Today in not-terribly-surprising news– especially if you’ve listened to the podcast we just recorded, which… since I haven’t posted it yet, you haven’t– the Jays have shut Edwin Encarnacion down for the season.

Don’t believe me? Barry Davis of the Rogers-owned Rogers Sportsnet has the scoop on the tidbit from the Rogers owned Blue Jays from down at Rogers Centre.

As Drew noted on the aforementioned podcast that you haven’t heard, Edwin has been walking around looking like he’s in a little bit of agony lately, so… that’s not shocking. What is maybe a little bit shocking, though, was the tweet that followed from the Jays’ official Twitter account:

Ugh. Well that’s fun, huh?

Davis adds that Cecil will undergo a precautionary MRI, but– with no offence to Cecil, who had an All-Star season and has been very effective out of the bullpen– the concern is clearly with Encarnacion, especially given the trickiness wrist troubles can pose, particularly to power hitters. Of course, the Jays had been letting him play to this point, despite obvious pain, so they obviously didn’t think it was that bad, in terms of its potential to get worse. Unless… y’know… something has actually happened that’s made it worse.

That’s entirely baseless and irresponsible speculation, of course, and doesn’t appear to be the case.

More likely it’s simply just that time of the year, and the club has decided it’s worth getting the issues cleared up now, so that both players can be as fully healed as possible by Spring Training.

Edwin had trouble with the same wrist following the 2009 season, having procedure to remove a bone spur, according to a Jordan Bastian piece from BlueJays.com, and he returned in 2010 to hit 21 home runs in 92 games, with an ISO of .238, so that’s a good sign. And, of course, Jose Bautista showed little ill effect from the wrist injury that ended his 2012 campaign.

In other words, it’s probably not too much to worry about. In fact, Shi Davidi tweets that Encarnacion says he’s had pain on every swing the past two weeks, and that he calls the surgery “a cleanup.”

Cecil, meanwhile, believes that he has a nerve problem on the underside of his elbow, according to a Mike Wilner tweet.

Well, let’s hope so! Though, again, even a terrific bullpen piece like he’s been is far, far more replaceable than Edwin. Of course, them both being healthy is all that really matters.

Healthy for 2014, I mean, of course. Ugh.

Hey, but maybe this at least helps the Jays in their non-quest for a better draft pick. They currently hold the ninth spot in MLBTR’s Reverse Standings, but are only 2.5 games “behind” Seattle, who’d currently get the sixth pick. Silver lining?

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  1. What is the best draft pick we still have a shot at?

  2. Shit. I hope EE gets though that OK. Fitting end to a lousy season.

  3. wow…hopefully the Cecil injury isnt serious!!!!!!111

  4. This season just keeps on hurtin’.

  5. Man, this team just ties your hands. Even if AA wanted to tear down and rebuild it would be practically impossible because 90 percent of the players are on the DL and the other 10 percent had such shittacular seasons that they’ve killed their trade value.

    • Nonsense.

    • Well….

      Rasmus, Bautista, Edwin, Reyes, Lawrie, Dickey, Morrow, Janssen, Delabar, Cecil would all have positive value IMO.

      • You actually just proved my point. Of that list, none other than maybe Janssen would get their true value in a trade today because they all either are ending the season on the DL or have lingering injury issues.

        I get that you guys will disagree with anything I say because you’re copying Stoeten (who himself is just copying Wilner), but try to come up with better counter-arguments.

        • Here’s a counter-argument: the team isn’t being torn down or rebuilt. The world isn’t a copy of your depression-driven imagination.

      • How is this dumb? A good rebuild requires good return on trades. It is difficult to get good return on injured players. No?

        • Why rebuild? We have good major League players that are signed long enough to allow the bevy of prospects in the lower portion of the farm system to further develop to actually see who rises to the top. Unless we make a big free agent signing, we’ll have another 2 players out of the top 11 in what is being slated as a very deep and talented draft. A rebuild would not help tickets sales, or the faith of a spending fan base by trading away our stars. Look at the injuries this year. If this team can stay healthy, and can get a catch first back catcher, the sky is the limit. To rebuild would be completely redundant of everything they have done and to march a bunch of AAA players out that aren’t even ready for the big leagues, like the Astros, will get the fans all warm and fuzzy thinking about a championship team in 2021.

          If you want to see this team win, it all comes down to a couple of tweaks and good health. If you want to watch AAA players, drive to Buffalo.

          • This argument lost all its credibility at “back catcher”

            Injuries are a fact of life. Bautista will miss time every year. Rasmus will miss time every year. Lawrie will miss time every year. Morrow is most likely done. This isn’t anything that couldn’t have been predicted a year ago, and there’s no reason why we should assume, or legitimately hope, that they’ll all be healthy for 100% of next season. With the first three in particular, you just have to accept that each will miss a month or two, be happy with what you get when they’re healthy, and work on your depth. There’s a reason the Yankees, with their roster with an average age of about 50, spend a lot of money on guys like Ichiro and Wells — on paper these aren’t cost-efficient moves, and often these guys turn out to be garbage, but at least it gives them some options before they have to stick AAA filler in like we usually do.

            Honestly, I see no reason to believe this team will be any better next year than this year. The guys above will be about the same. The only real freak injuries were Reyes (which admittedly hurt us a lot) and Happ (which really didn’t). It sucks that JJ shit the bed, but he’s not coming back regardless. If you take Dickey’s season as a whole, he’s probably found his level given his age, tougher division, launching pad ballpark, etc. We can maybe find a better solution at 2B, although the market is very thin. I’m pretty sure the Jays are committed to JPA, probably because of the marketing angle, so I wouldn’t anticipate any improvement there.

            Rebuilding wouldn’t be sexy for the casual fans, but it’s better than going out and having another year like this year. Unless AA has some reason to think the team is going to be radically better (beyond the luck angle) he’d be better off making the call to sell off some assets right away (or early next year when they’re healthy again).

  6. 6 months if recovery till spring should be enough no?

  7. Make it stop…make it stop!!!!

  8. @TSNScottyMac: Encarnacion’s wrist, they say, is nothing serious like Bautista’s last year. Cecil says he’s confident he has nerve problem. #BlueJays #MLB

  9. They got to seriously look into this injury shit. Every year brings tons of injuries. It cant just be bad luck every season. No team is this impacted year after year by injuries.

    • Injuries happen.

      • Why has there been no regression to the mean, though? For such a big numbers guy, I find it curious that you keep dismissing all this as bad luck. Year after year after year? Leading the American League in man games lost to injury? Having your best players be shut down more than once? I am not saying that it is the fault of the Jays organization, but perhaps you could be a little more open-minded besides “Injuries happen.” Because, according to numbers across the league, they really don’t to other teams at this rate.

    • Yeah they need to hire a wrist doctor pronto!

      Come on man…. Lawrie was injured at the baseball classic – so blame their coaches. Reyes had a slide that went haywire. What did we forget to teach an all-star shortstop, base stealer how to slide? Happ got hit by a line drive. Bautista and EE have both had wrist issues, but have also hit about 250 home runs for us in the last 4 years. That Cecil even made the roster was special. That he gave us an all star level of relief was super. Melky had a tumour… what are you supposed to have done to prevent that? Lind’s back has held up well. JPA has held up well, especially for a catcher. Rasmus gave us a solid year and has missed no more than average really.

      Morrow and Johnson are the ones that weren’t injured by a specific play on the field and that we hoped would be healthy – but both have had some injury past. We were hoping for them to buck a trend really.

      And let’s admit it – the incentive right now is to nurse everyone, play the depth/prospect guys and see what they’ve got and get a good draft pick. In a pennant race, we’d hear less of these things and see more regulars playing.

      • The base ball season is long. 162 games, 30 preseason, plus baseball classic. Batting practice, fielding practice, throwing the ball, diving to catch, sliding into base, hustle down the first base line, stopping quickly and heading back in the opposite direction, trying to check a swing, fouling the ball off the foot, running into the outfield fence, contorting your entire body and arm to throw a ball with great force or tremendous spin, no big deal. Let’s just do that pretty much everyday for 7 months, but if we have an injury, it must be directly related to our medical staff. Injuries are going to happen, no matter what. It’s not rocket science, it’s a punishing, grueling grind to the end of the season.

        But their professional athletes that make it look easy, so we should expect super hero healing and durability. You could look at it as a trend, if that is in your pessimistic little mind that someone is to be blamed, but I choose to think of it as getting all the injury bad karma out of the way this year, so this team can show what everyone thought they were going to see this year. A team to be reckoned with.

      • Regarding Melky’s tumor, perhaps not signing hin bc of his steroid issues and not a single month of play after being suspended? It was a dumb risk and adding a guy crashing down and dumped by a team isn’t that smart in this situation. I would have loved Hunter, but who knows if he was even interested in Toronto? I get that, yet still never liked the Melky add.

        As for how he could have prevented his tumor…there are plenty of links to steroids/hgh.

    • Right…because they definitely aren’t at all concerned about the current injury trend, and certainly aren’t already considering ways to limit them in the future. If only they’d signed the weighted balls guy. That would have been a great start.

  10. It’s easier to ask who hasn’t been injured this year. Brutal…

  11. Thank you for a great season Edwin. You are hands down one of the best hitters in this league. Now if you can pick up the phone and give your pal Cano a call….

    • ummm… Yeah, do it. Then we can name the top five of the lineup the dominican five.

      Cabera (minus the back tumor)

      Then fill out the bottom of the order with Lawrie, Rasmus, Lind/Right handed bat platoon, and any catcher not named JP Arencibia. Fuck. That would be hell for opposing starting pitchers. And our starting five could give up 4 runs in a game and still win more often then not.

      It would be the equal to stealing Roger Clemons from the Red Sox, which no one could have fathom before it happened. Still, unlikely, but I won’t hold out hope until he has signed on a dotted line, somewhere. If not here, how about outside the AL east, that would be the next best thing.

  12. 2014 – praying for health

  13. “especially if you’ve listened to the podcast we just recorded, which… since I haven’t posted it yet, you haven’t”

    …. amazing.

  14. I kind of can’t wait to see tonight’s lineup.
    … because I’m a masochist

  15. Tank for a better pick or contribute to the Spankees missing the playoffs? I’m torn.

  16. This organization is ridiculous. Pain on every swing for two weeks and playing through it when you were already elimated a month ago? So, so stupid. Why did they ever put him back into the line up to begin with?

    • It was obvious something was wrong as EE get letting the bat fly into the crowd on swings and misses. I would guess that management knew about it and let him play. Not sure why. FWIW, Zaun spotted it last Friday and came right out on Nat’l TV and told the Jays to get him out of the game immediately and shut him down b4 surgery was required. They did not do it. So …hopefully it did not matter that EE played Although as sure as hell didn’t help him. Now, let’s hope he is fine in 3 months which is the avg rehab time for shit like this and then he should be ready to go in plenty of time for ST.
      Great year EE and bring back that stick next year!

  17. people need to get it thru their thick heads, draft order means nothing when you draft the wrong player. Higher pick didn’t help the jays draft trout or sale did it?

    • You realize stuff like that is basically a crapshoot right? The vast, vast majority of highly regarded draft picks and prospects totally wash out before they even hit the majors, and of the ones that do, most will never be great or even good for their entire careers.

    • Dumb.

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