I really don’t mean to keep mailing in these *hey look at me, I’m on the radio* posts as though they’re some kind of credible alternative to actually sitting here and typing out a bunch of words, but… uh… here we are again! And really, what am I going to do, write about the Jays actually practicing outfield throws, and taking bunting practice, as though that’s some kind of a long overdue thing that could have saved the season if this country club of team had been interested earlier– even though, y’know, teams haven’t really done it regularly since the early 90s– or if Gibbons hadn’t been so easygoing early on, and then afraid to upset the apple cart out of fear of losing his job later?

Because that’s just silly.

Plus, the Score has got itself a little shindig transpiring around here, so… I’ll just give a link to my segment this afternoon with Bryan Hayes and Jeff O’Neill on TSN Radio here in Toronto.

Check it out right here.

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  1. At the beginning, you talk about the three-year window, which I’ve been thinking about recently.

    If I’m the Jays brass – obviously, a lot of the hope for 2014 has to be on internal improvements as AA has said. If Dickey isn’t very effective again and Morrow is unhealthy or ineffective, virtually anything they’ll try this offseason is unlikely to make this team a winner.

    Is not the best way to go this offseason, then, trying to make decent upgrades to big holes – which shouldn’t be all that difficult – with guys on one-or-two year deals? Whether they’re acquired by trade or free agency, an addition at C, 2B, LF or DH, and SP would make a big difference.

    Maybe it’s Carlos Ruiz at catcher (I’ve convinced myself that if they make an upgrade at C, it’ll be him), someone like Mark Ellis at 2B, and taking a flyer on a bounceback starting pitcher.

    All in all, I think that’s the most prudent way to give the team a good shot in 2014 without wrecking the team down the road by spending more fortunes of money and their small bank of prospects. If things don’t work out in 2014, guys with just one year left on their deals should still have some value, coupled with guys like Bautista and Encarnacion, to be dealt and kickstart a hopefully quicker rebuild.

  2. The Score’s having a shindig?
    And they didn’t invite the DJF comment section?

    Or maybe they did and my invitation was misplaced?

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