We may not yet know what the 2014 Blue Jays will look like– though, if we’re being honest, we probably kinda do– but we do know who they’ll be playing and when, as MLB has released the their official schedule for the 2014 season. You can check out the schedule page of to view it in its full majesty, but here are some key highlights:

- As noted in the previous post, the Jays seem likely to get 2014 off to a rousing start, opening the season in the hellscape known as the Trop in Tampa. The regular season schedule begins on March 31st, meaning the Jays have just one off-day between their excursion north to Montreal and their return to Florida’s gulf coast.

- I scoff at the nightmare scenario of facing the Rays on the road right off the hop, but April doesn’t look too bad for the Jays, even though their next series kinda does: their home opener will be a surely-shithammered Friday night game, April 4th, against the Yankees. The Astros then come to town, followed by a road trip to Baltimore, Minnesota and Cleveland (likely to remind fans just how much we actually like having a stadium in which we can avoid shitty April weather).

- Because we have different holidays than our neighbours to the south, it’s always interesting to see where the Jays find themselves on various key dates on the Canadian calendar– and usually pretty damn frustrating, as it will be again this year…

The holiday Monday of Victoria Day weekend falls on May 19th in 2014, which is a Jays off-day between a couple of tough road series in Texas then Boston.

Canada Day, July 1st, is better, as the Jays host the Milwaukee Brewers for a 1:07 PM ET start on a Tuesday, but the Monday of the August long weekend is also a friggin’ off day, as the Jays return home from Houston, getting set to host the Orioles the following day. Labour Day is an off-day too.


- Another key bit of scheduling business involves, of course, interleague play. In 2014 the Jays will host the Phillies for two (May 7th and 8th), the Cardinals for a weekend series (June 6th through 8th), the Brewers, as mentioned, on Canada Day (hello Doug Melvin and Gord Ash!) as well as the day after, and the Cubs for three, beginning on Monday, September 8th.

- That Cubs series is one of only two series against non-AL East opponents that the Jays will play in September. They host Seattle for four in the penultimate home series of the regular season, but otherwise during the month will have three game sets in Tampa, Boston, Baltimore, plus a four-gamer in New York, while hosting the Rays and Orioles for three as well. If they don’t completely suck, that should be mighty exciting! But… uh… you and I both know how that usually goes.

- As for NL road trips, this year Jays fans will have the chance to visit exotic locales such as Pittsburgh (beginning Friday May 2nd), Philadelphia (May 5th and 6th), Cincinnati (beginning Friday June 20th), and Milwaukee (August 19th and 20th– a Tuesday and Wednesday).

- Let’s not forget our west coast fans, as the Jays will make their lone trip to Seattle for three games beginning (sorry) Monday, August 11th– though, really, isn’t a weekend kinda deserved at this point?

And let’s not forget the fans who make the trip to Minnesota, either, as the Jays– as mentioned– will be there for a mid-week series in April. There are also those in southwestern Ontario who I’m sure would like to know that the Jays, mercifully, won’t be visiting Detroit in early April this year, but for a mid-week series beginning June 4th– the other side of that once-great rivalry series comes on the weekend of August 8th at Rogers Centre.

- And the ever-popular (among me) weekend 4 PM home start? The Jays so far have none of them– though a Saturday game in September against Tampa is currently listed as TBD. Of course, the club may change some of these along the way, which I’m sure we all hope they will.

And that, I think, I just about all you need to know. Happy hotel booking! And seriously, nobody ever says a bad thing about the parks in Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, so do yourselves a favour.

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  1. I didn’t notice any weekday 4:10pm starts either. But I’m sure that could change mid-season as well.

  2. When do they release the promotions schedule? November-ish?

    • Bought my flex pack for this season in mid-november, promotion schedule wasn’t out at the time, maybe not even until the new year.

  3. So as usual west coast fans get screwed with just one shitty mid week series in Seattle while the mariners go to Toronto for a 4 set that no one will go watch anyways

  4. Some teams’ fans booking their playoff tickets, Jays fans booking their road trips to Detroit in June 2014. Nice.

  5. Don’t get the complaining about the Jays being gone for long weekends. Means an extra day for the road trip.
    We can see them in Toronto any time, and don’t need time off work for that.

    • A home game on the long-weekend means more fans and a better atmosphere for home games and easier to attend at 1pm game with the kids than a 7:10 pm start.

  6. Since the Jays have kinda sucked ass this year, anyone know if they might bring back the Jays Passes next year? Everyone thought that this year would be the final year, but due to poor performance, maybe they bring them back again.

    • Or Ballpark pass. Or whatever the fuck they are calling them now.

      • Would be nice, I’d get mine again for sure, but they said they were “phasing them out” so who knows. If we get them at all (unlikely) we might be stuck with 500 level outfield seats (which I’d still be fine with…I mean, who stays in their 18th row seat on a weeknight in May anyways?)

  7. Definitely considering the trip to Cincinnati in June.

  8. No games on holidays is an epic fail.

    But at least a weekend trip to Pittsburgh in June sounds interesting.

  9. Pittsburgh and Cincy both sound interesting, and definitely close enough to be driveable.

    Rays to open the season in Tampa. Yuuuuuuup. Win that series and I think we can plan the parade route.

    • Pitt is closer, it’s only like 5 hours in good traffic. Just a bit longer than Cleveland. For Cincy you have to go through Detroit on the 75, like you’re going to Florida, and it takes maybe 8 hours or so. Don’t try and get to Cincy via Cleveland or you’re stuck with at least 2 extra hours of driving, if not more.

  10. Baseball scheduling is such a joke.

    With an unbalanced schedule, the AL East and the wild card spots are way harder to win. Then as if that isn’t bad enough, you get interleague play which is also essentially unbalanced.

  11. Re the August holiday: Argos will get that home date for 2014. Go back and look at the schedules, they always alternate who’s home on the civic holiday. I don’t get Labour Day though, the Argos never host that one.

    Road trip stuff: go to Pittsburgh. Best park in baseball (I haven’t been to AT&T so I can still say that), and it’s only maybe 5 hours away by car. Get a Primanti sandwich, go see the Clemente statue, and check out the view. Pitt is a criminally underrated city all around, and of course they got one hell of a ballpark.

    Also in Cincinnati, before the game give yourself time to check out the Reds Hall of Fame. It’s right outside the ballpark, pretty cheap (at least in the off-season it was), and since Cincinnati is the birthplace of professional baseball and the Reds go back to 1869 it’s basically a mini Cooperstown. Very neat interactive exhibits, and you get a real sense of how deeply the game as a whole is tied to the town. Took us a good couple of hours to get through the whole museum, and it was a great way to spend an afternoon. I should add that outside of the Reds Hall and the game there is literally nothing else to do in Cincinnati.

  12. Welp, looks like the Jays will be starting off 2014 with a losing streak, since they can’t seem to beat the Rays at the Trop…

  13. Seattle screwed again. At least they’re all night games so I don’t have to take the day off. At least I know I need to save up a couple sick days next year.

    At least it’s in August when the weather is good.

  14. When’s the last time jays were at wrigley?

  15. the 4pm est. start is great for all of us Jays fans on the east coast.. it sucks having to wait till 8 or 830 just to watch a game on tv.

  16. Good God, would it kill them to have a weekend series in Seattle? Guarantee it’d be an even bigger crowd.

  17. [...] The 2014 MLB schedule was released yesterday and as always there was lots to talk about. It was confirmed that the Blue Jays would be playing in Montreal on March 28/29 and as Andrew Stoeten at DJF shares, Olympic Stadium is looking as ready as ever for baseball. Stoeten also provides us a nice overview of some of the highlights of the 2014 schedule. [...]

  18. Bloody hell. With the sole exception of Canada Day, every possible ‘event’ series or game has been scheduled wrong, either for Toronto, or the fans in other parts of Canada, or is an off day.

  19. As a dude living in fraw

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