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Jorge Arangure Jr. writes at Sports On Earth about Latino ballplayers playing the game the way they’re used to, instead of meekly choosing to “ to curtail their behavior to appease a mostly white power structure” as they once may have, and how this changing face of baseball plays dubiously into conversations about playing the game “the right way.” In city where we’ve endured nonsense this year about Jose Reyes having too much fun during losses, Jose Bautista being too demonstrative in his anger with umpires, and complains– albeit perhaps just by one doddering old man in Richard Griffin’s mail bags– about the club’s Latino players segregating themselves, fans should probably read this right fucking now.

Elsewhere at SoE, Will Leitch heaps praise on the TBS playoff studio show, including Dirk Hayhurst.

Blah blah David Price tweet blah blah blah Hayhurst blah blah nerds blah blah Kenny Ken Ken blah Fox Sports.

The Blue Jays sent an email today to existing season ticket holders today, and it turns out prices will hold steady in 2014. Bluebird Banter has the early details.

Richard Griffin has a new Bullpen post up at the Toronto Star, in which– among other things– he scoffs at the firing of Dusty Baker, because he’s got a track record of results, and since the game of baseball is all about a manager leading his team to a certain result, with the players being mostly inconsequential compared to the manager’s strength of will and magical leadership abilities, the Reds are clearly idiots. But not as much as Jays fans, who apparently should be shocked at where Cincinnati has set its bar and where their club has. Ugh.

Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail isn’t going to let Griff sit alone on the dumbing-down-the-discourse train, giving us horseshit like the suggestion that the Red Sox did well because they had a core of guys used to winning, and “didn’t airlift a bunch of guys from the Miami Marlins.” Uh… not only does that have nothing to do with anything except in the wet dreams of bored sportswriters groping for a narrative that seems to make just enough sense to sell to a bunch of dupes, the total number of seasons in Miami from players airlifted in and not named Josh Johnson: six. The number of World Series titles among them: one. The number of playoff appearances: three. But hey, whatever red meat the morons will eat up, right? Like dropping a bomb on Brandon Morrow’s make-up and then just letting it sit there, uncommented on, waiting for negative suckholes to pick it up and try to stuff it down sensible peoples’ throats. Ugh.

Interestingly, and not unrelated, Jeff Sullivan of FanGraphs looks at playoff starts from guys with minimal experience, and finds that– once they’re into the playoffs, at least– experience seems to be a negative, as their numbers worsen as their number of playoff starts increase. Tougher to sell that one though, huh? Michael Wacha seems to be doing OK today, too.

Elsewhere at FanGraphs, an interesting piece from Carson Cistulli on “usable power,” as opposed to raw power, as he contrasts 36-HR guys Pedro Alvarez and Edwin Encarnacion, who each go there in quite different ways.

At Forbes, Maury Brown writes about baseball’s attendance in 2013, which looked very good if you were a Blue Jays bean counter: the Jays “ drew 2,536,562, their highest attendance since 1997 and saw the league’s largest increase per game (5,394 per game over 2012).” Take heed, Rogers. For realious.

The Montreal Gazette looks at the city’s mayoral hopefuls, who all seem to be playing politics with baseball. Good luck with that. (No, really.)

Lastly, Ted Berg of USA Today passes along this unbelievable tidbit about Pirates second baseman Neil Walker: he owes his life to Roberto Clemente. Literally. Walker’s dad played winter ball with Clemente, and nearly got on the fateful relief flight that took the life of the Pirates legend, being talked out of it by the man himself. WTF?!?

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  1. I just picture old retired men reading the newspaper, at tim hortons, sitting silently across from their wives, and stumbling upon those two articles. Look Sharon, old griff here has the balls to say it! this team lacks in hard work and stick to-it-iveness. i’m tired of these hot doggin losers with their high fives and smiling and laughin while they’re stinkin up the joint!
    i wonder if they believe what they write or if they just tell their readers what they want to hear.

    • Same. It’s got to be for page views because nobody can be that stupid on a consistent basis…right?

  2. Arencibia for Wacha. Final offer.

    • Wacha picked two spots after DJ Davis in 2012.

      Cue morons in 3… 2…

      • I’m not going to say we should have picked Wacha because who could we have known, but it is exceptionally frustrating when you look at the shit our drafts have produced since 2000. Shawn Marcum and Aaron Hill (both way back in 2003, and both long gone) are the only two with even 10 career WAR. Or in other words, the last 13 drafts have produced two players whose career is as valuable as one year of Mike Trout.

  3. I don’t understand the stat that measures raw power and I left a bunch of comments in that article. for example, if Ks are removed from the calculation, why are ground balls included?

    HRCon% doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Wouldn’t average FB distance or HR/FB % be a better measure of raw power? It

    • This is largely a semantic issue, right?

      • What I’m saying is I don’t think HRCon% is a meaningful/useful or reliable stat. I think there are better ways to describe raw power and power.

    • I don’t even get that far – Edwin crushes the ball so hard sometimes I can’t believe it doesn’t crack right open. Intuitively it is weird to say he has less raw power.

      It’s an interesting concept. But I think I need a fresh coffee before I can think more on it.

  4. Here’s the link for that first article:


  5. mark ellis next year?

  6. Has Griff always been like this or has he been trying too hard lately?

  7. Please, please, please bring back the ballpark pass.

    Like bluebird banter said “I hope that he big wigs at 1 Blue Jays Way would understand that the $95 passes are a great way to get butts in seats, and most importantly, in lines to get beer and concessions.”

  8. That Fangraphs article on was interesting but not very convincing. I don’t think he’s necessarily wrong, well at least that experience doesn’t mean a lot, but his research leaves a lot to be desired.

  9. I enjoyed the Arangure article. Really we Canadians are hombres of the Latino ball players in terms of celebrating when it comes to hockey.

    We play with emotion in hockey so I see no problem with ball players getting a little excited on the field. Screw Atlanta……

  10. Stoeten, sorry to be a nag. I wrote what I’ve copied below in the now-dead threat from yesterday. Again, sorry to be a nag about this, I assume you would want to be right or know if you were mistaken on this issue.

    MjwW at BBB says “no split” means it doesn’t set out a different minor league salary and if he’s optioned his salary reverts to minor league minimum. I think we should defer to MjwW.

  11. “the manager’s strength of will and magical leadership abilities”

    We saw some of that tonight in the Rays walk-off home room with Maddon putting up Lobaton.

  12. He was HUNTER?!?

  13. Based on the average ticket price I found of $33, that increase in attendance over a full season would have brought in a little over $14 million this year. That number doesn’t even consider concessions, clothing, memorabilia, advertising and other sources of income. In spite of the on field results, you’ve got to think the payroll increase has been worth it from a financial perspective.

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