Here’s something to mildly brighten our sorry, sorry lives as we wait for this miserable fucking season to end– and I don’t just mean that sweet picture above– Edwin Encarnacion will return to the Jays’ lineup tonight as the designated hitter, while Colby Rasmus is feeling good too, and is in tonight’s lineup as well!

Don’t believe me? OK. But would you believe that Jays’ official Twitter feed?


Barry Davis was the first to tweet tonight’s lineup, which features Encarnacion hitting third and Rasmus hitting sixth.

I dunno. Beats thinking about the long, sad downfall of Ricky Romero, or most of what I’m going to talk about in my next post…

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  1. What’s the next post? WHAT’S THE NEXT POST!?

  2. all of the responses to that tweet by Davis are are along the lines of “two CF?!?!?!!?!” Christ, I hate people.

    Plus who bats votto fifth?

  3. This is bad for our protected pick…

  4. Wish I had a Cleatus/Wolf shirt to wear in celebration of his return

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wr5D30flERA

    “Top 5 worst players of all time” Spot the current Jay!

    These are the reasons why i don’t consider myself a fan, more of a connoisseur.

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