Jack Morris As Zack Morris?


Funny stuff via the MLB Fan Cave– in which Jays fan April Whitzman is still going strong, having made it as one of the final three cave dwellers, and heading to the World Series live– as they got Jays radio man, and almost Hall-of-Famer Jack Morris to do some riffing on the similarities between his name and that of a fictional character on an unwatchable early-1990s kids show.

Obviously Morris is being a good sport here– he’s certainly not being much of an actor. HEYO! But it’s endearing, as was his analysis during Jays radio broadcasts this season. (See what I did there?)

Sure, there was maybe a little too much drum beating for the pitch-to-the-score concept that is so crucial to his legacy, and some old school ideas that clash a bit with the modern game, but generally he’s been far, far better– for me, at least– than ever expected. Not that we’d set the bar very high, given some of the bristling we’d heard from Twins fans about him, but still, I really do have to admit that he was a very good addition to the broadcast team, and a worthy replacement for ol’ Buns Ashby.

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  1. I will watch this after I hear the rest of this album. But, Goddamn, if it can be half as funny as the title then I am in for a treat

  2. We were all so worried about Morris, but he was good.

    He won me over 100% when he started picking fights with the Red Sox and Eck.

  3. Disagree about Morris being a good replacement for Ashby. Ashby was probably the best baseball colour commentator the Jays have ever hard. The guy knows baseball really well, had some great insights, and isn’t afraid to speak his mind even if it sounds like a criticism of a player or the team.

    • Morris was fine, but Ashby was the best. Great voice for baseball and was smart AND hilarious. And who can forget the time he got hit by a foul ball in the booth and just laughed it off!

    • To be fair, there are very few who could replace Ashby. He was honestly one of my favourite broadcasters and it was always refreshing listening to him.

    • yeah, Ashby is awesome. the best. I don’t mean to put Morris down, but those were huge shoes to fill.

  4. I remember Wilner mentioning how bad the Giants’ record is when they don’t get a quality start from their starter, and Morris laughed at him for mentioning this. Of course they don’t win a lot when their starter doesn’t do well.

    • Yeah, kinda like saying you won’t win many ballgames when the other team scores more runs. I think Tabby has said that a couple of times before.

      • He and Buck say countless variations on “the key to winning games is to score more runs that the other team does”. They’re usually trying to get at some other kind of run prevention vs. scoring idea, but it just makes me scream when it comes out flat.

  5. Unwatchable? Kids show? Spoken like a true Bayside Tiger!

    “Goooooo Bayside!” Kelly Kapowski

  6. I think after Colby Rasmus, Jack Morris was the biggest Jays surprise of the year .. yes this was quite the year :(

  7. i just bought a 20 ticket voucher for next year. you can pick the games (and # of seats) on the go…whenever you feel like it. pretty sweet.

    • you’re so lucky! it’s tough to get jays tickets after these last 20 years and that thrilling 2013 campaign. did you have to line up for hours?

      • @Aaron,

        The sales rep said sales were strong. We joked about becoming Tigers fans for the next week!.

        I hope they clobber the Red Sox.

      • @ aaron, nice comment douche…is everyone named aaron a fuck turd like you?!?! Dude is stoked to having bought his tickets and some of us only wish we were local enough to spend the dough to see our team. Save your hate for the boston shit soxs. get fucked.

        Right on Yeah…how much do you put down for something like that?

        • @yeah.

          I paid $1,280 for 20 tickets, infield level. It’s good value compared to buying single game tickets.

          Very efficient service from Josh the sales rep.

          I enjoy going to games with the family even if they had a bad season.

          Next will be better. !

        • Seems everyone named blueballs need to just nut up and nut out. Asshole.

          • @datgurl Your offering a space? I’m just expressing my feelings for some douche who decides to openly nut all over someones obvious stokedness of buying some season passes. So unless your offering the space…get fucked yourself.

    • @yeah


      I renewed my flexpack as well today. Got tickets to the Home Opener in Section 220R!

      I also got tickets to the season finale where I hope the Jays will clinch a playoff spot.

  8. Meh, I’m ambivalent about Morris. He’s no Bobby Winkles, but he’ll do.

  9. That video was absolute shit. lol

    I did like the shit he said about bucholtz though, that guy’s “look” is a step away from crackhead. Grease ball, bug eyed douche bag.

  10. The fuck? Unwatchable? What are you, a fan of zit remedy?

  11. I certainly thought Morris was going to be a disaster and I was dead wrong – Morris was a most pleasant surprise this year.
    Tabby is probably a nice guy, but he is an awful analyst…

    • I have to agree. The thing I liked about Morris, pitching to the score bias aside, was that he didn’t sugarcoat his analysis. He made some cutting comments throughout the season that I appreciated for their candour.

  12. Anybody know if the game tonight will be on sportsnet Ontario?

  13. Fuck the playoffs.

  14. I can’t believe it’s not photoshopped.

  15. I love watching guys get gunned down at the plate from the OF. so sweet. especially in extra innings in a playoff game!!!

  16. Listen here you mamba jamba bottom feeding pit with hurricane eyes

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