Everything old is new again, huh? Dreaming on the Jays’ prospects. Cursing Rogers for the possibility they won’t spend. Finding new and exciting ways to convince ourselves that meaningless August and September games are worth watching.

It’s like last off-season never even happened!

And now this! Ridiculous praise for Brett Lawrie in the latest What Scouts Are Saying piece at Baseball Prospectus!

“His detractors will tell you that his makeup makes him a risk or prone to streakiness, but I think that line of thinking is just caddywhompus. He plays at level 10 with an extra shot of espresso at all times, but he is still under control. He has impressive forearm strength that lets him snap the bat head through the zone, but he does a good job of staying back on balls and driving them the other way, whereas he was just looking to yank everything when he first came up. I think he is among the five best defenders at his position in the game, and he is only going to improve. He is very quick and has more than enough arm strength to make the toughest plays to his right. I am comfortable saying that he is going to be a superstar third baseman, and it’s more likely to happen sooner than later.”

Boner town.

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  1. And Brett jizzed in his pants.

  2. Shaun Marcum who?

  3. Nice.

  4. population: me.

  5. Caddywhompus. I need to use this more in my lexicon.

  6. Do I keep him in my fantasy keeper based on this?

  7. He was also mentioned in today’s klaw chat:

    Mike (Dublin)

    Any thoughts on Brett Lawrie’s recent resurgence?

    Klaw (1:34 PM)

    Fully healthy. This is more like the player I thought he’d be. But again, SSS applies.

  8. Anyone who has watched him this season knows that the knock on his defense from his prospect days is gone. The kid can flat out play on the defensive side. The question was his hitting. Will he slump – sure – but the work that he’s done to calm his swing down has made some clear improvements. He’s hitting balls hard and the power that was gone last year has returned

  9. So this means that Reyes, Bautista, EE, Ramsus & Lawrie could be considered “stars”

    If (big if) Cabrera and Lind can be solid producers you only need 2B and C to be not sinkholes and you have a very solid line-up.

    AA needs to focus on pitching, pitching, pitching rather than the Morneau rumours that I’ve heard on the FAN590 recently

    • Yes

    • What does Goins look like in the field? I’ve heard good things but can anyone tell me what he defense grades out as at 2B? (Average/Above Average/Excellent)?

      If his 2B defense is truly excellent, then I probably would give a lot of consideration into putting him there next year. Maicer can be the Utility guy.

      • From what I’ve seen, his defence isn’t amazing, but it looks good, maybe above average. He’s got a plus arm because he used to be shortstop and he’s really good at turning double plays. If he hits even just a little, he’s a solid major leaguer IMO. And so far, it seems like he get on base at a decent rate (good eye, good contact ability, etc.).

        • it is a vast improvement pver what the Jays have had before he got here

          remember, average is good

          better than half the league

          all we need is an average 2B

          • I’m sorry, did Aaron Hill cease to exist?

            • @johnny gomes.

              Agreed. I am very happy that Hill has become a productive Diamondback.

              Jays could have used Hill. Kelly Johnson was a downgrade over Hil & Izturis has been worse than Johnson.

  10. Apt concluding remark.

  11. How long is he under team control?

    • I think one more year until he’s arbitration eligible, so 4 years. I’m thinking it might be a good idea to lock him up long term and eat up his tab years and maybe an FA year or two.

  12. It’s time to lock this guy up long-term.

  13. Caddywhompus. Google Chrome might not like it, but I do.

  14. Desde 6 hasta medianoche

  15. Has nothing to do with the topic, but…..does anyone know if the game with the White Sox will ever be made up?

  16. Sploosh.

  17. I know I’ll probably get jumped on for this but the way Lawrie has played defensively lately, it’s really hard not to compare him to Longoria.

  18. remember when Toronto Media was calling for him to be traded…because he is a “cancer”

    I sit here with a giant smirk now and laugh

    • I’m not sure if I should chastise the media for saying that, or you for giving the media the time of day?

    • He is great at third and I love the bat right now. But the team is dead last and out if it. I want him to continue this success into April, May and June next year before I sign him. Show me you can produce when your team is in it. As for JPA and Lind…… Thank you and see yah

      • Idiot.

      • That isn’t a bad idea. The club did the same thing with Encarnacion last year. After the good 2012 they decided to wait a few months and got the extension done at the ASB last year. AA said afterwards they just wanted to wait a bit extra.

      • I am kind of confused too. I am not sure what the “while there are in it” part is supposed to do with talent evaluation. Are you really worried that the can’t handle the pressure? That he is only good when there is nothing at stake?

        • Yes, that is exactly what I want to see. I think he can be that player, but I need to see it to complete the evaluation. It is about growing this team to win championships.

          • I’m with KLaw – give me a big sample. It’s been, what, a month?

            • Here’s a 23 year kid who gives you A + defense and after his first thousand AB’s carries an ops of .775. I’m not sure why you would want to insult a player like that by not offering him a contract during the off season.

            • The sample issue, yes, but I think this lawrie looks a lot like the one we should’ve been expecting all along.

              My inappropriate ‘idiot’ comment only referred to the idea that they should wait until, what, he just hits a ton more and gets more expensive to lock him up? If pressure was a problem for him, he wouldn’t be in the MLB.

              • They need to lock Lawrie and Colby up.

              • I think the first priority should be locking up Colby since he’s a free agent next year and looks like he might finally have put it together, at the very least he’s by far the best option we have right now.

              • @Justin, Rogers has the money and they will sign this guy when the time is right. A guy like Lawrie is a huge marketing tool for their TV cable sports packages.

            • +1. Lets see him play a full year so post all star break 2013 & sprin – all star break 2014

              • Yes but eh may get too expensive

                • If players are “expensive” for ownership, get the hell out of the business. Nickle and diming players comes across as bush league. AA knows the market value and will pay them according to their value. It will be handled properly.

              • Yes but eh may get too expensive

                • Which one? Colby or Lawrie? Frankly, they’re both worth the $$$. They may be the next wave after EE and JB.

          • what a steaming load of crap. ” It is about growing this team to win championships.”

            how long have you been reading this site?

            • @yeah, what kind of question is that? What does it matter on the length of time I have been reading this site. Do you not want the Jays to win championships?

            • You’re an unreadable, easily-panicked Dumpster fire of awfulness, so maybe you shouldn’t be asking for credentials of new posters.

  19. Forearm strength?

  20. Funny how we haven’t heard anything about Lawrie’s immaturity lately, eh?

  21. Lawrie is easily the most entertaining Jay to watch right now, aside from maybe EE. His at-bats have been great — he’s hitting pure line drives — and his defense is outstanding.

    • That double in the first last night was awful pretty.

    • EE is still the man. i always look forward to the next time he does his chicken wing. the crowd, the fog horn, the chicken wing…awesomeness.

  22. I stayed on the wagon with Lawrie. Defended him and got basted in hate for it.

    Even when he was stuggeling you could see the swing was there, his timing was just off from all the moving parts.
    And of course his allstar level defence never slumped.

    • Congratulations?

      • I know, I don’t do this, and must admit I hate it when others do. It’s just that when folks were actually showing up for Game Threats and I (or a few others) said anything remotely positive about him, people treated you like you had genital warts.

        Regardless of all that, I hope the BP scouting report comes to fruition and we are looking at a perrenial allstar.

      • it fucking pisses me off every time someone puts up a few bad months so many ‘Jays fans’ want to run the player out of town and get nothing in return. fuck off all you bandwagon assholes. dickheads are even trying to get rid of Bautista now. how fucking retarded are people anyway? go cheer for the yankees or red sox or something.

  23. Unrelated. But this was fun to read:

    “Least Valuable Player (AL)

    This is Maicer Izturis‘ award to lose. Unfortunately, he’s gone and sprained his ankle and landed on the DL, so his prospects of detracting value from the Blue Jays for the rest of the season are in serious doubt. (Ryan Goins, his replacement for now, is hitting .455 since his call-up.) But Maicer is pacing the majors in negative WAR by a full half a win, which should prove to be a prohibitive lead. Few players provide crappy hitting (.236/.288/.310), crappy fielding (-16.5 UZR), and crappy baserunning (1 SB, 5 CS) in the same package, and Izturis’ versatility in sucking at three infield positions is second to none. All in all, his 2013 will go down as one of the most futile campaigns in recent memory. (And that Izturis is emblematic of a franchise having a mind-blowing disappointment of a year certainly won’t hurt him with the voters.)”

  24. Not one comment about how the picture above looks like Lawrie just fired off a round from his yogurt gun?

  25. I think it’s hard to argue Lawrie has become one of the better 3rd basemen defensively. I hope this hot streak he’s on right now really is a sign of things to come. It’s nice hearing people who are supposed to know what they’re talking about say positive things about Lawrie.

  26. Caddywhompus! Sorry, had to say it.

  27. Hard to believe he’s only been playing 3rd for a couple of years.
    Glad the experiment at 2nd is over.
    His postioning is much better.
    The knock was that he was unwilling to learn and take advice.Seems he’s matured (at least on the field)
    The power isn’t there as much as when he first came up
    The original guess was that he’d be a middle of the order bat. With his speed and increasing OBP,he might better project as a top of the order #2.
    Scouts said he’d eventually project as a corner OF’er but to these old eyes, his defense at 3rd alone is worth the price of admission.
    Funny how nobody slobbers over the fact that he’s Canadian ( like Stoeten suggested) but they appreciate that he’s a great player to watch. ( the fact that he’s Canadian is a bonus)

  28. I’ve always thought Lawrie was the best, if not certainly top 3, defensive 3b in the majors over the last two seasons. His hitting struggles from spring 2012 to the ASB of this year were massively disappointing, so its nice to see him turn it around since then. He’s a talented guy, and I HOPE he has learned to harness some of his energy and aggression.

    I’d wait until mid-season next year before offering him a long-term deal. I think he needs to show some consistency with the bat, and prove that he’s matured, so we know exactly what we’re getting. Like most of the players on this roster, he has a ton of variance in what we can expect to see over the next few seasons, so I think a bigger sample size is required before we go lock him up for 5 years and $50-60 million.

    • Dude.. 5 yrs at 50-60 million?? He still has 1 yr at league minimum and then 3 arb yrs, you would only be buying out one year of free agency. I think you could get him for 5 yrs much more cheaply or you could tack an extra year or 2 on at that number.

  29. …..paging CATBOY carrera

  30. Well what ever. He has been hitting the ball better in the last month or so… I would love to see him do it for a full year next year.

  31. Haha – boner town!

  32. Heyyy now you will always be my babbbbyyyy

  33. Well, he’s getting solid knocks now at least.
    Less of topping the ball and getting a 2-hopper to second all the time. He’s starting to square up and hit lasers now.
    A few more years maybe, and he’ll find that perfect blend between line-shot lasers and that lofting home-run stroke.

  34. Far be it for me to rain on a maple boner parade this article does not mean that Lawrie is a superstar. All it means is that some guy at BP, who does have an informed opinion, thinks that he will be.

    These things are not the same thing. It’s almost the same mindset as planning parades based on Vegas odds or signing free agents in the off season. Results are the only thing that matters in baseball. This is a lesson that you would think that most Jays fans have learned this year. So before you pat yourself on the back for having so much faith in Lawrie let’s let him do it first.

    That said, I believe in Lawrie’s talent it’s just that this doesn’t confirm my belief. What would is a big injury free season. Short of that it’s all just jerking off.

    If I am wrong about Lawrie and he never finds it or stays where he is due to nagging injuries than I will be wrong. Projections do not equal results.

  35. Also I would try to lock him up long term because really you don’t have a heck of a lot to lose at this point. If you believe in his talent then he is worth the gamble, which really isn’t like going all in.

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