The Jays continue their series against the Diamondbacks and HOLY SHIT, WHAT’S RICKY ROMERO DOING HERE?!!?!?

And Kyle Drabek! Happy Drabekkuh, everyone! (What? … No?)


Yes, as you’re surely already aware, the Jays made several September call-ups last night, adding Kyle Drabek, Luis Perez, Jeremy Jeffress, Mike Nickeas, and Ricky Romero to their roster. Though, that didn’t technically happen before some other roster moves today, as all but Drabek and Perez needed to be added to the 40-man roster.

Scott MacArthur appears to have been the first in my feed to have tweeted that the Jays added Melky Cabrera and Josh Johnson to the 60-day DL, formally ending their seasons (note: ugh), while designating Mauro Gomez for assignment in order to add players to the 40-man.

Brendan Kennedy tweets that John Gibbons says he doesn’t expect any more call-ups, so Marcus Stroman and Sean Nolin don’t appear as though they’ll see the Majors this year– nor will A.J. Jimenez, who of course is hurt. Fingers still crossed they all to head to the AFL, as planned– along with Aaron Sanchez, to boot.

Kennedy also notes that Drabek and Romero will work out of the bullpen for now, though they’re not sure when– except that Drabek has been told he won’t be coming into any mid-inning situations. Should be interesting to see where he’s at, actually!

A couple articles to peruse in lieu of a Daily Duce:

- Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star notes that the Jays, no longer with Brian Butterfield, are one of only two teams deploying the infield shift less often than last season. Of course, the Jays shifted so much last year that maybe it was too much, but that’s kinda disappointing. If you want to find something negative to lay at the feet of John Gibbons and his staff, there ya go.

- Elsewhere in the Star, Richard Griffin quotes some not-wholly-impressive numbers from some mostly not-wholly-impressive prospects at not-wholly-impressive levels and tries to call the J.A. Happ trade the worst of Alex Anthopoulos’s tenure. He’s almost certainly wrong– caveats and all, you’d still gotta figure at least it’s Napoli for Francisco– but… um… shouldn’t we maybe wait and see if these prospects are anything before shitting on jettisoning them? Or if Happ is? Or if he isn’t maybe flipped for something useful this winter? A team looking for a back end starter could do worse than J.A. Happ if they had a passable second baseman to dangle, don’t you think?

- Speaking of prospects, at Sportsnet, Shi Davidi runs down a list of all the Jays key prospects at all levels, and gives us an update on how their seasons went. Must-read stuff.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (R)
CF Rajai Davis (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
2B Mark DeRosa (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
RF Moises Sierra (R)
LF Kevin Pillar (R)
RHP Todd Redmond (R)

Arizona Diamondbacks

LF Adam Eaton (L)
CF A.J. Pollock (R)
1B Paul Goldschmidt (R)
3B Martin Prado (R)
2B Aaron Hill (R)
C Miguel Montero (L)
RF Gerardo Parra (L)
SS Didi Gregorius (L)
LHP Wade Miley (L)

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  1. This blue jays lineup is hilarious.



  3. I’m on board until 10pm. Haven’t seen much Blue Jays baseball since last Wednesday. So…entertain me.

  4. Um, I don’t think Kyle is Jewish but that is an awesome photo shop.

    It will be nice to see Aaron Hill play against the Jays. It’s sad he couldn’t stay with the Jays.

    Kelly Johnson was a downgrade for the Jays but now he plays better & LF occasionally with the Rays

  5. With two strikes JP’s swing is even bigger and loopier

  6. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a season where guys OVER achieved for a change. Nice to read Jefress was a dick then mellow, I guess it took some time to get good bud in Buffalo. If some of these higher prospects and injury returns step up we need a 2b and a catcher and a starter and maybe a LF and perhaps a real MANAGER. WE ARE RIGHT THERE

  7. See? My work here is done.

  8. Can the Jays please be moved to the NL West?

    • +1.

      Jays in the AL Central would dominate most years.

      Jays Tigers Indians rivalries would be better for the franchise.

      Toronto is closer to the AL Central geographically than the AL East. We are nowhere near Tampa.

  9. ha ha aron hill pops up! what a shock!

  10. When did the Jays snag Gomez from Fiorentina?

  11. Azizona’s got a cavalcade of pitching beards going on.

  12. One other thing to leave at Gibby’s smelly feet from this year: he didn’t learn to double switch until today, after he was embarrassed by Santos batting yesterday.

  13. D-Backs are going to win this sucker.
    Just sayin’.

  14. Great game to watch if you like offense. Edwin and moises with a couple majestic bombs.

  15. All the Jays need to win is a 17 man pitching staff.

    Now that they have one, maybe they can end the year a little closer to .500.

    Screw the draft pick.

    I’d rather fans be tricked into believing in this team and continue to spend money which, hopefully, will be reinvested in payroll.

    Jose Bautista ain’t the only one who isn’t getting any younger.

  16. Jays2010: I agree completely. Gibby needs to go against convention. 9-man rotation with the support of a solid, dependable 8-man bullpen should do the job. Just as Earl Weaver depended upon the 3-run homerun, and Joe Torre trotted out the same fuckin’ shortstop year-after-year, the 17-man pitching staff will be Gibby’s legacy.
    World Series 2014, here we come. Hit the pitcher, even in the AL. It works in the NL, clearly.
    Parade should go right down muthafuckin’ King Street, baby.

  17. I hope the jays make the playoffs next year
    21 years will be enough

  18. If I were the Diamondbacks I’d trade anyone and everyone for EE. Dude just fucking rakes at that park.

    • I was thinking that this morning while I was having my “daily deuce”. Edwin for Corbin, Delgado and Aaron Hill!

  19. The Jays have now dropped all the way back to the 12th overall pick. While I’d prefer a high pick, at the very least I’d like to see us nab the 10th overall pick, so that we can have the freedom to sign any Type A we want and still keep our first rounder. I mean, I don’t know if I see AA signing a Type A in any event due to next year’s draft being so strong, but having a protected first rounder at least keeps that in the discussion.

    • Our 11th pick (the one from this year) is protected though so at least we will have one top pick.

      • That’s the Bickford pick so it’s protected and if you have a quick look at the remainder of the schedule there’s about 3 weeks worth of solid O’s, Red Sox, Yankees, Rays and Angels so it aint going to be a cakewalk. Next up though is the Twins so that may or may not be the last easy team.

  20. So playing 17-6 baseball the rest of the way gets them to .500. #itsstillearly

  21. Everyone’s memory seems pretty muddled on Hill, he was fucking terrible in 2011.

    • I know. I think people have forgotten just how wretched Hill was his last couple of years here. He looked done, completely cooked.

      • Just like Lind…who was worse, for longer, and got way more rope.

        The Hill thing was all about hoarding draft picks, nothing more. It was very short-sighted on AA’s part.

  22. I didnt really understand Grif’s logic. Happ was ok before he got smoked in the head and ever since its understandable if hes not great. Also, arent there certain limits on how many contracts you can have? Maybe they just had to move some dudes out for the sake of it, i dont know….but certainly getting Mike Napoli for Vernon Wells would have been a great trade, but then we just tossed him away/

  23. “but… um… shouldn’t we maybe wait and see if these prospects are anything before shitting on jettisoning them?”

    No, not really. The principle that let people go “Dickey/Happ/Johnson/Whoever teh Best!!!” on the day of the trade is the same principle that lets folk shit on them now. If you’re not allowed to judge a trade until a certain amount of waiting time (in order to see if the prospects are anything) then you’ve essentually decreed that nothing can be said/written about the trade beyond the mere fact of it’s occurance and that’s pretty boring (and boring is bad practice if you’re in the entertainment industry which professional athletics and by extension sports media essentually is).

  24. Damien Cox tweeted that the Argos are set to renew their lease in the Rogers Centre for years.

    I would guess (if true) that means at *least* 5 years until we see grass in the building.

    • **Damien Cox tweeted that the Argos are set to renew their lease in the Rogers Centre for 5 years.

      • That would be shitty.

        • If Rogers let’s that happen, they are idiots. They would be crippling the performance and health of the tenant that generates the biggest gate and TV revenue for the sake of a pittance from the Argos. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

          If they do this, it means that they don’t understand this (which I doubt), or they plan on letting the Argos play on grass (which I also doubt), or they don’t think the inability to attract free agents to play on the turf will affect their bottom line (entirely possible).

          Perhaps they never plan on targeting premium free agents again? Maybe the plan is to be the organization that strictly drafts and trades for players, thereby forcing them to play in Toronto. But wouldn’t that doom them to mediocrity?

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