Mike Trout, people.

This game is at least watchable for that– if not for the fact that we get to see if R.A. Dickey can continue his run of looking like he’s kinda-maybe-but-not-really figured it out at Rogers Centre, or if I totally just fucking jinxed him right there.

Good times!


“While Edwin Encarnacion’s wrist feels better, he’s not yet ready to play and may not have enough time to return in 2013 per John Gibbons,” tweets Ben Nicholson-Smith. Wonderful. But… uh… sadly, there are still quite a number of games left here, Eddie. Not that anybody wants anybody to rush back and get hurt, it’s just… ugh. So many games left!

Chris Toman tweets that Colby Rasmus swung a bat today, and all are still hoping he can return on the weekend– though it’s up to him when he feels ready.

Every team’s got a psychologist these days, says John Gibbons, according to a tweet from Richard Griffin. Or something.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (R)
CF Rajai Davis (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
RF Moises Sierra (R)
DH Mark DeRosa (R)
2B Ryan Goins (R)
CF Anthony Gose (L)
C Josh Thole (L)

RHP R.A. Dickey

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

LF J.B. Shuck (L)
SS Erick Aybar (S)
CF Mike Trout (R)
DH Josh Hamilton (L)
1B Mark Trumbo (R)
RF Kole Calhoun (L)
C Hank Conger (S)
2B Grant Green (R)
3B Andrew Romine (S)

LHP C.J. Wilson

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  1. The Pittsburgh Pirates are a half game out of first. The Kansas City Royals are 3 games out of a wildcard.

    Where’s MY elephant!?

  2. Wow, I never expected to see a Jays lineup like that in 2013.

    • Only 1/9th more of this crippling season to go!

      • I have tickets to three of those futures games.

        • Nice

        • I have tickets to one more game. Forgot my free refill slushie containing device last time so I think I’m going to actually go. Unless I feel terrible. Which is a pretty solid bet.

          • You’ll need insulin if you’re drinking those slushies. I got one for my son and he took two sips and passed it to me. Pure sugar.

            • I had one when I got the container. Found it to be quite mild, compared to the usual fare from 7-11. I’m not afraid of an all syrup squishie. Which is weird as I don’t consume a lot of sugar in my regular life. Ballpark food is different.

              Also, there’s nothing good to eat @ SkyDome.

          • +1. I am going to get tuques with my wife for the last game on September 29th.

  3. #Dickeytheworst

  4. Hi I brought whiskey this time. Expect good results.

    SP what’s up?

  5. He has a flair for the dramatic.

  6. I’m stuck in the most boring class ever. How are the Jays tonight?

  7. Buck – “Well, Tabby – Lind’s going to have to battle here.”
    Tabby – “He’s going to have to shorten up and protect the plate”
    Lind – (flails wildly at a third strike)

    Blue Jays Nation – “Oh, fer fuck’s sake”.

  8. I miss Syndergaard. Tom W, pass over the whiskey.

  9. My experimental post from my cursed phone seems to have evaporated. It was brilliant:

    Have Santos teach Cano how to pitch. 4 days of 5 he plays 2B. 5th day he pitches. Intentionally burn the DH spot so he can bat too.

    That was the gist. Oh and the Buck/Tabby moment above was also brilliant.

  10. If Rajai doesn’t come back, does Sierra or Gose get a look next year?

    • Sure aw fuck hope gose doesnt. Guy cant hit for shit.

    • I’d bet the house Rajai is a goner next season.
      It’s hard to pass up Gose with his talent – but as sure as little baby Jesus occasionally shit the holy manger, he looks downright fugly at times. However, in his defense – he looks 10 times better than last year.
      Sierra (to me, anyways) looks like a guy who SHOULD stick around as a fourth fielder – but I don’t know if they’ll keep Gose in Buffalo. Sierra might be a numbers casualty.

      Pretty coherent for a guy who’s been forced to chug at his own bloody drinking game, no?

      • I think Gose gets more time in Buffalo next year until he fully incorporates changes to his swing. Assuming Melky starts at LF next year, you would want Gose gettin more reps than as a 4th fielder. I can’t imagine that AA doesn’t bring Colby back.

      • Thank the baby Jesus for Google Translate.
        Try Post Like A Pirate for real fun.

      • I like Sierra too, I think both he and Gose could make for a inexpensive and reasonably productive platoon if they had a mind to try it.

  11. I think the word has gotten out that Lind wouldn’t swing at the first pitch if it was carried up to the plate and held in the strike zone by a pair of Swedish Playmate twins.
    Pitchers just groove that “strike one” in…and the watch as he hacks at borderline shit the rest of the at-bat.

    • I’ve mumbled that exact scenario ( well except for the twins) about him too. Time after time he lets that “ol automatic” drift on in for a strike and then your right , after it is 0-1, he panics, and starts swinging at shit in the dirt and by his back foot. Let him go fuk around in Milwaukee next year. I’ll take a case of Old Milwaukee and some saurkraut for the Dick

      • God is in the detail, fukstik.
        Details are important.
        The pair of Swedish Playmate twins are not superfluous.

        (That case of Old Milwaukee and some saurkraut will still cost us $2,000,000.00.)

    • +1. Sad but true. But every year he carries the team for 4 weeks before his back gets hurt.

  12. Drat

  13. Where are the Jays in the draft pick sweepstakes?

  14. Gibby is a piece of shit (as a human being) for taking Dickey out after only 92 pitches. He’s the reigning Cy Young winner, the team leader in wins, and a ground ball away from a double play to get outta the inning. Morris would have pitched 8 innings or a CG from that…and we get to watch some bullpenners blow it. AT LEAST let the multi-million dollar starter blow it. Fuck, I hate this manager. Worst Jays manager since…his first stint. Fucking idiot.

    • Maybe he was trying to offset having left Buehrle in to get shellacked to the tune of 8 ER the previous night, well past the point where it became obvious he had nothing. Seems fair for him to take some heat for that especially with like 20 guys in the bullpen.

      Oh well, with Gibby you lose some, you lose some.

      To be fair he has nothing to work with. There are only 3 categories of players left on the Jays: injured guys, sacks of shit, and AAA guys who shouldn’t even be here. It’s amazing that they still have a decent shot of beating last year’s W-L record — even though, in typical Jays fashion, they start winning right at the time when it becomes a more optimal scenario for them to lose.

    • You make no sense at all. I’m hoping you’re joking and I’m not picking it up, but I highly doubt it.

      Dickey wasn’t pitching well. yes he’d only thrown 92 pitches but he was having trouble locating, and when he was, the hitters weren’t being fooled.

      It’s not like the bullpen came out and immediately blew it. Loup came in and stranded the runners Dickey left on. But of course that’s terrible managing because Gibby didn’t leave Dickey in to maybe accomplish what somebody else DID ACCOMPLISH. Logical.

      It was arguably the teams best reliever that blew the game, and not until the 8th inning. But it would have been much better managing to leave a struggling Dickey in to throw 140 pitches to get through 8? You’d be posting the exact same comment shitting on the guy for leaving Dickey in to blow the game.

      I’m glad Garfoose isn’t managing the Jays.

  15. Instead of AA and Beeston asking for support and budget increases from the Rogers board,It might be the Rogers board giving Beeston and AA the directive of “Do whatever it takes,make it happen”

    Interesting more when it’s not just ratings but content .
    “Moore attributes those strong numbers to the ubiquity of Jays content across Rogers platforms.”
    “But the Scott Moore, Rogers Media’s president of broadcast, says increased interest in a team — even a losing one — feeds ancillary programming, and fills the vast stretch of time between hockey seasons.”
    Lots of cheap content.And a ton of money.

    It’ll be an interesting off season, with a certain amount of pressure , from above, to improve the product and without the excuse of budgetary restraints.

    Still don’t expect the Jays to hamstring themselves with 10 year contracts but the numbers may have awoken the sleeping giant,the richest owner in baseball, Rogers Corp.

    • That thought has been bandied about here a few times. That maybe the directives came from the bean counters to the Jays: go get a bunch of big name players and try to win.

      With the increase in attendance (largest increase over last year in MLB last I checked), tv ratings, and general surge in interest Rogers will not want to pull the plug now.-

      • Rogers will never pull the plug,they may adjust it slightly. but the commitment will be for the long term.They knew it going in,how volatile the sports market is.Even with the team in last place, it produces interest, content and profit.
        And the plan isn’t from Rogers but from Beeston.He knew the numbers from his time at MLB’s front office. Sportsnet is trying to become the YES and NESN of Canada.

        • Of course Rey are

        • Even sporting a payroll similar to the Dodgers or Yankees (not that I’m saying the Jays would go that high) represents an incredible deal for the amoun of content the Jays produce for Rogers. Just the games alone provide 600+ hours of both television and radio content.then there’s the online content, magazines, pre/post game shows, Baseball Central, etc. etc. etc.

          Not only is all of this content virtually free to Rogers, but they can recoup most of the payroll and related costs through tickets and merchandise sales every year.

          The real beauty of the system is that the more the Jays win, the more content Rogers has to spread across the platforms, with that content becoming increasingly valuable as more people tune in and purchase merchandise.

          A little hope for the future in an otherwise lost season.

        • I don’t think that’s very likely. For this theory (that they will never pull the plug) to be viable, we would have to believe that it took them 10 years of owning the team to “get it” and realize that more spending would lead to more revenue. Essentially they consistently, over the course of a decade, ran the team on the cheap, but then decided that was all a mistake.

          What’s far more likely is that AA/Beeston sold them on the idea of a relatively short-term window in which they could add to an aging core (Bautista and EE primarily) and make serious waves. The Marlins trade would be a once-in-a-generation opportunity to add a whole bunch of top talent (whose contracts happened to share that same 2013-2016 window) and make a run. The attractive part of this for Rogers is that they actually didn’t have to commit to much beyond 2015, unlike most of the other big acquirers (Yankees, Angels etc.) who have tons of 5, 7, 10 year contracts that all run out at different times.

          Even AA has said many times this year that this is a three to four year window of contention — which is entirely different from 2010/2011 when he spoke of wanting to build a team that could compete every year and wouldn’t have windows.

          I think there’s very little question that unless two things happen, the cash register drawer is going to be slamming shut by 2016 at the very latest. The first thing is a championship or two. The second is that there would have to be a strong young core and/or a lot of free agents on the market to replace all the guys who will be leaving around that time — Bautista, EE, Dickey, Reyes etc. — such that the team could actually replace all that talent and still be competitive.

          Neither of these is likely to occur, and the chance of both conditions being present is virtually nil. So you’re almost for sure going to see a major rebuild and probably several years of low-payroll suckitude starting in 2016 or 2017.

          The only real question is whether Rogers sees the on-field results this year and decides to start that process a little sooner by fire-saling some or all of these guys rather than waiting for their contracts to run out. I don’t think they’ll pull that trigger just yet, but ironically, the fact that people are still continuing to watch the games may send them a signal that competitiveness doesn’t really matter. That model has worked for the Leafs for decades. There’s no question that if they thought they could get the same attendance and viewership on a $60 million payroll, they would be more than happy to forgo pursuing a championship. And the team is so terrible now that I honestly don’t think anything they do will matter much in terms of fan (dis)interest next year anyway.

          • I don’t think it’s taken them 10 years to “get it” at all. However, it has taken them almost that long to develop content channels for the team.

            Like I said above, they’re well aware that its much cheaper to develop their own content through the Jays franchise than it is to purchase the same amount of content from other providers.

            Competitive teams provide better content. Better content brings in more consumers. More consumers generate demand for more content.

            I’m sure if they knew they could draw the same viewership and ticket sales with a cheaper team they would probably go that route. But with the way ticket sales and viewership have dropped over the past few months (just look at the attendance of the current series) it seems pretty obvious that a competitive team will mean much higher revenues for all of Rogers media platforms.

          • Sorry to disagree CG but you MUST look at the history and understand what went on during the last ten years before you can make that statement.
            When Godfrey was president, his mandate was to, and I quote, “stop the beeding of cash”.It wasn’t to build a winning ball club.The Canadian dollar low,apathy from the fanbase, younger fans staying away cause the game was too slow,steriod scandals etc.
            There will be no firesale (IMHO). Rogers is building a sports network juggernaut of which the Jays will be a beneficiary.
            Please understand that as recently as 2010 not all the Jays games were even televised.Those games plus others were put on SN1, available at a slight extra cost to your cable provider.
            The window you speak of was to placate the average fan. You can’t tell a restless fanbase that’s it’s gonna take 5 years,you tell them less than 3. you tell them you’ll be in the playoffs 2 of the next 3 years.If interest wanes then you adjust.In the meantime you cash in all your chips to make it happen.
            Beeston’s not finished.

  16. Mike Trout only has a 9.9 fWAR? What a bum.

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