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John Lott of the National Post looks at Anthony Gose, who is trying to eliminate the leg kick that he’s used as a timing mechanism when at the plate for the last three years, because the club believes it’s messing up his timing and balance. Or, as Gose puts it, “‘Cause I suck with it.”

Elsewhere in the Post, Lott talks to Colby Rasmus, who is back with the team while rehabbing, and says he hopes to get into a game by week’s end. He sure doesn’t seem like he’s comfortable watching Gose trying to take his job away, does he? Or maybe not. It sure would be nice to see him come back and pick up where he left off, though.

Bad news for the tremendous Jays fans of British Columbia, as Shi Davidi of Sportsnet notes that there doesn’t appear to be a way for B.C. Place to accommodate baseball, thanks mostly to the fact that the facility’s new scoreboard “would hang directly over second base in a baseball configuration.”

Elsewhere at Sportsnet, Davidi looks at the new mindset– or whatever– of Ricky Romero, who, of course, pitched one perfect and one shaky inning last night, in his first big league action since May, following an uneven campaign in Buffalo. “The process,” Davidi writes, “is playing out exactly where it should be – on a big-league mound, the only place a decision on whether he will factor into the Blue Jays’ plans again can be made.”

“He could be the rare second baseman-artist out there — the Picasso of the Keystone,” writes Steve Goldman of SB Nation about Ryan Goins. “He has to be — his bat might not be enough to keep him out there if he slips to sub-Picasso status and becomes, say, the Norman Rockwell of the Keystone. That’s something that will wait for next year. In the meantime, Goins has given the Jays a nice little asterisk at the end of what has been a long and disappointing season — *something to get excited about.”

Over at the Toronto Star, Richard Griffin bangs the drum for the Jays to turf the Argos as soon as possible, so that they can get grass into their stadium. Here’s some wishful thinking: with Ivor Wynne transforming into (no joke) Tim Hortons Field, the Ti-Cats have been playing in Guelph– maybe once the Argos have an actual home all picked out and under construction they can get the fuck out early for some temporary digs? No? Well… figure it the fuck out, then. For your own good.

Interesting stuff from Nick Ashbourne of Bluebird Banter, as he dives deeply into the mystery of Mark Buehrle’s rising strikeout rate.

The New York Times has a nifty interactive graphic that looks at how much money currently rests on the disabled lists of Major League Baseball, and lo and behold, with $52.4-million worth of salary on the shelf, the Jays lead the way. That makes for 41% of payroll currently laid up.

At Grantland, Jonah Keri looks at “how a handful of mocked and minimized signings propelled Boston’s worst-to-first comeback.” Mostly it was pitching, though.

Keri also has a new podcast up, in which, among other things, he talks Montreal baseball– with former Montrealer, Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times.

Speaking of Montreal baseball, Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail is skeptical of big league ball ever returning to the city– for a host of reasons that are probably more logical than those who’d like to see the Expos return would like to admit.

Evan Peaslee of BlueJays.com has a notebook post up, in which he looks at the Jays’ crowded bullpen situation (especially with, before last night, the Jays’ starters being on such a good run of late), as well as Edwin Encarnacion’s ailing wrist and more about Colby Rasmus.

Lastly, Twitterer @mattomic notices the direct correlation between the size of a metropolitan area and the value of its baseball franchise (or franchises). Obvious, perhaps, but kinda interesting to see it graphically.

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  1. It’s not mostly pitching, to be fair. The Red Sox are hitting .276/.349/.444/.793 (!) compared to .260/.315/.415/.730 last year. Dropping their ERA .89 runs definitely helps too.

  2. The Red Sox seem like a team that’s getting the best case scenario out of an obscene amount of players. This doesn’t really seem anything like a true talent .600 team.

    • I agree, when you look at each player’s hitting line it’s ridiculous. Almost top to bottom these guys are having amazing years.

    • I’ve been thinking the same thing. They’ve been pretty lucky with injuries too, other than Clay.

      It’s a team, if kept the same next year, I could see having 10 or so fewer wins.

      That’s not too say they’re not a very good team.

      • guys like Pedey, Ortiz, & Ellsbury know “how to win”… they lead, everyone else follows

        Victorino’s playing really well

        Health, and pitching

        I think guys like EE, Reyes, Dickey, Buerhle, Bautista, etc. even Goins,have what it takes. It just takes time, health, familiarty, etc…

        • Those guys don’t “know how to win,” they’re just really, really good. Unless by
          “know how to win” you mean they know how to help the team score runs, which leads to the team winning more… then I’m right with you.

        • ‘Know how to win’….holy fuck, seriously?

    • Victorino, Gones, Napoli, all these guys are playing way over their heads. Still a very talented team especially with the minor league system but I don’t think they’re THIS good.

  3. The link for Blair’s article in the G&M takes you to Grantland

  4. Wrong link for the Blair article!

  5. Gose looked real good with the homer and the bunt (he really is crazy fast).

    I think Rajai is a pretty cool guy – been quite useful for the money. But at this point shouldn’t we just use Gose in that role? That’s the only way we’ll see if he is going to be good enough.

    • Davis is a better fit because he crushes left handed pitching, and can platoon with Lind in the DH spot. Gose is better defensively though so maybe it’s a wash…I feel like both players could be used though, especially with Gose being able to be optioned. I donno. Maybe they can’t afford to use money on him, and will just use Gose as the pinch runner and DeRosa as the platoon partner with Lind. I guess that works too.

      • Can’t believe they haven’t re-signed Rajai yet.

      • I’d really like to have someone better than Derosa as Lind’s platoon partner. Fuck I’d really love to have a DH better than Adam Lind. Perhaps someone with some power…

        But ya the advantage of Davis is he hits lefty pitching well. If Rasmus goes back to not being able to hit lefties next year it would be helpful to have a right handed bat that can play CF come off the bench next year. Pillar is a decent option. Gose would be ideal because of his speed but of course he can’t hit lefties. If Davis is looking for more playing time or a salary raise I would prefer to just go with Pillar. He has options but he projects as a fourth outfielder anyway. Why not just use him in that role and be glad u only have to pay 500k for a 4th outfielder.

        • I can live with Derosa’s roughly .800 OPS vs. lefties, but I’d rather they keep Davis. He’s a really good fit for a few very specific situations, where as the rest of these guys really aren’t.

      • Not impossible that the starting OF could be Gose, Rasmus and Bautista.
        If so, there would be room on the team for two of Rajii, Melky, Lind.

        Rajii probably tries to get an every day gig somewhere.
        That may be the reason he has not been re-signed.

    • i love days when there’s a shred of possibility that Gose will be a star.

      • I don’t know about a star – but for a 22 year old, his numbers in this small sample this year look ok. Especially if losing the leg kick will make him strike out less.

  6. Colby has a few million reasons to get his ass back in the lineup as quickly as possible

    • I wonder if he feels like the club is holding him out longer than he has to be to hurt his bargaining position in arbitration

      • But David, he is the one that spoke up about his injury.

        I rarely say this about any athlete, but I don’t think Rasmus is that concerned about money (compared to the average player anyway). If he likes Gibby and AA and Toronto at all, I think he is a prime candidate for an Edwin Encarnacion type contract extension. I’d be very very surprised if they went to arbitration with him.

        • I hope they lock him up, I like Colby.
          Maybe his agent is thinking it and he isn’t.
          He just glides to the ball, it reminds me of a 2005 version of wells

  7. That graph on twitter seems pretty flawed. The 3 teams that make that graph look anything close to a thing are the yankees, dodgers and cubs. All 3 cities have a flipside (second team) being well below the graph line and more in line with the value of every other team. I’d say there’s no causation there, just mere correlation (which only works for 1 of the 2 teams in that metro area).

  8. The way I see it (and confirmed by AA in the PTS interview) the Jays have…..

    3 great hitters (JR,EE,JB)


    3 good hitters (CR, MC,BL)

    Why not move Rasmus to LF (he hits enough to play a corner and his medium arm would better suited there), and play Gose in CF, stay with Goins and get the best defensive catcher with some pulse while hitting available.

    The Jays can afford to carry 3 plus defenders considering the 6 good to great bats.

    This would be an incredible defence. We take good D for granted when we have it, but know the pain of bad D from 2013.

    This would mostly a cost efficient option. Freeing up money for other concerns.

    This would allow AA to take whatever resources he has (money or player/prospects) and put it towards starting pitching which we all know is the big issue.

    • Yes that d would be great, but that also means we will have 3 poor hitters in the order. I just don’t think this team can afford to give regular at bats to Gose AND Goins and whatever replacement level catcher we can find

    • I’ve thought about Colby in LF, but wouldn’t it come down to how amenable he’d be to that move? Especially if he’s so close to FA and could wait a year and choose to go somewhere that could make him an everyday CFer?

    • Do you have Melky as a good hitter, but Lind not? I don’t understand this about the commenters here. Melky has had two (tainted) years where he was a good hitter, AND SIX years as a bad to mediocre at best hitter. No power, average on-base.

    • This seems logical, if Colby moves to LF…

  9. I don’t see Colby being moved to left.

  10. Hitting is all about the lower half. Some guys can get away with pronounced leg kicks to generate power, but it’s a very hard thing to do a and have proper timing. Plus the more active the leg kick-start, the more head movement and thus it’s harder to hit tougher pitching.

    Lawrie adjusted and so can Gose. At least they are opening up thier minds to be successful.

  11. By the way, call me what you want, but I’m rooting for the Pirates in the playoffs. And the A’s.

    Man would I pay to see an all underdog World Series with the A’s and Bucks. Love this time of year.

  12. with you on the A’s.The NL I don’t really care about but given all the $$$ LA spent I may have to cheer for greed. Gordon Gekko says greed is good.

  13. I’m cheering for the A’s because I enjoy the Deadmans dance from Weekend At Bernies.

    Fukstik, I’ll toast you in the playoffs and shake beer all over my living room in lieu of Bernie.

    You gotta love a bunch of mid line players like Crisp, Reddick, Moss that are putting up wins in that dump of a stadium and market.

  14. Just got done watching the 3 game series between the Royals and Indians. I can’t believe the Emilio Bonifacio I watched the last three days is the same mess that played in Toronto. His defense at 2B was excellent. Since the trade, he’s gone 30 for 102 (.294) and stolen 13 bases in 14 attempts. In short, I wanted to hurl.

    In other news, Indians announcer Tom Hamilton declared that Yan Gomes is currently the best catcher in the American League and credited Indians management for “stealing” him from the Blue Jays. I can not and could not make this stuff up.

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