Last evening I was involved– and by “involved” I mean was included on, despite a total lack of participation on my part, not that I’m complaining!– in a conversation on Twitter about why grass in the Rogers Centre and having the Argos play in the Rogers Centre are mutually exclusive things.

The answer, of course, is that they have to reconfigure seats to set the facility up for football, meaning that a grass baseball field wouldn’t cover the entirety of the football playing surface, and football-compatible grass field would be covered over by seats when the stadium is in its baseball configuration, and all but destroyed– not to mention whatever damage to the grass would occur while rotating the field level seats from one setup to the other (if that was even somehow possible).

But that answer is irrelevant to what I’m posting here– as is my contention that the suggestion that came up in the conversation about switching Rogers Centre to be setup as originally intended, with home plate on the third base side and enough space to play football between left field and the first base line, is a ridiculously expensive and wholly unfeasible proposition– because look at that fucking thing at the top of the page!

It comes from a site called Stadium Page, which in its SkyDome section has pictures of the models that were created in 1985 by the four firms that had been selected as finalists to design the building, and– hoo boy!– they had some pretty curious ideas when it came to stadium design back ┬áthen. Apologies if you’ve seen it elsewhere before, but this was all new to me (or maybe I’m just too hung over to remember seeing it before)…

The top image was from Crang & Boak International. Here’s what architecture firm, and lovers of foul ground, Webb, Zerafa, Menkes, Housden Partnership proposed:


Now, from Bregman and Hamman, is a nifty little soulless setup with seats in a colour scheme that reminds me of an 80s-era winter jacket I own that makes me feel like I’m in The Fall Guy.


And of course, here’s the winning model, which… holy shit, thank fuck they didn’t end up really building it with a left field like that!


Could have been worse, eh?

There are more pictures of the models– and of the retractable roofs in action– at Stadium Page, so go hit the link above and check it out.


Crotch grab in the direction of @jeffster1970 and @thetomhowden for the link!

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  1. other than the top image,
    the other stadiums look like the cookie cutter nfl stadiums that existed during the 80s and 90′s and were football/baseball, just like veterans stadium, busch et all

  2. Crack really fucked up the 80′s

    • And can you imagine how heartbreaking passed balls would look in that second picture.

      • Arencibia would have a fucking stroke if he had to run back and forth to the backstop to pick up the ball every time he whiffed.

  3. Other stadiums have made it work with a grass field that supports baseball and football. Why is it so impossible here?

    • Um… read the post.

      • ‘made it work’ is open to interpretation.

        • Did you read the post. They would have to expand the playing area, and cut out seats, and do a massive reno just to make the two fields of play plausible. For a CFL team that has no business playing in a 50,000 seat stadium, and they are already planning on leaving in the near future.

  4. That second one looks like a futuristic Polo Grounds, but with the field on an angle.

  5. Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  6. The third one looks like a 12th grade honors science project. The actual skydome looks 10 times more detailed than the others, which makes me feel like they knew they had it in the bag and weren’t wasting their time.

    I like the first one except the shadows.

  7. what am i missing about left field Stoeten?

  8. I like some aspects of the first one. Namely the lack of a big fuckin hotel attached to the dome. Would be cool to have a view of the city instead.

  9. I remember when the dome was being built there was a baseball columnist for the Toronto Star (whose name escapes me) who pretty much advocated, in every column about the dome, to have grass installed. He put on a bit of campaign. He argued that we would come to regret the decision to install Astro-Turf. He was right.

    • I remember reading his columns daily …..Was involved in the Robbie tournament……wtf was his name……?

      • John Robertson …..huge huge huge proponent of grass at the dome ….for those of us of a certain age, he should be on the Level of Excellence

        • NO media personality is going up there before my beloved Fergie Olver. The man’s a fucking national treasure. Between mediocre, yet pleasant, softball interviews in the dugouts with Rance Mulliniks and Kelly Gruber, and that hallmark of kid’s entertainment, “Just Like Mom”, the man is a veritable Titan of Canadian Broadcasting. The fact he’s not up on the LOE already is a disgrace on this franchise!

  10. What the hell is with the RF corner in The Fall Guy model? Is that a “home run porch” hanging over the field, where the drunks can douse the right fielder with overpriced beer and yell anti-semitic slurs at Shawn Green? Or did someone buy too little model-building material at Michael’s and the RF corner is where the error was exposed?

  11. Let’s discuss the second design for a second.

    I, for one, if attending a game with the roof open, would have spent the entire day cowering in fear, waiting for the triple-stacked 120 degrees of UNSUPPORTED roof to plummet into the middle of the stadium. Or was it anchored 900 feet up on the CN Tower?

    Cantilevered support only takes you so far. That’s one fuck of a moment arm, there.

  12. That’s pretty cool. Never seen these.

  13. It’s a good thing they didn’t go with the second image. Never mind it being reminiscent of an acid trip while looking through a kaleidoscope, but that glass, coupled with the sun, probably would have melted a few people. It definitely would have melted the tinsel Rogers calls AstroTurf.

  14. Anyone see Orioles’ Casilla just get KO’d by Markakisis’ knee? He was legitimately knocked out and they left him in the game. Absurdity.

    • That looked gruesome in slo mo. Also, Machado had a freak accident at first base and sprained his ankle pretty bad. It was kind of sad to see his and the oriole bench’s expression after that to be honest.

  15. Off topic a bit, but speakng of stadiums…i happened to be at Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Saturday, and parked in the lot where they have Markers for home plate and each of the bases where they were at Exhibition Stadium …I never knew these were there, and it was pretty neat to get pictures of them…for a guy who spent ALOT of time at that stadium 30+ years ago

  16. Bob Elliot led a campaign prior to the SkyDome’s construction to reverse the astro-turf momentum and install natural grass. He started a petition that if I recall had not a lot signatures because people thought astro-turf and multi-purpose stadiums were state of the art and cool.

  17. It’s obviously been a while since I’ve watched an Expos game, but doesn’t that first one look a lot like Olympic Stadium, in terms of seating and set-up?

  18. Why do none of them look like Miller Park?

  19. Joe carter would have just flied out in 93′

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