The New York Yankees sit 3.5 games out of the final AL Wild Card spot with eleven games left on their schedule. The Jays could give a real shit-kicking to their fleeting playoff hopes, and while it’s maybe not quite as satisfying a thought as it would be to put a dent in the hopes of John Farrell and the smug Boston fuckfaces who are going to get shit-fucked in the playoffs by Oakland anyway, it still would be a hell of a thing to drive that last nail into the coffin of a 19-year run in which the Evil Empire went to the playoffs 17 times, winning five World Series titles along the way.

So let’s fucking do this already, Buffalo Bisons! Or whoever the fuck you are!


Shi Davidi tweets this: “Sean Nolin headed to winter ball after Arizona Fall League. Drew Hutchison also going to AFL, AJ Jimenez isn’t going to rest elbow.” So that’s interesting.

More interesting, though… uh… in a series of quotes that I would probably want to criticize in full if there was anything left to say, J.P. Arencibia reveals to Davidi in a piece at Sportsnet that he’s kind of fucking dense. The Jays’ catcher refers to himself as “a person who’s very honest with himself,” not twelve paragraphs after we’re told he says there’s “no chance” he worries about his future in the game, and once again babbles on about people outside the game somehow not being able to understand how good he is, despite his terrible, terrible, awful, historically bad season. “I’m not going to make everyone happy, but ask people around baseball. Fans don’t write the lineup, I’ll tell you that. The ones that are critical are the ones that most of the time never played and don’t really understand it,” he says.

These sorts of stubborn appeals to authority, with no sense of humility or anything resembling an understanding that what you do doesn’t fucking work, are why it’s hard to have sympathy, J.P.

To his credit, he acknowledges later that “there are adjustments I have to make, with just being able to get better knowledge of the strike zone, maybe getting in a better position to hit earlier so I can see it better.” But he follows that by trotting out some injury excuse, and then this: “Obviously there are adjustments I have to make and I can’t stand here and say that I shouldn’t. I have to. I can be better at plate discipline. It’s not exactly saying to draw walks, but picking better pitches to hit, which is going to turn into that stuff.”

I’m not sure that it will, but… uh… seems to me that, four months away from being age 28, and three full years– and nearly 1400 plate appearances– into being awful as a hitter at the Major League level, uh… that ship’s probably already sailed. Because, y’know, it’s something that a good hitter might have contemplated before.

Not that it’s your fault, J.P., for Anthopoulos having put you in a position to fail so miserably– he maybe shouldn’t have seen this coming, but the whole pretending you might be good thing was a bit fucking rich– and not that I blame you for the self belief, either. It’s just… y’know… maybe stop shitting on the fans and the media who can plainly see how fucking terrible you are and insisting that they can’t possibly know. We know. In fact, there’s really pretty much only one person who doesn’t. (Shit, even your manager has you batting below Ryan Goins tonight!)

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Rajai Davis (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
DH Moises Sierra (R)
2B Ryan Goins (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
LF Anthony Gose (L)

LHP J.A. Happ

New York Yankees

CF Curtis Granderson (L)
DH Alex Rodriguez (R)
2B Robinson Cano (L)
LF Alfonso Soriano (R)
RF Vernon Wells (R)
1B Mark Reynolds (R)
3B Eduardo Nunez (R)
C J.R. Murphy (R)
SS Brendan Ryan (R)

RHP Phil Hughes

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  1. I know you hate this player but c’mon, this is so over the top.

    • Really? What is over the top about any of this?

      I dont understand….

      JP fucking sucks, like historically terrible.

      He needs to shut his mouth.

    • Pfft. Over the top? It isn’t direct enough.

    • Agreed. Totally over the top. Nothing like piling on a popular target. Real courage there.

      • Fick that. I defended the guy earlier but he is a real meathead. The only thing he used to have to fall back on was his home runs. But his slugging % is among the lowest in the league. Fuck him. He will be lucky to even be batting higher than .199 at the end of the year. That is historically sucky. I would rather have Kawasaki catching.

    • Nobody hates JP, we just want him to be better than he is, or failing that, we want him replaced with someone better.

      • Fuck that. I hate JP Mendoza er Erin Cibia , whatever….the futility line is in danger of having it’s name changed to the Erin Cibia line. What is he (not) batting now with that strikeout to end the game? .197 or so? Grilled Cheezus H. Christ, I would gladly give up his shit ass 20 home runs for somebody who could hit about .250 or so. Aren’t Salty and Matt Weiters free agents this year? Maybe bring Bucky down out of the booth…

    • I think that interview confirmed what most of us already thought, JPA will never get it.

    • Really. Over the top. Not only is he historically bad, but he sounds like Ricky Romero in spring training this year. Being horrible is one thing, being in denial about is a whole different boat. I hope he figures it out, but I honestly think that, if he has a major league future, it’s as a guy who starts maybe 50 games a year, and comes in as a pinch hitter in friendly match ups. Or more likely, the defensive replacement for the person who pinch hit.

      He may not accept his on field issues, fully, until he goes the Ricky Romero route. Trade in your plane tickets and grab a seat at the back of the bus JP, it’s time to realize just where a guy with your talent and stubbornness belongs. In front of the mirror saying, “what do i need to do to be a major league ball player…. again???”.

  2. Epic facepalm @ JP

  3. 4th lowest on-base percentage in AL history

  4. Sports has to be rigged or the Jays are just ridiculously cursed. What are the odds Farrell would clinch the AL East while the Jays are in Boston

  5. take a second to compare the career earnings of the Yankee’s starting and the jays starting nine…..

  6. Arencibia: “Fans don’t write the lineup”

    No, a guy who has been around baseball for 30+ years writes the lineup and he has you hitting lower than 2 triple-A stiffs.

  7. Remember when everybody was clamoring for the PCL MVP to play everyday?( including me)
    How dare Cito let Buck take at bats away from JPA.
    How times have changed.
    Too bad really.

    • got to admit it, but I did too. Hell he 301 with 36 dingers, how could he not be at least good? I was looking forward to a productive catcher for a few years. WTF happened along the way?

    • @Radar

      I remember those days.

      Hopefully he will improve next year. A better back up would help so JPA doesn’t have to catch 130 games per year

    • We wanted Cito to give him ABs so that the jays could figure what they had in JPA before going into the subsequent season.

    • Yeah. Wouldn’t it have been nice to know that Cibia isn’t great at hitting a little earlier, though?

  8. Zaun took JP to the woodshed there.

    And it was completely justified.

  9. Um, what about his inability to block pitches? What about his passed ball numbers? His throwing or of 3 runners this year? His offense is actually better than his defense. The guy sucks, now it’s clear why, he’s a dumb fuck. He can’t adjust and improve cuz he lacks the brain power. No wonder this team is in the toilet, our catcher , the team’s field general, is a dummy.

  10. The 2013 Jays really *were* J.P. Arencibia’s team, when you think about it.

  11. I hope the Jays get rid of Cibia. His awful play isn’t even in question now. It’s his stupidity.

  12. You guys are mean.

  13. Jays don’t upgrade catcher I’m not watching next year


  15. Extended stoeten sighting at the game coming back from commercial

  16. The camera man showed Stoeten with his cutie.

  17. Yankee broadcast going on about the Jays stealing signs lol.

  18. Goins should be the double play partner of Cummins.

  19. Can’t they teach Sierra to defend better? His bat seems to translate well to Bigs (I know, small sample size) unlike our other immediate prospects

  20. Mendoza!!!

  21. After that 3-pitch strikeout by arencibia, the camera zoomed-in on his face as his gave a death-stare to Stoeten.down the third base line. Stories write themselves.

    • That’s the thousand-yard stare.
      Post-traumatic stress disorder stare.
      The ‘all the life has been sucked out’ stare.

      • He’s still got some fight in him. Unfortunately, it’s with the press and the fans.

        • Whoever battles with monsters had better see that it does not turn him into a monster. And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.
          -Friedrich Nietzsche

  22. JP can’t be that bad. The Scouting Report on TSN says he’s a talented catcher with upside. Just give him a chance.

    • That’s kind of the problem. He IS a talented catcher with upside. He’s just too stupid to do anything with that talent. He’s rather hit dingers and nothing else. The only thing bigger than his upside is his ego.

      • That’s very generous of you. I’m an optimist and I’m finding it nigh impossible to see any upside in JPA at this stage of his career.

  23. The book is easy on JPA right now-just throw high heat and he’ll whiff-they don’t even bother wasting pitches in the dirt anymore.
    Since he has options left, and is playing like shit, I see no reason why he shouldn’t start next year in Barfalo enjoying wings at the anchor bar, while we look elsewhere. Surely to jesus they don’t intend for him to be the opening day catcher

  24. Oh my!

  25. Holy fuck I love Rasmus. His homers are always laser shots.

  26. Colby Fucking Rasmus

  27. Sweet fucking Clete!

  28. I think Cletus likes it in Toronto.

  29. If I had three wishes, I would wish for a ridiculous amount of money, for good health, and for Ryan Goins to become an amazing hitter and then marry me.

  30. Silent treatment for Goins. Ha.

    Followed by a JPA pop up. Well, at least it was contact.

  31. Oh sweet goddam I like beating the Yankees. Please let it be so.

  32. hap (plural haps)

    That which happens; an occurrence or happening, especially an unexpected, random, chance, or fortuitous event; chance; fortune; luck.


  33. And the masterful bullpen managing of Gibby wins again!

    • Please start 2014 with a different manager. It’s so embarassing to watch him strut/waddle to the mound…three times in one inning.

      Gibby 2.0 The Redux was an unmitigated disaster.

    • Did Gibby throw shit pitches out there or did delabar? If your going to bitch about pitching changes please do it before you have the result that makes you bitch. Managing with hindsight would be pretty easy now wouldn’t it.

  34. hap·less
    (esp. of a person) Unfortunate.
    unfortunate – unlucky – ill-fated – unhappy – wretched


  35. Okay, Cletus, you’ve converted me, you earned, it you can stay. JP I don’t worry about because he’s toast in TO. He will not be back next year.

  36. Once again, the Jays attempt to snatch defeat from the jaws of certain victory.

    Fuck me gently – 4 runs??? Sweet Jesus.

  37. Stoet,

    Pray tell, please tell us about your experience as a fan tonight. Wasn’t it such a pleasure to watch Happ throw a gem? Yet gutting to see the idiot Mumu Man come out of the dugout after 1 pitch in the 8th? Don’t see why Happ couldn’t have had a few more batters…it was his game to lose. Except not with this manager.

    I wrote to the Jays ticket office to state I wouldn’t be renewing my mini-pack until they hired a ‘Real’ manager.

    Cheers from Edmonton.

  38. Steoten, I hope JP sees you on the street and kicks the shit out of you.

  39. Ghfjd = 12 yr old immature

  40. Do not go gentle into that good night…..

    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

  41. How many times have we been regaled with the call of “Arencibia, swung on and missed…and that’s the ball game”

  42. What in the actual fuck?

    They cut away from a one-run game with two outs in the bottom of the ninth, say it’s moving to another channel, and don’t run it on the channel? Fucking bullshit.

  43. Oh, how I wish Arencibia could have struck a base hit there. No better run-producing catcher in the majors (except maybe Buster Posey).

  44. Well, Rasmus’ stock continues to rise and Delabar’s is continuing on it’s descent as he has f’d up 3 times in a row now with scouts watching, not to mention an apparent loss of velocity. AA is going to have some delicate decisions to make this offseason

    • That’s what makes your ‘fukstik’ measure all the more poignant, fukstik.

      Pull no punches.
      Tell it like it is. (In ‘out in the fields’ parlance, of course.)
      Make those tough decisions before AA has to.

      • Yes, mu culinary buddy it is time for what ifs pretty much.
        From out here in the fields ( left I might add) I have asked the hookah smoking caterpillar and he told me who to call:
        I can envision a scenario where they both get dealt to help land a solid SP with perhaps Janssen joining them as we have to give to get.
        I know most on here will shit on me for wanting to move Rasmus as I think he had a fortunate year no question but the time to sell is after a good year not bad.
        He became a fukstik last year but has played out of it this year and kudos to him. Delabar has regressed and the time to unload him is now but it is likely only 60-40 and I rate the chance of dealing Janssen at about 75%.
        We have relievers galore ( no pussy though), and some of them have to go either to help witha SP or a catcher in myview.
        I still think AA has eyes for Beckham of the Chisox for 2B so we have to move some guys. What do you think? Extend Rasmus or sell high?

        • Truly, I think animal husbandry isn’t offering you the particular relief you seem most in need of. Consider alternatives.

          Extending Rasmus is a no-brainer.
          I’ve become quite attached to Janssen as well.
          Delabar is no fukstik, but I’ll grant you one pawn to play with.
          Good luck!

        • Probably too late for you to see this Fukstik, but you have to extend Rasmus. Gose still isn’t ready to step up. We trade Rasmus now and it just creates a different hole to fill. As for Delabar and Janssen, the bullpen is paying for the volume of great work they did from April to July. They’re gassed.

    • We need to get Steve Delabar on the Delabars weighted ball program!!

  45. Sad ending for JPA.

    I wonder if Gibby will explain why he removed Happ in the 8th?

    • The sad thing is, he doesn’t even have to. The ‘magic 100′ rule, accepted by the Lemming-Masses, means that as long as a manager yanks his guy around there, his job is safe. ‘Playing not-to-lose’.

      Interesting aside: in Dave Stieb’s long out-of-print autobiography, of which I am a proud owner (thanks eBay), Mr. Stieb mentions that he typically threw 125 pitches in the 80′s. For me, 125 makes more sense.

  46. I either have a short memory or that was the most painful Jays loss of the season

    • Disagree. While the way it went down was relatively ugly, the utter meaninglessness of the game keeps it out of the top ten.

  47. All I want right now is back to back picks

  48. Dfa jpa

    • You’ve pretty much got a whole year of watching Blue Jay’s baseball riding on that.

      Good luck!

  49. I’m now thoroughly convinced that management is tiptoeing around JPA. I genuinely feel bad for him. Reality is on its way, and it sounds like he won’t see it coming.

  50. But I have 20 HR’s as well…remember when everyone loved me after my first game? Hello? Anyone? (crickets chirping…)

  51. Witnessing that Strike3bia strike-out by Mo to end the game was a thing of beauty. Worth it to haul my buns down to the Dome. Good times. Desolee, guys…

  52. I was playing GTA V and I killed Brett Lawrie.

  53. Since people have been asking:

    .199/.234/.371, with an 18/140 BB/K ratio in 470 PAs
    .147/.188/.261 on the road
    .150/.185/.264 in the second half

    He leads the league in errors and passed balls (despite the fact Thole has caught many of Dickey’s starts) and is 13th out of 17 qualified catchers in CS% with 25.9%.

    We are witnessing the worst season of the last 20 years for sure (Andres Thomas of the Braves put up a .544 OPS in 1989 as a full time SS, but his defense was league average).


  55. Mottola rather deftly calls Arencibia selfish and stubborn without using those words.

    “His tension, his eagerness to perform and please everybody is almost his fault[...]“. Almost? Where else could the fault possibly lie?

    Davidi’s article criticises Arencibia much more seriously and deeply than anything Zaun or Hayhurst have said on the air, but I bet Arencibia thinks Davidi did him a favor with this interview. He might actually just be that stupid, and that would explain everything.

  56. When you hit 20 HR and are pulled and pinched hit with Kawasaki instead. Something is def wrong

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