Game Threat: Jays vs. Rays

What do you want from me? I’ll have something tomorrow.

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  1. You’ll have something tomorrow?
    I bet you say that to all the girls.

  2. what a season!

  3. Does Muncie get cold in the winter? Looks like Lind’s preparing for the cold weather.

  4. What a slide into second by Sierra there. Textbook!

  5. yes, let’s win meaningless games so we can get a lower draft pick. Management did everything it could to lose this series, fielding a Buffalo lineup but they insisted on winning last night

  6. Holy fuck these FOX commentators are bad. Give me Buck and Tabby any day.

    • The national broadcasters are The Worst. Sucks that fans have to deal with them for the entire postseason.

      • Actually, that’s the Rays local broadcast team calling the game on FOX today. They’re usually alright, but not today…

        • They were talking like they’ve never seen the Jays’ players before, though. Or, y’know, Zobrist fielding a hot grounder well and throwing to first.

    • Yup

  7. Reyes almost hit that ball out. Maddon goes to the bullpen.

  8. So if the jays lose just one of these final two they lock a protected !st round pick pick? Non?

  9. The man from Muncie comes through again! 3 RBI’s.

    3-1 Jays.

  10. Jose Molina has a higher OBP than JPA. Wow

  11. Would be sweet to sweep the rays and force them out of the playoffs…small retribution for all the years of them killing us.

  12. The legend grows.

  13. Blue jays Doing their part to keep leuke out of the playoffs

  14. Tampa Bay should be getting a bit nervous.

  15. At some point soon I’ll have to stop reactionarily saying “but Goins can’t hit” because… Maybe he can?

    • Maybe,just maybe.
      Unfortunately Stoeten disagrees.

      Andrew Stoeten says: 09.28.13 @ 12:46 PM EDT
      Reply People don’t like to hear the stuff that’s bullshit, you’re right.

      If people think Arencibia is a disgusting waste of a hitter in this lineup, they have no idea what they’d be in for if Goins came back and played full time. The idea is completely ridiculous.

    • Based on what? A 64 OPS+?

      • Based on something I typed getting out of the car 20 seconds after he hit a bomb. If it wasn’t clear, no I don’t think he can hit. Jesus.

  16. I’ll be at the game tomorrow, apparently there’s also a garage sale or something in one of the 100 sections? If so, might see some of you downtrodden souls there.

    I’ve prayed to the baseball gods to please let the Ranger sweep and the Jays sweep Tampa tomorrow, that would be a nice consolation to the season, draft pick be damned as mentioned.

  17. Nice, Pillar!

  18. bahahaha

    Maddon Girardi’d this game away

    Pillar has got a quick bat, if he can lay off those breaking pitches, should be able to muster a respectable avg. to go with his great D and good baserunning

  19. Also, poor Pillar, hasn’t had one good HR trot yet this yr, haha

    • I was going to try to find stats on that the last time he was stopped mid-HR.

      • First HR was under dispute, second one was the laser last week @ Fenway that hit the Green Monster guard rail so Pillar slid into 2nd thinking it was a double, and now he almost missed touching first, kinda stumbled. Sportsnet actually showed it and Buck and Tabby talked about it too.

        • Yes, I know I saw those games. I was just curious to know if it’s ever happened to other players. In baseball there are stats for everything.

  20. Kawasaki in to replace Adam Lind. He gets the biggest cheers of the game.

  21. This is the first jays game I’ve enjoyed in a while.

  22. I enjoy Zobrist, it would be nice if TB didn’t pick up his 7.5 mill option or traded his rights to us. You can fix a lot of holes with his versatility. But probably a pipe- full of dream.

    • TB will not be doing us any favours after this weekend is over, but don’t let that stop you from having another bowl-full.

  23. wanna argue about managers?

  24. other reason i want Tampa out of playoffs is so they are forced to make some hard decisions on their FA players – lack of playoff ticket sales and merch – Zobrist would be awesome to snag from them

  25. [dreamily]It would be lovely to get Zobrist[/dreamily]

    In other news, I don’t have anything much against the Rays. But our dreams have been so thoroughly crushed this season that it might be nice to crush someone else’s for a change.

    • Amen

    • You bet your 90 year old Auntie Dora, Isabella.

    • My second team is the Native Americans du Clevo.

      I am loving every minute of this.

    • I think Zobrist is likely a pipe dream, but one guy I wouldn’t mind…at least based on his Fangraphs page, is Sean Rodriquez. He’s going through arbitration for the second time and UZR likes his defence. Not sure if the Rays would be interested in moving him, but if they want to keep Zobrist and are happy with Escobar at short, they might be.
      Can’t imagine he’d cost a ton either.

  26. Tampa is choking. Could be pretty crushing for them if we beat them tomorrow.

  27. Come on Stoets, finish up this season strong!!!!

  28. Would it make more sense to have protected first round picks for every team that doesn’t make the playoffs?

    Nobody would be hoping their team loses
    Likely more bidders for FAs who get a QO

  29. What happened to Miguel Cabrera’ s Chubby? I miss his entertaining posts and fascinating Wikipedia links. I never knew there was so many interesting facts about the village of Muncie.

  30. Enlighten me, please – what’s the difference between a “protected first round” draft pick…and the regular(?) kind of first round draft pick?

    • For the Jays, there’s no difference, which is why they aren’t tanking harder.

    • Protected picks mean you don’t lose them if you sign a free agent that received a qualifying offer.

      Top 10 picks are usually protected. I think everyone who doesn’t make the playoffs should have protected picks.

      • If unprotected you lose the first round pick if you sign a player with a QO. If protected you lose your second round pick instead.

  31. From MLB.COM.

    “With a win on Sunday, the Tribe would finish this season with 24 more wins than the 2012 team. That would tie the 1986 Indians for the franchise’s best year-to-year improvement, excluding strike-shortened campaigns.

    “Terry Francona. Manager of the Year,” Indians first baseman Nick Swisher said. “No doubt. Write that down.”

    There is no denying the impact Francona has had on the Indians since assuming the managerial chair last October.

    Francona helped entice free-agents like Swisher and Michael Bourn to sign long-term contracts with Cleveland, and the manager immediately altered the atmosphere in the clubhouse. Now, Francona is on the cusp of potentially helping the Indians finish off this September surge with their first postseason berth since 2007.”

    I think Stoeten would be outraged at Nick Swisher for implying that a manager had a key impact on the Indians making the playoffs.

    • Its really good to ask swisher, in his first year with the team, what difference the manager has made.

      Tldr that’s fucking stupid

  32. Maybe the trick to winning games that we’ve been missing all along is that we were supposed to field a lineup of AAA players.

  33. AA indicated we would hear by mid sept what we received for Bonefucker from the KC Roayals. It was to be cash or a player. Has anyone heard anything? I ‘ve been searching around and mum is the word. All of a sudden it’s like a clandestine John La Carre expose

  34. I got my toque& just polished off an excellent roast beef sandwhich. Excellent weather and the roof is open. Go Redmond! Go Jays!

  35. A win today couple with a loss by Milwaukee means we lose our protected draft pick.

  36. Can knock off the Tampa Bay Zobrists here

  37. It shocks me that JPA still gets here’s during intros after the disaster of a season he has had.

    On an up note, bullpen guys tossed up a ball for my son.

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