I hate to say it, but frankly, you’re becoming something of a liability. You’ll never get that hermit crab at this rate.

“Two Blue Jays players contacted by sportsnet.ca expressed surprise and disappointment about Mottola’s departure, and couldn’t understand the decision,” writes Shi Davidi of Sportsnet, who throws out the names Mickey Brantley and Kevin Seitzer as possible replacements for the departing Chad Mottola. That’s Kevin Seitzer, not Kevin Elster, which is good, because we all probably remember that whole thing where the Jays had a legal tussle with ex-employee (and alleged secret-revealer) Patrick “the King” Elster– not to mention the fact that being the brother of Kevin Elster is… hell.

In another on at Sportsnet, Ben Nicholson-Smith looks at the Jays’ “core” of players, which can easily be held together for longer than the three-year period (of which one has already expired) that so many fans seem to want to believe they’re stuck with.

And elsewhere still at Sportsnet, Ben looks at the pipe dream market for pitching, which may not just include David Price, but Max Scherzer as well.

Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail, among other things, looks at another name that could hit the market, because he seems determined to hit free agency after 2014: Homer Bailey of the Reds. If only they didn’t have Billy Hamilton to step into centre after Shin-Soo Choo leaves, maybe Anthony Gose would look pretty good. He suggests, though, that bullpen pieces might also start a conversation, as it’s possible Aroldis Chapman will be moved to the rotation.

John Lott of the National Post speaks to Chad Mottola, who says that he was caught off guard by his firing.

Gregg’s Zaun the best dressed list at Toronto Life. Money comment: “That Zaun guy is only 42? Maybe it’s a typo. Maybe they meant 52. Because 42 means he’s literally a couple years older than me, and… wow.” Baseball is hard.

Interesting piece from Brian Crawford at Jays Prospects, as he looks at improvements made by Gustavo Pierre in Lansing and Dunedin this year. Yeah… I don’t know. He’s still just 21, but two walks in 237 PA at Lansing doesn’t sound so great to me– especially since it was the third season in which he had a 50+ game stint at the level.

Elsewhere on the Prospect front, Chris Slade of Minor League Ball writes about Jays prospect, and Northwest League MVP, L.B. Dantzler, who he watched quite a bit during Dantzler’s breakout senior season at South Carolina. All the caveats we’ve mentioned before apply: a polished college senior bat in the Northwest League should do well, whether he was picked in the 14th round or not. But still, Slade is impressed, and thinks he’s a name to keep an eye on as he gets tested against more advanced pitching in the coming years.

Adam Green of Arizona Sports passes along some seriously moronic comments from Diamondbacks GM Kevin Towers, who didn’t appreciate that his pitchers didn’t throw enough baseballs at opponents heads this year, and that his coaching staff didn’t insist more on the club engaging in such dumbfuckery. He wants a culture change, it sounds like, and hopefully that means some of his pitchers could become available. Hey, and if the deals don’t work out and he gets fired, I’m sure he can get a job on some dull-headed hockey panel show.

The Blue Jay Hunter wonders if J.P. Arencibia’s horrible season could have been a product of too much job security. I don’t know about that– I suspect he’s going to find out very quickly how little job security he has– but it’s not unfair to wonder just why the hell he was allowed by the organization to twist in the wind so badly and for so long.

Jays Journal passes along word that four Jays minor leaguers– Jack Murphy, Shane Opitz, Jon Berti, and Michael Crouse– are headed to Australia to play in the upcoming Australian Baseball League season. So… yeah.

Not Jays-related, but Zach Lowe of Grantland pens a tribute to the Raptor– the Toronto Raptors’ mascot– who’ll miss this season after tearing his ACL. As a Canadian, I feel it’s my duty to point it out when the American media takes notice of us.

“Marcus Stroman (@MStrooo7) just threw an inning, 94-96, with a slider, cutter, and even a good change,” tweets Keith Law from the Arizona Fall League. Nails much? Law says he’ll be there watching the Jays-affiliated Salt River Rafters tonight, as well, with Aaron Sanchez slated to start.

Lastly, over at Getting Blanked, Craig Robinson of Flip Flop Fly Ball has filed the last of his awesome infographics. Be sure to follow him on Twitter, as Craig is good people. Or, at least, I seem to remember thinking as much from my time getting to know him when he spent a summer in Toronto a few years back, but much of was a delightfully drunken blur.

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  1. This quote form Keith Law is pretty solid:

    “Marcus Stroman (@MStrooo7) just threw an inning, 94-96, with a slider, cutter, and even a good change”

  2. So according to Knobler, if the Tigers win tonight they keep Scherzer, if they lose they trade him? Makes sense…

  3. Man, the comments on those Sportsnet articles are…depressing.

  4. Gotta say, this whole Mottola firing isn’t reflecting well on AA and/or Gibbons From Mottola himself being surprised, to some of the players stating they don’t understand the decision, to the actual decent results put up by the offense this year, it seems like his coaching “performance” was fine. So if you’re not firing him for that, what are you firing him for?

    - AA or Gibbons didn’t like him? There’s no reason to believe that and even if one of them didn’t like him, who cares? You don’t have to like the guy if he’s a good coach.
    - So Gibbons can pick his own coach? Honestly that’s the vibe I get from the media coverage. Gibbons wanted to pick his own coach and AA gave him the go ahead. If that’s true, seems like a really dumb move. “If it’s not broke don’t fix it” might apply here. Gibbons bringing in a buddy that may or may not does as well as Mottola seems foolish.There’s way more risk to bringing in a new guy that flops with the player relationships or performance than there is keeping the same guy and having him fail at these same things.

  5. Now when Zaun says his wardrobe staple is “Crocodile shoes in as many colours as I can get them in” he means Crocs right? C’mon fashion, pull it together!

  6. Also – Aaron Sanchez pitches tonight in the AFL (per Keith Law)

  7. That contract article on sportsnet is a little off in terms of the contracts. Maybe on purpose but Lind’s extra option years are left off as well as the 2017 for Santos.

  8. How stupid could Kevin Towers be? It’s like he thinks he knows more about baseball than a blue jays blogger. We should have known what a dolt he was when he hired a manager! Oh well, one day soon the nerds will rise up out of their mothers basements and take over the world. Then everything will finally be done right!

  9. You’d think Towers would be a bit more circumspect about having his pitchers play beanball what with one of them almost being killed by a ball to the head a few seasons ago.

  10. Off topic but any chance the Jays take a shot at a minor league guy for 2nd?

    I know Kolton Wong was mentioned a couple times this year, but maybe Gose and change for a close to the big leagues 2b prospect makes sense.

  11. Zaun is only a couple of years older than you???

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