So… what the Jays are maybe telling us is greed isn’t good? Because around here we’ve started finding ourselves getting preeeeeeety greedy about the sorts of players we’re hoping the club can acquire this winter, yet… uh…  now a report co-authored by my ‘Merkin friend, Scott Merkin, and Gregor Chisholm of has lowered the bar of our expectation back to somewhere a whole lot closer to replacement level, as they tell us of the club’s supposed interest in White Sox no-hit, no-glove second baseman Gordon Beckham.


That sure is an uninspiring name for Alex Anthopoulos to be looking at, huh?

I mean, yes, he’d come cheaply. And he’s still got a couple reasonably-priced years left before hitting free agency. And, as the report points out, “the Blue Jays and White Sox appear to be somewhat ideal trading partners this offseason,” with Chicago looking to rebuild while the Jays add pieces for the near-term. Plus, the two teams have a history of making deals in recent years, with Jake Peavy almost becoming a Blue Jay last winter, Sergio Santos coming over the winter before, and Edwin Jackson briefly moving to the Jays in the three-way deal that landed us Colby Rasmus.

But seriously?

Regular readers will know that I’ve been in no rush to insist the Jays must play Ryan Goins at second, but… um… is Beckham actually even an upgrade on him??? I’m not so fucking sure.

At the plate, that .308 career wOBA of Beckham’s sure is tantalizing *COUGH*, and while I know you can’t really expect the metrics to be meaningful in this way, uh… in his 262 innings at second this season Goins posted a DRS of 12 and a UZR of 6.2. Beckham, for his career, totaling 4612 innings at the position, by these counting stats, has posted a DRS of -26 and a UZR of 5.0, grading out at -13 and 2.5 respectively in 2013.

Like… what happened to the idea of basically needing three shortstops to play on our shitty turf?

Shit, Beckham– a right-handed hitter– isn’t even a platoon option, as both in 2013 and for his career, he has a reverse split! He’s hit left-handed pitching to a league- and park-adjusted 78 wRC+ over his career (609 PA), and was even worse (33 wRC+) against them in a tiny sample this year.

So… the fuck? I mean, I know that he’s a second baseman, and available, but…

Or, I don’t know. Maybe, instead of wondering what happened to the idea of basically needing three shortstops, we should wonder what happened to the idea of not getting too worked up about every single little Jays rumour that we hear come a-rumbling. I mean, sure, the Dickey deal was so heavily rumoured that it completely blew apart whatever was left of the notion that Alex Anthopoulos only ever operates in stealth (which, FYI, was kinda bullshit all along anyway), but that doesn’t mean that we need to treat every single utterance as gospel now, does it?

I hope not– though that doesn’t mean I’m going to ignore it, obviously. It’s just… it’s the time of year for giant grains of salt.

You’ll need one for this, too, from the original report:

It’s also possible that the Blue Jays would look to expand any deal involving Beckham to also include a starting pitcher. Chicago’s Hector Santiago and John Danks are known to be available, and the Blue Jays have a clear need to upgrade their current starting unit.

Holy shit. I mean, Santiago… yeah, maybe? He’s a converted reliever who still walks too many guys, and outpitched his peripherals, but throws reasonably hard, so… yeah, maybe? But Danks???

They explain:

Danks is owed approximately $42 million over the next three seasons and is coming off a year in which he posted a 4.75 ERA in 22 starts. The numbers aren’t necessarily impressive but he got stronger as the year went on after missing almost the entire 2012 season following shoulder surgery.

They also add that he’s friends with Mark Buehrle, which… I’m not sure how that would help in a trade. But let’s back up and look at the stronger numbers as they year went on. Because while that may be true of some things, if you look at his first- and second-half splits, it certainly was not true of his ERA, wOBA against, K/BB, K%, BB%, FIP or xFIP.

Oh, and while that 4.75 ERA might not be impressive, it’s at least better than his 5.06 FIP. And his 28 home runs allowed were the eighth-most in baseball– seven behind R.A. Dickey’s 35… in 86 fewer innings.

Yeah, no. I mean, they’d pretty much literally be better off taking that $42-million and burning it. Or, at the very least, doing nothing.

But hey, at least there’s one part of the piece we can feel pretty good about swallowing whole hog– not that our willingness makes it any more likely to be true than the other stuff, but still!

Toronto is expected to have some financial flexibility this offseason to make the required upgrades to its roster. According to various reports, the Blue Jays could have upwards of $20 million to spend with a payroll that could potentially reach $150 million.

So… there’s that.

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  1. Suck it, Gibby!

    This begins our first reverse psychology session.

  2. How about a little shopping to start the off season……

  3. Wow… $150m… really? That is a fair bit of spending for a club taking in the 23rd most gate receipts per Bloomberg. I guess the ratings aren’t that bad eh?

    • 5400 more fans per game than the year before. That is with the disaster that the season had become. Imagine if they’re in the race come August, it wouldn’t be a far cry to see another 5000 fans a game, which needs to be their goal. They are not looking to tread water and can’t afford to lose attendance. They need to try to keep the momentum doing, and sitting pat(lol), won’t help their cause.

  4. Funny how this chemistry word is constantly brought up among other pro athletes when refrerring to the Red Sox success. You turned the corner yet Stoeten or is that word still sweet non sense to you?

    • Winning teams tend to have chemistry, but teams with chemistry don’t necessarily win. Let that statement sink in.

      • Yup. Watch John Lackey walk off the mound bitching and complaining and yelling at the manager. If that exact situation happened last season, he would have been a petulant child who’s whining and complaining and being selfish. But it happened in a World Series game, so he was a gamer, a tough-as-nails, confident pitcher who believes in himself and just wants to help the team win. It’s all about context.

        You never hear about good teams having bad chemistry. You know why? Because no one cares, as long as they’re winning.

    • It’s garbage, yes.

    • What so funny about the chemistry thing being repeated. If you haven’t figured it out by now, winning makes players happy, happy people are more easy going. Losing, if your a true athlete with a competitive nature, makes everything a little more tough to swallow. And after hearing in the last couple of weeks about how good the guys in the club house got along, it isn’t what went wrong this year!!! If two of your best 3 starters, and a significant part of your lineup is injured….. ummm, kinda hard to overcome that.

      If I hear that chemistry word again, I going to puke!!! Love how people try to look so deep into things, when the awnser is pretty fucking obvious. We were injured, and certain players under performed. Probably has more to do with high expectations, and guys putting pressure on themselves than chemistry. Not to steal from Stoet’s, but UGH!!!

  5. If we’re just going to get a scrub, why not Mark Ellis? LAD just declined the option. I think he has solid D and a decent OBP.

    • Sign him for 2 years
      Trade for a pitcher

    • Seriously though. Why give up projects for Beckam when Ellis is there for just a bit of cash.

      Unless they see something with Beckam they think is easily fixable….. But I doubt that of the Sox would have fixed it.

      If it’s struggling former top 2b prospects you want I’d rather take a shot at Ackley.

  6. I watched 15 minutes of this world series and it allowed me to get less upset about it all.

  7. I’m not a fan of Ackly, at all, but if your going to trade for an under performing second baseman, he would be 10 times better than Beckham.

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