Why aren’t you on a rock next to a river? Here’s your Game Threat.

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  1. How have the last two weeks gone? I’ve been away on a baseball roadtrip and haven’t been able to see any jays games (except one game I saw in Houston). Just as bad as the rest of the year? I hear Goins is doing pretty well.

    • Goins is doing well, both offensively and defensively.
      But that doesn’t stop the experts from screaming “small sample size” and “he’ll never be a regular player”. Laughing at anyone who is just enjoying the moment and wondering “what if ?”.
      I think some of these experts forget what it’s like to be just a regular fan and enjoy the game.
      Johnny Mac got traded to Boston in time to be eligible for the post season, His 5th team this year.

  2. Rock rock til you drop!

  3. Beautiful scene.
    Wish I was there, sitting on a rock,listening to the game,contemplating my navel,wondering where belly button lint comes from.

  4. Reasons to watch the jays for the last month
    1. prospects
    2. playoff spoilers for division rivals and Arizona plus as we may have given KC the death knell in their playoff hopes
    3. Two weeks?!?! Of the full roster being healthy and good

  5. I was expecting to see Stoets at the Greenbelt Harvest picnic yesterday. Saw the Arkells for the first time and they were very good.

    Why watch the end of a shitty season? I know it’s only baseball and I like it, like it, yes I do!

    That one was for spuds.

    • I’m sure SP is here in spirit.

      • I’m going to the game with my boy today. I’ll hoist a couple of $12 beers in his honour.

        FYI… you’re winning.

        • Have a couple for me also.
          I’m hoping to keep the lead but my calves are starting to tighten up.I’ll have to increase my intake of fluids, to avoid cramping.

      • Where is SP? I was out of range for most of the summer so haven’t been following the team as closely as I might have tried to do in other circs. Is he/she OK?

  6. Final Jeopardy question –
    Which newspaper or sports-media outlet in Canada has NOT written a story or done a piece on whether Gibbons should be fired?

  7. But wouldn’t they criticize the “lack of fundamentals”?

  8. Why don’t they ever salute Peace Activists or anti War protestors……should do that on Saturdays & see how attendance compares to the War salutes they do on Sundays.

    • I don’t think either event affects attendance.
      Your point was made though.

      • Maybe because ‘peace activists’ don’t sacrifice anything for their country or anyone else. They’re usually loudmouth assholes (see the G20 protests for proof). If you don’t want to honour the men and women who bear arms for Canada, too bad. Others do. Shut up and fuck off.

        • Except the ones that go to jail, or the ones who bear stretchers, or the ones who served and then decided the action was wrong, or the ones who are Ghandi or Jesus or you know vastly important figures of history. Lazy fucking rah rah troops is just as full of bullshit as punk ass bitches starting riots. Think more.

    • I wanted to see exotic Vietnam, the jewel of Southeast Asia. I wanted to meet interesting and stimulating people of an ancient culture and… kill them. I wanted to be the first kid on my block to get a confirmed kill.

  9. havent seen anything jays related for 2-3 weeks as i’ve been away, can someone recap anything notable that has happened?

  10. can someone link me to the stream site? not streamtorrent but the one that streams in browser?

  11. Umpire show.

  12. Well, not much doubt who wins this game. Tennis anyone?

  13. Is it too much to ask that we either get good performances from JA Happ OR funny posts from the JA Happster twitter account?

  14. Rajai had a beet chance of scoring by stealing home.

  15. Rajai had a better chance of scoring by stealing home.

  16. Meh

  17. Indifference is bliss. Can’t believe even 10 people showed up at guaranteed loss day.

    I would guess David Hearn is more relevant than this franchise at this point.

    Hard to get angry when you just don’t give a shit.

  18. God bless the Jays fans of 2013.

  19. 2-4with two runs scored and two sb. You sold low on me Alex. Lo viste bitches!

  20. Remember when Arencibia got pumped that he finally threw out a baserunner? That didn’t last long.

    • Christ his throwing was especially horrific today. Anyone know if Jimenez’s injury has ruled out a September call up?

    • Christ his throwing was especially horrific today. Anyone know if Jimenez’s injury has ruled out a September call up?

  21. Holy shit the season is over in 3 1/2 weeks wow

  22. We have to get rid of JPA, don’t we? When was the last winning team (even just a pennant) with a catcher this bad? I’m going to blow my lid if he’s our starter again :0

    • Last year. Alex Avila, Detroit Tigers.

      • I immediately regret that post, on account of being wrong. Yorbit Torrealbea in 2011 (though they did have Napoli catch a bunch).
        Fuck, who am I kidding? Find a new catcher.

  23. Why aren’t you sitting on a rock by a river hahahahahahhaha

  24. Yawn

  25. What park!? Looks so very peaceful

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