A swelling-faced Colby Rasmus leaves the field in the middle of the first inning.


The Jays have finally given the medical update on Colby Rasmus, and it’s actually not so bad. Meaning, mind you, in this season of broken dreams (and now broken faces) that it’s not catastrophic– and that his vision is fine. Rasmus is, however, shut down for the season, and while preliminary X-rays showed no broken bones, he’s remaining in the hospital for further tests, and they’ll be able to tell for sure what’s going on once the swelling goes down.

Don’t believe me? Here are the relevant tweets:

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There isn’t a whole lot for me to do here but to completely ape the work done by theScore‘s Blake Murphy, so… let’s do that. And while I’m at it, let’s make a pitch for my employers, and remind you that you already would have seen all of this on your fancy mobile device if you had only downloaded the spectacular-looking and real-time news update-filled theScore app.

Or maybe that’s too light approach to take for the opening of a post on somebody who has wound up in the hospital– especially when it’s a player in the midst of what’s hopefully a breakout season (and not another 2010-like tease preceding two years in the wilderness). Not only that, but when it’s an injury to not just his face, but in the area of his eye, which is vital to not just his career, but his quality of life.

Of course, now I’ve probably erred on the side of being a little too heavy about it, but I think that’s OK. Let’s hope that’s the case and this is all very precautionary.

In case you missed the game tonight, Colby Rasmus wasn’t a late scratch from the Jays’ lineup tonight, technically. He was in the starting lineup and would have taken an at-bat in the top of the first inning, had his turn come up. It didn’t, so he took the field with his teammates and set about warming up to play some defence.

It was at that point that this happened (GIF by way of Kazuto Yamazaki via NESN):

Oh and don’t doubt that the Twitter jokes rained down like so many errant throws after that. The Jays’ season summed up in one scene and all that. Not taking the incident with such levity, however, was Anthony Gose, following the game. Gose isn’t seen in the GIF above, but it was he who was responsible for the throw that Rasmus didn’t see coming.

Gregor adds an update on Colby’s condition, which at the time of this writing remains the most current news we have:

“It got him right in the eye,” said John Gibbons, according to Gregor’s piece on the incident at

That said, the picture above, plus the fact that it wasn’t like Gose was rifling the ball with max effort, makes you think like there’s probably not as much to worry about here as you might think when initially seeing “Rasmus” “hospital” “ball in the face” and “errant Gose throw.” That’s especially true, from a baseball perspective, with only a handful of games left before this season is put out of its misery. But, forgive the pun, we’ll keep an eye on it, particularly if it’s something remotely serious. In fact, if it’s nothing, this is very possibly the last you’ll hear about it around here. Sound fair? Fingers crossed.

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  1. Because of fucking course.

  2. this season!

  3. Crazy. Really hope its not serious. Jays sorely need him healthy for next season.

  4. This season just keeps getting worse. We keep saying WTF else can go wrong?-and then something does. This is another totally freakish accident ,in a way like Reyes sliding into second. With only 9 game remaining who knows if Colby plays again this year but let’s wish him a quick recovery. Good thing Gose didn’t “rifle” it at him, it could have broken an orbital bone in the eye which may have been bruised in this case. I guess we shall see ( see what I did there?)

    • This is a bottom
      Every player on the jays has got hurt
      It can’t get worse

      (At least dickey can’t blow out his elbow)

      • That’s the rub though – he will. At some point over his last two starts, his elbow will fall off.

      • Just about every damn player got hurt … except for Jonathan Paul Arencibia.

        Of course.

  5. I’ll tell ya, occasionally, I wish I was a giant insectoid wunderpig. Fuck you, Farrel! Clinch my swollen aedeagus! Fucker!

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  6. Toronto Blue Jays’ 2103 season = Murphy’s Law.

  7. Back…and to the left.

  8. Further proof of Gose’s stellar arm strength and accurracy

  9. Why are you people joking about this????

    This could be a serious injury… and to the eye. Not really funny….

  10. people are assholes. people use humor to get them through tough times. people disconnect themselves from those hurt, making it easier to judge or mock. i have been drinking copious amounts. but why ask a question like ” why are you people joking about this”. Again, if all else fails, people are assholes. Default choice. AND I’m the type of person who wont use contacts because i wont touch my fucking eye. Glasses for life. on my screen, this looks like an essay. Turn those frowns upside down. Stay safe colby, party on!

  11. double post but i feel the need to be in blue, since baseball connoisseur. Does twtter work as my wesite? trial and error.

  12. Makes me think about how irritated colby looked yesterday when he clearly called off a ball hit to centre and nearly got run over by Gose. It’s like he’s trying too hard. He’s had a rough couple of days.

  13. Get well soon Colby!

  14. FFS. We’ve all been injured before. Some of us have even had our face rearranged by a baseball. Pretentious tits should stop taking offense on behalf of the whole world.

  15. When I first heard of this incident I immediately thought Moises Sierra was involved somehow

  16. I would really like to know how smart half the guys on this ball club are. You have to wonder sometimes.

    • They are generally not intelligent folks. It’s not their fault; they’ve not ever had the opportunity or needed to be smart. Most journalists will confirm same.

  17. I took a pretty hard line drive to the right eye earlier this summer during a softball game. Needed eight stitches and had a crazy shiner that lasted more than a week.

    After that, everything healed up and I was on the field again for our next game. Let’s hope Colby’s recovery is just as quick and easy.

    All this hardship has to equal good karma for 2014?

  18. After last night’s hoopla over Farrell clinching the AL East, I thought this would be a useful post to look at. I think it’s fair to say that Boston is very happy with their new manager.

    Never in a million years would i have thought last night would be possible with the Jays watching the red sox clinch the al east while out star CF is in the hospital because of an errant throw from our aspiring CF.

    The only good news would be to watch the red sox implode in the playoffs.

    • Gose was tired of waiting…and decided to take matters into his own hands. Unfortunately, Tanya Harding and her boyfriend’s lead pipe were unavailable to smash kneecaps, so this was the best he could do.
      I’m hoping the hospital visit was precautionary…for Xrays and all. But with the Jays’ shit luck, I can very easily envision a broken cheekbone or orbital bone…or some other scenario that will cost the Jays another star on the DL.
      Fuck Murphy and his fucking law.

  19. This is why the Rasmus injury is 2013 in a nutshell: Gose threw the ball thinking Rasmus was expecting to receive it. Rasmus wasn’t paying much attention to anything as he walked to the outfield. These guys have been playing on the same team for a season but none of them seem to have any awareness of each other. I get that Gose is a September call-up but he should never throw the ball unthinkingly anywhere. That’s been the season. Everyone just kind of blindly throws the ball and hopes it lands in a good place.

    This team played like a team for two and a half weeks in June. They gave us an incredible, tantalizing taste of what we thought we were getting. Before and after the streak they’ve been a great big joke in the mouths of every other team and every non-Toronto sportswriter. Capped by watching Mr Dream Job celebrate with ZZ Topp and the guys. What I hope the Jays take from this is a coruscating hatred of everything non-Jay and a determination to rub their faces in it. Because you have to care to win. They’ve now been given reason to care.

    • But will they care?
      Of course they care,to an extent. But with all the mental errors made,the Jays aren’t playing together.
      How does a team,in two consecutive games,give up a double play between third and home?
      How does a team not know how many are out?Hit the cutoff?Back each other up?
      How can JPA flail away,seemingly with no interest in taking a pitch,with RISP.and strike out?
      Individuals playing as individuals and not as a team or understanding your teammates.
      It doesn’t show up on the stats line ( so it doesn’t exist,right?) but it affects the result.
      Somebody should remember what the goal is.

      FWIW- I can’t remember a time when Howarth has this vocal with his criticism of the Jays. He has always seen things in a positive light and has been diplomatic with his comments.

      • I agree and that’s what pisses me off more than just about anything. AA and Gibbons need to make one thing crystal clear. You work on fundamentals and then you go back and work on fundamentals and then you work on fundamentals some more. And if a player balks at that or says it’s not really necessary or skives off with a hang-nail, then that player gets sent down or shipped the fuck out of here. I think the Jays have just had their last season of fan complaisance. No one likes to be made a fool of and this bunch made fools of us. I’ve no idea whether or how much Gibby has had to do with this. I’m not yelling ‘fire the manager’. Yet. But this team is lacking in basic baseball instincts and that says to me they aren’t being made to work hard enough outside the ballgames on plays that should be second-nature at this level.

        • That and the starting pitching sucks.

        • Don’t take things so seriously. Nobody “made a fool” out of you. If you ran around telling everyone that the Blue Jays were going to certainly win the WS then you made a fool of yourself. If you don’t realize that anything can happen on the field, then you haven’t really been paying attention to baseball very well. It’s a game: sure it’s nice when they win, but the point is to be entertained. If you’re only entertained when they win, maybe you should just watch comedy feel-good movies, and not sports, which are a non-scripted, human endeavour. Tragedies are also hugely entertaining.

        • @Isabella. I found this blurb from Tao of Steib whereby he comment on the loss of Butter & Loviello to the Red Sox:

          No, I can’t. I suppose someone smarter than me or with more immediate access to advanced data sets could look at defensive metrics and the use of shifts in both the oufield and the infield and figure out how many runs the Jays are giving back by not adapting their positions before pitches are thrown.

          I really don’t have an answer for this, but I include it here because it’s a question that bothers me occasionally as well. While I like John Gibbons’ lineup construction and bullpen management – the two most evident aspects of what a manager does – I have an odd feeling that there’s a level of preparation for the season and for games that isn’t in place this year.

          I could be dead wrong on that, but it seemed to me that they Jays came out of the gate flat, after a Spring Training that was acknowledged by those who observed these things annually as “relaxed”. For years, Brian Butterfield was the field marshal in Dunedin, running camp and prepping the team for the forthcoming season. And his work with infielders was held in significant regard.

          Torey Lovullo was omnipresent on the top of the dugout steps in his tenure with the Jays, directing the outfielders on where they should play batters and often being the first face that a fielder saw on his down the dugout steps after an inning, presumably looking for a clarification on why a player made the choice he did, and suggesting the correction.

          I’m not close enough to the team to see what’s happening this year with the coaching staff. But I think its a question worth raising.

      • @Radar

        +1. It’s very sad to watch the bad fundamentals. Hopefully, gibby will be more in control next spring with a full roster & motivation to improve. It must be embarrassing even for him.

        He looked depressed yesterday.

  20. Rasmus will be fine, he’s a good ole boy.

    One small positive is that Gose will get to play everyday in centre, the more reps he gets the more we see what we’ll have in depth or trade value.

    • I’m high on Gose in CF in 2014. Cletus hits enough to play LF, and his arm will be in a better position to succeed there.

      As for arms, Gose’s arm in CF will change games and save runs.

      • How on earth can you be high on Gose this season? He’s been FUCKING TERRIBLE aside from one month.

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  21. Since when do right fielders bring out the ball?

  22. One year being a joke down, how many more in a row to go to match your record? Thirteen?

  23. Bummer that his season is now over. But take a look at this, compare this season to the breakout season in 2010 that first got fans all a-twitter over his potential:

    2010 = .276 BA, .498 SLG, 28 2B, 23 HR, 66 RBI, 132 OPS+, 3.6 WAR
    2013 = .276 BA, .501 SLG, 26 2B, 22 HR, 66 RBI, 128 OPS+, 4.8 WAR

    Almost exactly the same with these numbers, although he played in 26 fewer games and had 76 fewer plate appearances this year than in 2010. The uptick in WAR is a nice bonus.

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