In a quirk of scheduling, the Jays head to the desert on Labour Day, taking on the Diamondbacks in a tilt full of AL East implications in some other, wonderful parallel universe.

Not here, though. But at least we’ve got a bit of a fire going.

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  1. In phoenix for all 3. Bought tix back in March thinking it’d be a key series to our season…instead goins, sierra, thole, pillar, and gose are in the lineup, #lovethisteam

  2. Do hipsters bike to Muskoka?

  3. This away game for Labour Day has to be the first in a long, long time.

  4. Very nice interview by Buck with Aaron Hill. He is happy in Arizona. He got his stroke back from 2009. He can’t explain why he is so much more successful in Arizona than he was the last 2 years in Toronto.

    It’s sad for Jays fans to see how much weaker the Jays are at 2B than 2009.

  5. There was a really good article in the New Yorker on the morality of PEDs vs. other, legal forms of enhancement posted recently if the game gets boring


  6. I’m I the only one who sees the guy in the wrestling mask behind home plate?

  7. Let’s go Buffalo!

  8. Nice line for Esmil so far.

  9. Anybody else notice that Edwin Encarnacion is putting up a Pujols type season? Dude doesn’t strike out at all anymore, crazy high walk rate, crazy solid power. Fangraphs has some fun second half splits for him…


    16% walk rate (6th best in the league), 6.4% k rate (4th lowest among qualified hitters), with a solid .239 ISO (only 15th best in the league). The only other players who have plate discipline stats even close to this are Joey Bats and Miguel Cabrera, good company to keep for a hitter.

  10. Chicken Wing!!!! 4-0 Jays. I proudly wear my Encarnacion Parrot shirt. I remember those 5 HR’s he hit against the Diamondbacks in 1 weekend in 2010.

  11. Might be the least commented game threat ever. 2013, you guys!

    • It was actually an entertaining game…..

      Rogers had the sinker working.

      4 Double plays turned (infield defence going from improved to excellent )

      The Buffalo kids manufactured the first few runs.

      Santos came in with runners on and stranded them as he did a few times in the recent past (Using Santos primarily as the StrandMan would be an excellent use of his skill set, just say’n)

      Casey finding a way to get the job done despite having appeared in many games as of late.

      And a chicken Wing for good measure.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I watched every inning.

        If it weren’t for the sky high expectations, this would be a very enjoyable September of Blue Jays baseball.

        We have some intriguing talents (Goins, Gose), a power hitter among the best in the league and I get to watch Mark Buehrle Buehrle his way through lineups. Not gonna lie, watching Mark Buehrle pitch is really enjoyable. I wish we’d had him for the past 10 years rather than the next three though.

        The only thing I don’t enjoy is watching RA Dickey because he constantly reminds me that we imploded our farm system to trade for him. I still don’t understand why we didn’t just make the Florida trade and see what happened rather than give up our top two prospects for a 38 year old pitcher. O well, water under the bridge I guess. 2014 will be a good season I think.

  12. Do the D-Backs use real grass?

  13. yes, its real. Ive smoked it

  14. JPA: Awesome defensive catcher?***


    ***Only when paired with Buehrle or Rogers.

    • That’s great.
      JPA-Buehrle – 3rd best
      JPA-Rogers – 16th best
      JPA-Johnson – 16th worst

      Shows how much influence the pitcher has I guess. Buehrle really is great at holding runners.

      p.s. Gomes – 9th best.

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