Yep, this is it. Happy Friday!

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  1. I agree with Zaun. Trade Bautista for gaillardo and weeks.

    Note : I do not actually agree with Zaun

  2. I wonder if we’re going to see Oritroll tonight. I miss that guy. I’ve been working on my Sinatra for him.

  3. OMG – did anyone else start to read the Carson chat at sportsnet and shut it off after he said bring in Morneau, Goins should be the 2nd baseman, and trade Bautista?


    happy friday all the same

  4. O’Day, O’Day, O’Day, O’Day, O’Day,
    O’Daaaaaay, O’Daaaaaay.

  5. Orioles Hangout is fun as usual.
    “We hitting this guy hard, just right at the defenders.”

    I’ll sing them the O’Day Ditty later.

    • I really hope our AAA club puts the nail in the coffin this weekend. I’m going this Sunday and plan to do the O’Day chant live.

  6. I hope JP hits a dinger tonight.
    My “yay JP” is gathering dust.

  7. Someone in the Jays tower must read us. We were on Lind’s ass lst night about never swinging at the first pitch and giving up an easy strike. SEE, Adam, what can happen when you mash the ‘ol automatic instaed of taking it?? More,please

    • What happened to that case of Old Milwaukee and some sauerkraut fukstik?

      • Like you said, it’s an expensive case at 2million$. I’d probably make them throw in some
        PBR-it was a fun cheapy in university

      • I’ll take the shitty beer and the sauerkraut as long as AA picks up the option. He’s not that bad.

  8. Interesting…

    The Orioles Hangout is calling for Buck’s head.
    How the mighty have fallen.

  9. If a team member can steal signs, all the more power to them.
    That blow-up was so stupid.

  10. gotta luv Redmond…ok, you don’t but we should consider it…

    • From the Oriole Hangout:

      “Didnt realize Roy Halladay came back from the baseball grave to pitch tonight.”

      Talk about disillusioned, discombobulated and disgruntled.
      Good times.

  11. Don’t want to jinx it, but Redmond is pitching a rather tidy game.

    • not to set people on the blog tonight off but I’d rather Redmond than Morrow…Redmond is steady, not great and Morrow has awesome stuff, problem is it’s a only a few starts and then he’s hurt for extended periods of time…you can count on steady at least…but in reality, with what AA will do this offseason, Redmond becomes what steady must be at this level, depth…too bad, I like the underdog I guess

    • @Gsmc.


      I saw Redmond pitch twice when I went to the Rogrs centre this year & he’s pretty good. I don’t know how he gets people out at 82 mph. His road/home splits were quite severe. 2.35 ERA at home. Close to 6 on the road.

      Good depth pitcher for 2014.

  12. A runner got to third! Cue Idiot-Mumu-Man coming out of the dugout to make a pitching change! God forbid a guy get to third in the sixth inning. Fuck! People don’t pay to watch the bullpen hacks!

  13. Can’t wait for the Gibby apologists on this one. He was throwing a 3-hit shutout, and had a great fucking pitch count!!!

    • @Garfoose. I hope you are not right.

      I think he may be on a pitch count. Gibby ha done this a few times before with him

    • @Garfoose.

      You were right. he has thrown 100 pitches in previous games.

      Sierra screws up on a ball that should never bounce over his head. tie game.

      This sucks.

      Wilner will be in full Gibby apologist mode onight.

  14. Fuck, JP sucks.

    • 21 year old Jose Fernandez, albeit SSS, has hit for a higher average the JP. And he’s a 21 year old pitcher. JP makes pitches in the corner of the zone look a foot away.

  15. Fucking brutal! O’s tie it. If I were Redmond, I’d call Gibby out after the game. Or offer to fight him. What a shitty management decision!

  16. Face it…Moises Sierra is as dumb as a rock.
    As Tabby charitably puts it, “He’s a fine athlete”….but holy fucking hannah, he’s made some incredibly stupid bonehead braindead plays.
    If I were McGowan, I’d smack him right in the head.

    • I don’t think he’s dumb…I think he’s just got a bit of an ego. And hey, if this whole baseball thing doesn’t work out for him, he should consider promoting some sort of skin care product. The dude looks like he’s got the softest skin.

      • Dumb as a rock….and I mean the STUPIDEST kind of rock.
        Not the borderline sentient ones that can roll…or skip on the water. Just a big dumb brainless rock.
        He looks like he’s got some kind of talent..but un-freakin’-coachable.

    • True, but good ol dusty gave up a ringing double then a walk, then HUNG a curve to Valencia that he was lucky he popped up instead of hitting it to the 3rd deck. In short, Mcgowan is not that good. Yes he had that ONE magical game against Colorado but his career numbers are very pedestrian. Everyone is pulling for him and that is great, but really he is going to have to do a lot better to justify a spot next year. To be brutally honest, Redmond has outpitched him. He is better than Happ I guess

  17. You can’t possibly be on a pitch count when it’s September! They have all winter to rest! Plus, he was throwing a shutout!!! Which his replacement has now blown, and then some! I’d like to think the booing was for Gibby.

    • My guess is the booing is for the season. This game is meaningless for the Jays unless you’re pulling for a good pick.

    • @Garfoose.

      +1. You are right. He shouldn’t be on pitch count & he has thrown 100 pitches in games before.

      WTF? This is outrageous.

      I was enjoying a Friday Night game with a nice 3-0 lead by a pitcher I like.


  18. Santos efficiency: 3 sliders, 3 strikes

  19. Lind takes another first pitch strike.

    Lawrie gets a hit. Here comes Colby

  20. That old Razzmatazz.

  21. Sierra 3 run banger. Calling it.

  22. JP with an efficient strike-out.
    Yay JP.

  23. Someone please prove Davis is on PEDs. He makes me so angry

  24. Aw fuck!

  25. bill miller is a dick!!!!

  26. Anybody notice that Delabar now maxes out at around 94 vs 97 in April/may?
    Another guy to think about selling high on while the getting is good?

    • He’s got more baseball left in him. The whole bullpen got used and abused this year. They need a good, long break this winter. I’m surprised we didn’t have bullpen injuries this year.

    • Delabar ain’t follin anybody with 94mph-he ain’t healthy

      • At this point, they should be throwing the other 12 arms in the bullpen in. I agree that he’s not 100%, but I think he needs rest as opposed to being traded away.

  27. chris davis looks like lou furrigno!

  28. Gibbons fuked this game up, though. I need to hear why he took out a guy pitching a 3 hit SO in the 7th after 75 pitches! Baltimore would have been ecstatic.
    I know when I played anythime a guy was “dealing” and the opposing manager yanked him, you felt great as they have just opened the door for you and that is what happened tonite
    Contrast this to the game in Seattle where we were winning 7-1 in the 5th and he left HAPP in there trying to get him a cheap win even though he was being tonged and we ended up losing. Now that he has the “vote of confidence” from AA he can make whatever dopey move he wants. If a manager influences 5 games a year, this is one of em

    • @fukstik


      Very frustrating loss. I thought Gibby was supposed to be an “excellent in game tactical manager”.

      I realize they want to give the extra arms in the bullpen some work, but Redmond deserved an extra 15-25 pitches.

      • When pitching a shut-out, I think the pitcher deserves an extra 50 pitches!
        Can’t wait for Stoeten to try to salvage this one for his favourite Mumu Komrade. I was posting in real time about what a shitty decision it was. Sadly, it’s not the first time. He did the same thing to Dickey this week!

  29. Tank!!!

  30. AA: Gibby, we need to lose more games so we can get a top-10 protected pick next year.
    Gibby: You mean we’re going to sign a top pick? Or are we going to go out and get a Type A guy?
    AA: Well, neither, of course. But thinking that we might will keep the fanbase going all winter. In the meantime, I need you to make as many stupid moves as possible to ensure we maximize our losing. It’ll probably come naturally to you.
    GIbby: But wait, half the fanbase is already saying I should be fired! Won’t this just make it even more obvious how out of my depth I am?
    AA: Hmm, tell you what. Do this for me and I’ll go out and publicly affirm my commitment to you and tell the fans you’re coming back next year no matter what. Then it won’t really matter what anyone says.
    Gibby: Sure boss, sounds swell!

    • I am now dumber for reading this. Wasn’t Gibbs fault that JPA can’t frame obvious strikes, instead jab at them like there heading for the dirt, with the umpire calling a pretty liberal zone tonight. Then of course, Sierra’s misadventure on what would have been a routine play for JB. This lost is more about mental errors than coaching. I agree, maybe you leave a guy in when he is dealing, possible give him the ball until he let one more runner on. He was playing for the win. Redmond has been lite up later in the game in a couple of his starts, so maybe that was behind the decision. Who knows. What I do know is that when you can’t execute on a regular basis, on the defensive side of the ball, you lose games.

  31. Poorest fielder in outfield should be in left field if Gose was in right where he should have been this is a win!! No excuse for that

  32. It really truly amuses me how you pathetic idiots that have never even been 5th best on your coed softball team are so sure of what is and isn’t the right move.

    Slow your fucking rolls. At least until the post game presser. You sound as idiotic as Zaun any time anything doesn’t work out.

    I say this with love. Tough love.

    • Eat a dick, sons. As it turns out, the post game presser consisted of Gibby going “Aw, shucks, we done gone lost again!”

  33. Don’t hate me
    /suggests giving Ricky starts this year

  34. I like Gibbons; but the one complaint I have about him is that he pulls his starters too early.

  35. Even the fairweather fans on have this one right. Top commenter:

    5 hours ago
    Another great move by Gibbons. Redmond has a 3-0 lead, has allowed just 3 hits and 0 walks in 6.1 innings and has thrown just 75 pitches. He’s pitching way too well so Gibby better get him out of there to bring in the overworked bullpen. 4 batters later it’s 3-3 and one inning later they’re behind. Now tell me again the manager doesn’t cost a team a win.

  36. PS: To all unfortunate souls who wasted part of their Friday night watching this calamity, take solace in the fact that you likely witnessed some MLB history tonight. For I strongly doubt a starting pitcher has EVER been taken out of a game when throwing a 3-hit shutout, with only 75 pitches thrown, and not walked a single batter!

    Way to go, Gibby! #worstmanagerinMLB

  37. PPS: When Gibby is bench-coaching Rookie ball level sometime in 2015, I plan to travel to ButtFuckNowhere, Texas, and heckle him over his 2013 management of his starters. As a mini-pack holder in Western Canada, I have a fuckin’ axe to grind with this cocksucker.

    Forget the fucking bullpen. Baseball is about starting pitching, and this fucker just doesn’t get it. He does the polar opposite of Nolan Ryan, a guy who might know a thing or two about pitching.

  38. We need this guy back….

    • I forgot how lanky he was. What a fucking shot!

      • The second best thing about that shot, was look at how empty Yankee Stadium was. There were two people in the upper deck, and Freddy sent them a bruised baseball.

  39. Does anyone know if they televise AFL games? I wouldn’t mind watching a couple this fall to get my fill of prospect porn.

  40. Jays tanking of late still barely puts them in the convo for a top 10 pick.

    At this point I just want to see an incredible AL Wild Card showdown. If the Jays winning or losing can aid in making the race as tight as possible for as many teams as possible it will make for an awesome last 2 weeks of baseball.

    The fact the Royals are still only a few games back at this point is pretty nuts.

  41. Zaun, proveyer of old school crap, just said chemistry doesn’t really matter on jays central. Awesome stuff.

  42. I’ve been defending Gibby all season but how the hell does he hit Moises Sierra ahead of Colby fucking Rasmus

  43. “All the way home to third.”

    God love a duck, Buck.

    • My son mentioned to me that, according to Buck, Mark De Rosie plays for the Jays.
      That’s pretty cool because I think I’m related to every De Rosie in the world.

  44. Gonna be glorious when JPA finishes the season w/ an avg below the Mendoza line and an OBP that is worse than the rest of his regular teammates’ averages.

    • You mean glorious in a perverse fuck this season kind of way?

      • yep

        glorious in a “JP trash talking the media saying he doesn’t need to improve kinda way” and then watching him continue to plummet to historically bad levels

        also affirmation of all us of fans who have complained of him being garbage and being finally vindicated

        I firmly believe AA hasnt said much about JP b/c he pretty much intends to find a replacement for him

  45. We are now into the 5th inning of a close game. This is where Gibby usually wakes up from his early afternoon nap and starts thinkin’ about how he can put his mark on the game. Which of course leads us to…the result of the 2013 season.
    My prediction today: an ill-timed appearance by Darren Oliver.

  46. Sweet Clete.

  47. I fucking love it when Rasmus gets a hold of it. Reminds of Delgado in a way. Obviously not the same hitter, but I always found when Delgado hit a homer you pretty much knew it was gone right away. Same with Rasmus.

  48. Tabby didn’t understand what one of his coaches once said? Colour me shocked.

  49. Anyone see Sierra and Kawasaki in the dugout? Looks like Kawasaki found a new BFF.

  50. Dear John,

    The rules of baseball permit a manager to use the same pitcher the entire game!


    Buck Showalter
    Manager of the Year, ’94, 2004

  51. I thought “Ask the expert” was about rules of baseball. Who gives a crap about Zaun’s professional aspirations?

    • Too bad one of them wasn’t aspiring to be an expert…..

      • …until he expires.

        • Interesting he mention Leyland and Maddon. Two guys who have such deep roots in baseball, that neither one would give Zaun the light of day on there coaching staffs. Besides, Zaun is too full of himself to be a manager. Just imagine a sarcastic Bobby Valentine. Yikes.

  52. Janssen thinks he Brett Lawrie. Great ending.

    • I was worried for a sec that there would be a collision with Lawrie and Janssen going for the ball but it couldn’t have worked out more wonderfully.

    • Janssen is a bad ass. The logical part of me says we should have traded him at his zenith prior to the AS break, but the emotional part of me is glad he is still a Jay. Easily one of my top 10 favourite Jays of the last decade. Will miss his poopy diaper shifting on the mound once his Jays days are gone.

  53. {{{{{sigh}}}}}}}} I just watched Gomes take a walk. .302 avg. Plate discipline. {{{{{{{{sigh}}}}}}}}

    • +1. Gomes was a good player to watch. The first Brazilian in MLB.

      AA has a blind spot for catchers.

      He traded Napoli, let Molina& Buck & TDA go. Blanco & Thole are worse than Molina.

      It’s outrageous that Gomes has better WAR than JP.

      • Jp will be gone next year

        • I”m not entirely sure why JPA was starting catcher this year or last year. 2nd string maybe. In any case. I agree. There’s no way that idiot is catching next year. At least I hope there’s no way. I don’t want to hear about any off-season hard work leading to a third chance. That kid has run out of chances.

          • You can’t replace leadership! In all seriousness, he will be back. Finding a good catcher is pretty difficult. Even if AA does replace him for the 2014 season, I fully expect lots of people to start pining for JPA because he was at least able to hit 20 home runs each year.

      • I would have enjoyed watching Gomes hit homers here aka Brazilian Whacks.

      • He let Molina and Buck (the first time) go for compensation draft picks (Joe Musgrove and Tyler Gonzales). He was commended for hoarding draft picks and gaming the system this way (Miguel Olivo as well).

        Too be fair, Napoli isn’t really a catcher, more of a 1B/DH type. Even with the Angels he really only split time behind the plate with Mathis.

        Thole’s only job is to catch the knuckler, and he’s done it fairly effectively. Can’t expect much out of the bat playing once a week. You’re spot on about Blanco though.

        As for Gomes, he’s definitely achieved more than anyone woud have guessed he could going into this year. But he barely has a half season worth of at bats so far this year (less than 250). He’s definitely been a great utility guy for the Indians though.

  54. Jose Reyes with no triples this year. His career low with minimum 50 games played is 10. Kinda makes one sad.

  55. Mendoza!!!

  56. Reyes sure has a lot of at bats where he only sees one pitch.

  57. JP swingin wild

  58. STRIKE3BIA indeed.

  59. Dfa jpa

  60. Kawasaki saves JP from going under the Mendoza line, the legend grows . . .

  61. *snicker*

    Didn’t want JPA to go under Mendoza I guess. I wonder if he plays next game.

  62. Drabek didn’t look too bad today.

  63. JJ JJ JJ JJ

    JJ JJ

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