It was a painful thing to watch last night, with the Red Sox full-on in the throes of celebration after clinching the AL East and a worst-to-first turnaround propelled by Shane Victorino, Mike Napoli, Ryan Dempster, Jake Peavy, Koji Uehara, Stephen Drew, a healthier Jacoby Ellsbury, a healthy David Ortiz, a not shitty Buchholz, Lester, and Doubrount, Jonny Gomes, and a breakout from Daniel Nava. *COUGH*

But you know what? Maybe that’s OK.

As regular readers will surely know, I don’t buy the magical theory of clubhouse chemistry the same way that, say, a backup infielder at the end of a nice career who seems to get paid specifically because of it. But… yeah, I’m buying what Mark DeRosa is saying here:

MacArthur has a transcript of his full talk with DeRosa at, and it’s definitely worth a look– if not for the talk about culture (which is actually spot on, I think, as DeRosa says he understands the club’s deference to their veterans back in the spring, allowing them to go at their own pace as they prepared for the season in Dunedin, but thinks that the team has lost that right, heading into next year, because of how poorly they’ve played), but for the stuff about how horrible the turf is.

Speaking of that whole thing about grass on the Rogers Centre field, on Friday night’s Prime Time Sports roundtable, Stephen Brunt laid this on us: “I’d heard that about a month ago– that they were still working out some technical stuff, and that five years was the realistic number, in terms of when it could happen.”

So… there’s that. Grass at Fenway though, so… that should make for a nice TV experience.


Nah. But do check out last night’s post on Colby Rasmus for the latest updates on his injury, and stay tuned for a mid-game post I’m working on as well! (No, really!)

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
DH Munenori Kawasaki (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
RF Moises Sierra (R)
LF Rajai Davis (R)
CF Anthony Gose (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
2B Ryan Goins (L)

LHP Mark Buehrle

Boston Red Sox

SS Stephen Drew (L)
CF Shane Victorino (S)
DH David Ortiz (L)
LF Jonny Gomes (R)
RF Daniel Nava (S)
1B Will Middlebrooks (R)
3B Xander Bogaerts (R)
C David Ross (R)
2B John McDonald (R)

RHP Clay Buchholz


Image via @bgaudrea99.

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  1. sending traffic to TSN eh?

    here goes nothing….

  2. Poor Colby

  3. A mid-game post? On a Saturday? Wow, you’ve outdone yourself!

  4. The Blue Jays should learn from what the Red Sox have done this year, except for the facial hair experiments, sweet Jesus!

    • Co-signed. Especially about the facial hair thing.

      • Teams can make major swings from one year to the next. I don’t see any reason why with a bit of health and two or three offseason moves, the Jays can’t be good next year

        • Every year I feel as though I’m “fooled” into thinking that the Blue Jays are going to be contenders. But maybe I’m not so much a fool as you are totally right – it could totally happen.

      • Fuck that, clearly their power comes from the beards. Come on Jays, get growing! What does fear the beard translate into in Spanish?

  5. Don’t you people have homes?

    • Do cardboard lean-tos count?

    • I just request a small space on the end of the sofa in someone else’s home. Just room for me, my tea + my laptop. And the freedom to rant about baseball.

    • Either that or I spent the whole day getting sweet sweet groceries, and cleaning the living shit out of someone else’s house. HEY you tricky bugger! Was it YOUR house? Gimme back my Rowe Farms barbeque chook.

  6. I kinda feel happy for Butterfield and Johnny Mac.

    But boy do I ever fucking hate the massholes. I cant wait for them to get fucking destroyed in the playoffs. Hopefully because of some piss poor bullpen managing or just some general Farrel-ball costing them games.

  7. I was just watching Bonifacio + because they are linked in my mind I’m wondering – what happened to Maicer Izturis? Is he injured?

    • I think it was foot thing a couple three weeks back. An errant slide into second if I recall further. Thats it…I’m done thinking. Back to watching history in the making..mashing the slippery buchholz.

  8. The Lawrie/Lind thing. Nice.

  9. Good work Boys! Nice running by Brett.


    Serves you right for being a lazy, lackadaisical fuck Bogaerts!

  11. Wow. Buckholz is really dealing. Scoreboard just flashed 444 miles per hour.

  12. Jerry Howarth is praising Lawrie for his hustle leading to 3 runs scored. Fucking brainless fanboy.

  13. Went to Foxley’s on Ossington. Saw Opera Bob’s for the first time. It looked exactly as I imagined.

  14. Buckholz looking extra pigfuckerish today. Whats that look? Backwater Sheik?

    • Not like I’m trying to spend a lot of time looking @ his hair…but I just don’t understand it. How does he get it to look so gross + greasy + lank? It’s impressive in its grossness. Enigmatic, even. How + why would one want to achieve this look?

  15. JPA on-base percentage down to .229, batting average .194, gotta be nearing some kind of record for a full-time player

    • “To boldly go where no man has gone before.”

      Make it so, #2.

    • I get the frustration, really I do. And I know he has to go.
      But I have sons his age, and I think that’s where my empathy comes from.
      He’s not an a-rod level asshole.
      I just feel for the guy. He must know he’s a liability, despite the bravado.

      • The bravado is likely the result of realizing he’s a liability. I feel for him in the same way I felt for Ricky last year and this year. I’d love for him to figure it out, but he’s not doing himself any favours.

        Was that ok to post voice of reason?

      • I really hoped – expected, actually – that he would be our long-term answer at catcher. But now it’s almost a full season at this level and he will be 28 in a few months. His prospect days are long past. Yeah, poor kid, hopefully he made enough dough in his few years to live on because he appears destined to enter the jam-packed “backup catcher market”

    • In the entire history of the American League, no player that qualified for the batting title has ever had an OBP below .230. JP is currently at .229. With a JPesque conclusion to his season, he might be able to beat Andres Thomas’ 1989 OBP of .228 and Hal Lanier’s 1968 OBP of .222 to have the worst single season OBP of all time.

      • The .195 BA isn’t as special. It’s only tied for the 12th worst in the last 113 years among players that qualified for the batting title. It would be the lowest batting average any catcher in the history of baseball has ever had though. Jim Sundberg’s .199 in 1975 is 2nd worst.

      • Wow! that almost makes it worth watching the rest of this season

    • 3rd worse in the last 126 years. One point away from second worse in the last 126 years.

      Only Hal Lanier in 1968, who had a .222 OBP, has ever been as worse. But at least he batted above the Mendoza line.

  16. Going back to 1871, batters have combined for a total of 14,473 qualified individual seasons.

    JP Arenciba’s .229 OBP ranks 14,369th best!

    Outside of Andres Thomas’ .228 OBP in 1984, and Hal Lanier in 1968 (.222 OBP) the next most recent qualified player below JP’s happened in 1886.

    Meaning since 1887, JP’s current OBP ranks 3rd worst of all-time. Or on the bright side of things, 13,303 best!

    We are truly watching history! Only three times in the last 126 years, has a player been as bad as JP at making outs. This is truly a once in a half-century type of event. Once in a life-time pretty much.

    History folks!

    • Apparently prior to 1887, you needed very few at-bats to qualify for the batting title (some guys have less than 10)…so that skews things.

    • Also since 1887 (out of 13,305 qualifed seasons) JP has:
      the 31st highest ever K-rate this season.
      145th worst wRC+
      146th worst wOBA

    • Sadly, Arenciba would need 38 more at-bats (and go 0-for in those at bats) to catch Hal Lanier and end up with a .221 OBP. It looks like Hal Lanier’s record for worst single season OBP of all-time will be safe, this year.

      • Damn it. Well, being the worst in the history of the American League is still something to root for. According to my complex calculations, his .229 OBP puts him on pace to finish the season with a .229 OBP.

    • JP’s career .259 OBP ranks 55st worse all-time, among batters with a minimum of 1000 PA, and 25th worse since 1900.

  17. Evidently Kevin Gregg is still a head case.

  18. I hate the Red Sox, the Patriots, the Bruins, the Celtics, Harvard, Good Will Hunting, clam chowder, and Paul Revere. The Kennedy clan is all right.

  19. Awww – Buck is totally famous! Love it!
    In fact, that’s something that was missing from the rundown of things to miss/reasons to keep watching…Buck + Tabby! Baseball is just not the same without them [or the other regular voices I hear from my teams]. Fox broadcasters are sucky + miserable + that’s all we get in the postseason.

    • I especially love how they drool over the opposing teams.

    • I used to really dislike Buck and Tabby, then I watched a few White Sox games with Hawk Harrelson announcing.

      • I really fucking hated listening to them last night. And i rarely swear.

      • White Sox announcers are brutal. As are the Red Sox. And Orioles.

        Buck + Tabby aren’t perfect, but they are frequently unintentionally hilarious. And many broadcasters do go on about the opposing teams. I think it just stings more for Blue Jays fans because the team is not doing well.

        • Agree. Listening to Buck say “ENcarNaSHeeON” always makes me smile.

          • And “call me” Ish-mai-el Rogers! And so many more catchphrases. Buck is gold.

            I dunno – to me, the regular broadcasters are part of the comfort food that is baseball. It’s not the same without them.

  20. I thought JP was gonna get a hit there.

  21. Fuck you ump

  22. Santos throwing 94 mph, according to SI gamecast, seems good to me. Anyone know what he threw before surgery?

  23. Wow..Mcgowan’s stuff looks filthy to start off the 7th….dirty dirty dirty.

  24. what # strikeout will this be?

  25. JPA!

  26. Our bullpen is pretty fucking deadly

  27. Oh did JPA hit his bi-weekly dinger? I’m not watching tonite.

    De Rosa said the team started badly and lost any and all swagger real quick and couldn’t seem to recover from that. Which is what we discussed a few weeks back. Maybe next season the veterans will be a little less cocky. Those veterans still around, that is.

    • Isabella, sorry about Farrell looking like a fucking hero.
      Seriously, I know how much you detest the guy.
      We all do, but you were vigilant. I admire that.
      My condolenses friend.

      • Thanks Karen. But credit where it’s due. Fuckface has a team going to the playoffs. It’s hard to remember now, but once upon a time I liked Boston. Then they and their fans seemed to turn into entitled assholes and all of a sudden the cool corporate ways of the Yankees didn’t seem quite as bad. I may well be wrong but I don’t recall t-shirts saying ‘We Own The East’ being worn by any Yankee player after any clinching celebration. And they owned the East for years and years.

        Not that I love the Yankees either…

  28. Just saw that they put Colby on the 15-day disabled list

    • Poor Cletus. Extra days on the DL even after the regular season is finished.

      • I’m gonna miss me some Cletus. He’s been a bright spot this season. Hope he’s back next year.

        • Me too, a full season with a healthy Reyes-Lawrie-Bautista-EE-Rasmus is a reason for hope

        • If AA sees the need to deal Cletus, I’m dying to see the other side of the equation.

          • Spuds- Are you now comin along to my way of thinking ( Rasmus traded) or are you just surmising?
            Remember, if the Jays are to get better, and specifically a true top notch pitcher ( Matt Cain??) then , who of quality do we trade?
            While we have some good relief pitchers who can help cement a deal, the centerpiece is either another good pitcher( we don’t have enuf) or a good postion player which would not be JPA of course. That leaves Rasmus and Lawrie.
            Lawrie is a defensive whiz at 3B and is controllable not to mention marketable. That leaves Colby as the most likley IMO to be dealt

            • Just remember we thought we had two top-notch pitchers into the team last season and look how well that turned out. I know we have to trade something but I am slowly coming to the conclusion that the something should maybe be Bautista :(. He’s getting older and the violent swing he puts on the bat may well lead to more and more injuries. We could get a decent return on that and preserve an outfield including Gose and Rasmus that should vitally improve outfield defense.

        • Me too! Cletus is golden.

  29. Just because I feel like being disgusting:

    Emilio Bonifacio’s 2013 stats:
    With Toronto: 94 games, .218/.258/.321 for an OPS of .579. 12 SB, 6 CS, 13 walks.
    With Kansas City: 35 games, .297/.372/.367 for an OPS of .740. 15 SB, 2 CS, 16 walks.

    Oh right, and:
    With Toronto: -0.4 fWAR, 0.1 bWAR
    With Kansas City: 1.1 fWAR, 1.2 bWAR

  30. An injection of some piss and vinegar in their attitudes might help. So yeah, digest it. I really do hope it triggers something.

    • Nothing wrong with playing in a bad mood.
      Nothing wrong with playing like you hate the other guy.
      Nothing wrong with saying “Why not us?”

      I’ll take a grumpy win over a cheery loss any day.

  31. Bring Halladay back. If they blow 14 million on a #5 starter, I’d rather it be RoyBoy, and not fucking Josh Johnson. At least Roy gave us a Hall of Fame decade. We owe it to him to be the highest bidder.

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