The Pearl Harbor Gift Shop is, according to its website, “a traditional tattoo parlor” in Toronto’s Kensington Market neighbourhood– with a pretty sweet-looking location, which those of you who’ve been by it on Kensington Ave. will know.

The site also has a photo blog that shows off some of their always impressive new and in-progress work, which… you’re totally not even reading what I’m writing at this point are you? You’re mesmerized. Lost in the eyes of that beautiful Beest, wondering what sublime creature is out there in the world, walking around with this image etched on its leg.

Yes, it’s magnificent.

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  1. While awesome in of itself, it is so unfathomable as a tattoo idea that it could be one of those “Has Science Gone Too Far?” photoshopped ads.

    Props to that guy.

  2. That guy better not wear socks.

  3. I think this needs clarity.

    Stoeten, is that magnificent Beest on your leg?

    Also, yes, that’s some fine art displayed on their site.

  4. They’ve really raised the punishment of ‘I Watched This On Purpose’ since the big revamp at The Score.

  5. Is that what AA had to do to keep his job?

  6. Could you imagine being this person?

  7. Saw this about a month ago … I think it’s the same guy? Looks like he has an Alomar tattoo as well.

  8. WEIRDNESS!!!!!!!

  9. Wow! That tattoo of the “Beest” looks way better than that “Hello Kitty” tattoo you got last year Stoeten.

  10. I’m assuming that’s Dave Burrows.

  11. More like Randy Newman..

  12. Wow. Id love to party with THAT guy.

    What an interesting creature he must be…

  13. WHY!!?!

  14. Great shop. Got a bunch of work done there. None of Paul Beeston’s face though…

  15. The mark of the Beest.

  16. LOL


  17. I hope dude doesn’t wear socks.

  18. I choose to believe that it is the leg of Mrs. Doubtfire that I see behind home plate on every broadcast…

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