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  1. Fuck Boston

  2. Tigers!

  3. It’s felt like Boston has been on a march to the World Series for months now.

    Why can’t the Jays have good things anymore?

  4. Watch Buchholz – he’s greasing up his fingers on his hair.

  5. I only cheered for Boston 10 years ago cause I thought they’d win it once, and then go back to losing for another 90 years. If I would have know they would turn out to be more hate-able than the Yankees, then I would have just cheered for the the despicable Yankees of ’04.

    The only thing we can be thankful for is that the Cards made the WS out of the NL. They at least have a chance of beating the Sox. If the Pirates had made it though, it would have been tough to watch the Sox sweep them away…

    • So true. Yankees turned out to be purer or something.

      • I hate them both. No matter what happens!!! I bleed blue, through and through. Go Tigers!!! Yankees are not pure, their still the evil empire that makes me hate everything about here resurgence in the last 20 years. Call me bias, which I am, but they remind me of the kid who failed once or twice, who dominates in gym and takes every oppurtunity to gloat. Fuck the Yankees and the red sucks. Sorry, my inner blue jay prohibits me from showing these two teams any sort of respect. In the words of a legendary yankee cheat, MINE!!!

  6. Did cabrera just punch bogarts in the back? Lol

  7. Farrell just gave Schertzer a chance to regroup and get out of that inning. Nails.

  8. Bullpen management was never Farrell’s forte.

    Fingers crossed.

  9. oh, ya gotta luv farrell – ball

  10. Oh Fatty McFielder, you’re the fattest

  11. These Tigers seem bound and determined to kill whatever buzz comes their way.

  12. The Tigers miss a relatively easy double play to end the inning. Then Victorino hits a grand slam. 5-2 red sox.


    I hate the red sox. I hate farrell. I hate boston. I don’t even like clam chowder anymore.

    I am now a cardinals fan!.

  13. It’s not as though we didn’t warn them that they would fall short without an injection of a Blue Jays reliever or two.

    Maybe they’ll come a’callin’ this off season.

    • @small potatoes.

      They could use a reliever, but that error was brutal. The tigers had a runner picked off in the top of the inning.

  14. Wow. What a shitty fucking year of baseball this has been.

  15. What a disgrace. That fucker Farrell is WS.

  16. have an extra beer for me tonight Stoeten…

  17. I don’t like baseball anymore

  18. I’ll take the Cardinals in 5 games.

  19. My god just imagine being a team in this day and age going to the playoffs with a shitty ass bullpen like the Tigers did. Seriously. Dave Dombrowski – you know that the ENTIRE BLUE JAYS BULLPEN was available at the deadline, right? Honestly, I was cheering for the Tigers – their rotation was amazing – but when you look at the shit-ballers they had in their pen, is it really any surprise that they didn’t make the WS? Just imagine how Tigers fans must feel right now, knowing their GM didn’t trade away prospects (that probably wont amount to jack squat) to give them a better chance at making the WS.!?!?!

    • Hey, I know, why don’t you fuck off?

    • @John.

      I reread that post. Farell certainly proved us wrong. He will probably win Manager of the Year.

      What’s funny is that his bullpen move last night to take out Clay Buckholz was roundly criticized by the Boston media . It allowed Fielder to get on base & the Tigers went ahead 2-1 soon after.

      • yes oakville, because winning manager of the year obviously means he was a good manager, despite in last night’s game he was lucky that putting his worst reliever in a high leverage spot didn’t come back to bite him in the ass because of the grand slam and questionable non strike calls

  20. if the red sox win the world serious this year i’m giving up on baseball forever. Nothing gets worse than this.

  21. Last night I fell in love with the beer tub girl. After spending a mere fifty dollars over 2 hours she remembered my name. I’m thinking about buying her a ring and have decided to weigh the pros and cons:


    1.She also hates the Red Sox.

    2.She can do quick math in her head, she never gave anyone the wrong amount of change on a 5 dollar beer.

    3. Coordinated outfit – Her toe nail/finger nail polish and bikini were all purple.


    1. I question the thinking behind wearing a bikini this time of year, she could catch cold walking home.

    2. I worry our children could develop male pattern baldness because although she had a lovely head of platinum blonde hair the rest of her body seemed devoid of hair follicles.

    3. High heel shoes didn’t seem to be a sensible choice to me for someone who has to spend all night on her feet.

    I’m torn……… anyone have any advice?

    • Before I comment.

      What’s a “beer tub girl” and why does she cost 50 dollars for 2 hours?
      Is it unusual for ladies to remember your name?
      Perhaps your name on a forehead tattoo is an option?
      You were getting 5 dollar beers and requesting change?
      Try tipping and she might do more than remember your name.

  22. From Nick Cafardo:

    “There’s some real talk about the possibility that the Rays could see Montreal as a real alternative if plans for a new stadium don’t work out in the Tampa area.”

    • I don’t think the average American sports journalist realizes how Quebec works, Montreal pops up at random times as a potential location but the Quebec society is so different from American cities that getting a new stadium or completely redoing the big O is really unlikely.

      • Yup
        No government will pay for a Stadium following the Miami disaster

        • That is sort of what I’m saying but its more Quebec isn’t even going to look at anywhere else to figure things out. They do their own shit and potential MLB teams aren’t even going to be on their radar. Like they could decide to build a new stadium (like the new arena in Quebec City) but they’d do it for their own reasons, not because they are looking for Tampa to come calling

        • Every single mayoral candidate in Montreal is using “return the Expos” in their campaign right now, for the record. I’d love to see it happen, but it won’t be for awhile.

          Having said that, any campaign to bring a team back to Montreal has one thing going for it, no matter who owns the team: Bell. I’m sure they would love nothing more than to get the broadcast rights for a second Canadian team and market it against Rogers nationwide while getting a lot of summer programming for TSN — Sportsnet has baseball every day all summer, Jays or not, TSN has the CFL 2 times a week at most and then nothing until hockey comes back. They would pay a ton for English AND French media rights and I’m sure that would be an attraction for any owner.

          • @sharkey.

            I think the MLB will return to Montral at some point.
            The city is in better economic shape than the 1990′s.

            The economics of baseball are beter now with tv rights etc.

            Bell would want the expos broadcast rights. Saputo could own the team. They run the montreal impact.

          • …dumb question…why wouldn’t Bell just outright try to buy an MLB team (in whole, or in part, presumably the Rays) and move it for the content reasons noted by Sharkey, instead having Saputo or another entity be the driving force for ownership?

    • But honestly, it will be another 7-10 years at least before Montreal gets a team back, if they do at all. I’d love it to happen sooner but that’s just the reality.

      • Agree with your post Sharkey. We live in an age where professional sports leagues try to play cities off against each other to force cities that already have a franchise to spend big bucks to build new stadiums and dole out huge tax breaks, or else they will see their existing franchise move elsewhere. The NFL is trying to make London, England a viable destination for any existing franchise because they are running out of cities to blackmail other NFL cities with. The only major US cities that do not have a franchise and could also support one would be Los Angeles and maybe San Antonio. LA only half cares. Baseball is in a similar boat. Not a lot of cities to move an existing franchise to. Montreal might have a team again someday. The fans there deserved way better, but in the meantime they may have to settle for being used by MLB to give Tampa a possible suitor to force the powers that be to build a better stadium in a better locale.

  23. I think if the Sox win the Series then Boston wins too.

  24. If the Jays are looking to shore up their rotation, I wonder how much they’d consider Scherzer, I mean, if the Tigers really will look to move him.

  25. I think they’re looking at a deal involving Scherzer, Cabrera and Verlander. Then they’re going to sign Cano and McCann to fill their second base and catcher holes. We’ll have to give up Lawrie.

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