Yeah, this one’s pretty mailed in. And you’ve very possibly already seen the clip. But I’m thinking… so what? The appearance of Munenori Kawasaki and Mark DeRosa on the MLB Network’s Intentional Talk with Chris Rose and Kevin Millar didn’t air until long after Friday Lunch (TM), and… I mean… what was I gonna do, post something on the weekend?

Certainly not something as frivolous as this!

But it’s good for a larf, and seems a reasonable enough way to get our Monday-morning-in-the-most-technical-sense-of-the-word going. So here you have it! (After the jump).



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  1. The way this season has gone,we all need something to smile about.

  2. That was funny 4 months ago. Now it`s just getting sad.

  3. Can someone murder Kevin Millar?

  4. Wow, you get paid for this?

  5. You know, I really like that Kawasaki guy… his entertainment value is through the damn roof.

    DeRosa seems like a pretty fun guy, too.

  6. if you got this post in before noon it wasn’t by much. :)

  7. Someone please GIF Kawasaki’s impression of Lawrie.

    Thank you.

  8. The real important issue here is where do you buy a hat like Kawasaki has.

  9. Millar just seems so fake. I have no idea if he is being sincere or not, but he just appears exceedingly fake.

  10. ???????????…..!

  11. Drabek didn’t walk a guy in 2 innings yesterday. Hopefully the TJ sorted out the root of the control issues from before.

    We were excited about him a few years ago, right?

    Can we quietly get excited about Drabek again?

    • Hopefully he will provide value of some kind, but 2 IP isn’t much of a sample. For all the guys who were jizzing in their pants over Brett Lawrie’s magic new batting stance and his hot August, we’re now halfway through September and his OPS on the month is a putrid .570, with 1 BB and 10 Ks.

      • He’s still hitting the ball hard and the samples weighted down by going 0 for the first three days of the month. He’s fine.

      • I love you. One minute you are talking about small sample size and the next you are talking about Lawrie’s ops over a two week span. Asshole much?

        • My point is, a small sample is a small sample, whether its 10 or 15 or 40 games. Until Lawrie puts up an OPS+ north of 100 for at least a 4 month stretch (something he’s never done) we should hold off on the Lawrie’s still gonna be a star talk.

  12. Hope Griff didn’t see those guys fooling around while the Oriole’s were practicing fundamentals in the background. I smell a column coming.

  13. Just a hunch, but I feel the rotation will look something like this next season:

    Morrow/FA or Trade/Dickey/Johnson/Dickey

    I think Buerhle will be traded for salary relief, and I think AA really likes Drabek, and will kind of “nudge” Gibbons to give him the fifth spot.

    • No ricky

    • If Rogers corp is willing, I think AA might hang in to Buhrle. Even in a horrific season like this, Buerhle was…Buerhle. Consistent and solid. I mean, we already need at least one other reliable guy – if we trade him we’ll need to find two.

    • Even with Dickey being a knuckleballer, I think asking him to pitch 2 out of 5 games is a bit much. He’s been shitty enough this year.

      I don’t think Morrow will be back next year … this has been discussed to death but look up entrapped nerve and you’ll see this is pretty much a career-ender. He’s going to end up having surgery and missing most if not all of 2014.

      As for Buehrle … if AA thinks the Jays can contend next year, we need him. As the last couple of years have made clear, there are very very few starters who can take the ball 30 times a year and deliver 200 innings, even mostly mediocre ones. With so many question marks for next year, having a couple of those guys (Dickey is basically the same pitcher at this point, previous success aside) is essential.

      If they want to deal him for salary relief, then they should also deal Dickey, JB, EE and the rest and do a full rebuild. I don’t think they’ll pull that trigger yet, but likely after 2014.

      That basically makes the rotation Dickey, Buehrle, Happ, Rogers, Redmond, same as it is now. Not good enough to contend which is why they really should just get the rebuild started, but I don’t think AA has the stones to do that after only one year.

  14. It’s too bad that Dickey couldn’t be a true ace for us this year, if he can put up 400 innings for us next year as our 3rd and 5th starters, I’ll be satisfied.

  15. i smashed my own

  16. [...] Kawasaki And DeRosa Do Intentional Talk – Blogs | [...]

  17. [...] Kawasaki And DeRosa Do Intentional Talk – Blogs | [...]

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