Former Jays catching prospect (and big league benchwarmer) Brian Jeroloman was involved in a violent collision last night while playing for Harrisburg in the Nationals system. Dayn Perry of CBS Sports excoriates the notion that these kinds of plays are a traditional part of the game, and argues that they need to be marginalized from the game– or at least called correctly, with umpires awarding the plate to runner whose path is obstructed by a catcher who doesn’t have the ball, and a player being out and ejected if he veers from the basepath to collide with the backstop. You’d kind of have to be an idiot to think otherwise.

Ex-Jay Corey Koskie was on the Fan 590 last night (audio here), and while you’d fully expect that he has an axe to grind, he also sounded pretty genuine in the second half of the interview, when he spoke about his time with the Jays in 2005– John Gibbons’ first full season as manager. He spoke of a team culture that he felt was far too laid back compared to what he’d been used to in Minnesota– though… it’s not like the Twins have some kind of magical culture that produces winning teams independent of the level of talent on the roster. He also took a shot at a lackadaisical mystery centre fielder who was the teams best player (*COUGH*), and at some of the absolute horseshit, “embarrassing” game ops stuff we used to endure more frequently– like the playing of “New York, New York,” following a Yankees win at Rogers Centre, which Koskie says he specifically addressed with Rob Godfrey.

In the National Post, John Lott takes on the question of Dustin McGowan’s viability as a starting pitcher, and… yeah, not sure about that. And, frankly, how would he even fit? Doesn’t an ideal rotation kinda look something like: [guy from outside the org.], Morrow, Buehrle, Dickey, [best of the rest, i.e. Happ/Drabek/Hutchison/Redmond/Romero/Stroman/Nolin/etc.]? Of course, it’s a safe bet that not all of those guys will still be here.

Speaking of, Ken Fidlin of the Toronto Sun looks at the Jays’ rotation situation, expecting big changes for the club, come 2014.

Elsewhere in the Sun, Mike Rutsey looks at AA’s five biggest mistakes this year– including, he says, dealing away John Buck!– while Bob Elliott writes about nearly getting an exclusive one-on-one on a flight with “his son,” Alex Anthopoulos.

Chris Toman of Gamereax talks to Sergio Santos, who believes the sky is the limit for him, now that he’s healthy and pitching again. Santos isn’t quite the same pitcher yet that he was with the White Sox in 2011, but he’s been very good, has limited walks, and thought the K-rate isn’t where it once was, he’s actually generating more swinging strikes than ever.

At Sportsnet, Ben Nicholson-Smith looks at whether or not the Jays’ first round pick will be protected in the even that they sign a Type-A free agent (or whatever they’re calling those these days). No pick needed for Garza or Tanaka– just sayin’!

Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star chats with Aaron Hill, who has thrived since move to Arizona from the Jays– and who, it needs to be remembered, was so bad when last here that he was, right, not going to have his options picked up, and so they dealt him rather than get nothing in return.

Elsewhere in the Star, Richard Griffin has a new mail bag up, which is loaded with absolute fucking horseshit that I can’t wait to get my hands on. In other answering reader emails news, Gregor Chisholm has a nifty Inbox post up at BlueJays.com, as well.

Elsewhere at BlueJays.com, Tyler Emerick has a notebook post in which he discusses, among other things, Steve Delabar, who is feeling good in his return from an injury.

MLB Trade Rumors has the details on the Nationals claim of Mauro Gomez, who the Jays D’d FA earlier in the week.

At Grantland, Jonah Keri implores MLB to fix their damn schedule problem– though maybe not in such harsh words. Yes, please!

Marc Hulet of FanGraphs highlights some of the lesser-known players on the AFL’s Salt River Rafters, including Jays prospect Tyler Ybarra. And at MLBTR, Marc provided his 2013 prospect All-Star team– and his third starter? Noah Syndergaard. Ugh.

Lastly, not Jays-related, but the Tao Of Stieb excellently argues that baseball should probably not cherish records from the pre-integration era quite as much as it usually does.

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  1. You mean an ideal rotation is Morrow/Dickey, etc. right?

  2. Positive note (for us) from Keith Law’s chat:

    Tom (Chicago)

    240 PA is a SSS, but do the Indians have something in Yan Gomes? Or are his numbers inflated by his manger putting him in optimal positions to maximize his skills?

    Klaw (2:16 PM)

    Useful bench guy, not a regular.

    • Meh. I don’t find it fun to root for the failure of marginal mlb’ers who sued to be in the Jays organization.

  3. the video of that collision is on deadspin i think. Thunderous hit

  4. Just about clubhouse culture (and I haven’t listened to the Koskie interview), but what would prevent a player with Koskie’s level of experience from not trying create a culture that is less “laid back”? If he had such an issue with it, why didn’t he try to change it?

    • Sorry, that should read ” but what would prevent a player with Koskie’s level of experience from trying create a culture that is less “laid back”? ”

      Editing is cool.

      • You can’t ask a mediocre third baseman to try and go underneath the manager’s culture. His teammates would resent him for it. The way I resent MY peers trying to act like my boss. It just doesn’t work like that.

  5. Nice to see some baseball talk in the press amidst the turd avalanche of Brian Burke talk. Why does Toronto media give a fuck about who Calgary’s VP of hockey is????

  6. Guys I just accidentally read some comments on a TSN article… I need a hug or something.

  7. I think that the Jays bullpen is good enough right now that you can risk putting Dustin a shot in the roation. They need guys who can start.

    How many wins does an average reliever add to a team over the year? If you could get Dickey, Buerhle, Morrow and McGowan going next year, that’s a pretty good starting 4 pitchers.

  8. Couldn’t get through that Rutsey article after seeing Johnson right off the bat. Did it work out? Hell no. Was it a mistake? Fuck off.

  9. I actually read the article from the sun, and then read the comments section, my head hurts.

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