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  1. It’s awful busy in here…

  2. go Cards! It’s all I have left as the Bosox will stil crow about being AL champs as a fallback. If someone had scripted all the things that could go wrong in 2013 for the Jays and their fans and how to piss us off I don’t think it c/b any worse than us being last and Farell, Mr. Fukface hisself, walking off with the big prize, and likey being interviewed incessantly by the media for all the genius decisions he made. Gimme a fukin break!
    Anyway, go Cards! They can be insufferable too but at least they look good in the unis, not like the JAck the ripper wannabes in Boston. Go cards! Have I made my point??
    Foward Soviet!

    • I agree but on the other hand, if Boston wins then you know this season was some cruel test. If St Louis wins it’s sort of “well, not everything went wrong”

  3. It’s probably Karma after all we did gloat a tiny bit…..but I’m praying the Gods of baseball are shining on the Cards.

  4. They just showed Bucholz in the dugout. Funny thing – he’s not pitching tonight and hishair is clean and dry. We’ll see what it looks like tomorrow.

    • Yeah, it’s almost like he doesn’t sweat as much when he’s not playing. Really gets my tinfoil rustling.

  5. Ugh they’re talking about Farrell using splits. As in he’s struggled in three games at this park splits.

  6. Rick Sutcliffe makes me angry in ways I can’t explain

  7. It’s not fair how many guys can hit 98mph on the Cards.

  8. Brutal base running.

  9. We’ll that was terrible all around, if you’re gonna lollygag your way to first, don’t try to hustle to second

  10. Last Saturday night MLB game for a few months so in honor of that, tonight I will over indulge and court my demons.

  11. You seem like a good fellow so I will join you in spirit sir….

  12. Winner of this game goes on to win the WS. Suck it Farrell.

  13. Speaking of sickening…

  14. Great Playoffs

  15. I hope this intentional walk is a mistake.

  16. Oh good.

  17. At least I think good. I’m ‘watching’ on GameDay and it looks like the Sox demon closer just blew up.

  18. Oh man

  19. Yep. Rosenthal got the win. Good stuff

  20. Lol middle brooks

  21. What a hilariously calamitous ending…I love how infuriated that rat-faced second baseman is…suck it…

    All this and I hate the Cardinals too…

  22. This loss has made me very happy

  23. If that’s my boy Pedey you’re talking about I hope that little cockroach breaks a leg. He works my last nerve.

  24. Probably the right call though, considering Craig almost was safe even without the interference call but obviously had a shitty slide to a belaboured stride from being tripped

    Wonder if he borked his ankle though, he looked in pain on the ground

  25. Farrellball alive and well in Boston. Suck it Massholes.

  26. Another 4 hour Red sox game finally ends. Somehow, no matter who they play, it’s virtually gonna be a 4 hour tug. Glad the Cards prevailed and that Koji ( who refused a trade to the Jays in 2012, fucker) finally got hit a bit. in fact, if Molina could run at all he scores on Craig’s double as Nava has no arm at all and we wouldn’t have had that weird ending. It was the correct call

  27. I can hear the collective whine of Bawston all the way from the West Coast.

  28. Remember when Salty was mentioned a few threads ago as one of several potential replacements for Aaron Cibia?

    Scratch that. He’s shown in this WS that he’s not the answer.

    Suck it, Farrell. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him move so fast on that play at home.

    • *after* that play at home.

      • Agree with you re Salty. He’s not that good. Better than JPA but…so what. While JPA can’t throw runners out, SAlty is JPA-1 and while a SW, he can’t hit RH very well. He is a little better defensively obviously other than that.
        As for Farrell, I notice how he is quick to argue Boston’s position ( as he should) but last year with the Jays I remarked on a couple of occasions that he had no fire, and only went out to visit the umps on contentious plays for little fireside chats before returning to the dugout. He was obviously planning his escape even if it meant getting fired

      • You guys are fuckin nuts. You’re judging a guy by one play? One game?

        You’re a couple of tits. And usually I like a couple of tits. But not here.

        Salty is no allstar but at the right price he’s decent.
        At any price he’s better then JPA.

        But that you two are judging a guy on 9 innings makes me greatly take any comment you make in the future, with a grain of salt.

        • who said he is being judged by one play? He said “in the WS (plural, titmouse).
          I agree based on the whole playoffs I have seen that he does not impress me much. Yah, he is better than JPA, but so what. You want to give him a projected pile of $$$ for a guy who can’t even throw runners out a rate greater than JPA?? For aguy who can’t hit RH?
          It would seem to me that your thought would have to be taken with a grain of salt and then some if you think this guy is an answer. Next you’ll be telling me to go after Guiermo
          Quiroz FFS

        • I didn’t base my opinion of Salty on 1 nine-inning game, but more like that this WS has only highlighted Salty’s weaknesses that were already apparent before this series. Your overreaction tells me that I’m not the one whose comments need to be taken with a grain of salt going forward. Salty is only marginally better than JPA and not worth the possible 5 year, $60M contract (as per Fangraphs) that he might get on the market. Over the past three years (again from Fangraphs), the Red Sox pitchers’ ERA during Salty’s starts is about a full run higher than when the backup (Varitek, Shoppach, Ross) was in there.

          So… clearly, my opinion is not based on one single nine-inning game. It’s just a lot more visible in the past two games in particular.

          • Catcher ERA is silly, but there are some scary parallels between him and JPA, at least prior to this year. In fact, Baseball Reference WAR had Arencibia as better (marginally) in both of the two years, though FanGraphs very much did not– their metrics rated his defence better, though if JPA’s 2011 defence was at his 2012/13 levels that gets you pretty close to what Salty was doing before this year.

            I do think he’s an improvement on Arencibia, of course, but the reservations aren’t ridiculous, as long as it’s not based on catcher ERA or just one play or one series. I don’t think it is, though.

  29. Fuckface said before the game that he had Doubront ready to go tonight if he needed to come into the game. The subtext being if Peavy blew up again. I’m sure Peavy was thrilled to hear that out of his wonderful manager just before he starts. Way to make your starter feel secure and in command there Farrell.

  30. That was as satisfying a baseball game as I have seen all year. A beautiful and perfect ending.

    Farrell letting a pitcher hit in the 9th inning, Salty with an idiotic throw and the correct obstruction call just to drive the knife a little deeper. Thank you.

  31. I’d still take him over the status quo, but yeah, don’t expect a world-beater.

  32. Farrels chin just got a little smaller

  33. Tasty

  34. Beautiful. Farrell on the front page of ESPN, headline starting: “John Farrell blows…”

    Couldn’t agree more.

  35. Well that was kind of an interesting ending.

  36. Farrell lost that game for the Sox when he kept Workman in to hit against Rosenthal with Napoli on the bench. Afterwards he had an explanation of course. But that kind of thing is what he did here as well. He seemed to overthink situations which should have been simple. He works too far ahead.

    • How did that lose the game? Nobody was hitting Rosenthal.

      • That alone doesn’t lose the game, but the manager’s job is to make the moves to put your team in the best position to win.

        Rosenthal doesn’t have a 0.00 ERA. He can be hit. And Napoli is on a hot streak.

        It’s a clear managerial failure.

        Again, it’s the earlier non double-switch that was stupid, not the non pinch-hit.

      • It totally cost them. Sending Workman up was a horrible choice.

    • I don’t think that was Farrell overthinking, or working too far ahead — he just failed to consider the advantages of the double-switch for Saltalamacchia, then was left with the straight choice between burning a reliever but having a pinchhitter, or wasting an opportunity.

      Just stupid, not overthinking (altough I agree that was one of his failings).

    • He did admit it was a mistake, though, too.

  37. Man, the fans in Boston are really shitting on Farrell on the radio… GOOD!

  38. Great ending to the game and even funnier to watch the Boston news show the ending over and over again. They always seem to find the dumbest, uneducated fans to talk to about this stuff too…

  39. I don’t know why, but I expected Boston fans to be a little more educated about the rules of the game.

    Especially re: what constitutes the base path.

    Oh well.

    • It was hardly just Boston fans who didn’t know that, at least judging by my Twitter feed.

      • Right, because Twitter isn’t the world’s finest source of ill informed opinions after all.

        • You have no idea how Twitter works, do you?

          • No beardo, I just talk to the interwebs through a can on a string.

            • Now that’s a funny line.
              Good comeback.

              • Hey, looks like you don’t understand Twitter either, RADAR. Why am I not surprised?

                • Stoeten, you seem to have a reading comprehension problem again.

                  The line was funny.
                  Nowhere did I mention twitter, I was commenting on the line.
                  Instead of diverting the conversation to something else, try to focus on what was said, not something you make up in your mind.

                  And while you at it, take some happy pills.

            • I just spit out coffee when reading that line. That was good.
              C’mon, Stoets – at least give him a honourary crotch-grab for that, ya cranky old grump.

            • Seriously, though. You understand that you get to aggregate for yourself the people whose voices you want to hear on Twitter, right?

  40. Oscar, be careful, if Rogers finds out what you are doing you could wind up in jail.

  41. Beisbol !

  42. Watch Lacky fuck this game up.

  43. Please don’t let Boston win this series. I don’t want to live in that universe.

  44. It seems inevitable now.

  45. Just renewed my Ballpark Pass for next season. Here’s to a better 2014!

  46. New post today?

  47. No matter the outcome this WS has been quite entertaining up to this point.

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