I’m writing this from my phone, so it’s going to be short and dirty, but word broke today via Alex Anthopoulos that Melky Cabrera has had a benign tumour removed from his lower spine. Benign, that is, in the not-cancerous sense, but not necessarily in the sense that it was doing no harm, as the hopelessly optimistic belief is that the tumour may have been behind the weakness in Cabrera’s legs that hampered him all season.

It’s a nice thought for fans, though obviously Melky’s health is the real concern– and, fortunately, it sounds as though all is well. It’s expected that he’ll be ready for Spring Training.

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  1. Wait, is this actual good news? Happening this season? Is this right?

  2. L1 is kinda freaky. As opposed to L4 or L5, where pressure could result in knee mobility issues, pressure at L1 could cause mobility issues from the waist down. Scary stuff. Sure looks like it could explain Melky’s really odd mobility deterioration this year. Fingers crossed for full recovery.

    • I have to think it may have effected his swing too, no? That might explain the lack of power this year.

      • Unfortunately, it cannot explain why he would repeatedly swing at neck-high fastballs. In all seriousness, though, I really think this explains a lot about his performance this season. Hope he has a speedy recovery.

  3. So… which player was the clubhouse cancer that was excised from Melky’s back?

    In all seriousness, I’m glad to see that they caught this before it had a chance to grow in size or get worse, and that Melky should make a full recovery. Let’s hope this was all that was to it that caused his leg problems and we’ll see a much stronger Melky next year.

  4. It’s not a tooma.

  5. Wow, quite the thing.

    This is actually good news. It’s benign so there shouldn’t be any further problems, but it being there pressing on the nerves or whatever shit tumours do explains all the back and leg problems. Hopefully we get a brand new Melky next year.

    • Haha, you’d be an awesome doctor.

      “Melky, you have a tumour. It’s ok, it’s benign. And it may explain why you sucked this year, you know, with the tumour doing all sorts of tumour shit, pressing on your nerves and stuff. It explains everything. Cured.”

  6. This fits in perfectly with the rest of the freak injury/occurences befalling Mr. Burns softball team. Bottomless pit, gigantism, spinal tumour… #2013

  7. Poor guy! Hope he’s OK.

    From a Jays perspective, at least there may be a reason for his performance.

    • Fuck what a season of shit. On a side note Stoeten, I have hard time posting a freaking comment from my ithing so kudos.

    • He stopped using PEDs and went back to the guy he was for the first five years of his career?

  8. How many guys can crack a joke about a guy with a tumor on his spine and then say “in all seriousness” afterwards? Jesus titty fucking Christ people, the man had a tumor on his spine, not a pulled hammy. Stop talking about him like a piece of meat.

    • Ease up. An Internet comment will probably not have an effect on melky’s health.

    • My joke was a reference to all the scuttlebutt and comments earlier in the season questioning whether there was a cancer in the clubhouse (i.e. Lawrie early in the year) or poor leadership (i.e. Bautista more recently).

      And the good news had already come out about Melky, so it was more apropos to joke about it then (wouldn’t be before then). I’ve had cancer in the family, and we joke about it once it’s been beaten or the good news come out.

      Lighten up, Francis.

    • Come on, this is sports. Let’s not pretend we treat these guys as anything more than human stat generators.

  9. So…that was a good first inning.

  10. First thoughts are that I hope he makes a complete recovery. Baseball is just a game, health and family are far more important.

    Putting my professional hat on this could be a worry and certainly could have affected every aspect of his play this year. There are not many truly ‘benign’ spinal tumours and I have also had the misfortune of losing a good friend to one a few years ago. So fingers crossed and let’s hope to see him on the diamond next year.

  11. Maybe it’s the years of being a Toronto fan, maybe it’s the one too many hits to the head I took as a child, maybe it’s the booze, but I really think the Jays are gonna be a great team next year.

    • I completely agree. I have this feeling that AA won’t make many/any major changes, people will call for him to be fired, somehow things will magically gel and we’ll make the post-season.

      • Yeah, a couple tweaks…cough new catcher cough…and I think they turn it around. Even the pitching’s not as dire as some think. Dickey’s been ok, Buehrle’s been Buehrle. With Drabek, Nolin, Stroman, Hutchison ready to go next year that should help.

        • I would love to see JP disappear; however, I feel like if the rest of the team is living up to their potential offensively/defensively, he won’t seem as bad. Far from ideal, but I think I could tolerate him one more year and hopefully someone (anyone!) else becomes available.

          I’m really looking forward to seeing what Hutch can do.

          • If you’re gonna keep JPA you gotta find a legit second baseman in my opinion. I can live with putting Melky back in LF and hoping for the best, but there needs to be at least one upgrade at 2B or C. If JPA is the only offensive black hole, then I agree, he won’t look as bad.

            • I feel like we could carry an offensively shitty C and 2B as long as they perform defensively and as long as Reyes, EE, JB, Cletus and Lawrie put together solid offense. You’re totally right though, an upgrade at 2B would make another year of JPA slightly more palatable. Slightly.

              • That’s the thing though, you basically know you’re gonna get fuck all for offence and defence from JPA. Need some kind of upgrade at 2B, awesome defence at the very least.

                • I can easily live with Izturis as the full-time 2B because he isn’t as bad as the traditional numbers would suggest, but if there’s going to be a black hole offensively at C, at the very least let’s get a C that can provide solid defence and manage a pitching staff.

                  Bottom line, whether we have offence at 2B/C or not… it all starts with the pitching staff and relative health. If we don’t have either, Johnny Bench isn’t going to help this team to win.

                  • I could also live with Izzy at 2B, assuming that more consistent play at one position will allow him to improve a bit over this year. I’m going to call it now, though… Izzy will struggle, Goins will be back up in July and bat .350 :-)

  12. No…Sierra! Oblique maybe?

  13. Lawrie’s been some kind of good the last while.

  14. I’m starting to wonder what the fuck is going on, not only with the Jays but in all of MLB as far as injuries goes. Pitchers aside this ain’t no body wrenching game when compared to the other major leagues. A long season but for fuck sakes does years of riding busses fuck these guys up. I would love to see a caparisoned on injury rates between Japanese ball and here.

    • I see it too, but a tumour is so far beyond anything team practices could have caused I don’t think that applies here.

  15. Serviceable start by Happ. Just a little wet fart at the end instead of the usual full on shitting his pants.

  16. Poor Drebek :-(

  17. I like Steve Delabar.

    • Was it just me or was his beard looking a little more ginger than usual?

      Ginger beard power!

  18. I’m glad they found it, glad it’s benign. But is it absurd to say this team is cursed?

  19. since the tumour is benign, they should give it a jersey and put it in the rotation. it would fit right in. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for Melky. wishing him all the best.

  20. I’m glad Melky’s ok. And if this was the reason he was so bad this season then mabe next year he’ll do ok.

    In other news we just won a fourth straight series. Anyone know the team’s stats over the past few years? Because it seems to me like the Jays have been really good at winning meaningless games for quite a while now and I hope I’m wrong about that.

    • Sorry. I meant the team’s stats in September. Stoeten, we really need an edit button.

    • Not sure of the stats, but this seems to be the norm for the Jays. Part of it is likely attributed to the young guys trying to make an impression and that other teams are also calling up guys from the minors (we aren’t playing against full strength teams). It also seems that we’ve had an easier schedule as of late.

      We’re not mathematically out of it yet, are we? Lets go and win our remaining games and just barely squeak into the post-season via a wild card spot!

  21. I’m not a doctor, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

  22. Glad to hear Melky is going to be okay. Back at it next year Melky and prove all the naysayers what you can really do, which is hit and defend with the best of them.

  23. Apparently Tinnish and a scout went to see Tanaka. Yes please!

  24. I didn’t see this posed above, but from ESPN:

    “The outfielder was experiencing back pain for three or four months, but hadn’t told anyone about it, Toronto general manager Alex Anthopoulos said on Saturday before the Blue Jays’ game against the Minnesota Twins. The tumor was pushing on nerves and causing weakness in his legs and causing the issues that plagued Cabrera throughout the season.”

    Hopefully this can provide us with some optimism for a bounce back season next year.

  25. Yeah but with our luck he’ll pick up a superbug in hospital which then turns into flesh-eating disease…

  26. a confirmed steroid cheat with tumors growing in his body…..what a shocker…….how about a REAL story…..i feel no pity or compassion to guys who cash out due to roids then get sick….boo hoo.

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