The MLB schedule is set to be released today at 1 PM ET, but already we have a couple details about it– most notably the ones you can see in the image above (via @TheKaufmanShow). For those of you who somehow can’t figure it out, the Jays will be playing exhibition games on March 28th and 29th in Montreal, as we heard all about yesterday.

And in a turn of events that I’m sure the players are going to love, according to Paul Driscoll of the Tampa Bay Times, it looks like the Jays will have to head right back to Dunedin afterwards, given where they’ll start the year:

But hey, at least the Big O looks ready for those exhibition games!



I’m sure it will be fine. That image is also via Dave Kaufman, who is tweeting from the Montreal presser– so be sure to follow him to stay updated on what’s going on there.

Expect a full post reviewing the 2014 schedule from me as soon as it’s released.


The schedule post is up, Ben Nicholson-Smith of Sportsnet has some quotes from the presser, and Dave has another key bit of information for us about the event: ticket prices.

Not too terrible at all if you factor in that it’s an excuse to go to Montreal.

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  1. Are they gonna have time to put natural grass in?

    • It shouldn’t take long to scatter Montreal homes’ lawn clippings all over the cement floor. That counts, right?

  2. Jesus the first series is against the Rays. So we have to get 2014 off on the wrong foot to. The 2nd series is going to be against the Yankees isn’t it

  3. @Minor_Leaguer: Wonder how many good players will travel from Dunedin to Montreal to St. Petersburg to start the season.

  4. Lol holy shit I was just joking. Turns out there 2nd series is against the Yankees. Going to have to have the fucked or unfucked conversation after the 1st week lol

    • They could lose them all and not be fucked, so please for the love of fuck stop.

      • I was just joking!

        • @Brown Magic.

          If the Jays get swept in Tampa, fans will be upset. On the other hand if they break the curse of losing 17 or so series in a row in Tampa , fans will be happy.

          The facts are that teams can come back from weak starts like the Dodger did this year.

          However, its better to win as many games as possible early in the season so you have a cushion at the end of year in case key players get hurt.

          Can you imagine the Jays in a pennant race in August 2014, & having Bautista or Rasmus or morrow get shut down for the season?

      • Blame Fairservice. He started it.


  5. Canada day vs brewers
    I can already hear the boos for Braun

  6. Any time you complain about SkyDome’s multipurpose turf awfulness just go look at that picture of Stade Olympique and remember we kind of have it good in Toronto, at least by comparison to that place.

  7. [...] talk about. It was confirmed that the Blue Jays would be playing in Montreal on March 28/29 and as Andrew Stoeten at DJF shares, Olympic Stadium is looking as ready as ever for baseball. Stoeten also provides us a nice overview of some of the highlights of the 2014 [...]

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