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As easy as it would be to resist getting a bit wistful about the season’s conclusion, given what a crushing disappointment it has been, and how long it’s been since the Jays have been even remotely in the playoff conversation. Shit, even the dispiriting and injury-riddled 2012 version of the club was five games back of the second Wild Card spot on August 1st– this year’s vaunted group of supposed World Series contenders was ten back at that point.

But it’s the end of the season, and the dawn of a long, cold, crucially important winter for the fate of the franchise. It’s hard to not think of what might have been, how it all went so terribly wrong, how the hell Alex Anthopoulos is going to pick up the pieces, and whether he has any better ideas than anybody damn else.

There’s still baseball to be played though. Meaningful baseball, even– including for us! The Rays are currently tied with the Texas Rangers for possession of the second Wild Card spot, and need to win to keep their destiny in their own hands, and give the world its best chance to not let the garbage unbalanced schedule (the Rangers are 17-2 against Houston) have way too much of an impact on the playoffs.

The Jays, on the other hand, are playing for a draft pick… kind of. At 74-87, they are even with the Milwaukee brewers, and one game behind the Mets, Rockies and Philles. In this setup the Jays could currently end up with the 10th overall pick, with the Brewers on the outside looking in, because, as MLBTR explains, the “if two teams have the same record, the higher draft pick goes to the team that finished with a lower winning percentage in the previous season”– and the Jays’ .451 winning percentage in 2012 was worse than the Brewers’. In fact, the Jays’ 2012 winning percentage was lower than all of the teams in questions, except for the Rockies, meaning that if the Mets (who are playing the Brewers), and the Rockies and the Phillies all win, and the Jays lose, they’ll end up with the eighth pick.

However, if the Jays win and the Brewers lose, the Jays’ pick would end up being 12th overall (they also have the 11th overall pick as compensation for not signing Phil Bickford), and would not be protected in the event that they sign a Type-A free agent (or whatever the hell they call them these days). At least, if my math is right. Not that I think they will sign one of those guys, frankly, but still… uh… go Brewers?


Darren Oliver finishes out a terrific career today, and while it’s not the way any of us hoped we’d see the man who calls himself Black Magic going out when he agreed to come back and give it one more lucrative go this year, he still deserves recognition and a warm reception from the crowd when he comes in to pitch an inning today, as planned.

Notice, by the by, that there’s no such celebration planned for Mark DeRosa. Still thinking he’ll be back next year.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.comAnd for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
CF Anthony Gose (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
RF Moises Sierra (R)
DH Mark DeRosa (R)
1B Ryan Langerhans (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
2B Ryan Goins (L)
LF Kevin Pillar (R)

RHP Todd Redmond

Tampa Bay Rays

CF David DeJesus (L)
RF Wil Myers (R)
1B James Loney (L)
3B Evan Longoria (R)
2B Ben Zobrist (S)
DH Delmon Young (R)
LF Matt Joyce (L)
C Jose Lobaton (S)
SS Yunel Escobar (R)

LHP Matt Moore

Comments (98)

  1. Remember 2009, when the Jays went 75-87 with a team that was supposed to lose 90 games. For which we all vilified the manager of the day. And rightly so, I might add. John Gibbons needs a win today to end up 75-87 with a team that was supposed to win 90 games.

    • Remember when people used to believe that a team’s record was somehow a direct reflection of its manager and not almost entirely of the talent on the roster?

      • So what you’re saying is that the 2013 team is as talented as the 2009 team?

        • I would note that the GM in 2009 did take an unusual approach. That team lost 3 starting pitchers before the season began, a fourth in the first week of the season. And the GM decided… ah fuck it, they’re going to fire my ass anyway. At least this year, the GM was trying to assemble a starting rotation.

        • I’m saying that the entire attitude that the manager “managed” the team to whatever record is absurd. But yes, the players who actually made it out onto the field with this version of the Jays are probably pretty comparable in the overall to the ones in 2009.

          • @stoeten

            Tell that to nick swisher . He said Franco a deserves manager of the year for changing clubhouse chemistry in of the Indians in 2013

            • Oakville, Nick Swisher is being kind for saying that, but it’s obviously bullshit.

              For one, Swisher wasn’t even there last year. For two, adding guys like him, Bourn, Gomes, Kazmir, Salazar, etc., plus Ubaldo turning back into his old self, has been infinitely more important to their turnaround than anything Francona did. Which isn’t to say that he’s done nothing, but it’s very, very obvious where the improvement has come from.

      • I couldn’t resist. Knew it would get a rise out of you.

  2. 6 months…

  3. Anyone got a link to a strwam for this? Cancelled my cable months ago, but I feel like I owe it to the team wto watch this one.

  4. It’ll be interesting to see how Goins and Pillar play… Saw em out last night at Gracie’s in Toronto with Ricky Romero and Josh Thole. Must have been an early morning for them.

  5. Redmond out of the game after 2/3 of an inning. Wow!

    He will be offered a key to st Petersburg later this week for helping the Rays:))

  6. This inning is emblematic of the whole season. What a fucking shit show.

  7. So much for Redmond. 5-0 without 3 outs down in the 1st.


  8. Seems like an appropriate way to end the season.

    I’m becoming more and more convinced that they need to rip it down and start over. Way too many holes and question marks to truly believe they could contend next year. Are they better than 74-88? Probably. But they’re not good enough to win 90 and that’s what’s needed to even be in the conversation (the Rays will win 91 and likely still won’t even get to a one-and-done play-in game).


    Fuck you 2013 Blue jays! Why you do this to me!?!

  10. Lawrie take a ball to the face? looks like he’s got herpes flaring up out there.

  11. So…uh…go mets? If we lose (looking like we will) and the mets win that gives us the #9 pick. Go phillies too! We’re #8!

  12. I guess someone forgot to tell the team that the season doesn’t end at 161 games.

  13. REYES THE BEST!! thats all I got today.

    just tuned in..top of second and guess I’m not going back in the PVR to see what I missed.

    go Jays!

  14. Wagner looks solid in the second. Plenty of time for a comeback!

  15. It is now virtually impossible for JPA to drag his batting average back up to .200 – he needed to go 3-3. Now he needs a 19 inning game in which he goes 4-8, which doesn’t seem too likely.

    Good, I say. Live with it.

  16. They need to do anything they can to beat the Rays today and crush them.

    I blame Maddon for Romero’s downfall. he didn’t create Ricky’s lousy reverse splits but the Fucker had to notice them and take advantage of them.

    At least there should be a bench clearing brawl and Gibby can punch Maddon in the face. Gibby should be up for that.

    • I don’t know if the solution to someone being better than you at everything is to punch that person in the face, but that’s probably the sort of answer the Jays would come up with, as opposed to, you know, getting better players or actually working harder.

      • After this season, I am giving up on rationality.

        The truth is I would love to have Maddon with the Jays. That organisation does more with less than anybody except the A’s. And it looks like they have fun.

  17. Blue jays players came out of the dugout before this inning to thank fans! Very nice gesture.

  18. I just picked my nose and flicked it. That’s my deep analysis of the season.

    But I will say this. Take a long hard look at rosters of the A’s and the Bucks. Something can be learned here.

    I personally think “ceiling” takes a back seat to players that are midline but “produce” and have a recent track record of doing so. Then it’s pitching that puts a team over the top. Pitching, pitching, pitching ………… Which is what AA has tried to do. Glad I don’t have his job.

    • The last DJF podcast (I think) spent a lot of time on the idea of prospect floor vs. ceiling. Guys that will never be worse than league-average for their positions aren’t nothing.

      • And I sure as hell forgot to mention the Indians. Full of midline position players, but the pitching.

  19. Favourite JPA fact: Only five qualified hitters have worse batting averages (ie hits alone) than JPA’s OBP (ie hits plus walks). Four of those five guys have OBPs over .300. The one qualified hitter with a lower BA than JPA’s (Uggla) has an OBP of .309.

    • Sinister. I suppose JPA finishes below the Mendoza line today. Perhaps they should give him an awe and like the Razzies.

      I remember when Rob Deer for the Tigers hit below Mendoza but also hit 35+ homers and 80 + ribbies.

  20. @Chris_Toman: AA said no set number on payroll, but: “We are certainty not going to go backwards.”
    Jp’s needs to go

  21. So let’s assume they non-tender Arencibia. Who signs him? I’m trying to think of a team that would, even as a backup, and I can’t do it. Even the Astros have Jason Castro.

    • Someone would sign him, but it hard to say what team. Yes, he is terrible, but he is durable, young-ish, and would be cheap. Also – DINGERS!

  22. I wonder what percentage Flex pack sales drop this offseason.

    • I will renew for 2014

    • They got over 30,000 yesterday and same again today. After this clusterfuck of a season, with all the griping going on. As long as payroll doesn’t go down the sales will stay exactly where they are now, or go up if there’s another winter splash.

  23. Very nice tribute to Oliver.

    Fans clapping for Jpa as well

  24. Buck saying a collection of non-idiotic things on whether a team that needs to improve significantly has room for a “character” guy like Derosa. Also asked some pointed and good questions of AA.

    Saved it for #162, I guess.

  25. Look at the Rays for instance.

    They lost/traded Shields, Upton, Pena, and Crawford. On paper, it sounds disgusting to replace them with Meyers, De Jesus, Loney, and others.

    But muthafukin pitching stays stronger with position players that moderately produce.

    Thus says to me, watch for some big names to be traded from the Jays next year.

  26. With a Jays loss and a Rockies win, both teams would be tid at 74-88 but the Rockies would pick ahead of the Jays because of last year’s record.

    Do I have that right?

  27. Henderson Alvarez tossing a no-no. Fuck.

  28. Yeah but the Marlins haven’t scored yet…

  29. Derosa comes through with a solid double.

    Jays get 2 runs

  30. AA should be on the hot seat
    He failed at making good trades

  31. Just wanted to stop by and say, what a fucking season, guys. Thanks for the laughs.

  32. It’s sphincter-tightening time in Tampa.

  33. Kittenface for all the marbles. I fucking love it!

  34. Feels so good getting fucked by cunty ex jays

  35. Largest ovation: Muni.

  36. FRod = Fraud

  37. So JP Arencibia finishes 2013 with a MLB-high 13 passed balls allowed. That’s 13 passed balls allowed over 130 games, and he only caught Dickey once. Josh Thole allowed 9 passed balls in 2013 (tied for 5th in MLB), catching Dickey exclusively, and even then only since June.

    I realize passed balls don’t tell the whole story, but still…wow.

  38. Straighten up and fly right, Rodney.
    You’re an embarrassment, and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

  39. Gose comes through 7-6 . Fans going crazy for lawrie

  40. Honestly these last three games have been some of the most fun this season.

  41. Best parts of the season; Dickey fake bunt, slash double and Esmil pinchrunning. Long live 2013

  42. I might cry if the last thing I see is FRod doing his stupid cupid arrow bullshit

  43. fuck you, you piece of fucking shit

  44. Euthanized. Was fun. Miss the Jays already. #2014

  45. Sign dem free agents with protected pick!

  46. Holy shit, this Fox broadcast is painful. Listless, boring, long pauses with no words spoken. I miss Buck and Tabby already.

  47. OK Alex. Get it done.

  48. Call me crazy, but I’ve been getting more and more excited for next year.

    I mean, for the most part, the crappy seasons from the starting lineup were career outliers. Dickey and Beurhle were pretty decent, and if it hadn’t been for the back issue, its not a stretch to say Dickey could have been a lot closer to 20 wins than any casual fan would like to believe…

    The Jays barely had Morrow, Johnson obviously had something wrong with him. Granted the injuries to those two are nothing new, but if they were healthier, they surely would have been worth more than some of the other shitballers they ran out there.

    Despite the horror, the team had a better record than last season. The last time last place in the AL East had a record better than the Jays this year was 1997. We saw the Yankees and Orioles luck start to run out at the end of the year. Hopefully Tampa and Boston are next…

    So let’s hope the baseball Gods are done shitting on us, and 2014 can be fun.

    • Well, it isn’t all that difficult to look at the worst case scenario for all the other teams:

      -Boston just had a year where everyone on their roster met or exceeded expectations. Also they were pretty healthy. They could easily drop back to being an 80-odd win team next year

      -Baltimore is still short starting pitching

      -New York is ancient, a lot of players are leaving, and they’re trying to cut salary. They won only 85 games this year and they were lucky to do that with a -21 run differential

      -Tampa will probably be their typical 90-ish win kind of team

      I still think, on paper, given a couple of tweaks and health the Jays aren’t far away from being in the mix

  49. I wish sometimes it wasn’t a baseball crowd, but a wrestling crowd. The place would’ve gone off for Kawasaki and the chant would’ve lasted throughout the AB.

    That, and there would’ve been an ‘Asshole’ chant for Escobar. And who wouldn’t find that amenable?

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