Well here’s a giant load to get your weekend started right:

This week, Argos CEO Chris Rudge confirmed on TSN Drive with Dave Naylor that the “Double Blue” basically had a new five-year lease agreement in place with Rogers Centre. That effectively means there will be no installation of natural grass over the duration of that agreement.

The quote comes from an otherwise stunningly absurd Scott Ferguson column at TSN.ca, in which– in addition to hitting the lede over the head with a pipe and burying it– he argues that the Jays should be done with Jose Bautista because of a tiny sample of the club’s former outfielders whose careers stalled around Bautista’s age, or… something.

Not important, though! What’s important is the fact that the– I’m sorry– useless fucking Argos are going to be around for upwards of five years, preventing the Rogers Centre from being all that it can be as a baseball facility.


I do say “upwards” intentionally, though. Here is what Rudge had to say when asked about the new lease in his conversation with Naylor and Dave Hodge (audio here):

“I can’t go into details right now. We have reached an agreement with the Rogers people– it’s been a very, very amicable negotiation, like where we’ve arrived with them in terms of the lease we’re about to sign. All the details are done. There are a couple of little things we have to wait out on, in terms of insurance definitions– you know, the sort of boilerplate, technical stuff. But it’s a good lease, and it gives us the assurance of a home for approximately five years, and as we go through that process, we’ll be looking for another place to create a home for the Argonauts. Mr. Braley is in the process of doing that right now– I talk to him regularly on that process, and we’re looking at any number of options that might be an answer to the challenge that we face.”

So, at least the club knows that it’s in everybody’s best interest that they get the hell out of Rogers Centre, and at least the lease is structured in such a way that, seemingly, they won’t need to stay there for the full five years.

“If one were to start very quickly, it’s not inconceivable that you might get something done within three years,” he says, before boo hooing that the– I’m sorry– useless club couldn’t get its dirty claws all over the pitch at BMO. What a shame it would be to tear up a very cute soccer-specific stadium for– I’m sorry– an effing CFL team. Like… have we honestly not learned our lesson about multi-sport facilities?

Anywho, three years seems like the very best we’re going to see, and that– if we’ve learned anything from this whole giant conveyor belt of grass-fed bullshit– is probably on the wildly optimistic side.


But hey! At least, according to Rudge, there won’t be grass in the stadium as long as the– I’m sorry– useless fucking Argos are there!

“I could not speak to that, you would have to ask Mr. Beeston those questions, and I won’t go into the details of the lease,” he said when asked about the grass issue. “As far as the natural grass goes, I guess we could play on grass if we had to, but the fact is, you couldn’t convert that stadium to a football field if you had natural grass down there. It simply– as you know, the seats move, so it would roll over a portion of the–”

“So it can’t be done,” Naylor says. “There can’t be grass and the Argos there.”

“I don’t believe that that could be done, no.”

Maybe if you truck the grass in and out?

I don’t know, but… uh… at least they’re committed to leaving?



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    my god it fits and is accisible

    • Talked with someone on Twitter, apparently the Argos tried Varsity, but there was opposition to it from the community (they needed to expand the stadium, or something?).

      • Yeah, there’s a street they would have had to block off, for one. I think it’s a moot point now anyway, because they’ve got buildings too close to accommodate expanding the east side stand– at least from memory of eyeballing it they do.

      • It’s because people in Toronto protest and oppose EVERYTHING. One community opposed replacing an abandoned hydro station with a park. A PARK.

        The bitch of this is, you can see some of the ill effects the turf has on players and injuries. A winner would certainly go a long way to getting free agents to sign here, but if free agents are going to feel that their careers (and therefore, potential earnings) will be screwed by playing on turf, why would they come here? Beeston and Rogers should have just told the Argos to figure something out and get the hell out of their stadium. This is beyond retarded – especially when you consider that they’re compromising a Sportsnet property with a TSN property. Makes no sense.

        • NIMBY’s are the absolute fucking worst, and in Toronto, there’s an epidemic of them. NIMBY’s ruin society.

  2. Figures

  3. Just fucking brutal. What the fuck are beeston, pelley and those fuckers thinking? Their priority should be to install grass so the team can actually attract attract free agents who dont want to hurt their knees playing on concrete. Not to mention, the turf being a part of the reason why this fucking team has several injuries to position players every season. I think beeston has to go.

    • Why is everybody’s dumb first reaction to call for the firing of anybody and everybody at the slightest hint of something, no matter how trivial, not quite being right?

      • This is a big time mistake. As a jays fan, its pretty clear the ownership is not committed to making this team more of an attraction to free agents and consequently a more functional/winning franchise as a result. Clearly, they have different priorities then pleasing fans and players which i find distasteful.

        • Stop saying dumb things, thanks.

          • Ok so you arent happy with the new lease deal for the argos but you are perfectly fine with the people responsible for making this idotic decision. Yep, Im the one saying dumb things.

      • Hahaha is your head so far in the sand that you can’t understand why THIS article has lead to THAT comment?

      • Because people hate one another.

  4. Barf

  5. Hmm, what could possibly happen next for 2013 Jays! The horror. The horror.

  6. What the fuck is with your love of the Skydome needing to be baseball only, it’s far better being knocked down so something less eye-harming can be put in place.

    At least the Argos have been the most successful of franchises in the city for the last two decades

    • Fuck the argos. Minor league football played by guys who arent good enough to make the nfl. I can understand the bills playing here but just move the argos to varsity/bmo or contract the fucking franchise. Maybe the 5 fans who attend their games will be disappointed but they’ll get over it.

      • Yes, protect the American sport that doesn’t lead to any economic growth within the city or the country.

        Defend the most terrible brand of football because you find the media hype machine to be truthful.

      • LOL! Yeah, ‘minor’ league football that drew 935,000 on the tube last weekend….about 300k more than the Jays did.

        Argos/ CFL haters are unreal. Opening a book and/or google would be my first suggestion.

    • I agree that it would be better knocked down and a beautiful baseball-specific stadium be built in its place, but that is never, ever going to happen. Getting the pointless CFL team out of the stadium that– if you actually cared about them you might realize– is strangling the fucking lifeblood from them is highly feasible.

      Look at where the Als were at the Big O as compared to Molson Stadium. It’s in everybody’s best interest to get this process moving the fuck along, and stunning that it’s taken so long when it’s been bloody obvious for, like, a decade.

      • +1.

        Te alouettes got bumped out of the Big O for a U2 concert. They had to play at McGill Stadium.

        Fans were very happy with the intimate facility & the rest is history.

      • Last week I visited Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati and Turner Field in Atlanta – holy shit… compared to Rogers Centre, these are Shangri-Las. Beautiful outdoor facilities, awesome atmosphere, and no drunk teenagers. Just baseball atmosphere. We can dream, right?

  7. Better get used to Pillar-Gose-Sierra outfields if they’re not going to try to protect our actual good players.

  8. This is honestly some of the most upsetting news of the season.

    Seriously, fuck the argos

  9. I thought I read somewhere MLSE was potentially interested in buying the Argos, so wouldn’t they want them to play at BMO a facility that they own and are talking about renovating? So maybe they play in Rogers Centre for the next couple of years until that’s all said and done.

    • Fuck the Argos blowing up BMO. Fuck that almost as hard as them keeping the grass out of Skydome.

      • I bet MLSE see’s more dates and more ticket sales so thats probably why they would want to do that.

      • Fuck TFC and the Argos. Put all the minor league sports out in Etobicoke where they belong. Soccer blows Stoeten.

        • Keep the Argos out of BMO Field, you can’t play football and soccer in the same stadium just like footbal or soccer should not be sharing a stadium with baseball, does not work. The Argos play like what 9 home games and can barely get 18000 to games, they seem to like to watch on TV but won’t invest time to go see them live. BMO was built for soccer and should stay that way, the only other sport that I don’t have a problem with using BMO is Rugby which has used BMO many times.

  10. fuck off argos!

  11. DAMNIT

  12. As an Argos fan, remember this: It was the Argo, as much as the Jays, that got the place built in the first place, and it’s still far better for football than it’s ever been for baseball. Besides, there is no evidence – none! – that real grass is any safer than modern field turf. That argument’s a red herring, and any Jays fans moaning about the useless fucking Argos because of it are on crack.

    • It’s horrible for football. The noise goes up and dies. And I’m sorry, but playing the legacy card is pretty pitiful.

      I don’t agree with you about the injuries stuff, either, but I suspect it depends on your definition of “safer.” Or I could be wrong– unfortunately, that’s the perception among players and agents, much it hurts the ballclub, which is by far the most important tenant in the stadium.

      It’s also about aesthetics. It’s also, as I’ve said elsewhere, best for the Argos, too. As a fan, how do you not possibly support them playing in a more intimate stadium, with thousands fewer empty seats? Shit, with weather!

      I can’t imagine why an Argos fan would want to cling to this building and make things shittier for everybody, frankly.

    • That may be so, unfortunately the Jays cravenly (and quietly) dumped their Field Turf and re-installed an Astroturf carpet, because the Field Turf was fiddly to move.

    • your comment is actually fucking really stupid.. The 8 team CFL with its 2nd rate players, and unorthodox football rules can go fuck itself. If you Torontonians are not going to respect the fact that you have an actual big league MLB team, please move the Jays over here to Vancouver, where they will flourish in the AL/NL West, and fans will support them properly.

    • I’ll have what she’s having. And by that, I mean the drugs, obviously.

  13. In fairness to the Argos they are in a tough spot, what they needed were the Pan Am games to build a stadium for them to move into. Montreal lucked into McGill, Edmonton got the Commonwealth games, Vancouver got theirs fixed up for the Olympics, Calgary I think the same at least somewhat, Winnipeg and Sask aren’t big enough cities where there are many options for public money to be spent on other sports so they have their football stadiums. But Toronto is too big and too expensive for the team to do it and the government isn’t going to give em money to build it so they are stuck.

    Its also didn’t help that they had shit ownership for so long.

  14. Hate to sound like a hippy, but disappointment at not getting grass does not require shitting on another sport.

    Football (soccer) and rugby share grounds quite often in the UK with a minimum of fuss. The pitches are similar in dimensions. I watched a rugby game at BMO a couple of months ago, and it was great. The problem with stadium sharing is the huge differences in size and orientation required by baseball and football, rather than stadium sharing per-se.

    • I do think the CFL is useless, but if I didn’t I would hold the exact same position (though maybe I’d be softer on the BMO issue). They’re better off getting the hell out. So my shitting on the sport is pretty immaterial. Fun, though!

  15. I know it’s never going to happen because Rogers paid pennies on the dollar to get full ownership of the damned place and still see profits, so no rush to change now.
    But this boner you have about hating them is grating and parody at best.

    And moving out into a newly built stadium is as obvious at how god damned hard it is to find land that has decent transit options within the borders of the city, that won’t have astronomical prices caused by the property pricing bubble here.

  16. Stadiums don’t attract free agents, money and sometimes winning does.

    Boston signs free agents and their stadium is falling apart, Pittsburgh has a gorgeous stadium and doesn’t sign anybody. Nobody bitches about Tropicana Dome causing injuries, but its got the same turf.

    • What top ranked position playing free agents have stayed in or signed in Tampa Bay.

      annnnnnd GO!.

      ……………………..yah thats what I thought.

      • You’re gonna get banned for stupidity with this kind of nonsense.

        Yes, it’s the turf that’s held back the Rays from getting free agents.

        • Seriously dude, what is your problem? You threaten to ban me every other week for nothing. It’s a FACT that a lot of players dont want to play on turf and thus wont sign long term with a team that involves playing half the games on turf. We all know that turf causes a lot of injuries and some players have spoken over the years about not wanting to dive on turf and thus not being at the top of their game when playing on it.

          Sure tampa’s cheapness had something to do with it but having the turf doesnt help, we know that. So why is that ban worthy “stupidity”? Im stating a fact that is has been stated by many others on here and elsewhere for a long time.

          • I threaten to ban you because you say unbelievably dumb things. Nobody should have to take the fucking time to argue with you about the very obvious reasons why Tampa isn’t signing big free agents, and you shouldn’t screech at someone with some phony smug comment that intentionally ignores the obvious truth.

            Stop saying monumentally fucking stupid things or go away. It’s not difficult.

            • So you are saying the turf has no factor whatsoever into why top position playing free agents don’t sign in Toronto or Tampa? Yes Tampa is cheap and theyre a low revenue team, nor do they really need the free agents with all the talent they pump out of the minor league system but turf does factor into things for a lot of players.

              I see a lot of people saying FAR more stupid shit in here without threats of the ban hammer. Ill apologize for the smugness but we both know full well that there has been players that didnt sign in Toronto with the turf as one of the factors. Maybe not THE factor but the turf sure doesnt help anything.

              • It has ZERO to do with Tampa, because Tampa doesn’t even try to get major free agents– and for fuck sakes, no, it’s not because they don’t need free agents. We’ve heard it was an issue here for Carlos Beltran– we don’t know if that’s the truth, though, or the Jays hoping to make themselves look like they were more interested than they were. We know Glaus and Rolen didn’t like it, but it wasn’t an issue for Melky, and it wasn’t an issue for all kinds of guys who elected to sign extensions here– Wells, Rios, Overbay, Escobar, etc. Yet you talk with such certainty about facts that are not facts and frankly shouldn’t have to be explained to you.

                To have someone be the fucking drama queen smugly overblowing this by a gargantuan magnitude based on non-facts just for the sake of being as big a whiner as possible is kinda insufferable.

                • I think Melky signed whatever deal he could, the Jays may have been his only two year deal but once he was in Toronto the turf sure became an issue for him. It shredded him, made him look like he was running uphill half the time and turned him into a subpar fielder.

            • Andrew i think his point is fair enough – he’s responding to someone who is basically dismissing our turf problem because Tampa has a similar issue. That argument is just as wrong.

              Ps. What is the issue with BMO? Would it be that disruptive to the current setup?

              • I think you need to read it again.

                As for BMO, yes, they’d tear up the grass, and they’d have to make it less intimate for soccer because a CFL field is so big– not to mention tearing apart one end of the ground. Sorry Argos, but you should have got in on it sooner.

          • The Jays don’t sign long term folks anyway, at least under AA, the longest contract is 5 years. I mean, they have a pretty good team anyway, with the best RF, 2nd best CF, 2nd best DH, best SS, 2nd best 3B (defensively) in baseball. Players are fine with TO. The turf causes more injuries to those that are injury-prone, which is a liability, and it seems from the narrative I hear that some teams leave their most sensitive players off the turf for a game in a series which gives the Jays some kind of advantage at home.

            Come on science, there has to be a way to put grass down and still have the Argos play at the dome!!!

  17. Fuck the argos, fuck the whole damn CFL. So now the Jays cant have grass and will lose out on free agents in addition to having players hurt so what?…. a bunch of guys making minimum wage can run around in front the 500 people that come watch them. Fuck off…

  18. Didnt Beeston say the time frame for grass was between 2015-18? If there’s a deadline for Argos to go in the next five years that’s within the time frame. Happy to be proven wrong though.

  19. The Argos are the only professional sports team that plays in the Skydome,
    because the jays havents put a competitive product or borderline professional for the past 20+ years .

    Go ARGOS Go !

  20. Scott Ferguson is a dumb fuck, as are most of the morons commenting on tsn.ca, the article about how they should deal JB:


    Most “liked” comment? (“sen_rule” should be a good indication of his intelligence)

    5 hours ago
    Let’s talk about his leadership skills and, most importantly, his toxic attitude!

    Case in point: July 26, 2013 Astros in TO. 7th inning, the Jays down 6-4 but have a killer inning at bat. Bautista is the 2nd out and Encarnacion comes up next and belts his 2nd homer of the inning! The dugout is going crazy – laughing and giving Edwin the props he deserves. But there is Bautista sitting on the bench, stone faced and staring straight ahead – with his eyes occasionally shifting to watch the guys giving Edwin his due. #19 is so pissed. A true leader would be happy, but nope, #19 is all about himself. He’s proven this many times with his me-first quotes. Boston has proven that a toxic cleanse can have an impact, in as little as one season.

    What a dumbfuck!

  21. Can someone enlighten me on the specifics of the Rogers / Argos relationship?

    Is there anything at all that’s keeping Rogers from telling the Argos to take a hike? And leaving the owners of the football club to sort their own shit out in terms of where they play?

    Rogers owns the building, so it seems to me it behooves them to put together the best possible experience for the team that they own, and not the team that’s simply leasing their facility. Seems like there’s far more upside in improving the former than maintaining the latter …

    • Maybe they don’t want the bad press? I imagine it wouldn’t go over well in a lot of the media that they kicked the poor Argos out.

      • Yeah, it’s called money.

      • That’s it. And because the local media– I think mistakenly– believes that killing the Argos (which the move would kinda do) means killing the CFL, nobody wants to touch it.

      • The fact is that it’s in Rogers’ best interest for Rogers to continue to use Rogers as a multi-use facility. Turf is easier to maintain. They can have events like Disney on Ice, the Argos, and NFL games, in addition to trade shows, supercross, trade shows and other revenue generating events that rely on the concrete floor. The location of the dome and its proximity to Union Station and downtown make it attractive for large events.

        Beeston can promise grass, but ultimately Rogers Media will have to give up the revenue from the mixed-use of the dome in exchange for a case for extra attendance and better players due to a grass install. Bringing better players has paid off in way higher attendance numbers.

        • I think the plan with grass was always to use the floor in the offseason for trade shows, motocross, monster truck shows, disney, etc. I remember Beeston explaining that the plan was for grass to go down in early March and be torn up once the season was over.

        • There’s something to consider- what’s the timeline like as far as the new Argos lease goes and this whole Bills in Toronto thing?

  22. When they tear down the Gardiner the Argos can play there!

  23. Dont be hatin on the CFL. I swear, Torontonians have their heads up their asses and youre all SO bitter you cant have an NFL team. The CFL is a fine organization, and its a fine alternative to the NFL.

    And Im from Winnipeg. Watching sports as a Jays and Bombers fan has made this year a wash.

  24. Isn’t there a 14,000-15,000 seat stadium being built up near York for the Pan-Am games for Track + Field? Wouldn’t utilizing that stadium once the games are over and sharing it with the Lions make a ton of sense, and its availability would be immediate.

    Unless I’m way off base as it relates to the location of the T+F stadium for the games…

  25. Move the Argos to the Maritimes, or out west where people give a shit about CFL A team in Bumfuck Manitoba would draw better than in Toronto,

  26. Don’t get the sentiment here that the Argos are “useless” or “should get the fuck out” because… you just don’t like them? Face facts: the Argos are nearly 140 years old and are inseparable with the development of football in this country. They predate the Blue Jays by more than a century. I agree that it’s best for them they play somewhere other than the Skydome. But they definitely aren’t just going to fold up shop.

    And any notion that BMO Field shouldn’t be renovated to accommodate football is ludicrous. BMO hosts three events in September and hosted four in August. They can’t sacrifice any of those rugby matches attended by 6000 people and play a few football games? TFC has been an embarrassment from their inception so let’s not pretend they’re somehow above sharing a (city-owned) facility with the Argonauts.

    • Why is the fact that they have a long history any more valid a reason to keep them in a place where they clearly don’t belong– for their own good?

      And what does TFC’s record have to do with whether a second rate football club should be allowed to come in, rip up their turf (and the turf that our national men’s soccer team calls home, too), blow out one end of the field, and widen it, making for a less intimate experience for their game?

      Can’t agree with any of this. The Argos are not TFC’s or the Jays’ problem.

  27. Screwing an 81 home game team over for a 9 home game team. Makes total sense!

  28. Dear whoever thought this was a good idea, go fuck yourself.

  29. Before everyone loses their minds on Beeston and the Jays (probably too late), consider that the Argos are not leasing the dome from the Blue Jays – they are leasing it from Rogers. So for all we know Beeston and the Jays lobbied hard to block the lease extension and Rogers decided on aggregate, that it was more profitable to have turf and Argos than grass and no Argos. I mean, if anything, it looks like Beeston was going out and saying nonsense about grass coming in the near future to try and put pressure publicly on Rogers to kick the Argos out on their asses.

    • Interesting way to look at it, for sure.

      • Also remember that Rogers wants an NFL team in Toronto, and if they ever suddenly got an NFL team that need somewhere for them to play (and pissing off the CFL wouldn’t make the NFL happy given the association between the two).

        Better would be for Rogers to get an NFL team, give the Jays an new purpose built stadium, and then renovate Skydome to be an NFL stadiium.

  30. I don’t wish any ill will on the Argos.

    But the reality is – they have become irrelevant. I mean, you would have to be the most biased die hard Argo fan not to acknowledge that. I get that the CFL is very popular in most of Canada, but it really is just dead here. No offence to their fan base or the CFL, but where are the Argos in the Toronto sports hierarchy at this point? Maybe with the Marlies?

    More than that though – it just seems absurd that Rogers would put off laying down grass to improve the fan experience of the franchise THEY OWN, in order to give a team they DON’T OWN a place to play.

    Rogers – come the fuck on. Take care of your product here. Why are you hindering the Jays to help the Argos? With all due respect, the Argos aren’t your fucking problem.

    • I mean the Ticats played in Guelph for a year while they got their stadium sorted out. Maybe the Argos need to do something like that.

    • I suspect they might have had trouble foregoing the extra income from hosting the Argos for installing grass, the benefits of would be hard to quantify while carrying very quantifiable incremental expenses.

      This may be more of a stretch, but as alluded to earlier the PR cost of potentially killing the Argos and / or the CFL may have been more than Rogers was willing to bear.

      But holy fuck lets get some grass in here.

  31. Totally agree that the Argos need to get out of the Skydome, to the benefit of all concerned. It’s idiotic that Rogers would choose Argos over grass.

    What I don’t get is why the author thinks BMO Field is sacrosanct? Why the love for TFC (which plays in a league even more “minor” than the CFL is, in the soccer context), a team that has been the shittiest of all of Toronto’s shitty teams?

    Move the Argos to BMO – it’s outdoors, downtown, and the perfect CFL size. In 10 years, TFC will be gone and/or even more irrelevant, anyway.

    • Agree entirely. BMO Field isn’t exactly Old Trafford and Toronto FC is definitely not Man U. The Argos and TFC are pretty much comparable in terms of talent, attendance, interest in the GTA, etc. So many people refuse to consider the idea they could share BMO because they like soccer better, I guess. But for those of us who actually do enjoy football and want to see the Argos thrive, it’s a pretty obvious solution.

      • In terms of capacity it’s a perfect fit, but the actual logistics of moving the Argos out to BMO are far from ideal.

        The actual field space isn’t large enough, meaning some of the stadium would need to be knocked out and rebuilt (not ideal).

        Even after that, the grass would either have to A) be replaced with field turf (which TFC fought to get rid of in the first place), or B) have both teams play on grass, with Football being renowned for ruining turf (once again bad news for TFC). The only other option would be to have artificial put down for Argos games, and I can’t say for sure whether that is plausible.

        For such an “ideal fit”, moving the Argos out to BMO looks like it would do more harm to TFC (who have a way larger fan base than many give credit for) than it would do good for the Argos.

        I still think Lamport or Varsity renovations are a better and more ideal fit for the Argos long term.

  32. Jesus fuck.

    Its a business. Will the Jays make so much more money with grass than five years of another tenant in the building?

    It says nothing about Rogers not caring about the Jays, just that they understand how much money 300,000 regular season attendees will bring in. Not to mention the fact that they’re kind of a big company that wouldn’t want to piss off a potential sponsorship/revenue source once the Argos are out of the Dome.

  33. [...] signing a 5 year lease with the Rogers Centre. Well today Andrew Stoeten at Drunk Jays pretty much confirmed what Cox tweeted earlier in the week. Which means that any ideas of putting grass in the Rogers [...]

  34. Um, am I the only one who listened to the linked interview?

    Sounds like the Argos want out of the Rogers Centre as soon as possible too.

    This lease is 5 years, but if they find a solution sooner, I think that the lease could be broken easily if I was listening between the lines properly.

    If I had to wager, I’d say BMO field in two years after a retro fit. The City of Toronto (not MLSE) owns the property. Rob Ford loves football, and the city loves revenue. Book it!

  35. Uhhh, the glory days were played on shit that’s even worse than this, so don’t give me that “free agents” don’t wanna play on turf bullshit.

  36. i love the argos (and at least they put a winning team on the field), but this is just bullshit.

  37. Hypothetically speaking, if the Argos were to relocate tomorrow would there be grass in the Dome by opening day 2015? ’16? Later? Seems like there’s a ton of work (both in terms of research and the actual labour) that would have to be done to make that happen considering they’ll only have a 6 (or closer to 5 if there’s October baseball) month window to get the drainage system in place and get grass down in a climate controlled dome with virtually zero sunlight with subzero temperatures outside. Granted, the drainage system shouldn’t have to deal with heavy rainfalls or anything what with the dome and all so perhaps that part isn’t too difficult. Hell maybe it’s all a lot simpler than I’m making it sound, I have no clue.

    But yeah, fuck off Argos. Unless Doug Flutie’s suiting up, no one cares.

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