Game Threat: Jays vs. Royals


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of this wretched season. Not that it isn’t– if you’ll excuse my indulging in bullshit for a second here– a little bit refreshing to see the Jays playing guys like Goins, Pillar, and Gose, who look like they just maybe give more of a shit than some of the players we’ve seen here this season. Or maybe it’s just that their legs actually work. Whatever the case, and whatever little faith I have in these guys being any more than depth pieces in 2014– the Jays should, unquestionably, aim higher (after all, with Goins, we’re talking about seven games of a guy who put up a .679 OPS at Buffalo¬†this year)– for at least a little while, the team as constituted is making these games tolerable, and for that we owe them some serious gratitude. Would be nice to get a look at Stroman, Nolin and Jimenez, too, at some point. Though I won’t complain at seeing R.A. Dickey put in yet another comfortable-looking effort in the home park that’s been killing him all season, either. And with Buehrle still looking good, shit, maybe things really are going to be OK…

This is your Game Threat.

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  1. Canteen superpower

  2. Playoffs!!1!!!

    Next year or the year after that. You know, when it’s our turn.

  3. Dickey going to serve his knuckler with RICE PILAF

  4. If the next post about Goins isn’t entitled “Comings and Goins” then I don’t even know anymore…

  5. Congrats to Stoeten and Parkes for the DJF mention on Keith Olbermann’s show!

  6. Jack Morris does not remember Trent Dilfer.

  7. I’d be surprised to see Stroman.
    He’d need to be on the 40 man, and that won’t allow for the flexibility needed in the offseason.

  8. Of COURSE Boni hits a triple! Sigh…

  9. Theres that rice pilaf

    Now add in some of the you know what

  10. I’ve got things I could/should be doing today instead of watching this game. Oh well, there goes my productivity.

  11. Morneau to the Pirates.

  12. come on Thole

    still seems like there’s awful baserunning on this team . . . Gordon has a legendary arm out there and you got a 1 run game, why waste that chance?

    even Rajai’s previous double he eased up going into 2nd and almost got out because the throw in was so accurate and hard

  13. Goins is goin deep here

  14. nice screen job by Kawa haha

  15. More brutal managing by Gibbons. Now Lind is out of a tied game with nothing but righthanders left. All so he can get an at bat for DeRosa with one out. Lawrie’s walk doesn’t change brutal managing.

    By far the worst manager in the AL East. By far.

    • Stop being dumb, thanks.

      • If you have nothing to say but name-calling Andrew, you should say just that. I take it the only argument to be made in favour of a bad manager is some name-calling.

        • I thought Goins should have been the one to get pinch-hit for. Agreed, poor management by a bad manager, with a bad record.
          Also, not letting Dickey get the CG, when he was positively CRUISING, was brutal. Casey was lucky for the second night in a row. I scored the game at home, and from what my scorecard says, Casey threw 24 pitches in the 9th…and didn’t retire the final batter. Dickey threw just 9 in the 8th and was coming into the 9th having thrown only 100 pitches. Oh wait! The Gibby apologists might like to ask “where was Dickey in the order?” Facing the fearsome middle of the Royals order or something? Nope, 7,8,9 hitters. Which Casey struggled huge with.

          • Hindsight is fun!

            • Hindsight is bullshit, but so is saying everytime someone fucks up “Well, in hindsight…”
              If Dickey blows his own lead, I got no problems with it. Fact is, he was grinding it out all day, and finally the rest of the idiots score some runs, and the next fellow out of the pen almost blows it. Can’t have that.

        • He was insinuating that you have poor logic to base your opinions on, not name calling. What you said was dumb.

    • DeRosa is their best pinch hitter. Those were 3 great pitches before the pitcher lost his command.

    • He made a move when the opportunity presented itself.
      It worked out in the end (barring a Janssen meltdown) and extra innings.
      Be happy.

      • Janssen has 2 3 up 3 down innings in his last 8 appearances. I wouldn’t use him back to back either.

    • Brick Top, who do you want as manager?

      • Himself. He obviously knows everything.

      • I want Marty Brown. Or Brian Butterfield.

        One thing I will give Gibby credit for (to appear ‘fair and balanced’, just like the folks at Fox News): putting in Kawasaki was a great call.

  16. The legend of Goins & Kawasaki continues to grow. Very timely hitting by both of them in the 8th inning.

    • OK…an infield hit and an error.
      Let’s not call it “classic” baseball.
      But they put bat on ball…and if you do that, good things can happen.

      • @fastball

        +1. It may not be pretty but it works.

        Good things happen when Kawasaki is in the game.He has very timely hits.

        Jays benefit from the umpires this weekend. It makes up for the bad calls against them when they play the yankees & red sox.

  17. Has Neil Wagner not got much of a chance this year because of his age?
    He actually looked to me like a perfect closer.
    This isn’t to say I don’t like jansen, ps.

    • Take a look at Wagner stats for 2012 and 2011.Give him a spot in the BP next year and see if it continues.
      Delabar should be the next in line for closer.

  18. OK…that was closer than it needed to be.

  19. Haha JP the hero saves the game

    Probably his best throw all year and even then it was damn close

    • I still say this is the most entertaining Jays club in years … never know what to expect, lots of surprises … fuck off Brick Top

  20. Jays win! (Getz was safe at second by the way)

  21. Nice of KC to Brad Lincoln that game away.

  22. Brick Top rules. Knows his ball(s).

    • Is he really Jesuscristo? I’ve been missing that negative fucker.

      • Sorry to disappoint. Not that negative poster at all. In fact I couldn’t stand his posts. There are a world of Jays fans who think that Gibbons is a losing manager. Why? Because he’s a losing manager. He’s the same as when he was fired. Not another team in baseball wanted him at the major league level as a base coach let alone a manager.

        • @Brick,

          Wasn’t Gibby the bench coach in KC?

          I am surprised that he wasn’t offered another managerial job after 2008. He seems to be very easy going

  23. Goin was MVP in Double A last year he has progressed nicely through the minors and may never be a star but a solid player who does a lot right and nothing outstanding. Would that be so terrible to me it sounds a lot like Scutero

    • If Goins ends up as good as Scutaro, that would be a god-send.

      The sample is too tiny right now. Not even enough to give him a roster spot for next year on a team that should be trying to win the division.

  24. I miss the small potatoes comments

  25. Maybe there is a bunting-guru Gose can visit in the off-season? Because that was horse-shit today.

  26. nice to see jays grind out another win..Dickey would’ve been the hard luck loser today..

  27. I don’t if Goins is going to be anything more than a depth player but I don’t give two fucks. He’s playing well now and he can defend so I’m going to sit back and enjoy watching him play. Nice game by Dickey today. Maybe, just maybe, he’s figured something out at Rogers Centre.

    • derek.


      Saw Goins play this week against the yankees. Looked fine at the plate & on the field.

      The usual SSS rules applies but why not give him a chance till he end of sept.

      Wouldn’t it make sense to let him come to spring training & see if he can compete for 2B ?

      • I wouldnt think he wouldnt be there. he’s been there for a few STs now.

        • +1 @ Karl.

          I think he has a pretty good shot at making the team. Izturis can be the backup INF.

          Will Jays go with a 5 man bench next year? Derosa,Kawasaki,Gose/Davis,Izturis, Thole

  28. Apparently Nats are dead set on trading Espinosa and will not call him up to majors

    Wonder if AA will kick the tires hard on that

    • He looks like a great buy low candidate that AA loves. I wonder what it would take to get him.

      • Apparently Nats are asking bit but his value is probably all time low considering his poor season.

        I am sure AA has inquired.

    • If you could get him for dirt and then have he and Goins battle it out in the spring I’d like that move. He does K a shit tonne, I’ve had him the last few years on my fantasy team.

  29. If you concede ‘giving a shit’ matters, doesn’t that imply that managers matter?

    • Spuds: I’m out here inthe fields man, and the hookah smoking caterpillar is telling me who to call and said “Go ask spuds when he’s 10 feet tall”
      Care to pontificate with the zen master?

      • or you in some kind of heavy duty discussion with the Bean Weasel?
        I think the caterpillar got her tongue tied with that improbable win against NYY as I haven’t heard from her since

      • Lmao

  30. Test

    • Your message has been recieved Zontar,
      Continue on to the mothership and await further instructions.
      Qicknic is pleased with your successful mission and the use of the DJF comment section as a means of contact to us was a brilliant idea..

    • “….This is in order that you may share in the great awakening, as the planet passes into the New Age of Aquarius….”

      Gramaha where have you been? The 5th Dimension beat you by 44 years.

      Btw, if you need to get around while you’re here, get a motorcycle. Perhaps a Yamaha?

  31. Do not mock me Earthling. I will crush you.

  32. Wilner is arguing with Jesse Litsch on twitter about who is better at defense, Lawrie or Rolen. That is such a Wilner argument.

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