Adam Lind is having a fine season and deserves to have his option for 2014 picked up, not just because of his play on the field, where he’s been a near-elite bat against right-handed pitching (he currently ranks 14th among qualified hitters vs. RHP), but because of how cheap he’ll come– as I wrote earlier in the week.

In writing that piece I was pivoting off the work of Ben Nicholson-Smith of Sportsnet, who had spoken to Lind about his potential contract limbo. Last night, in another piece at Sportsnet, Shi Davidi followed up with Lind, beginning his piece thusly:

Adam Lind remains uncertain about what the Toronto Blue Jays will do with his 2014 contract option, even after being told by Alex Anthopoulos that he’s put himself in a good position with the season he’s had.

As a matter of course, the Blue Jays don’t make decisions on contract options until the deadline, which for Lind is three days after the World Series ends, giving them the freedom to explore trades and alternatives before making a final call.

Lind speaks in the piece about already getting nostalgic for his time here, as though he seems to think there’s a genuine chance that he’s could be gone, but what’s most interesting, across both pieces, is the fact that he seems to find the Jays’ policies somewhat irksome.

Or… I suppose it’s not that he finds the policies irksome that’s surprising, but the fact that he’s so willing to say so.

Here’s what he said in Nicholson-Smith’s piece:

“I want to be here and I don’t want to be at home for a month. I would prefer Alex to do it face to face and not over the phone. I’ve been in this franchise for 10 years. I think I deserve to be treated man to man, in a face-to-face conversation. Maybe it’s not to him, but to me it’s obviously a life-changer, so I would prefer to have it face to face.”

Then last night, with the beginnings of Davidi’s piece in mind:

“You know Alex pretty well, it’s pretty much the explanation I anticipated. I’m not really looking too deep into it, we all know how he answers questions, no matter who you are, and what he told you is exactly what he told me. There are still 11 games left, I have a lot of at-bats but still, these 11 games could make or break that decision one way or the other. There’s not really much to say about what he said.”

Do we make anything of this? Are we even imagining the tone right? Is he being that negative?

Not only is it pretty damn innocuous (and, frankly, spot on), it’s also Friday, and late September of another meaningless grind, so I’m figuring the answer is a resounding “who cares?” But I can’t help but wonder how much more willing we’d be to take a giant dump on Lind’s comments if, say, he were having a season as bad as J.P. Arencibia’s. Not that I’d know anything about that.


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  1. It would make no sense to commit to picking up the option before the season ends. What if he breaks his leg tomorrow?

    As for doing it face to face, I can’t see why AA couldn’t jump on a plane down to middle of nowhere Indiana sometime between end of season and the deadline, but I guess that’s up to him.

    • Jump on a plane? To go meet one of 40 roster guys to tell him something that should be pretty obvious?

      Lind is acting like anyone low on the chain at a company – totally absorbed in their own job plight and reading way too deeply into everything. AA has 100 way harder decisions to think over, and a wife and newborn kid at home.


  2. *Policies

    • I was going to point that out too. I did have fun imagining AA dressed as a policeman and citing various members of the Toronto media for idiocy though…

  3. Just wanted the first comment for once. Lo viste bitches!

  4. Lind seems to get himself into a bit of trouble with his surprisingly blunt and honest quotes from time to time. He was one of the few guys to say some negative things about Farrell – PRE-”dream job.” And then afterwards was pretty blunt in his assessment. I believe his (paraphrased) line was “Are you a Blue Jay or are you just a guy working for the Blue Jays?”

    For a guy who seems so shy and reserved he’s really not afraid to speak his mind on the record.

    • One of the many reasons I like him.

    • And I like it. At least we know how dedicated to this team he is. Hope he’s back in the fold this upcoming spring.

      • Yes, it is nice to see someone who is happy and proud to be a Blue Jay. I am sure many of them are, but it is nice to see the evidence. I’ve always really likec Lind, even through the lean years.

    • Good ole Kittenface, I like him too partly because he’s climbing up the all-time Blue Jay lists and I like that sort of thing (just moved into the top 10 in RBIs passing Olreud and Lind did it with fewer PAs).

      It seems dumb/insensitive for AA to not tell Lind: finish the year strong and we’ll definitely pick up your option.

      I mean AA is not promising that he isn’t going to trade him or anything but it would be nice from Lind’s perspective to know what is going to happen to his career.

  5. I don’t think Lind has too much to worry about. I believe he has a house in Toronto & Florida, so maybe he is worried about hving to put his house on the market?

    I think Lind will be back. Hard to say no to a very good hitter against RHP

  6. It was fun watching him during his first hot streak – June I think it was. He wasn’t swinging at anything outside the zone ever. I think he had a 4 Walk game at one point.

    His 2014 could go either way, he’ll either be back or they’ll get something awesome for him in a trade due to how much productivity for the buck he provides – the latter being much less likely.

    Either way, he shouldn’t be worried about stuff he can’t control. He should just be proud of the year he put up. It was as productive as it was underrated, and those of us still watching the games have noticed.

  7. I am not a Lind fan. I say AA decline his option and buy some time to improve the defense in the right side of the in field. Make EE the DH. Go get a better full time defensive 1B that does not need to be platooned. There are 400+ innings in 2014 (Dickey and Burchle) that can benefit from a better defensive 1B. Increase the no of ground ball out is the only way that both soft tossing pitchers can improve upon this yr’s no. That is a lot of outs recorded at 1B. Declining his option will buy us valuable time to try make that improvement in defense.

    If that fails, AA can always put a 2 yrs 8M deal on the table to get Lind back. This is not just a one yr 5M option decision, there is also I believe 1M due if the Jays decline the 2015 option making it literally a 1 yr 6M deal. For a platooned DH who has close to no defensive value. I say that is too much to invest in.

    • Lind is not going to take the lesser offer after having his option declined. And with his ability to hit right handers, there is a market that exceeds the proposed contract of yours. As for his defense, he may not be at the top of defenders, but he is far from a slug, and is great at digging balls out of the dirt on the short hops. I think it’s a total no brain’r to pickup the option on his contract. Plus you can’t forget how important it is to have players who bleed the colour blue.

      I think there more impending defensive liability is behind the plate, and is much more important for saving runs for this pitching staff, not to mention our catchers combined this year are batting below the .200. Lets not open up another hole in this line up by getting rid of one of our most consistent hitters over the last year and a half.

    • This is reallY, Really, REEEEEALLLLLLY FUCKING STUPID!!!!

    • Get a defensive firstbaseman? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha.

    • So you don’t like Lind so the Blue Jays should make themselves a worse team because of that? Sounds like you aren’t a Blue Jays fans either.

    • THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS DEFENSIVE VALUE AT FIRST- FUCKING – BASE. I speak in hyperbole of course, however it emphasizes the lack of value provided by even THE BEST defensive first basemen. See Casey Kotchman.

  8. Lind has been with the team his entire career – would we expect him to say “yeah face to face or over the phone I couldn’t give a fuck.” I mean, wouldn’t people be bashing him if he said that as well? I would think wanting to be treated a bit differently than a September call up would be normal for someone who has been in the organization, and as a regular player, for so long, regardless of their performance.

    I probably wouldn’t read into his comments too much. Really it is a refreshingly honest answers to the question. Unlike the intellectually dishonest steaming dump JP took on the fanbase and media.

  9. Red is all fired up.

  10. At this point in this season he’s been one of the few bright spots. I imagine he’ll be back.

  11. Like the honesty regardless if you feel he is right or wrong with his opion.



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