Toronto Blue Jays v Texas Rangers

Yep. This is your Game Threat.

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  1. Win all the games!

  2. Huh woke up just in time

  3. If you want to feel even worse about the Jays, listen to the Fringe Average podcast this week.

    Jason Parks was discussing Syndengard in relation to who won the Mets/ Jays trade. He said that Syndengard’s pitches (fastball, curve, changeup) has the potential to grade out as 8/7/7. Parks then threw out a Verlander comp in regards to Syndengard.

    At that point, I pulled the car to the side of the road and had a man sized cry.

    I don’t like to engage in revisionist history, but just imagine what this team and organisation wuld look like if Rogers hadn’t been such cheap fucks in 2011 and had won the bid for Darvish. The team might not have been alot better, but success would have been able t be sustained for longer than 3 years.

  4. Yep that definately made me feel worse

  5. God Buck and Tabby are cheerleaders for the Twins

  6. JPA’s OBP is .240

  7. This September should make me feel better about this season because the players actually seem to give a fuck (even though I know that players have no emotions and even if they did that they have never impacted anyone’s performance ever Stoeten). It’s just enjoyable to watch.

    But I still remember that I had saved up Paid Time Off from work to fly to Toronto and watch all of their playoff games. I guess, in a way, I’m still taking time off to watch the Jays playoff games. #fuckthisteam

  8. So… what is wrong with Goins? Does he get a look next spring? I would if I was AA.

    • Maybe

    • According to something I read somewhere ( sorry I’m old and can’t remember the source,sue me) AA said while Goins is a nice story,they know what he is already and don’t project him at 2nd for next year.
      To me, I say, Fuck the small sample size.He’s done everything asked of him and he’s helped make Lawrie and Reyes better players.I’m sure the pitching staff appreciates the defense and more DP’s made.
      Ironically,he hasn’t played that much at 2nd in the last couple of years. His main position is SS.While not a stretch to convert a SS to a 2B, it usually takes a bit to get the timing down.
      Hope the kid keeps it up and forces AA to rethink his comments.

      • Well the other thing is if your only other option is Izturits and Goins can put up a comparable line, would you rather have Goins playing second.. from what we have seen out of him, he is a very capable defender at the very least.

    • I would too.

      SSS and his minor league track record would seemingly indicate his hitting is due for a signif. regression, but that said, if he hits an empty 250-260 out of a the 9th spot, I can live with that with his defense, which has been superb. I have no tolerance for utility guys who can’t field, which is what Izturis showed himself to be.

      Gives more money/flex to address the rotation and C.

  9. This season died with the shitty starting pitching. Only Houston is worse. Give them the Yankees runs against and they’re probably in the playoffs. Better OBP would help too. They have out homered Boston but the Sox have like 120 more runs. Not making outs matters.

    • And, no coincidence, when the starting pitching got better, the Jays win 4 series in a row. If they can slot in a #1, preferably a hard-throwing righty, in front of the knuckleball and a 2nd-half Buehrle, I’d be more than comfortable in having Rogers/Redmond/Happ/the injured youngsters/Morrow/Romero sort out a 4 and 5 at spring training.

      Of course, I think that was tried with JJ last year, no?

  10. I haven’t followed to see if this has been discussed lately, but Dusty McG has a 0.4 WAR this season. I think we established he only needed a cumulative 0.8* by the end of 2014 to justify the “crazy extension” the Jays gave him back in March 2012. Are we still “troubled” by the $1.5 million this year and next (plus $500K if they don’t pick up the $4M option for 2015).

    * 0.77 to be exact according to this article (1 WAR = $4.5 million so 3.5/4.5 = 0.77)

    Now, maybe we need to add McGowan’s 2012 salary to the $1.5M, $1.5M and $500K that the extension committed the Jays to, so was that another $1M or less, so McGowan needs 0.6 WAR next season to make us all breathe a sigh of relief that Rogers’ money wasn’t wasted on that fucking ridiculous contract.. Lots of keyboard strokes spent on that discussion. Thank fuck Dusty has done well in his obviously ridiculously small sample of 20 innings. Keep it up, McG. A certain gentleman who shares your first name is awaiting the results.

    • Ouch.

    • Amen!

    • I never really understood all the faux outrage over the McGowan extension. $1.5M per year isn’t going to make or break anything, on any side of the ledger (major league, minor league, drafts)… And if it was going to, there are larger issues than Dustin McGowan on a $1.5M/yr deal. There’s no cap, so there’s no impact in that regard. It certainly didn’t hold them back from incresing payroll substantially.

      A $1.5M/yr flier on a guy? Sure, why not.

    • One WAR is now worth about $6MM on the open market.

      Dustin McGowan wasn’t on the open market.

  11. All season I was surprised by how Melky was able to square up the ball using only arms in his swings and utilizing almost no weight transfer or lower torso in his swing. I talked about it in a few posts.

    I like most of you were led to believe his lack of power was due to leg issues, and I assumed he was only using his upper half because of wonky hamstrings.

    In reading about the tumour on his spine I am absolutely in awe that this guy was able to hit .279/.322/.360.

    With a fucking tumour on his spine.

    I am truly astonished by those numbers with that ailment.

    I hope Melky fully recovers for himself and his family, I’d be a liar if I didn’t say I’m also hoping as a selfish Jay’s fan.

    I believe that Melky’s success in recent years can more be attributed to figuring things out at the ML level than the PEDS, a career path similar to Edwin and Jose . PEDS don’t teach a guy to have the highest batting average in the NL or to hit .279 with a benign grapefruit growing on his spine.

    If Melky is healthy in 2014, watch the fuck out.

    • Hallelujah, Brother.
      Cheers from the other side.

    • I’m with you. When I heard he had the tumor on his spine, I was giving the missing link. He was hard to watch in left, and the injuries seemed to totally effect all of his mobility, not just his legs. i know he isn’t ever going to be a power guy, but the fact that he was able to still hit well above the average norm without his lower body. Wow. Get well soon, glad to hear he is recovering.

      Can’t wait til next year when he can drive the ball like he has in the past. I’ve said it before, but I truly believe this year was a one off, with this group. Everything that could go wrong did, and they’ll be a force to be reckoned with next year.

  12. Since when was it announced that Dickey had plantar fasciitus?

  13. So we swept away the Twins and where’s the long thread with many congratulations and pats on our own backs? I don’t think I’ve ever seen September threads this short. I guess that reflects the lengths of our tempers after this godforsaken season!

  14. I hope they do spinal check ups for the rest of the team in early October.

  15. In reference to Goins, if he keeps playing the way he has, AA should seriously consider him at second base next year IF the options are guys like Kelly Johnson? Man, that’s not progress if that’s the people he has in mind. However, I give AA more credit than that, so out of the couple of proposals he talked about after the trade deadline passed, something that might be best to pursue in the offseason, a second baseman with a pedigree must have been one of the players potentially headed to TO in a trade. Or he has Cano in his dreams? It’s a stretch but I didn’t see Jose Reyes playing short and leading off for us this year. In the meantime, I would caution AA that he should not close the door on a guy like Goins as a starter, as opposed to depth next season. Why? Joey Bats. It’s worked out fine for TO. If Goins can play the kind of defense he’s shown so far and contribute a bit with the bat, which he has, he’s a significant upgrade on what we have run out there this year in my opinion. Spend money (Japan for one?) on two quality starters, get a catcher who is strong defensively and consider all your assets playing in late August and September as potential contributors next year. We are not that far away from having a contender.

  16. BP- Paywall’d- Jeff Mathis is the reason Jose Fernandez is so fracking awesome-

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