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  1. I wish we hadn’t traded Farrell for Rogers! If he was still here we would have made the playoffs! That guy is da magical bomb!!!

    • Where was that magic the last two seasons? I sure the fuck didn’t see any magic. And all I see this year for the BoSox is an incredible amount of luck. Just like last years’s O’s, they will be really hard pressed to be able to have so many players staying healthy and having above average years. But when the Jays start winning, I’m sure you’ll jump back on the band wagon, because that’s what you wagon jumpers do. And in case you don’t remember, Farrell didn’t want to be here, and he can still suck it.

    • Actually, if you stack Carpenter’s and Gomes’ 2013 numbers together, both stages of the Farrell trade hurt.

  2. I was just at a bar with Mets fans who spent two hours of playoff baseball making fun of me for the Jays trading Syndergaard (they granted that D’Arnaud was going to be terrible, which I think is a stretch) for a 38 year old pitcher with 2 good years.

    Part of me hopes we bounce back and stuff it in their faces. Most of me thinks that the Dickey trade could go down as one of the all time worst trades in the history of baseball, on par with Colon and Alexander.

    The nattering nabob in my keeps wondering what we’d think of AA if it weren’t for the semi-magical emergence of Eddy and Jose as unstoppable power hitters. Every trade he’s made, (except Dickey, fuck) we’ve gotten the better end of it. But if it weren’t for EE and Jose? We would have been the Houston Astros going on 4 years now. I dunno why I’m posting this here except that I’m drunk and I’m pissed. Go Jays.

    • Unless & until D’Arnaud &/or Syn play a full season of pro ball, anyone who says AA ‘lost’ this trade is basing that comment on scouting reports.

      The Jays have one full season of mediocre-to-passable starting pitching to show for this trade so far. The Mets have SFA at the majo league level.

      2 things could happen next year: Syn gets an early callup & is the pitching equivalent of Trout. Or, Dickey comes in healthy and with a year’s experience with the Dome and puts up 20 wins & 4 WAR. Which is more likely? 2013 was a terrible year for the Blue Jays, but this trade is still tilted in the Jay’s favour. Check back in 5 years, maybe not, but some stellar scouting reports on Syn is no reason to eat a handgun, FFS.

    • @Ray.

      Dickey was supposed to be the cherry on the top that guarantees the jays competitive September baseball at a minimum.

      This was a 3 year gamble by AA that the Jays could get to the playoffs by 2015 before Bautista & Edwin declined.

      So far it hasn’t worked out. Hopefully the Jays will get a shot next year

  3. Dickey improved in the second half. I agree with RR. We can’t really look at this last season as indicative of anything. It was a black hole that seemed to swallow the team.

    One thing I don’t think we’ve discussed is how much we lost when Butterfield left. Rivera hasn’t exactly covered himself in glory. I think we missed the shifts a lot and the steadying presence even more. I was never a big fan of the guy. But now, seeing what we lost when we lost him, I realize I was wrong and I really wish we had him back. Sadly I doubt that will happen unless Gibby leaves and they offer him the manager’s job.

    • It’s the free defensive value they seemed to give up with Butterfield gone that’s bugging me. The shifts were basically free defensive runs saved (and probably made him more valuable than any manager in baseball), it’d be nice to have those back.

    • What do you think we saw that indicated something lost by his not being there? A few questionable sends from third base, which probably don’t amount to much, and the lack of shifts. I agree that the Jays should be using data to its utmost and using shifting constantly, and lost that with Butterfield, but someone made a good point in a piece when I was talking about this– something Drew and I have talked about as well (can’t remember if it was in a podcast or not)– which is that veterans sometimes may not like all the shifting going on behind them, particularly guys who work at a fast pace. There are few pitcher who work quicker than Buehrle and Dickey, so maybe the lack of shifting is as much about them and not disrupting their rhythm. Just saying, it’s not necessarily obvious why– though I do agree that I don’t like it.

      • @Stoeten,

        Thanks for the reply. I agree about Rivera making more mistakes at 3B sending/not sending runners.

        You bring up good points about Buehrle & Dickey not liking it.

        On the other hand, don’t these two pitchers benefit from excellent defense. Buerhle got screwed from poor defense.

        I always thought doing the shift was cool.

        Overall it saves runs, so the Jays should use it more.

        I do miss Butterfield. I thought he would make an excellent replacement for Farrell & was loyal to the Jays for many years.

      • I think Butterfield was more valuable to the team than Rivera. The bad sends home are not part of this as Butterfield made a few bad sends of his own. The ‘fast pitchers don’t like the shifts’ argument has value. But not all our pitchers worked that fast. The shifts were useful and could have been deployed when other pitchers were starting. Also the team seemed to be woefully unprepared. That’s on all the coaches, but in terms of the infield it devolves on 3rd base coach doesn’t it?

  4. Stoeten, if you’re here, that link does clear it up for me. The part that might be slightly confusing is the statement that the arbitrator award is not guaranteed. But maybe that’s not confusing it it just means the team can walk away from it. I wonder why a couple of folks who generally know their shit think the Jays can just option Arencibia and pay him just 300k?

    • Yes, they can walk away with it and then still only pay a portion, as they did with Reed Johnson years ago.

      This legal stuff is tricky, so I think it’s totally understandable for people to be off about it.

      • MjwW at BBB says “no split” means it doesn’t set out a different minor league salary and if he’s optioned his salary reverts to minor league minimum. I think we should defer to MjwW.

  5. Mlbtr guesses Salty gets 4/36. The Jays gotta be all over him at that rate, don’t they? I’m sure if the money is tight he will chose boston, so the Jays gotta blow them away. 4/44, let’s get a new catcher.

  6. From David Price’s twitter account last night

    Dirk Hayhurst…COULDNT hack it…Tom Verducci wasn’t even a water boy in high school…but yet they can still bash a player…SAVE IT NERDS

    I missed the broadcast comment by Hayhurst but he must have insulted David Price.

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