Shelley was a man, you philistine.

Everybody’s talkin’ about J.P. Arencibia (again)– even Alex Anthopoulos for once! Last night the G.M., who this year has avoided throwing his catcher under the bus by name (very possibly due to the lack of anything resembling a proper full-time replacement for 2014 in the organization– but also maybe because J.P. would lose it), acknowledged that the club needs to improve the production behind the plate. This, apparently, is a story: John Lott of the National Post looks at it, as does Mike Rutsey of the Sun, Gregor Chisholm of BlueJays.com, as does the Toronto Star.

Similarly, John Gibbons says that Arencibia needs to make adjustments, in an interesting, occasionally awkward conversation yesterday on the Fan590. Ben Nicholson-Smith of Sportsnet pulls some highlights from the radio hit.

Less widely reported from Alex’s brief scrum with the media last night is the fact that he made it seem fairly clear that Adam Lind will be back next year. Mike Rutsey reports in the Sun.

Elsewhere at Sportsnet, Ben Nicholson-Smith looks at how the Jays avoided having the longest playoff drought in baseball following the elimination of the Kansas City Royals last night. Yay?

Ben also takes a look through basically the Jays’ entire roster, looking at which players are the Jays’ best trade chips heading into the winter. And elsewhere, he looks at some potential options from outside the organization, should they feel they need to do something about left field.

Speaking of the outfield, with the injury to Moises Sierra and the paternity leave of Rajai Davis, the Jays might need to add an outfielder for their final four games of the season. Bluebird Banter looks at some non-40-man players they could bring up to fill the void.

At FanGraphs, Marc Hulet continues his Minor Review series, looking at the Houston Astros, and the prospect he pegs as “the riser” is Asher Wojciechowski, who was, of course, acquired from the Jays in the J.A. Happ trade– or as Richard Griffin would call it, the worst. trade. ever. I don’t know. Hulet notes that Woj will need to be added to the Astros 40-man to be protected in the Rule 5 draft (and the fact that he wasn’t called up for September maybe suggests he won’t be?), and even then, puts a ceiling on him of “a durable No. 3/4 starter.”

Speaking of Hulet’s series, Charlie Caskey of Jays Journal takes issue with the suggestion the Jays piece that Daniel Norris was a “tumbler.” Hard to not agree.

Oh, and back to ol’ Griff, who in the Toronto Star looks at A.L. MVP candidates, calling Miguel Cabrera the frontrunner, on account of, “if a player wins the Triple Crown and MVP one season, then posts even better numbers the next season while his team runs away with the division, it would be difficult to not give him repeat honours as AL MVP.” Because, you know, if the writers butcher the vote so badly as to punish the best player in the league for not having good enough teammates and for providing too much of his value in the field and on the base paths, why not do it again?

Elsewhere in the Star, Brendan Kennedy wonders why Kyle Drabek and Ricky Romero aren’t starting. Though… after the ankle bruise last night, we now know why Drabek isn’t.

Also, yes, it’s come to this, Kennedy takes a look at this year’s Blue Jay babies, as a bunch of players have spent time on the paternity list so far.

Back to Sportsnet, where Shi Davidi cautions the Jays when it comes to payroll, while Mike Wilners says that the Jays don’t owe fans an apology.

R.A. Dickey didn’t apologize, but he came close yesterday with this tweet:

Back to FanGraphs, where Jeff Sullivan looks at the free-swinging A.J. Pierzynski, who, unfortunately, is one of the more realistic catching options on the free agent market this winter.

John Lott of the National Post looks at the resurgence of a now-healthy Sergio Santos, who… he’s fucking awesome. Fuck, I want to see a full, healthy season from this guy.

Elsewhere in the Post, a CP piece tells us that more than two-thirds of Quebecers want big league baseball back in Montreal. Sweet! They got a couple billion dollars?

Chris Toman of BlueJays.com looks at the win for the Maritimes this week in the first ever Tournament 12 held at Rogers Centre.

Elsewhere at BlueJays.com, Gregor Chisholm looks at the Jays announcement yesterday honouring their top scouts and player development guys.

At Grantland, Jonah Keri celebrates the coaching tree of Nationals manager Davey Johnson, which, of course, includes ol’ Gibbers, who played under Johnson for the entirety of his big league career. Yep, all 18 games.

Lastly, interesting stuff from the Blue Jay Hunter, who asks what the Jays can learn from the Pirates, who did exactly the kinds of things last winter that the Jays will be looking to do this time around.

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  1. That list of external options in LF is pretty depressing.

    Seeing as how the Jays probably won’t have a tonne of money to spend, wouldn’t the best course of action to be bringing Melky, Derosa andLind back, and focusing all your attention on SP, C and 2B? In that order. Preferably 2 SP.

    Anything else left over you fill with internal options

    • They don’t exactly have much choice about bringing Melky back.

      If he’s healthy, he’ll be better than this year. And he wasn’t even the worst offensively.

    • Even if Melky’s bat doesn’t improve over this year, If he can get his fielding back to somewhere near where it was in past years, he’ll be a reasonably valuable player.

    • really? choo is an awesome player…..gets on base a shit ton…plays excellent defense when in a corner….he should be the jays number one target.

  2. The fans have been quite good this year, thank you, R.A., considering everything that’s gone down. There’s that smattering of nitwits (Toronto Sun comment section, take a bow) who want to GET RID OF BAUTISTA BECAUSE HE SUCKS! but thankfully, they’re in the minority.

    • Going into the Sun or the Star’s comment section (warning: do not attmept!), always disappoints me, but then the (majority) of people on sites like DJF cheer me up about the fan base.

  3. Wow nice tweet there from Dickey. He’s intelligent.

    I really hope to see him and Bautista and Lawrie and Edwin pulling something off next year and redeeming themselves (as a team).

    • true that. i just wish, i dunno, he’d come out of his shell, really open up to the media & let people know what he’s thinking/feeling about, well, anything really, because let’s face it, he’s pretty much a closed book.

  4. Man, I miss Frisky Dingo.

  5. Regarding all the paternity time, we’re about 9 months away from the big trades right? My theory is that the players got raging hard-ons, not just us fans, and made some celebratory babies.

  6. Of course Mike Wilner doesn’t think the Jays owe anyone an apology. After all, if we had just won all of those games we lost we’d be in the playoffs. That close, you guys!

    • Is it still early?

    • Fuck that. The concept that a professional baseball team should apologize for losing is absurd. Teams lose. Fans need to deal with it.

      • I was mostly just making a Wilner joke. But ya, you’re right, though maybe Dickey should apologize for being such a whiny little bitch all year.

        • You mean for being one of two pitchers on the team capable of taking the ball every five days while also giving the team a reasonable chance to win almost every time he’s out there.

          • No, actually, for being fucking terrible for 3 solid months before turning it around in meaningless August/September games and making pathetic fucking excuses every time he was shitty.

            He gave up at least six runs in 6 of his first 16 starts dude. I guess you could say that gave us a reasonable chance to win if we were the 26 Yankees. In the real world we lost every fucking one of those starts. But hey, at least he fucking sucked regularly once every five days for us, right?

            • You’re right, he had a terrible start to the season, while he was hurt (check his KB velocity and it’s obvious). Yes he gave up six earned runs in six of his first 16 starts. How many since then? One.

              Two terrible months, yes. However, he pitched well from mid June on (better post-ASG). So your meaningless August-September starts comment isn’t really accurate. Besides, are they really meaningless anyway? They were important for him, trying to figure his stuff out, and important for the teams he played against, many fighting for playoff spots.

              He’s been quite good for most of the season, not Cy Young caliber, but not nearly bad enough to shit all over.

        • INteresting to see that wilner acknowledged the Jays are out of it, & can only play spoiler role. He has been the biggest embarrasment surrounding this team this season …embarrasses himself & Rogers , especially with his claims in April & May that the losses didn’t count…….hey jackass, why are the losses still showing in the standings if they don’t count?

      • Exactly, Cantona.

        Ray: yeah, Dickey was fucking trying to lose. Horseshit attitude.

  7. I just noticed JPA is sporting a .739 OPS at home and .449 on the road.

    Wow. He should never leave Toronto.

  8. JP would be fine if it was limited to fastball throwing left handers who didn’t have too much heat and kept it in the strike zone and never mixed in off-speed stuff.

  9. Tonight’s lineup: woof

  10. “I’m sorry. We sucked. Hopefully we’ll do better next year”.
    That’s the tweet going on in 20-odd cities this week.

  11. woof, woof

  12. Emulate the Pirates?

    By trading for Travis Snider?

    Think they’d take Lincoln for him?

  13. WTF? Now Selig is retiring?

    • Who replaces him?

      • If it’s Beeston– not that I’ve heard that, but he has experience in that office– all bets are off on the future of AA beyond this year.

        Not that I think that will happen, but if it did!

  14. “a CP piece tells us that more than two-thirds of Quebecers want big league baseball back in Montreal. Sweet! They got a couple billion dollars?”

    And fans that will go to games?? Riiggghhhttt. Expos had the lowest attendance for years.

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