Still Baltimore, huh?

Yeah, I guess that makes sense. And shit, just five games left, so we’d better savour it. Though… who couldn’t savour a lineup like this in a game this meaningless? And they told me the Bisons were done for the season!


I’m back to following Wilner after his interminable live tweeting of a decade-old game ended, and he provides tonight’s only nugget:

Funny how A.A. never shits on his catcher by name, but… whatever. He knows it, we know it. There’s only one person, really, who might not know it– and, let’s be honest, he probably knows it too.

Oh, and what the hell, one more tweet:


Hey, and is that a Dutch clutch debut for Jonathan Schoop? I think it is!

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
DH Munenori Kawasaki (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
RF Rajai Davis (R)
CF Anthony Gose (L)
C Josh Thole (L)
2B Ryan Goins (L)
LF Kevin Pillar (R)

RHP Esmil Rogers

Baltimore Orioles

LF Nate McLouth (L)
SS J.J. Hardy (R)
RF Nick Markakis (L)
DH Chris Davis (L)
1B Steve Pearce (R)
CF Jason Pridie (L)
C Steve Clevenger (L)
2B Jonathan Schoop (R)
3B Ryan Flaherty (L)

RHP Chris Tillman

Comments (75)

  1. If JP isn’t gone next year I’m not going to watch

    • This reminds me of all the Americans who are definitely going to move to Canada if this or that law is going to get passed.

    • I can think of many reasons why JPA would still be here next season.

      Mostly revolving around the lack of available options.

  2. I wonder if the JAAAys sweep the dispirited Orioles.

  3. After his fast start, and quick return to earth, Goins seems to be getting warmer again

  4. Fuck me! is that a misprint I’m reading? Chris Davis has 52 home runs this year?

  5. 5 triples already…

  6. He’s ‘The Man from Muncie,’ not ‘The Man from Mensa.’

  7. So much for my Saltalamachia pipe dream:

    Keith Law of (Insider sub. req’d) looks at the pending free agents who have boosted their value the most with strong 2013 seasons. Law feels that Jarrod Saltalamacchia of the Red Sox is the most likely candidate to sign an extension that will “shocK everybody” this offseason due to the scarcity of quality catching options.

    • Dreams die hard.

    • It’s gut-wrenchingly depressing, but JPA might be back next year. What options are there? Is Jimenez ready? If Thole’s bat could improve even a bit I’d almost prefer him back there than JPA

      • At this point, I’d be willing to take my chances with Thole. His bat can’t be worse than JPA’s historical season.

      • In 2011, Thole played 114 games for the Mets and had an OBP of .344 and OPS of .690. This year he has an OBP of .235 and an OPS of .450. He’s fallen of a cliff for some reason

      • I pray we don’t make the same mistake behind the plate as we did at 2nd base.
        Band-aids, place-keepers all.
        The problem still hasn’t been addressed.
        I hope we don’t find out that we CAN do worse than JP. (Not that I can see how.)

        • I agree, but there appears to be a dearth of catching options out there, barring a trade. I hope for the best.

        • We could do worse by signing someone for $10 million a year to do a bad job, at least Thole and JPA are cheap. I too want a real long term solution, but as GSMC points out, there are not an abundance of immediately visible options

  8. Has anybody heard if Travis has been injured and can’t play? He wasn’t in the boxscore today and it was an important game.

  9. Shit, Drabek blew

  10. Remember when they needed to change the paper several times during a game threat?

  11. Fell out of contention in August…
    Down 7-4…

    and Happ, Arencibia, and DeRosa are laughing it up like you read about. Losing must be fun…

    • You’d rather they pout and look contrite all month?
      Playing baseball is fun.
      Hard, but fun.

    • If being miserable meant winning more games, I’d be all over them for having a good time. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way, and enjoying the game doesn’t mean it can’t be played at full effort.

      Long story short, who cares?

      • I’m all about having fun. I just want to get the sense that they give a shit. I’m also sick of the Lovistas when they’re down 6-1. I do admire, though, the capacity to have a great time when a guy is hitting .195…

        • If they were winning we’d be having a conversation about how terrific the team chemistry is. Win or lose, don’t you prefer a cohesive team to one with clubhouse tensions?

  12. Looks like the Yanks won’t be making the post season. I hope the weasel has a plan C.

  13. jesus, how long can they go on about a virtually meaningless distinction.
    really? any batter you ask prefers to hit .300 over .297? I HATE YOU TABBY

  14. Ricky pitching to Vernon Wells’ big schnozzed doppelganger.

  15. That’s our Ricky!

  16. Jeffress over Ricky in the pen next year

  17. Really Romero?

    • I don’t think there’s any fixing Romero. I wrote a long post last year about how his ML success surprised me. His career minor league numbers, 21-31, 4.66 era, and a 1.54 WHIP.

      Then we brought him up and he became Sabathia. I kept waiting for the wheels to fall off, but for a few seasons they didn’t. His whip remained high compared to a low ERA so I guess we should have still expected it.

      What we are seiing is all that he will be in my opinion. Dead money.

      • Too bad the New York Knicks don’t play baseball, we could trade him to them

        • I’m still holding out hope that being an L.A. boy the Dodgers keep the wallet open this winter and bring him home hoping a change of scenery helps him.

      • It’s really too bad. The Romero of 2010 would have looked great on this staff. Romero’s likely future in Buffalo doesn’t hurt as bad as the dead money. At this point I’d be thrilled with a 4.66 ERA,,,

  18. I say (barring a miracle via trade/free agency) we should let Goins and Jimenez start at 2bag and Catch respectively next year.

    There’s no fuckin way it can be any worse at those positions and in my opinion the real issue is pitching. If we don’t improve there it won’t matter who plays either position.

  19. And the great Kevin Pillar comes to bat. With a stakeout, groundout, lineout and pop out, he’s only a fly out away from a Pillar Perfecto.

    • Wrong again Brick Top.
      Don’t you get embarrassed being wrong all the time?
      Hell I’m embarrassed for you.
      Just sad really.

  20. 4/22 with RISP? when was the last time we had 22 ab with RISP?

    holy mother of fuck.

    14 men left on base in a 9 inning game? holy mother of fuck

    kawasaki had 4 fucking hits…and his obp is almost 100 higher than JPA? holy mother of fuck

  21. And for all the positive feedback lawrie has been receiving on his new doesnt seem to be working anymore. he has become a guy who slaps at the ball, hoping to hit a single between first and second base. that is not his game. swing the fucking bat brett. just fucking swing the bat. this new pansy approach has robbed you of all your power and bat speed

  22. Sooo…. who wants Cano?

    “According to sources, the split between what the Yankees have offered in a contract is enormous, with Cano seeking a 10-year deal for approximately $305 million”

  23. Orioles broadcast crew was giving JP some defensive praise the other night.

    Is he improving or did he happen to make 2 good plays in the same game?

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