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Working from the principle that no news is good news, nobody should be concerned about the present or future of our little DJF, but having learned from the fact that a full year later I’m still having to explain to people that I don’t work for Rogers, I’ve decided that it’s probably for the best that I clear up a few things for those of you have noticed what a big day today is in theScore universe.

Yesterday a major update to our already-outstanding mobile app went live for iPhone and iPad, adding a massive news element to what was already a tremendous sports data delivery system. (Read about the update in full here.) Among many new features, you can now, for example, get push alerts for breaking news relating to your favourite teams and leagues– and I’d encourage you all to download it and setup your push alerts for breaking Jays news by going to their team page and tapping the star in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

This kind of stuff, you’ve perhaps already noticed, is right terrific.

What may you may have also noticed, however, is stuff like the fact that, in a large, dare I say must-read piece highlighting the app’s new direction and our expanding newsroom in the Globe and Mail, it was explained that news stories on the app will be “supplemented by the company’s bloggers, who until now were grinding out multiple news updates a day but will now focus on longer pieces to complement the breaking news being offered by their newsroom.”

If you saw Globe author Steve Ladurantaye tweet a link to his personal site, and a transcript of his conversation with our executives, you may have also noticed further commentary about how our “bloggers are now free to write more in depth and more researched pieces. We have our baseball guy doing interviews and profiles.  He used to have to crank out 10 posts a day.”

Perhaps you also noticed the official announcement from The Basketball Jones that they and theScore are going their separate ways and got a little concerned about what all this might mean.

Well fear not about any of that impacting DJF, because nothing here is changing at all. I’ll still be doing whatever it is I’ve been doing. It is, however, my hope that we’ll be able to harness the power of theScore’s beefed up newsroom to make the blog bigger and better into the future– and we’ve already seen great contributions from Jonah Birenbaum and Blake Murphy as part of that– but for now, DJF’s gonna DJF like it always fucking did.

So… relax. I might even start getting some posts up before noon at some point.

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  1. fucking sellout…


  2. It’s one I clock


  4. I’m curious if Stoeten and Parkes kept ownership of the DJF name/brand when they came to The Score, like Nate Silver did when he brought 538 to the NYT, or if they sold it, like Nate Silver did when he brought 538 to ESPN.

  5. Never change Stoeten, never change.

  6. Android update too please! Also I lol just a little bit every time I see those ads on SN360 that say “More than just the Score”

  7. Is parkes coming back or not?

  8. Good to hear that Rogers isn’t making you change the way you do things around here.

  9. theScore – disruptively innovating since 2013:

  10. Is Getting Blanked going to be changing its format?

    • I think it was saying that Drew is already posting different than he did before (e.g. my approach articles, etc.)

      Not facetiously – I’d be interested to know what blogger’s schedule is like. On days like today and yesterday when there was very little content on the blog – what does Stoeten do?

  11. People actually think you work for Rogers? Wow! That’s a new one on me. To tell the truth, I always thought you worked in the porn industry.

  12. Or John and Benji Levy as far as DJF is concerned you could save the cost of these “real journalists” chipping in and just pay Stoeten more.

    I don’t think that I’m alone in saying that many of us come here for the boutique nature of his work and the fun of the comments section.

    If I wanted to bore myself with the piece that Jonah Birenbaum wrote I’d go to batters box (which I stopped reading years ago), and the jays-centric poorman’s Dave Cameron attempt by Blake Murphy was another waste of time.

    As a reader if I stumble across too many undesirable reads like this my frequency dissipates. If I wanted Jays Journal I’d go there.

    A little Zubes, ghost of Berkamp, or Old man Drew sprinkled in is great because they share the voice of the blog. Anything in addition to that, well, ins’t that what the Daily Deuce is for?

  13. Can I still say fuck?
    Or can I, from time to time, just for old times sake and when it is warranted tell Stoeten he’s full of shit. Just when it’s warranted mind you ,not just out of the blue. That would be cruel and piss him off again.
    In all seriousness,thanks for the clarification, Stoeten.

  14. After reading all the GB posts that mentioned it would be their last post as The Score/GB were moving in a different direction, and then reading that TBJ was moving on, it’s good to find out what exactly is going on.

    And I also vote that writers that don’t share the Stoeten/Drew/Zubes vibe can GTFO.

  15. What about the podcasts? I rather enjoyed the daily Getting Blanked shows that you, Parkes, and Drew did last year, and the almost-daily podcasts to start this season were fun to listen to as well. Will Getting Blanked still be doing podcasts on a regular basis?

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