Not the best night for the Sportsnet broadcast of last night’s Jays game, it turns out, and I’m not just talking about putting these two jokers on the screen for way too long (thanks again for that, by the way). I’m talking, of course, about the image above, which was shown prior to Brett Lawrie’s eighth inning at-bat– you know, the one of all-time MLB saves leader Alfonso Soriano!

Aaaaaand there was also supposedly this:

Cue a hundred insufferable “They must have known Arencibia was coming up! MEUH!” jokes. (Sorry tweeps.)

Also: seriously? Ugh.

Also also: shit, I mean, who isn’t mailing it in at this point in the season? Can I really blame anyone for that? Glass houses and first stones and what not? I mean… meh.


Crotch grab in the direction of @MovieGuyJBL for the top image.

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  1. Nice job by the graphics guy in changing the background on Lee Smith’s pic too, it looks like he’s a rastafarian.

  2. Thankfully, Breaking Bad has helped me forget that this season even exists

  3. I can just imagine JPA and his agent examining the season’s stats and discovering that his main claim to fame is that he hasn’t been hurt much this season.

  4. Clasically efficient strike out by JPA to end the game. Dips below .200! Anyone know the record for 3 pitch KOs in a season? I suspect he’s shattered it.

    • He has 27 Ks on 0-2 counts, but there might have been one or two in there where he fouled a ball off before striking out.

  5. Do the Jays have something planned for the “send off” for Mo tonight?

    All the other teams in the AL have been doing it this year, I must say Im not a fan of it. Not that I hate Rivera, quite the opposite. But I mean, is baseball going to start doing this farewell BS for every retiring player who’s bound for the HOF?
    Is Jeter going to get this kind of send off?

    I just fear theres some dangerous precedent being set here. I mean, sure the guys great, had a great career, and all that … but goddamn, every team doesn’t have to give a send off, right?

    • Agreed. If we have to do this for Jeter we should give him a gift basket. Mo looks like he could use some skin cream.

    • “I just fear theres some dangerous precedent being set here.”


    • I sort of agree. It’s a bit much.

      But then again, who cares about anything right now?

    • I think they already gave Mo the present last night, by pinch hitting for Sierra and not JPA.

    • Its fucking stupid.

      “hey man thanks for striking out our hitters since 1971″ or whatever year he came in.

      How many people guess we will be seeing “Rivera might pitch in 2014″ stories on MLBTR.

      As for Jeter, he can get fucked too.

    • Instead of a sand sculpture, the Jays are making a poutine sculpture

  6. fuck JPA. there i said it

  7. You went to the game with Frodo? Awesome.

    Actually your beard is kind of dwarf-ish….you guys could do conventions.

  8. I just noticed in the box score that Reyes got credit for stealing 3rd in the 1st inning of last nights game.

    The Yanks conceded te base all the way (they were shifting for Lind), is that not defensive indifference and therefore not a SB?

    I’m not sure how that works, could someone explain? Thanks.

    • I could be wrong, but I feel like I remember hearing that MLB has stopped counting defensive indifference. So even the runner taking 2nd when in the ninth inning with his team down by 5 gets a stolen base.

      Maybe someone can clear this up for me, though?

  9. Guaranteed the SNW & P would have still went to preseason hockey even if last nights game was one in which the Jays could have clinched the ALEast (why is everyone laughing?) and it was the top of the 9th with 2 outs. Guaranteed.

    • I never hated hockey until SportsNet came along. It was never my favourite sport, but because it is now treated like the official religion of Canada, with St. Tim Horton as a minor deity, I can’t stand it. I can’t stand the fact that pre-season NHL workouts are given coverage over even a Brewers-Marlins game, let alone cutting away from a Jays game in-progress to see an NHL exhibition game. These days they give full spectrum coverage to the fucking contract talks of a second-rate NHL player in July before they go through the full slate of MLB games.

      Back in the Brendan Connor/Gino Reda days of TSN, Sportsdesk used to have highlights and recaps of every single major league game that had been broadcast, every day. This time of year they would cover all of the MLB games, then all of the NFL games if it was Sunday or Monday, and then if they had time they’d mention pre-season NHL and/or NBA stuff. Now its talk about the Jays for 90 seconds, mention the Red Sox and Yankees every once in awhile, and then a full on dissection of the NHL followed by minor league, major junior, midget, bantam and atom hockey for the other 57 minutes.

      • @rants – absolutely bang on. It’s not so much the sport of hockey that pisses me off, it’s the insufferable coverage it gets here. I remember they aired a junior hockey game over a jays vs orioles game earlier in the season too.

  10. Not as good as the one posted by the royals broadcast months back. I do not complain, I can now watch west coast games on pacific.

  11. They only acquired the Jays so they have something to fill the void between hockey games.

  12. They must have known Arencibia was coming up.

    • You are a bit late to the party with that one my friend. Hilarious, but for different reasons than you intended.

  13. The absolute BEST part of switching away from the baseball game wasn’t JUST that they switched to a pre-season hockey game, but that the game they switched to was BLACKED OUT in my area. And I don’t live in the city in which that game was played.

    Fuck Sportsnet. Shitty broadcasts, shitty announcers, and shitty programming decisions. Fuck ‘em.

  14. To be clear, they said they were moving the game to SN1. Unfortunately the Red Sox game was well on its way into extra innings and I guess they didn’t want to cut away from that (even though it was a HOME BROADCAST vs. a simulcast). It’s just ridiculous that they couldn’t just wait for puck drop – the JPA at bat would have been over in plenty of time – or find a way to sneak it onto one of the many side channels such as, I don’t know, The Score?

    It really isn’t a big deal, but it’s kind of a slap in the face when I take time out of my day to watch a shitty baseball team and that team’s owners basically tell me it’s not worth my time because an exhibition game is coming on.

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