Crotch grab in the direction of @Proposition_Joe who sends the above picture our way with the caption: “Yikes, clearance rack at Jays Shop consisting entirely of Romero jerseys.”

If I wasn’t lazy and felt like doing some investigative reporting I might call the shop, or walk down, and check out to see if these really are all Romero jerseys– might buy a hat while I’m at it!– but… why would Proposition Joe (aka Chris Romero– presumably no relation) lie?

He wouldn’t lie. I assume.

And if that’s for real… man, that’s cold.

He’s still on the damn roster! I mean, I’m sure that, after a shaky season in the minor leagues and your GM telling the world that you’re going to be taken off the 40-man once the season ends, the number of people willing to invest in your jersey probably takes nose dive. Still, though, not exactly a strong vote of confidence, even if it has more to do with shelf space than what anyone actually in the business of baseball thinks.

The forces of the market can be cruel, huh?

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  1. Romero jerseys were 50% off at Champs Sports back in April. I gues they knew . . .

  2. Great way to get a deal on a blank Jays jersey – just have to peel the numbers and letters off.

  3. I’m cheering for the guy but honestly… I’d rather have a blank jersey.

  4. Good luck getting those numbers off.

    I have an authentic Escobar jersey – believe me I’ve tried!

    • Why would you try? Rock that Escobar jersey!

      I admittedly still have a soft spot for Escobar in my heart.

      With his sweet-heart contract, I wish AA didn’t deal him. I’m sure he was just a thrower in, in the Marlins deal. Stick Reyes and his shitty D at 2B and have Yunel still at SS.

      • Just looked at Yunel’s stats this year. He has a 3.7 fWAR.

        And he is getting paid just $5 million this year. With two more options after this year at $5 million each, with no buyout!

        That still has to be one of the best contracts in the game.

        • Assuming Reyes would be okay with the move, that would solve our up the middle problems beautifully. It didn’t seem like the marlins even wanted yunel in the deal seeing that they almost immediately flipped him. Oh we’ll, hindsight is 20 20 right?

  5. Road greys! Don’t buy them, you’ll probably get hit by a car on the way out or something.

    • I have one- still blank.
      My logic was: easier to keep cleaner than a white and not as hot in the sun as a blue.

  6. I went to a game 2 months ago and the same clearance rack with Romero jerseys was there.

  7. Too bad the Jays can’t get a clearance of Romero himself.

  8. 4th in Al pitcher war in 2011

  9. I paid full price for a red, Canada Day, Ricky Ro jersey back at the beginning of the 2012 season just before he imploded! I feel used :(

  10. I was at the game last night and was at that rack when a fellow Jays fan said to me “its all Romero dont waste your time” its sad its come to this but i can’t really blame the Jays for doing this.

  11. For shits and giggles, here’s the complete list of players to wear 24 in Jays history:

    Ricky Romero (2009-2013)
    Matt Stairs (2007-2008)
    John-Ford Griffin (2005)
    Sean Douglass (2004)
    Bobby Kielty (2003)
    Shannon Stewart (1998-2003)
    Mariano Duncan (1997)
    Paul Spoljaric (1996-1997)
    Dave Righetti (1994)
    Greg Cadaret (1994)
    Rickey Henderson (1993)
    Turner Ward (1991-1993)
    Glenallen Hill (1990-1991)
    Jim Acker (1989)
    Willie Aikens (1984-1985)
    Matt Williams (1983)
    Tom Underwood (1978-1979)
    Chuck Hartenstein (1977)

    Which Jays #24 jersey would you sport?

  12. yup, there are a few racks at the back left corner of the Main Jays shop with all colours of Romero Jerseys, Johnson (Kelly, I’m assuming), Santos even! all for 50% off, been there for a month!

  13. John Farrell toilet paper. Million dollar idea.

  14. I was in the Jays Shop two months ago and a quarter of the clearance rack was Santos Jerseys.

  15. They also had some Gose jerseys there before he was called up. Still mad at myself for not buying one.

  16. That’s just cruel. Hope Romero come back and shoves it in their face

  17. I’m a jersey collector. I have over 500 jerseys in my collection. Jerseys like this are always interesting. I can’t imagine why you can’t get the numbers off unless they are pressed on instead of sewn on. Usually when a team discounts jerseys like this, there may be a slight alteration to the jersey coming next year that has not been announced. If it’s a real jersey made by “majestic” I’d buy it. If it’s made by CCM I’d avoid it. You always run the risk of buying a jersey and having the guy get traded, but, hey, then the jersey becomes a “classic”.

  18. There are a few Santos Jerseys in there as well. This section of the Jays Shop has been like this for about 1 month. There was also a Gose jersey but with his minor league number on the back.

  19. One among them is Wood craft which is known better as wood working. According to the police department, shortly before 8 PM, Tuesday, a man at the Entertainmart on N.

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