Great stuff from Matt Klaassen at FanGraphs in a piece titled “Iannetta, Conger, and the End of the Arencibia Era.” A much more thorough look at the yesterday’s rumour than my piddly little hung over piece. The big takeaway, though, is that the Angels will probably be able to extract a better price from the Jays than those of us around here want to believe, precisely because they know they have Anthopoulos over a barrel. This, one might surmise, is why AA was so reluctant over the summer to acknowledge that Arencibia has to go– at least he has some internal options when it comes to the other holes he needs to fill.

Money comment about AA on Klaassen’s piece: “What is it with this man and giving up people that play the hardest position to play for people that play the easiest position to fill?” Napoli, Gomes, and, in a roundabout way, Perez, all gone for relievers. Shit, you can probably save another spot on that list for a certain someone this winter, too.

“Everything about him — from his posture to his approach — was rigid to the point of snapping. Even his conversation had the stilted gait of a police briefing. Nobody ever ‘went’ anywhere. They ‘proceeded’ places,” says the Toronto Star‘s Cathal Kelly of the newly jovial John Farrell’s time as the dour manager of the Toronto Blue Jays. “His authoritarian style extended into the clubhouse, which became fractious and unruly. Baseball players can bear a tyrant — many of them love being pushed around — but they’re baffled by aloofness. If the boss shows no interest, they inevitably fall to fighting amongst themselves.”

Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post notes that the Nationals have interviewed Jays bench coach DeMarlo Hale for their vacant managerial position. “By interviewing Hale, who is African-American, the Nationals fulfilled the obligation set forth by Major League Baseball to interview a minority candidate for a managerial opening. The Nationals did not seek out Hale strictly for that reason, though,” he explains. I… uh… I certainly would never want to impugn the Nationals, Hale, or the qualities he could bring as a manager– not that I know much about him, though I do know that it was considered something of a coup when he joined John Gibbons’ staff last winter, as he’s a very well-respected figure in the game– but you’ve got to wonder, at least a little bit, how much truth there is to that last bit. I’d certainly hope not, but we all remember that Cito Gaston stopped going to interviews out of frustration for always feeling he was a token candidate. It’s a topic that probably deserves more thought than a blurb in a link dump, though, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Old news, but still worth noting, as Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle reported last week that the Jays are interested in A’s pitcher Brett Anderson. Cue scoffing from those who see the Jays’ interest in another guy with a spotty health record, but it’s all about the cost, isn’t it? “There are numerous interested teams, particularly Toronto,” Slusser says of Anderson, “which has pursued the A’s Opening Day starter for two years and which had a scout following him again at the end of this season.” Perhaps more than just due diligence, then? Doesn’t mean it’ll come to anything, of course.

MLBTR passes along word that the Royals are willing to listen on Billy Butler after a down year. A down year, I should note, that followed the departure of rumoured new Jays hitting coach Kevin Seitzer. Hmmmm?

Shi Davidi of Sportsnet notes that the Jays have replaced their strength-and-conditioning coordinator, Bryan King, after a couple of injury-plagued seasons. “While King is by no means responsible for the epidemic,” he explains, “the club is planning to re-examine its entire strength and conditioning program before the 2014 season.” Yeah… uh… probably a good idea.

Elsewhere at Sportsnet, Davidi talks to Sean Nolin, who is apparently 40 pounds lighter than he used to be.

Elsewhere still, Ben Nicholson-Smith explains why the Jays will be watching which teams give their impending free agents qualifying offers, as the fact that they’ll only lose a second-round pick should they sign a guy who turned such an offer down doesn’t give them quite the kind of incentive to go after someone as a lot of people think. It impacts their bonus pool, and given the way that the club has operated in the draft under the new CBA, I think it would be surprising if they gave their pool such a hit– and surprising, therefore, if they signed one of those guys.

In the Globe and Mail, Jeff Blair talks about the sting of John Farrell being in the World Series, if, y’know, you really want to read a thing like that.

Blair Kerkhoff of the Kansas City Star talks to Joe Carter, who admits how close he was to signing with the Royals, instead of the Jays, following the 1992 season.

Gregor Chisholm notes for BlueJays.com that Carter’s iconic home run off Mitch Williams to win the 1993 World Series happened 20 years ago tomorrow. Hard to believe it’s been that long… watching the Jays since then it’s felt like at least 40. HEYO!

Some people have been tweeting at me that they’ve started getting emailed about the 2014 Ballpark Pass, the return of which is thoroughly welcome among those who are still able to get it (i.e. only this year’s pass holders). Bluebird Banter had the details last week.

Lastly, since I haven’t mentioned it around here yet, before it gets stale, be sure to check out last week’s edition of the Getting Blanked Podcast (we might even do a DJF one again sometime soon!), while over at Flip Flop Fly Ball, our old friend Craig Robinson shows us what bobbleheads would look like with normal sized heads, including a (Mets era) R.A. Dickey one that somehow makes him look even more like the Burger King guy than normal.

And one more for good measure: it’s The Quazcast! Yes, Jeff Pearlman– former senior writer for Sports Illustrated, DJF Podcast guest, and author of The Bad Guys Won, The Rocket The Fell To Earth, Boys Will Be Boys and more– is podcasting for theScore! And in his debut episode he talks to Shawn Green about, among other things, his time playing under Tim Johnson! OK… it’s mostly other things, but still! Have a listen and subscribe to The Quazcast on iTunes.

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  1. at least we know jp is going to be one for sure hopefully

  2. I will always remember the first Jeff Pearlman I read… the infamous interview that sunk John Rocker.


  3. AA should try to buy low on Collmenter, Zona gave up on him as a starter but I think he can still be a good 4 or 5 guy.

    • McCarthy.

    • No Thanks to Collmenter.

      He had a nice run in 2012, as a starter, the first time through the league. But once the book got out on him, his funky delivery wasnt enough to overcome his crappy repertoire.

      Almost anyone else from the Zona staff intrigues me though. And apparently they want more ‘grit’t here, so they are moving out pitchers who wont bean guys!

      • His numbers in the overall look pretty good still, but yes, I’d suspect they gave up on having him try to turn lineups over multiple times for a reason.

        • He’s been good as a reliever, you can probably trade for him as such (b prospect) and try him as a strater and if it doesn’t work he’s got the track record as a good reliever.

          And hey, if the old “took a year for hitters to figure him out” addage is what people believe then maybe he can return to 2012 levels, for a year, befor the AL figures him out.

  4. Jays need to go out and sign Lincecum for whatever it takes.

  5. If Jon Rauch had followed through and decked Farrell that night a couple years back, would that have been the touch em all Joe moment for a lot of twentysomethings who don’t remember ’93? Delgado’s 4 HRs were cool and all, but I don’t think anything could top laying that smug asshole out.

  6. The bad news is that we still have a ways to go until the player market is open for business.

    The good news, for readers at least, is that I believe AA will likely move early in the offseason. I don’t think that waiting for a good price/the market in both trade and FA suits his needs this year.

  7. Linecum just signed for 35m/2yrs with SF so, there goes 1 of the FAs. And we had BC Bud to offer him too. Oh well Up in Smoke as they say

  8. What about something like Romero & Happ for Edwin Jackson?

    The money pretty much balances for 2014 and the Cubs would save money in the following years.

    Maybe toss in another arm like Rogers while the Cubs are in asset-collecting mode…

    As underwhelming as some may find it, I think a rotation with 3 durable starters (Dickey, Buehrle, Jackson), 2 upside/injury-risk starters (Johnson, Morrow) along with decent minor league protection (Hutchison, Drabek, Nolin, Stroman, Jenkins) would have a nice combination of ceiling and floor.

    Add a Carlos Ruiz and a plus defensive 2nd baseman with some offensive potential like Espinosa or Ackley on the cheap and contention at least seems realistic…

    • Why would the Cubs possibly do that?

      • Well…..because they’re the Cubs.

      • To get out from under Jackson’s contract?

        I’m not quite sure how they value Jackson’s 2013.

        But even with the market craziness that’s coming, I’m not sure Jackson has positive trade value…

        • Seriously? Look at the peripherals. He’s fine.

          • I’m well aware of his peripherals.

            Jackson has been worth 7.7 fWAR the last 3 years.

            But only 1.3 rWAR during the same time frame as well as -1.3 rWAR in his only season with the Cubs.

            It’s entirely possible the Cubs would want a do over on his contract and/or try to replace his value through cheaper means and multiple arms.

            Perhaps tossing in Romero is overkill.

            But, for example, Happ & Rogers for Jackson?

            That doesn’t seem unrealistic to me considering Jackson was paid at market value one year ago and has done nothing to make that contract a “bargain” even as the cost of wins goes up in free agency.

            It certainly seems a lot simpler and more realistic than Kendrick or a Phillips/Bailey blockbuster…

            • It’s stunningly unrealistic.

              • Based on what exactly?

                If you believe Jackson has positive trade value, why?

                And even if he has a tiny bit of positive value, why would it be more than Happ & Rogers who, admittedly, probably only have a little bit of value.

                And how is it more unrealistic than this Kendrick, Bailey/Phillips nonsense…

  9. To anyone who hasn’t read Cathal’s piece:

    “You see him standing up there at the top of the Red Sox dugout pre-game, surrounded by his greasy troops. He looks like a lawyer representing a hillbilly meth gang. He does not seem ill at ease. He’s happy to share space with these disheveled weirdos, most of whom have more bro-tastic, ‘Hee Haw’ energy than two Brett Lawries. And Lawrie drove Farrell nuts.

    You see him talking on camera and he’s smiling. Laughing occasionally. More occasionally than that, laughing honestly. John Farrell laughing gives me the same feeling I get when I see a dog turning a door handle with its paws. It frightens me.”

  10. That Cathal Kelly piece goes a long way to explaining the Gibbons hire. If that was a true depiction of Farrell, I can see AA wanting the anti-Farrell in there asap. Gibbons seems to be laid-back and relaxed (except when he’s having a nearly-fist-fight with Lilly!) and probably much much easier to be near than Colonel Dogshit there. However they may have all been a little too laid-back and relaxed especially at spring training. They’ve all been together a year now. So I’m expecting better all round from the players and from the staff.

  11. Best line in the Farrell piece:

    “You see him standing up there at the top of the Red Sox dugout pre-game, surrounded by his greasy troops. He looks like a lawyer representing a hillbilly meth gang.”

  12. If the Jays are going to make an attempt to re-sign Johnson there’s no way they can attempt to trade for Brett Anderson as well. One injury liability with a plethora of minor league pitching depth at AAA is manageable, but two is completely outrageous.

    One of the guys brought in has to be a pretty safe bet for 150+ innings.

  13. That is the money-comment in the Klassen piece. What AA has done around the catcher’s position makes no sense to me whatsoever.

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