The damned Red Sox.

First they ruin that Standells song, now this. About to clinch the AL East, with the Buffalo Bisons in town to help them along.

Oh man their playoff shit-fucking by the A’s is going to be sweet.


Not really anything here, but man… Todd Redmond. Good on him for pitching himself into the actual, no-shit, for real conversation next year. Like… am I crazy or might he really not be nothing?

Also: a revealing conversation with Alex Anthopoulos with Bruce Arthur of the National Post. Read it.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Rajai Davis (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
DH Moises Sierra (R)
1B Mark DeRosa (R)
RF Anthony Gose (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
2B Ryan Goins (L)

RHP Esmil Rogers

Boston Red Sox

2B Dustin Pedroia (R)
RF Daniel Nava (S)
DH David Ortiz (L)
1B Mike Napoli (R)
LF Mike Carp (L)
C Jarrod Saltalamacchia (S)
3B Will Middlebrooks (R)
SS Stephen Drew (L)
CF Jackie Bradley Jr. (L)

LHP John Lester


Image via @bgaudrea99.

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  1. It is REALLY humid out today.

  2. No need to ask “which Standell’s song” is there?

  3. Everything about the Red Sox is irritating

  4. Rasmus got rocked in the head by a random ball while warming up. Christ! 2013

    • Rasmus out… That hurts. It would be nice to see him hit a HR to RF.

      Is there a website that tracks team DL days?. Jays should be near the top of the list.

      • They are… there was a post a few days ago that showed that the Jays have more $$ on the DL than any other team, something along that vein.

  5. Just when you think that you’ve seen everything that baseball can throw at you…

  6. That’s probably gonna end up being a concussion or something, just because. What a season.

  7. BallGate! Lets find the culprit? La Russa? Josh Johnson attempting to hit Esmil? Passed ball beast

  8. Clang.

    JP should just use a shovel back there.
    What a butcher.

  9. It looks like Rasmus was hit by a Blue Jay throwing the ball from the RF warning track.
    Looking at SOSH, red sox nation’s joke about the Jays is that the Red Sox will clinch the AL East against the team that won it in March 2013.

  10. I wonder how much of JPA making the Bigs and actually being considered a prospect was because of the inflated numbers he put up in Las Vegas?

    • @leftover

      The numbers were high or everyone in Vegas but I think he won the batting title there.

      Former Blue Jay Napoli is up.

      What’s with the Red Sox Beards?

  11. Bucholtz had grease on his arm and he is not even pitching today. Good joke.

  12. I fucking hate the Sox… more than the Yankees, more than the Lols. Fuck Farrell and fuck That dirty cheater Bucholtz. Fuck them all.

  13. Thanks Butter!

  14. I can’t believe they only scored one run

  15. I fucking hate the motherfucking Boston Red Sox. I can’t adequately express my hate for these ugly fuckers. The VERY LEAST the Blue Jays can do is to prevent them from being crowned AL East Champions this weekend. I can’t fucking stand their fucking smug ugly faces.


    My body is ready to cheer for the A’s + I couldn’t hate myself more.

    • Not buying the Men of the Red Sox calendar?

      • I don’t think they could even produce a calendar like this. Like, printers would refuse to print it. For the good of humanity.

        Though I have had a lengthy debate with someone about Jacoby Ellsbury being the hottest baseball player.

    • Atta girl, get it out.

      Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.

      Mark Twain

      • Nice quote, I wish my ex-wife had read it

      • It feels good to express myself. I have a lot of feelings @ this time of year. Unfortunately this season it’s mostly negative. Not sure why I’m watching as it’s guarantee to angry up the blood.

        Prepare for an unbuttoned + unbridled night/weekend. You have been warned.

  16. Had to have been Romero who threw the ball no?
    Just seems to fit.

  17. Turn your frowns upside down everyone.

  18. Surely there is no way they can bring JPA back as a starter next year, is there? Jesus

    • sure, in BArfalo playing for wings at the anchor bar

    • Why not? He’s here, not too expensive, knows the staff, and according to Wilner he’s just “in a [bad extended] slump”. AA hasn’t mentioned catching problems so we can only hope he doesn’t want to throw JPA under the bus and/or lower his trade value. My main concern is that JPA doesn’t seem to be smart enough to realize he needs to improve.

      • Batting .196 through an entire season is not a slump, it’s a prolonged free fall and his defense is sub-par, Plus, he’s going to be 28 in a few months, so the whole ‘prospect’ who can improve thing is kind of stale. But I do wish him the best

  19. Farrell winning the pennant in front of is old team will be a kick to the nuts.

  20. Cletus was hit in the face? But his face is his fortune! Poor guy!

  21. Omfg JPA needs to go. Does AA not see this?? Of course he does, he must be refraining from a public bashing to ‘keep’ any ‘trade value’ JPA might have. I can’t watch another 160+ games of this!!

    • Or AA is fine with the 20 hr and 52 rbi from the catcher spot.

      I know that would be ridiculous, but who really knows.

  22. Remember when we were all mocking Farrell after the trade with Miami?

    • Boston’s success has nothing to do with Farrell and everything to do with health.

      • Yes, I know that. I’m reflecting on what a shit season this has been and how it is ironic that Boston can clinch tonight.

        • Sorry KD, I can’t appreciate the irony of this season yet. It’s like a Greek tragedy… ironic.

          • Yes, but in a Greek tragedy we’d have the satisfaction of seeing most of the main players in a puddle of their own blood.

  23. DeRosa.

    A veteran present that keeps giving and giving.

  24. JPA’s strikeout to end the inning was sad, just sad. He should improve next year right/

    Jays have had these types of players, Bautista,Hill,Lind. Edwin etc that go through horrible periods.

    They all come back

  25. I guess now’s a good time for JPA to busy out of his 0 for 21 slump.

  26. Buck summarized JPA in a nutshell….”Lester never threw a single strike, and Arencibia goes down on strikes”.

  27. My mom just said “Maybe [JP] needs glasses”. Anyone think of this?

  28. We gotta do something about that 6,7,8,9 hole in the lineup.

    • Yep and its not even because the supposed scrubs are playing now. Its been an issue all year long that outdated the gose and goins’ of the world in the lineup

  29. Rogers Centre should get urinals with John Farrell and Jp Arencibia’s faces embossed in the basin.

    It would save the Jays money on janitors, no one would want to miss those assholes.

  30. This is why I want Rajai back next year.

    • It’s also why someone will want him more that AA.

      • I hope Tim Raines can teach some of the young guys how to steal. It amazes me that someone like Lawrie steals at a 50% success rate and Gose and Cletus can’t snag a bag consistently.

  31. Man Salty is good, I’d love if we picked him up to catch.

  32. Atta Kid Lawrie.

    • Man crush.
      Loud and proud.

      • Guys its great and all that hes canadian and you might find him good lucking but some fucking consistency on offense would be fucking nice before we all blow him.

        • @afdg

          Lawrie is the least of our problems this year. First half was a mess with injuries & rage, but he’s much calmer since the all star break.

          I am glad AA has decided to leave him at 3B. Future Gold Glove & decent hitter

          • Im not saying he is a problem. Lawrie is a beast with the glove but i expected more than decent hitter to be honest. Still 10000x better than jpa.

            • Sometimes it get lost on the masses that this kid is still just 23 years old. A decent major league hitter at 23 is a good sign of greater things to come. It doesn’t happen over night for almost all players, but the progression is something to be excited about. And at his age, to have as much experience as he does, can only help him be a better ball player.

              • @digital

                +1. I remember when the Jays acquired Lawrie fo Marcum. I was very upset that we were losing our bulldog Ace for a tattooed punk who had posted ridiculous photos on facebook. Lawrie came to the Jays with a bad reputation from Milwaukee. I think he had trouble fielding at 3B so they moved him to 2B.

                Now, I think Lawrie is maturing & he will soon be an all star for the team, assuming he stays healthy

            • @afdg.

              I would love to see what a 140 game of healthy Lawrie could produce in 2014. Lawrie has learned not to run into camera bays this year.

        • I’ve really turned a corner on the Red Bull kid. He’s okay by me. But I’m probably the only chick in this country that doesn’t want to blow him.

          • It’s not whether you want to blow him; it’s your patriotic duty

            • I’m only barely Canadian.
              Besides, my heart really wouldn’t be into it – would likely not be a satisfactory outcome.

  33. Okay. Had to go refuel. I’m back. And there’s tea. Fuel for my rage.

    Also, I have all the baseball on my laptop. I love MLB TV.

  34. You bet afdg, you see right through me…

    The fact that he grew up 1/2 hr away from me does appeal to me, especially because I have a son just a little younger that was playing baseball concurrently. Sorry if you can’t share the narrative. (Your loss.)

    And who knows, I may well find him good lucking, if only if I had a clue what that was.

    His defense is absolutely top drawer, and his offense has me begging for more.
    Blow me.

    • Lol. Well put.

    • Hey if you love lawrie all the power to you. Just stating what i see

      • There’s none so blind as those who will not see.

      • And what you see is everyone wanting to blow him??? Please, spare us with your disgusting fantasies which have absolutely nothing to do with baseball or other peoples interests. If you been watching this team, there has been a very significant improvement at the plate, and that has nothing to do with the shit your spewing. Must some people find something(or anything) to disagree on for the sake of disagreeing. Geesh. Where’s my cider at?

  35. Lol i love how they compared jpas home and road stats. A .273 obp at home vs a .188 on the road. I cant decipher whats more atrocious

  36. .’JP Arencibia has had a rough go this game…’ Maybe they could just do a recording of that and trot it out anytime he comes up to bat.

  37. Fuck these Red Sox and all there good luck. I hope that Karma shits all over their heads next year. Can you tell I grew up hating this franchise.

    • As members of the human race, I’d like to think that we were all raised to not hate. Except the Red Sox. Feed them all of your hate.

      • I grew up hating the Red Sox, the Yankees and the Tigers(when they use to be in out division). It didn’t mind the O’s, cause they had Cal Ripken, and they were even so nice to serve up 10 home runs in one game for us(which I’ll never forget listening to on the radio). It was how I was programmed. I like just about everything else(except the Packers and cowboys and the Calgary Flames, and lets not forget about the Heat, just cause). Other than that, I’m pretty easy going guy.

        • My hate was fairly concentrated on the Red Sox. I also hated the A’s + Braves, but more situationally.

          So lovely + nostalgic to review my childhood hate.

  38. Ump was delayed on that reyes strikeout. He paused, so all the eyes could be on him. HashtagUmpShow

    • This good year for the Red Sox will be all for not, when they get swept in the first series of the playoffs. Sure would be nice to root for the Jays for a year than hoping that The Red Sox and/or Yankees get beaten badly, by anyone.

  39. This does not look good

    • The awesome bottom 6 of our batting order will be able to overcome an lead the Red Sox build up this inning

    • +1 with sadness.

      I am hoping for a bench clearing brawl with Gibby punching out Farrell.

      Farrell deserves it after making the Jays look bad last october by wanting his dream job.

      I will root against the red sox in the playoffs.

      • Me too, I remember when I was a boy the Red Sox were these lovable losers who hadn’t won a World Series in a century or so, and had the Curse of the Bambino. When did they become this heinous team of trolls?

  40. The “ballboy” has produced more than a few players for the jays. Does he have a better nickname than “batboy”? BatBoss. ElbowPadEinstein.

  41. Okay. If we can’t win this game, I’m down for a good old fashioned baseball fight. I think Gibby could take Farrell. No problem.

    Let’s do this. I’ve got a touch of the bloodlust.

    • My guess is that EE (not present) and Lawrie would be our best fighters

      • Not as good as Todd”body slammin” Stottomyre and his tag team partner from back in the day, David Wells. I heard a couple of stories back in the day of a bar fight or two those two were involved in, and apparently they more than held their ground.

        • Stottlemeyer + Wells were the personification of dirty pitcher + big, fat pitcher. Awesome. I would believe any tales about their brawling.

    • @bean.

      I think Lawrie should go after Pedroia & toss him upside down.

      Farrell deserves a punch because he’s two faced.

      Gibby has not punched anyone this season, so I think he should start now.

      Good Job Kittenface! Pick up the phone AA & call Kitten with the extension.

      • Just one question, which face do you punch Farrell in.

        • @the digital

          Farrell should be punched in the mouth that said he wanted to have his dream job in Boston & then the other mouth that said the Jays traded him, so fans shouldn’t be upset.

          Farrell orchestrated the trade.

          • I agree, I was making a joke on the two face farrell comment. Which face??? I say both… I’d look the other way if you wanted to curb stomp him. (I’m purely joking, because I’m not an advocate of violence).

      • I think I could probably take Pedroia. I’m quite the scrapper + he doesn’t seem much taller than me.
        And I could strike out less than Strike3bia.

  42. Behold the beauty that is Kittenface!

  43. Where was that lind in july and august when this team still had a smidgen of hope. I dont want him back next year. Too streaky

    • Glad your name is afdg and not AA.

    • It’s called baseball. You need a team of nine players to carry the team through out the whole season. Guys who are hot from start to finish usually have other things attached to their names. Like MVP, or Hall of Famer. few and far between are players who are consistent all of the time. If you look at the overall production for the year, then you’d be hard pressed to replace his production at the cost he can be had for. Thankfully you are not our G.M., and Adam will likely be back for another season.

      • @Digital. We would all like steady productin from Lind , but we have to take what he can give us.

      • Yes very few players are amazing from start to finish. But lind was soooo bad for a big crucial stretch of the season. Id rather have a player that gives decent production consistently then one with huge peaks and valleys like linds production. How quickly some fans forget. If jpa has 2 good games in a row im sure you would want him back next year as well

        • Let me know when you find 25 of them.

          • Dude you just dont get it. Not going to waste my time talking ball with a brainless fanboy

            • Thank god.

            • Anyone with the gall to write “If jpa has 2 good games in a row im sure you would want him back next year as well” is a pretentious prat.

            • who you calling brainless troll boy. Your the one who is judging by your personal feelings rather than looking at concrete evidence. I’ve watch this game for 30 years, and even the best hitters have their tough stretches through the season. It happens. Get the fuck over it and go do something you enjoy for a change. We get it, you don’t like him. Good for you. Doesn’t mean that every person who disagrees with you is brainless, it means your a closed minded fuck that is only willing to see what you want to see. Which, according to you, is fans lining up to suck Brett Lawries manhood. You said it yourself! Who is the brainless one in which you speak of???

              • Chill, I was talking to the other guy. Gsmc or whatever. And im not a troll. Feel like im one of the few rational posters on here sometimes

            • I get it, but I’m also realistic enough to realize the Jays aren’t getting all stars for every position.

        • Dude, almost every player goes through peaks and valleys throughout the season. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember. Look at how many .300 hitters there are in the A.L. this year, and the fact that he’s 14th in hitting against right handers. You can’t ask for much more than he has provided. Of course we would all like to see all our hitters be consistent all year, but it just doesn’t happen that way. There are so many varibles with pitching matchups to travelling to nursing minor injuries to luck on hard hit or softly hit balls. Lets not nit pick at one of our few bright spots this year. And with a fully healthy line up, Lind becomes that much more of an important piece to this team.

          • The only way I would accept JPA back, is as a back up, only because of his pop and he has some familarity to the pitchers here, which might help the transition of the Jays new starting catcher. As for what your talking, is complete nonsense derived from how you feel about a certain player, rather than the overall numbers.

          • Of course every player slumps. But good teams cant afford to have players like lind at his worst in the lineup everyday hitting 5th. Hes like another jpa at his worst and brings nothing. Overall, his numbers are good but more a product of his terrific may and june. Also, maybe he reverts back to his 2010-12 form. Im just not a fan of his. I thought he turned the corner in june but he went into the tank big time. The lineup needs more consistency next season and lind doesnt help

            • Also he could very well have a chronic back problem that deters his performance

            • If everyone is healthy next year, Lind won’t be hitting 5th, IMO.

            • I’ll take clutch over consistency any day of the week. Clutch situations haven’t gone in our favor very much this year. I think Lind has been a different hitter since his demotion last year, and has been having much better abats since, compared to the disaster he had become before hand. He’s been clutch at times, too. That, and the fact that he has a Jay for life mentality, I’m all for picking up the options on his contract.

              • Lind was having horrible jpa like at bats in july and august. Alright, we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one. Odds are he is back next year but I think its a mistake personally. Most might disagree and thats fine.

  44. I’m liking Sierra’s bat more by the day

  45. Fer crissakes, JPA. Not even an accidental foul off in your two whiff-a-thons with two runners on base each time?

    • @Snider.

      Jpa’s at bats are pathetic. It’s getting to the point that it would be exciting just to see him put a ball in play.

    • So JPA loses one of Oliver’s pitchers , runner goes to scond & Pedroia gets a hit scoring the run.

      Is JPA a Red Sox spy?

      Knowing Sportsnet , they will show an extended clip pf Farrell celebrating clinching the division.

      I don’t want to see that.

      On other nights, they will cut of to junior hockey pre season.

  46. Johnny Mac is a Red Sox.

    • I noticed that earlier this week. He has less than 100 ab’s this year in the majors and minors. Has mostly came in as a defensive replacement at the end of games, but to see him in a Sox jersey. Just gross.

  47. Just going to flood my synapses with all my favourite baseball thoughts as I wait for this final out…

  48. Sportsnet is being annoying with broadcasting Farrell’s reaction to winning the AL East.

    They are trolling us.

    • You called it. Sportsnet hates us. This is enough for me to cancels Rogers. I mean, I suppose I could have turned off the TV, but I AM a masochist. However many minutes that celebration was they were some of the longest of my life.

      Fuck off Boston.

  49. Fuck the damn Sox. Just…ugh.

  50. What a magic ride this season has been, better every day

  51. I think it will do this team good not having all the hype at the start of next season. And not having a wack of players in the WBC can’t hurt, either.

    • @Digital

      I do think those factors will help for 2014.

      Hopefully the Jays can at least play competitive baseball in 2014.

      Bonifacio just made an acrobatic catch for the royals.

  52. Lawrie strikes out to end.

    Why aren’t Buck or Tabby prattling on by how great the red sox are?

    This is a nightmare to watch..

    Tabby saying the red sox have good coaches now.? How come they weren’t good coaches last year?

    • I heard Buck + Tabby doing plenty of Red Sox stroking tonight. Of course, maybe I’m just being negative.

  53. who would of thought back in March when we were as giddy as teenage girls that we would be subjected to an ending like this,,,,,,,,,I couldn’t shut the telly off fast enough after Lawrie struck out.
    Now I’m chillin with a Baccardi and laughing….fuck it I really like our chances next year!

  54. RT @joe_sheehan: Arencibia in second half: .146/.180/.257, 43/5 K/UIBB

    Yep, thats our jpa.

  55. One of the Sportsnet guys said “good to see the former jays coaches (staff?) doing well,” after the Sox won.
    Uh, no. He should be fired for not paying attention. No one thinks it’s good.

  56. Seriously if jpa isnt on the team next year this team should automatically be 20 games better because of all the pain we’ve endured this season, right?

    • I can think of another case of addition by subtraction sport.

      • Not cool, my friend. Sometimes we get frustrated (myself included) when other people dont see what we see or have the same views. You just got to step back and realize this is a forum for baseball discussion and varying opinions.

        • I’ve been talking to you (off & on) all season, and have several times mentioned my ambivalence concerning your claim to be ‘a Jays fan.’ I haven’t done the heavy lifting, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if 9 out of 10 of your posts are negative in nature. I don’t believe I’ve ever referred to you as a troll, but I know that when I look in the mirror searching for my ‘inner Jays fan,’ I never encounter any semblance of you. You confound me; you trouble me; you piss me off.

          I understand that this is a baseball forum which will encompass varying viewpoints and opinions, but also respectfully submit that the site’s name is DRUNK JAYS FANS, and would ask you to attempt to situate yourself within that over-riding, self-defining statement.

          • As ive mentioned before many of my posts are negative in nature due to well, look at where they are in the standings. For myself, many warts of this team have been exposed where as someone like you always looks for positives in a lost season. You might look at someone like brett lawrie (the blow him comment was a bit over the top, I apologize) and think he is a future star where as I am much more skeptical of his abilities at the plate. It doesnt mean im not a jays fan. Just see things differently. Thats the jist of it.

            • Definition of FAN (Merriam-Webster)

              : an enthusiastic devotee (as of a sport or a performing art) usually as a spectator
              : an ardent admirer or enthusiast (as of a celebrity or a pursuit)

              Definition of FAN (Wikipedia)

              “A fan, sometimes also called aficionado or supporter, is a person who is enthusiastically devoted to something, such as a band, a sports team or entertainer.

              I’m not trying to teach you to suck eggs (and that may well be way too old-fashioned or archaic an expression for you) but just let me say that reading your various posts, it’s difficult to see you as an “enthusiastic devotee” or an “ardent admirer,” let alone an “aficionado.” Something is amiss, or possibly just missing.

              When I look at Brent Lawrie, I see a PRESENT star who is just (just!) 23 years old. I can’t for the life of me understand why you fail to see the same, even if you won’t err on the team’s side of caution. (And yes, I didn’t appreciate your homo-erotic or homo-phobic comments, whatever they may be.)

              I felt the same about Colby Rasmus earlier, and am totally chuffed to be proven right (at least to these eyes.) Ditto The Man from Muncie.

              And so it goes. I tried (desperately) to get on side with Bonifiasco. I really did. You win some, you lose some. That’s what a body who’s an enthusiastic devotee of a team does, at least that’s what I think. You care (or at least I do.) You identify. You feel. You hurt. You bleed.

              You seem only to distain and besmirch, sully and smudge. And that, my friend, is definitely not cool.

              So yes, we best agree to disagree.

  57. If JP is back next year I’m out

  58. My God I really can’t take much more of this JPA train wreck. He HAS to be breaking records at this point. So awful.

  59. I hate the fucking Red Sox. They are the hockey players of MLB. Fucking beards.
    And having to tolerate 4 hours of Buck and Tabby jizzing over how they play the right way and are baseball junkies. Barf. I hope they get leathered first round.

  60. JPA has some crazy home/road splits. He’s actually been pretty decent at home, but has a 16 wRC+ on the road and a .198 wOBA.

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