Via a Barry Davis tweet, we have visual confirmation of the gift. Or at least of the box of the gift. Which… is apparently the most exciting thing about tonight’s game?

Well, no it’s not. Say what you will about how it fell apart at the end– I still blame the Steve Barman a bit to my left, who kept Anthony Gose from getting the chance to hold Brendan Ryan to a single, or throw him out at second base, by interfering with the ball on an eighth-inning double. Or… I was drunk, so I’m not even sure that really happened. I certainly don’t remember any standing ovation for Mariano Rivera when he came into the game, so…

Anywho, say what you will about how it fell apart at the end, but last night’s game was an exciting tilt, and with the Yankees still only 2.5 games out of the second Wild Card spot, the Jays have a great chance to crush their nominal playoff hopes and keep Mariano Rivera off the field for one last time in his career at Rogers Centre.

That works, eh?


Sarah Silverman throwing out tonight’s first pitch, according to a Brendan Kennedy tweet. That’s pretty alright, I’d say.

Kennedy also tells us that Edwin Encarnacion’s surgery happened today and went well. The recovery time is two month.

At Getting Blanked, Drew’s latest My Approach features a chat with Mike Trout, and like the entire rest of his series, it’s awesome.

This pretty much nails is:

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
DH Munenori Kawasaki (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
RF Moises Sierra (R)
2B Ryan Goins (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
LF Anthony Gose (L)

RHP Todd Redmond

New York Yankees

CF Curtis Granderson (L)
DH Alex Rodriguez (R)
2B Robinson Cano (L)
LF Alfonso Soriano (R)
RF Vernon Wells (R)
1B Lyle Overbay (L)
3B Mark Reynolds (R)
SS Brendan Ryan (R)
C Chris Stewart (R)

RHP Hiroki Kuroda

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  1. That is one fearsome batting lineup. At least Rasmus is back, replace him with Pillar at it would amazing

  2. Mariano, you can either have the washer and dryer, or you can trade it all in for what’s in this box.

  3. A mystery box? Maybe it’s a boat.

  4. At least we know it’s not going to be a fucking sand sculpture.

  5. I’m having a really emotional time @ the end of this baseball season. I feel like I’ve been watching Mo pitch for my whole dang life. I don’t deal with change or loss well. Or cheering for losing teams.

    Pity party, table for one.

  6. 2014 postseason will include the jays
    (I hope it’s been too damn long)

    • I’m done making projections after this year. Boston might win 100 games, and that’s far more shocking that the Jays being well under .500.

  7. 2013 Ladies and Gentlemen. Double play at third base. HashtagBest.

  8. Didn’t see last night’s game. Was reading the line about the Bartman impersonator right as Gose threw out Soriano.

    (I know, cool story bro, etc)

  9. That double play at 3rd was bullshit (I think) the base is only Reyes’s if he is on the base at the same time as Lawrie, Lawrie is still safe if he’s the only one standing on the base.

  10. JPA’s batting average is down to .199, yehaaa!

    • It was pretty glorious to see that on the big screen @ the dome last night. I couldn’t believe that he had such loud fan support @ this point.

      • I can’t think of the one-two offensive catching combo of JPA and Thole without smiling

        • If schadenfreude is enjoying someone else’s pain, what is enjoying your own pain?

          • I’m in pain a lot so I have no choice but to enjoy. I think it just amounts to masochism.

          • If we’re talking about just pain, enjoying someone else’s is sadism, and liking it yourself is masochism. Schadenfreude is taking delight in the misfortune (which could include pain) of others.

  11. Mendoza!!!

  12. So what was this mystery gift for Rivera?

  13. Smashmus!

  14. Blue Jays hitters lifetime vs. Mariano Rivera:
    .216/.251/.292 (.543 OPS), 4 HR, 107 K, 17 BB (94 GP, 407 PA)

    J.P. Arencibia this season:
    .199/.234/.371 (.605 OPS), 20 HR, 140 K, 18 BB (131 GP, 470 PA)

    So yeah, Rivera good.

    • Arencibia has one more walk than all Jays combined against one pitcher over the last 19 years. That’s just sad, I don’t care if it is Mariano Rivera.

  15. Buck ninety-eight

  16. The photos of Edmond and Overbay on the Sports Illustrated-CNN gameflash is a one-two punch of ugly

  17. So this is gonna be another game where we scored first, had chances to add and didn’t, and the Yankees punk us late.

  18. Nice to see Redmond pitching well again. He’s a welcome addition to the pitching staff.

    Looking at the wildcard race 6 teams have between 80-83 wins.

    It looks like Cleveland will get a spot because theyface very weak teams for the rest of the year.
    I hope Tampa gets the next spot. It’s my futre retirement area, so I root for them.

    They may move to Montreal by the time I retire though.

  19. Small sample size, obviously, but Sierra’s OPS of above .900 is impressive

    • It’s be awesome to be able to use him in a platoon for Adam lind or somebody else who can’t hit lefties.

  20. They’ve got to move Goins locker from next to JPA.

  21. It almost feels like piling on by now watching JPA strike out again

  22. GOOOOOOOSE! 3 for 3 with a home run and a double

    • I’m sitting in LF right behind him. He’s having a game to say the least. It would be nice to think he may be rounding the corner at the plate.

      Last place and they’re doing the wave here.

  23. I think it’s about time to give props to Chad Mottola for the improvement over this season of his key “charges” … earlier in the year we were despairing about Lawrie and Rasmus and lately Gose is showing improvements. Nice work, Mr. M!

  24. The Man from Muncie folks.

  25. Hmmm, hmmm, do de dooo de dooo. No bad mojo do dooooooooooo!

  26. Buck ninety-seven

  27. Is it just me or do the Jays continue to be the same type of team offensively as in the Cito years part 2. Jays win games when they get a bunch of homers & decent pitching. Tonght felt like Cito ball from 2009-2011.

    • that pattern will usually win games, so I don’t think there’s a necessary causal relationship …

      • @smelly.

        Cito ball Part 2 got the Jays 27-14 in 2009 & 85 wins in 2010 when they hit 257 HR’s .

        Assuming a healthy Bautista,Edwin & Colby for 150 games, Jays would easily hit over 200 H’s this year.

        Would they win more than 85 games?

        Gibby is up to his bullpen moves again. Perez,Jeffers, now Janssen to the rescue with the bases loaded and 1 out & a 5 run lead.

  28. I can practically feel Bricktop’s rage right now.

  29. You know, I like JPA. I just want to hear him say something like, “I’m embarrassed of my performance this year,” in some form, instead of the “fans don’t make up the lineup card”, “I’m a run-producer” stuff he has been doing this season. Show that you know you’ve been bad, that you have some kind of real desire to improve. It’s not impossible he achieves his potential. He’s smart, he just needs a bit of humility first I think. But what the hell do I know.

    • It’s bizarrely fascinating watching his offensive numbers plummet. Even his power is gone. His slugging percent is down to the .360s, and his OBP is out-of-this-world low. And what’s the worst, we don’t have a lot of easy options at hand for next year

  30. From twitter
    First time I’ve heard the expression.

    Angelo Bastardo J. ‏@Angelo_riot 41m @gsearles @greggzaun @Wilnerness590 @TheGarfoose Luis Mendoza is the happiest man right now, #ArencibiaLine will be his replacement.

    The guy’s OBP is so bad it will from now on and forever will be known as

    The Arencibia Line.

    I can see it for future generations.

    “yup Stubby’s defense is okay but offensively he’s so bad,he’s almost at the Arencibia Line”

    • What’s fucked about that is that they punish the players for being so bad, and not the teams that kept running out such awful players over and over. They’re really at fault. There are tonnes of baseball players who can’t hack it in the big leagues. It’s not their fault some when dumb-ass team can’t see it– though, as I noted in yesterday’s game threat, Arencibia only makes it worse for himself with the utter lack of humility.

      • I’m with you on feeling for guys who are overwhelmed by the best players in the world, but I can’t feel any sympathy for JP because of his complete lack of interest in accepting advice.

        He’s went on the record now 3 times saying fans, media, and coaches are wrong, and that he needs to be left alone.

        He does need to be left alone, in a pit, with alligators.

      • You blame the team Stoeten?
        They tried to show JPA that they had faith in him.They let go Buck twice,Molina,Olivio,TDA,Jerrolman.They had Wakamatsu and Fasano work with his defence. They picked up Blanco,Thole and Nikeas to catch Dickey and still let him catch the season opener.
        You’re the one who promotes not giving up on a guy without a proper sample size.
        When were the Jays supposed to decide that JPA was an awful player?
        He was a former MVP and batting champ of the PCL.When he first came up he seemed to be an offensive catcher. Now, he has lost it, for whatever reason.
        To blame the Jays because they didn’t react to SSS reeks of hypocrisy.
        They have supported and nutured him.It doesn’t seem to be working.
        To blame the team is wrong.

        • It would be easy to say it’s the Jays fault for not having a legitimate backup plan, but how could anyone possibly have seen this coming? JPA is coming off two seasons where is offensive performance would have been considered “good enough” in a lineup that was based around Reyes, Bautista, Encarnacion, Melky, Lawrie and Lind. Any production from JPA would have been a bonus. With so many of those guys injured so often, they’ve needed him to do more and he’s produced far, far less.

          JPA wasn’t that good the last two years, but there was no reason to think he was going to push it into “worst of all time” territory in 2013.

  31. You know what the saddest thing about the end of this season is?
    DJ Fans writing about curling.
    Tears are running down my cheeks as I write this.
    Show me a bridge.
    I want to jump.

    • Check BBB game thread for Wednesday night’s game.
      The first fifty comments were about the NFL trade that Cleveland made.

      But with the preseason expectations, the season is extremely disappointing.
      The commitments to the current crop of players and with the realization that there are only certain moves that can be made, the only hope for next year is that the core of the team can stay healthy and rebound for 2014.

      • You comment there?

        • Nope.
          But I do read many Jays sites,as a hobby.I don’t have a facebook account or do I peruse youtube to kill time.I use my twitter account to gather information mostly.
          DJF is where I interact with other Jays fans.

  32. Personally, I checked out on the season not long after the all-star break. To end 2012 we all said, “Well, it can’t be any worse than this…right?” And then we are given this. Equally bad, but worse because of the expectations.

    • Pat yourself on the back some more, you wonderful fan, you.

      • Oh quit pouting big fella, I still drop by and read. I’ve been to as many games as an unemployed student can afford this season. I’ve done my part. However when your hopes are so emphatically smashed, well there quickly becomes alternative means of entertainment instead of sitting watching this team flop around out there.

  33. Really impressed by Redmond, he kinda throws sidearm and some bite to his low 90s fastballs. He may be part of next year’s rotation, which is hard to speculate but…

    1. R.A. Dickey
    2. Ervin Santana / Matt Garza / Arroyo (?)
    3. Mark Buehrle
    4. Esmil Rogers
    5. J.A. Happ / Todd Redmond

    Just off the top of my head, who knows what’s going to happen with Josh Johnson and the Jays.

    • Did Brandon Morrow die?

      • No, he didn’t die, but counting on him for more than 120 league average innings would be really, really stupid at this point. Sure, he could come back and throw 200 with an ERA under 3.00, but he could just as easily, and is much more likely to, throw 120 with an ERA of 4.75.

        Morrow’s as a Blue Jay (i.e. since he began starting full time)

        2010 – 146.1 IP, 93 ERA+
        2011 – 179.1, 90
        2012 – 124.2, 143
        2013 – 54.1, 73

        Look at that and tell me we can count on Morrow in the top end of the rotation.

        • @rants.

          +1. It would be foolish to count on Morrow being healthy for 30 starts next year.

          Morrow always gets hurt & I don’t think his diabetes helps.

          He’s great to watch but AA needs to look at other alternatives. Any starts from Morrow are a bonus for 2014.

        • I think it’s useful to remember that in 2010 he was shut down due to an innings limitation, and in 2011 he started the year on the “DL”, then made every start from April 23 until the end of the year. I say “DL” because at the time, Morrow professed to being healthy prior to being put on the DL ):

          “I was surprised,” a subdued Morrow said. “I didn’t think that I would need to go on the DL, that’s for sure. I thought maybe we’d take a couple of days, throw a bullpen, then make my scheduled start on Monday. My elbow feels all right. I’ve got full extension. It doesn’t bother me at all. It’s fine. I didn’t have any concerns before the MRI and it showed that there wasn’t any serious problems, like with a ligament or anything, just a little inflammation.”)

          And it was likely just an excuse to push his start time back a couple week so he could finish the year, rather than having to shut him down again in September… so both years were team-imposed limits rather than “actual” physical issues.

          While I agree with you on the reliability going into next year, I just think we need to keep that in mind.

          • His track record still suggests that he cannot stay healthy though. At this point, I’m not even sure that the Jays should have him in the rotation.

            Ervin Santana and Matt Garza are both options I hope the Jays avoid.

    • Ervin Santana would be a terrible option for the Jays. He can strike guys out, but he gives up home runs at an alarming rate-not a great statistic pitching in the Dome, Camden, and Yankee Stadium.

      Arroyo would be interesting. He’s had a lot of success pitching in Cleveland, a stadium not unlike the Dome.

  34. I didn’t watch last night’s game (quelle surprise!), but apparently Adam Lind has a beat of a game last night, according to Buck. 22 home runs last night? Must be some sort of record.

    Starts around 0:10.

  35. Jays confirm grass at Rogers Centre by 2017. On Thestar

  36. “…the curvaceous cuties of curling? No, unfortunately they don’t exist”

    Do a Google search for Curling Calendar girls. They release a fundraising calendar every year – and sorry to burst your bubble, guys – but judging by those images, they DO EXIST!!

    • Yep, there are lots of hot curlers, no doubt about that. Them screaming, “hurry, HARD” doesn’t hurt either.

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