyes is a switch hitter… but who really gives a shit.

  2. How come they’re not the New York Stankees anymore?

  3. I will be at the game. I hope redmond pitches as well as he did against the sox on aug 13th.

    Lots of Yankee fans downtown today.

  4. Let Thole start vs the RHP for fucks sake. There is no good fucking reason for Arencibia to be starting today.

    • And with Jiminez coming up soon, it doesn’t look like Thole will be getting much playing time, which is unfortunate because
      He deserves it over JP at this point.

      • I agree. When you’re playing out the string you might as well give him a bit of a look.

        With some regular at bats maybe he can show us something

    • No reason to start JP today, except to prevent Gibby from getting a migraine from all JP’s whining if he doesn’t start. Oh wait, you said no good reason…Carry on…nothing to see here.

  5. Reynolds now playing 2B instead of Nunez

  6. Last night was an absolute brutal game by JP, offensively and defensively, maybe his worst of the year. If Gibbons can’t sit him after a turd like that, when can you sit him?

    • I think you just made the argument why you don’t sit him tonight

      • If the answer is because you don’t want to hurt his precious confidence, too bad. The one thing JP needs is a little humility.

        • Pretty sure the one thing he needs is an eye for pitches.

          Or better hand eye coordination.

          Or the ability to catch.

          Or solid positioning behind the plate.

          Or patience while he’s batting.

          Humility is like number 83 on my list of things JPA needs.

  7. Goins, the albino Puig, can’t be stopped!

  8. Who says no to 3 years 22 million with two team options at 8 and 10; Josh Johnson or the Jays?

  9. C’ mon Brett

  10. Ryan Goins cannot be stopped.

  11. Arencibia, so bad. He blocks balls better with his back.

  12. JP to first on a passed ball strikeout bahahaha.

  13. This game is hilarious. Yankees playing like the jays did against the angels. Kurosawa looks horrible. Evenjpa got in base.

    Good feeling tonight!

  14. Wait, is Goins good?

    • his minor league career is pretty average but he’s played great in the bigs so far

      trying to find a comp . . . maybe Skip Schumaker? but Skip had even better minor league #’s

      i still see Goins more as a backup utility fielder – only 1 week, too early to pencil him in as future 2b but sure is fun to watch

      • He was pretty good last year: .289/.342/.403 with 15 steals and led the league in hits.
        I think he could still develop.
        4th round pick, bats left and has good range. He definitely has things going for him.

        I’m not sure what he’ll be but at the very least he provides hope for a position that has been a black hole of despair all year.

        • Hows his defense?

          If he could jsut be league average, or just a little below, in both hitting and defense, that would be a huge boost for us next year.

          We’re in a weird spot where I’d take our top4-5 hitters over any other teams top 4-5 in baseball. But I’d take pretty much ANYbodys bottom 3-4 hitters over ours. Our best are the best, and our worst are the worst. So if we can just get incremental upgrades in those holes to league average players, it’s going to have an exponential effect on improving the overall offense. IMO.

          • I looked him up on Baseball Reference for his D.
            He was primarily a SS the start of his career and was a little shaky – .968 FP.
            Since he moved to 2-bag he’s been .979 with only 4 errors.

          • How about Jackson/Hunter/Miggy/Prince/Martinez?
            McLouth/Machado/Davis/Jones/and Markakis or Wieters?

    • better than fucking maicer izturis!

  15. I’m actually a fan of playing JPA the rest of the year. If we do, his numbers can’t get much lower (right?) but he’ll probably add 3-5+ HR in that span, and honestly, I think – laughable as that may be to those of us who see him every day – that he might have a tiny bit of trade value. Nothing good, of course, but maybe alottery ticket C+ prospect or something.

    The thing is, power in catchers is extremely attractive. And a catcher with 25 HR is going to get a lot of GM’s attention. And the other thins is, even though his catching is horrible, there’s a good chance that the rest of the league doesn’t realize HOW horrible. Defensive catching stats are not all that relevent and are hardly used. Catchers mostly go by reputation, and I don’t think JP has much of a reputation either way across the league. I just think he’s too irrelevent for people to even talk about him outside Toronto one oway or the other.

    in fact, pretty much the only way other teams will know just HOW shitty he is defensively would be if they had scouts watching him for a majority of the season, and In just don’t think that most teams have done that. Granted, nobody can be fooled into thinking he’s a GOOD defensive C. But I think more then a few could maybe convince themselves he’s not THAT bad, and combined with 25 HR pop (qhich is very valuable out of a C) I think you could get rid of him for something halfway decent.

    Of course, even just getting rid of him period is a win.

    • I think this argument may have played 10 years ago. Todays GM’s have teams of assistants who pore over 1000′s of hours of footage. I doubt GM’s will ever find themselves in a situation where they don’t know everything about a ML player.

      I don’t think Brian Sabean will be taking a shit this winter, scrolling through stats and see 25 homers a .210 avg, and a .245 obp and think, “I have to have that so I can move Posey to first.”

      They know he sucks at catching and everything that has to do with baseball other then hitting an empty homer every 7-10 games.

      • And I don’t mean that to sound prickish, the disdain and bitterness in that reply is all for JP.
        It really bothers me that coaches have attempted to help him change his approach but he dismisses them because he thinks he’s playing well.

      • I’m not so sure that’s correct. I know a lot of people THINK it is, and a lot of GM’s WANT people to think it is, but frankly, to be able to watch hundreds of hours of EVERY PLAYERS games in a season would take hundreds, if not thousands, of scouts, and obviously we know no team has more then a few dozen.

        I mean, I’m sure ther are SOME players with taht kind of following, but I don’t think JPA is one of them. I mean, if GM’s knew players that well, how do you explain all the idiotic deals that still get done all the time. Why would the Angels want Wells? It’s not like he was great and then imploded with no warning. All of us knew his faults (horrible plate discipline, unable to lay off the breaking ball) and yet they were enticed by his decent overall numbers that year (I think he had 32 HR).

        I still think what I said is correct. 25 HR from a catcher is very sexy, and I think it will allow us to pull a few wools over a few GM’s eyes.

        • There was an SI article sat week detailing the Angels struggles over the past few years. It had a little blurb on the Wells deal. Turns out it was mandated by ownership, with the GM being fired if he didn’t pull it off within 24 hours. So that example doesn’t work particularly well when looking at the intelligence of club scouts, etc.

          Now, there’s no reason why another owner can’t look at JP’s terrific power and make a similar decision, but that seems pretty unlikely.

        • On Wells and players of that ilk, I believe teams are taking guys like that hoping that a change of scenery and fresh coaching can spark a return to former elite levels.

          As for my argument I think you’re discounting the major league scouts that every team employ. These guys travel to every park ahead of their teams and watch an entire series to create their scouting reports for pitchers/hitters/managers. GM’s also use this info to create depth charts of other teams. I think they have a real good idea of all players at the major league level.
          but, agree to disagree.

  16. Squawk!

  17. He got into that.

  18. Man, do we ever freaking need a strong end to this season. To give us something – ANYTHING – to hold onto over what promises to be a long, cold winter.

    Brett Lawrie starting to look like what we thought he could be (.900+ OPS since the AS break) and when you combine that with Cletus looking like what we thought HE could be, those are two pretty huge bright spots to this year.

    Add those two to EE, JB, and Reyes, and that is as good a core of hitters as any team in the league.

    The problem is, and has always been, starting pitching. We need a solid #1, or at least a great #2. sure there are other issues (C, 2B) but every team has some holes, no team is perfect. If we had the starting pitching we thought we would, then those problems would seem insignificant.

    • I can live with the kid at second…with Kawasaki filling in there and at short.
      Go out and try to scoop a starter…and for the love of all things baseball, maybe do something about catcher.

    • I was an early pilgrim to Tank Nation, but I wouldn’t complain if we thrashed some fuckers in September.

    • Hell I’ll take 5 #3s for the rotation at this point.

      Just slightly above average pitching and incremental improvement from C, LF and 2b should give this team a great shot.

      And with Goins pretty much a lock to bat .400 for his career we’ve already got one spot figured out.

  19. Pile it on, guys.
    Too many times I’ve seen the Jays put a 4 spot up early, and then the bats go cold – and the opposition nibbles away and end up winning it in the ninth.
    So while you’ve got your foot on their throats – maybe just lean into it a bit.

  20. Any reason Goins isn’t the everyday 2b for the rest of the year?

    SSS be damned. See what he can do.

    • It does look like the plan I think. In a perfect world , he would provide a minimum wage 2B allowing many more $$$ to be invested in pitching and maybe C or LF.
      Try as i might I still think JPA will be back here. Who the fuk else have we got? I’d like Ruiz as a FA but I think he goes back to Philly in the end dsepite the rumours they don’t want him anymore. Carry On…… ( great song by CSNY too)

    • Gose hits Goins perfectly in the cutoff position
      and Goins throws a strike to nail A-Roid at the plate.

      Every game, this Goins kid does something that makes you go,
      “Hmmm, could this kid be our 2nd baseman?”

      On the flip side, as an OF, Sierra has all the makings of a DH.

  21. beauty hit by Gose – he needs to keep doing that and no reason he cant have success in MLB

    • well….yeah. But that’s easier said then done.

      I mean….if i could do that consistently, there’d be no reason I couldn’t have success in MLB either. But of course, therein lies the rub. I obviously can’t do that consistently. And so far, nothing Gose has shown suggest he can either. Unless you want to count Vegas, a place where JPA had a .300+ batting average.

  22. Who holds up a “We love ARod” sign?

    Oh wait, does that guy own a whore house?

  23. Redmond is throwing too many balls. Pitches are high. Arod being booed

  24. No lead is big enough with Todd Redmond

  25. Gose, Goins, Gone!

  26. Fuck I want Goins to remain awesome and be our 2nd baseman of 2014. Wouldn’t that be a nice cheap solution?

  27. Fuck. I REALLY don’t hate Goins. Hopefully he plays this way next ST and plays himself into a job.

    • Agreed.

    • That would be great! But the YES broadcasters just said he probably won’t keep hitting .476 … needless to say, I’m pretty disappointed.

    • You know what would suck?

      Being Jim Negrych.

      • I’m sure he’s alright. He gets paid a decent amount of money to play baseball at the second highest possible level (depending on your opinion of the Japanese league) and he gets to play in his home town.
        Plus he’ll likely get a “cup of coffee” in the bigs as an injury replacement at some point in his career.

  28. Morris, take a look down at your info sheet kid.
    Goins was a 4th rounder.

  29. Man if gose could hit

  30. Great catch by Gose!. They played the song unbelievable.

  31. If Redmond would stop walking fuckers it’d be good

  32. Gibby should get the bullpen ready. Redmond is making me nervous

  33. I see a lhp warming up in the bullpen. Cecil???

  34. Nice grab EE. If we could get 2B fixed, I like our infield even with that shitbag JPA.

  35. Spuds, if you’re out there, the games aren’t the same without your commentary, lyrics and general drollery.

  36. Redmond still pitching?

    Lhp warming up

  37. Anyone notice the blonde woman behind home plate?
    Not too horrible, I must say…not too horrible.

  38. Hey this games goin pretty good!

  39. Joba is horrible looking.

    I read somewhere that his dick has a toenail on the end of it.

    • holy shit almost barfed when i read that hahaha

      on the Fan broadcast Hayhurst said he wants Jabba to put on a Flinstones outfit – surprisingly Wilner didn’t call him out for being mean, made a couple minor jabs himself

  40. Nice to enjoy a little Stankee Spanking tonight and I just checked in on Daniel Norris – since July 8, only 11 ER given up in 40 IP (with 51 Ks and only 15 BBs in that stretch). Take out one horrible game where he gave up 6 runs in 3 innings and the kid has a low 1.00 WHIP for the last two months and only 5 ERs in 37 innings for a 1.21 ERA and more than a K an inning. A-ball glimmer of hope.

  41. Loup got the job done. He almost throws sudearm

  42. No matter how shit the season is, there is nothing quite so good as a Yankee shit knocking.

  43. Wow, nice rack on Erin Haksworth!!

  44. Todd Studmond

  45. Redmond could actually be a good #5 if he didn’t throw so many damn pitches. Can’t rely on more than 5 innings most nights. Not like he even throws that many walks, but takes forever to get to his strikeouts, probably because he throws a lot of balls that go up into the zone and guys foul them off.

    Sadly he’s probably fated to being a quad-A guy like Happ and Rogers who toil from pen to spot starter to temp rotation guy. Not entirely a bad thing to have, just got a lot of those guys at the moment

    • Offseason program: Weighted balls and some of this…….

    • The Jays have more #5s than they know what to do with.

    • +1. I have seen him pitch twice, red sox & yankees. He’s pretty decent but l agree he does throw too many pitches.

      I am glad he got the win tonight.Could improve next year? He is better than Ortiz, Wang etc.

      Goins looked good tonight. He sems to have a good eye & was’t swinging away at everything.

      Sierra fell down swinging a few times. He is looking t o hit a HR at every at bat.

      Good atmosphere at the dome tonight. I enjoyed the in game entertainment.

      One more game to see this season.

      Free toques on September 29

      • yea Ortiz and Wang are true shitballers – they had a couple lucky starts, guys probably havent seen their stuff in the bigs a while sorta thing, but Redmond definitely showed up tonight at point’s in the game, Yanks have been a hot team of late and he managed to limit them although he had some great D behind him – he’s got potential for sure, definitely was a good free agent waiver pick up all things considered

  46. With all the losses jays should have a fan day and free admintion day to top off. The year…..up

  47. Regression to the mean, baby!

  48. Kuroda, post-game interview: “The movement of my balls is not there as before.”

    • Yeah, that happened to me before too. I understand his concern, it’s very worrisome when your balls aren’t moving as they should.

      Wonder why they didn’t ask about his pitching though?

  49. So I’ve been to 4 games this season and the Jays have won each one. I think we should start a fund to send me to all subsequent games. We’ll win them all. Really.

  50. And I’m impressed with the crowd tonight….not one “carpet matching the drapes” comment.

  51. Ryan Goins does not act the part of the wide-eyed rookie with nerves of jelly. His teammates have noticed.

    So has Toronto Blue Jays manager John Gibbons.

    “You see guys that come into the big leagues that carry themselves like they belong,” Gibbons said after the Jays’ 5-2 win over the Yankees on Monday night. “Aaron Hill was a guy like that. They have that confidence.”

  52. Todd Redmond looks exactly like this IT manager I was talking to this weekend. It’s uncanny.

  53. I was just reading that Blair piece where he points out that the team has been a complete mess through two massive changes of manager, personnel and point of view. He says that it’s time to find out where the rot started and he’s right of course. I don’t have any idea either but I wonder if any of you guys do and if so what do you think happened. The team hasn’t done anything in twenty years and that is a long time during which we’ve had 3 GMs, 7 managers, 3 owners and a hell of a lot of coaches. And then there’s all the players. So what are the reasons why the team has done indifferently for years and years and then really badly for the last two years. Was it just the injuries? Like I say I don’t have any answers at all. I’m interested in what other people think.

    • Tl;dr

    • If you dig deep on the history of the Blue Jays, you will see how ownership and management changed when Labatt was bought by Interbrew. It seemed that management structure and relationships with players changed completely . It is also clear that Paul Godfrey knew nothing about the game of baseball and fucked this franchise even to this day. The biggest problem I see with the Jays is that they make decisions on reaction to what happens to them instead of being in control of their own destiny. A good example of a team planning ahead and controlling their destiny is the Miami Heat. Pat Riley is an awesome executive.

      • I think a lot of it depends on the owner of the team. On one hand, you have a deep-pockets owner like Steinbrenner or Mike Ilitch or Mark Cuban or whomever…compared to a president of a board, run by a subsidary of a corporation.
        A “real” owner has an ego…or a vision of what he wants that team to be. He can hire people in that mold, or get them to acquire a team to fit his vision. Whereas when the team is owned by a “corporation” or some other faceless, nameless, soulless entity with shifting personnel – that long-term vision might be harder to envision and/or implement.
        The Leafs are a great example, IMO.

      • That’s good insight into the ownership. The reality is that for at least some of the past 20 years, there was not a capable organization in place, from top to bottom, to win. I think that’s different with this group. I think AA is a GM capable of building a championship team (I don’t think that about Gord Ash, for example), and Gibby can manage one.

        The only further point I’d add, is that Blair’s analysis is Coxian in it’s simplicity. There’s not necessarily “rot” anywhere in a given organization that isn’t winning. Shitty players? Sure. Bad injury luck? Check. Bad management? Heck year. But it’s also really fucking hard to win – most teams don’t. Not winning, is not, in itself, a sign of dysfunction. The Jays have also played in the most challenging division, and that’s true now more than ever.

        That’s not to say that the pitching hasn’t been shitty – it has. And JPA needs to go, and a non black-hole needs to play 2B (and LF). But those are all manageable changes. I still think the structure is there to win.

        Another part of the equation is some sort of competitive advantage in acquiring talent. In the early 2000s, it was Moneyball. For the Yankees and Red Sox it’s been bajillion dollar contracts. AA has tried to give the Jays this advantage through the draft, and we’ll see in a year or two if it’s going to pay off.

        The whole run from 1985 to 1993 was fantastic, but there are pretty random factors that contributed to them. If the Jays didn’t get Fred McGriff as a minor league throw in, then let him scuffle for two years at AAA, or if they didn’t have Epy Guerrero loading them up with talent from the DR, a lot of that winning might not have happened.

        In short, “rot” is a shitty media narrative. It’s important to look at the real, individual factors at play, and for this team at least, I think the fundamental approach and people in place can win.

    • Okay
      One more time.
      The Jays were part of Labatt’s when Interbrew purchased Labatt’s.
      Interbrew said at the time ” we are in the beverage business, not the baseball business”
      With the difference in the US/Can dollar, the Jays, with attendance dropping became a lower priority with Interbrew.
      Not insignificantly,Gillick left within a year and Beeston left later on to become Presidnt and COO of MLB.
      Rogers was one of the few Canadian companies who had the dollars and interest to purchase the Jays.
      Godfrey was given the mandate to “stop the bleeding of cash” It was one of the reasons JPR was hired over other candidates.JPR said he could field a competitive team by using “money ball” concepts.
      not being successful,he started to complain that he couldn’t compete in the ALE without a higher budget. Uncle Ted obliged but the players obtained failed to get the Jays to the post season.
      Godfrey gets canned,Beeston is hired to find a replacement. With the Canadian dollar improved and a comitment from Rogers to build a contender ,that would provide content for the ever expanding sports network empire.Think YES or NESN networks.
      Beeston fires JPR and hires a kid to be the GM. Utilizing knowledge of the FA compensation market they amass draft picks to be used as currency to rebuild the team.
      More payroll budget will be added when the time to compete is upon us.
      In the meantime ogers adds SN1,puts ALL games on TV.pregame, postgame shows ,even adding AAA games to the radio sched.
      Attendance improves,deals are made that push the Jays to WS favorites.
      The players shit the fucking bed and some get injured.
      The Jays to the casual fan, SUCK.
      So today we start looking forward to the offseason, to add the missing pieces so the Jays don’t Suck anymore.
      ( I don’t have time to proofread this, so if there’s mistakes,sorry) I type crappy.

      • You type crappy, but you write great!

      • @Radar. You pretty much covered it. Rogers buying Skydome and MLB being angered by Uncle Ted’s way of doing business with Godfrey are interesting topics to investigate as well.

      • well put.
        I was just commenting on the difference that a real live owner has on a club…rather than a team that is run as by a pension fund – who’s primary goal is to manage their investors’ money.
        A real, live owner wants to win. He’s got an ego. He hates to lose. It’s embarrassing. All the other owners laugh at you.
        The other president of the board of the corporation’s North American subsidary (Sports Division) just want to keep the shop clean and not get fired. Making money is the goal – and winning is fine, but not paramount.
        It’s not an “ego” thing with them…it’s just a job.

  54. I was just reading this piece on ESPN’s site and was kind of shocked to read that the Jays are “a team so dispirited they no longer even take a full pregame batting practice.” Is that true? Is this kind of thing common? Seems to me that at the very least, everybody should be working that much harder on all the fundamentals, even with an eye to being better next season, am I right?

    • They probably don’t recognize all the replacements from the Bisons taking their hacks and just assume they’re bat boys or something.

      “Where’s Bautista Cabrera and Rasmus? If they cared they would be putting the work in!”

  55. If it’s true that they don’t take a full pregame batting practice–and I can’t believe that it is–then Gibby should be fired along with the white horse he rode up on. The guys should be taking bp. Period end of story. It’s not like they have been such wonderful performers at the plate.

    • Careful with those statements about Gibby. You might be questioned on your baseball intelligence by the writers of this blog.

    • I wasn’t questioning Gibby or the organization on it as much as I was just surprised. I have zero idea how day-to-day practice, training, instruction, etc. even works, but I presumed everybody took a few hacks before every game, if only to get in the zone a little bit before their ABs in the game. Just surprised me.

    • Didn’t one of the analysts (Tabby? Morris?) comment on that very issue just the other day…saying that a lot of the “regular” guys don’t take as much BP this time of year?
      Bottom line – you get arm-weary. You’ve already had 350 at-bats already this year, not to mention all the spring training and regular practice sessions during the first 2/3rd’s of the season. That’s what Rasmus said his problem was late last year…too many swings during the year, and you get arm-weary.
      Now it’s August…it’s stink-hot outside, you’re getting tired…and face it, if you’re a full-time player, and you STILL need regular BP sessions at this point of the year…well…

      • This makes sense. Thanks.

        Now, the big question–is there any pattern as to how “winning” teams balance this?

    • It’s just a story from BSPN. A hint of truth combined with a gallon of spin.

      For all we know, Gibbons just gave them a day off.

  56. OK that makes a lot of sense.

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