So… what the Jays are maybe telling us is greed isn’t good? Because around here we’ve started finding ourselves getting preeeeeeety greedy about the sorts of players we’re hoping the club can acquire this winter, yet… uh…  now a report co-authored by my ‘Merkin friend, Scott Merkin, and Gregor Chisholm of has lowered the bar of our expectation back to somewhere a whole lot closer to replacement level, as they tell us of the club’s supposed interest in White Sox no-hit, no-glove second baseman Gordon Beckham.


That sure is an uninspiring name for Alex Anthopoulos to be looking at, huh?

I mean, yes, he’d come cheaply. And he’s still got a couple reasonably-priced years left before hitting free agency. And, as the report points out, “the Blue Jays and White Sox appear to be somewhat ideal trading partners this offseason,” with Chicago looking to rebuild while the Jays add pieces for the near-term. Plus, the two teams have a history of making deals in recent years, with Jake Peavy almost becoming a Blue Jay last winter, Sergio Santos coming over the winter before, and Edwin Jackson briefly moving to the Jays in the three-way deal that landed us Colby Rasmus.

But seriously?

Regular readers will know that I’ve been in no rush to insist the Jays must play Ryan Goins at second, but… um… is Beckham actually even an upgrade on him??? I’m not so fucking sure.

At the plate, that .308 career wOBA of Beckham’s sure is tantalizing *COUGH*, and while I know you can’t really expect the metrics to be meaningful in this way, uh… in his 262 innings at second this season Goins posted a DRS of 12 and a UZR of 6.2. Beckham, for his career, totaling 4612 innings at the position, by these counting stats, has posted a DRS of -26 and a UZR of 5.0, grading out at -13 and 2.5 respectively in 2013.

Like… what happened to the idea of basically needing three shortstops to play on our shitty turf?

Shit, Beckham– a right-handed hitter– isn’t even a platoon option, as both in 2013 and for his career, he has a reverse split! He’s hit left-handed pitching to a league- and park-adjusted 78 wRC+ over his career (609 PA), and was even worse (33 wRC+) against them in a tiny sample this year.

So… the fuck? I mean, I know that he’s a second baseman, and available, but…

Or, I don’t know. Maybe, instead of wondering what happened to the idea of basically needing three shortstops, we should wonder what happened to the idea of not getting too worked up about every single little Jays rumour that we hear come a-rumbling. I mean, sure, the Dickey deal was so heavily rumoured that it completely blew apart whatever was left of the notion that Alex Anthopoulos only ever operates in stealth (which, FYI, was kinda bullshit all along anyway), but that doesn’t mean that we need to treat every single utterance as gospel now, does it?

I hope not– though that doesn’t mean I’m going to ignore it, obviously. It’s just… it’s the time of year for giant grains of salt.

You’ll need one for this, too, from the original report:

It’s also possible that the Blue Jays would look to expand any deal involving Beckham to also include a starting pitcher. Chicago’s Hector Santiago and John Danks are known to be available, and the Blue Jays have a clear need to upgrade their current starting unit.

Holy shit. I mean, Santiago… yeah, maybe? He’s a converted reliever who still walks too many guys, and outpitched his peripherals, but throws reasonably hard, so… yeah, maybe? But Danks???

They explain:

Danks is owed approximately $42 million over the next three seasons and is coming off a year in which he posted a 4.75 ERA in 22 starts. The numbers aren’t necessarily impressive but he got stronger as the year went on after missing almost the entire 2012 season following shoulder surgery.

They also add that he’s friends with Mark Buehrle, which… I’m not sure how that would help in a trade. But let’s back up and look at the stronger numbers as they year went on. Because while that may be true of some things, if you look at his first- and second-half splits, it certainly was not true of his ERA, wOBA against, K/BB, K%, BB%, FIP or xFIP.

Oh, and while that 4.75 ERA might not be impressive, it’s at least better than his 5.06 FIP. And his 28 home runs allowed were the eighth-most in baseball– seven behind R.A. Dickey’s 35… in 86 fewer innings.

Yeah, no. I mean, they’d pretty much literally be better off taking that $42-million and burning it. Or, at the very least, doing nothing.

But hey, at least there’s one part of the piece we can feel pretty good about swallowing whole hog– not that our willingness makes it any more likely to be true than the other stuff, but still!

Toronto is expected to have some financial flexibility this offseason to make the required upgrades to its roster. According to various reports, the Blue Jays could have upwards of $20 million to spend with a payroll that could potentially reach $150 million.

So… there’s that.

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  1. I’d rather start Goins.

  2. I don’t know what it’s worth – because the metrics on FanGraphs and Baseball Reference both don’t rate his defense much above average – but the White Sox fans seem to like his defense a ton:

  3. The story also says there is the potential of putting Danks and or Hector Santiago in the trade as well. Also that Chicago is interested in Sanchez and Stroman goes without saying really.

    • I wonder if either of those two would represent a substantive upgrade on the laundry list of question marks we’ve got for the back end next year. I so want to aim higher…unless there’s a reason we think Danks might be his 2010 version. I don’t know…could be way off here.

  4. Beckham is another guy – like Iannetta – who we’ve heard Anthopoulos connected to multiple times as a GM. AA seems to wind up with those guys fairly often.

  5. haven’t we heard rumblings of the Jays interest in Beckham for years now? Seems like almost every year there’s some “Jays like Beckham” rumour trotted out there.

    • Probably because since Hill was good we haven’t had a decent 2B under contract for the long term and Beckham is some guy who hasn’t done as well as was expected of him and those guys are always mentioned in rumours.

    • We heard rumblings about guys like Kelly Johnson and JA Happ for years too, and they ended up here eventually.

  6. Hehe… “Merkin”

    • Is that hehe as in a pun on saying “American” in a U.S. accent or hehe as in “Merkin” is the name for a female pubic wig? It works on so many levels.

  7. I’m hoping AA waits for the offseason to unfold before tackling the 2B issue. Look at Infante or Drew at 2/20 + option would be nice.

  8. Seems like a league average 2nd baseman with ok defense. Seems like the marginal upgrade over Izturis and Boneface. Unless of course he regresses like crazy and we’re back to square one…

    • I’d imagine – if the interest is true – it might be a: “Well, we have some other internal options – maybe take a chance on a guy who was once a big prospect and move on quick if he fails”?

  9. what’s the interest? is this an upgrade on mighty maicer?

  10. The only positive out of that article is that they mention the possibility of raising payroll to $150 mil.

  11. If this means major upgrades at catcher and pitcher then fine

  12. This has to be one of the sillier trade rumours that we’ll hear this year.

    I’d honestly prefer to see Izturis batting instead of Beckham.

    But really, I’d rather see Goins start at 2B over Beckham. If Goins can bat so much as .250, we’ll be laughing with his defense.

  13. Insert Quintana in place of Danks and then maybe we have something.

  14. I’ll be perfectly honest… I don’t hate the idea of Beckham.

    Cano is an unrealistic pipedream, so what are the other options?

    What are the other good options? There’s free agent Omar Infante, who Detroit might not want to let go and could command three or four years and $30M. I’d love Howie Kendrick, but if it takes depleting the pitching depth by dealing, say, Stroman, is that worth it? Brandon Phillips and Ian Kinsler are both out there, but they’re pretty expensive. If the Jays are going to spend this Winter, it makes sense to devote it to pitching first. Plus, those guys may cost some talent as well.

    After those big names, you’re pretty quickly in the lower tier of guys available. There’s a veteran like Mark Ellis. Nick Punto might make a good righty platoon 2B. The return of Kelly Johnson?

    Beckham fits decently into that lower tier, and he’s the only one that has a shred of upside, I think, because he is only 27 and was a top prospect at a point not too long ago.

    • Not to say I wouldn’t prefer someone from the upper tier – obviously I would. I just think they could do worse than Beckham.

      • Ellis and Punto are pretty clearly better than Beckham, no?

        • I guess it depends if you feel Beckham’s modest improvements in 2013 were real. If you do, they’re all pretty similar hitters. The other two are better defenders, which would be the trade off for some offensive upside.

          If you think he’s the player he was in 2011/2012, then yeah, he’s a heaping pile of garbage.

          • I don’t really see where the improvements were. Pretty much the same guy as 2010, little down in the two intervening years.

  15. Toronto is interested in Gordon Beckham as part of a salary dump in the Chris Sale trade, I can only assume.

    • I could deal with Beckham at second if it meant we got Sale. Dickey, Sale, Johnson, Buehrle, Morrow would be amazing.

  16. Chris Sale….. that is the only name I want to be hearing in trade rumors involving the jays and Chisox.

  17. No name links in the article? You mean I have to go to Fangraphs myself to look up Beckham’s stats?? For shame…

    Here I am thinking that this kid once had a good season, and Fangraphs tells me that he did! In 2009 as a 23 year old. OBP of .347, 9.5% BB rate, 15% SO rate, 109WRC+, 2.5 WAR….whatever happened to him?

  18. wow let’s raid every last place team! CHAMPIONSHIP!

  19. Beckham, Santiago and Danks? Ugh. We’d be way better off to take the money to re-sign Johnson, and roll with what we had last year… even with the question marks around Morrow, Rogers, Redmond, Hutchison… and pray for better health and performance from our guys. Giving up any talent at all for Beckham and Danks would be so stupid.

    Not saying that I HOPE my preferred plan happens. Let’s go get some actual players… but would still rather do nothing than this.

  20. Wouldn’t be the worst option. Beckham is another in a legion of former top prospects who are still in the process of figuring it out. His .267/.322/.372 line isn’t going to send shivers up anyone’s spine, but it is light years better than anything izturis, bonifacio or Kawasaki offered last year. Defensively he seems to be relatively well regarded and as for numbers, uzr likes him but drs does not. One positive sign is that he has cut his K% down from nearly 20% down to less than 14% over the last 3 years. I dunno, but we started this offseason crying out for some average players to plug into 2B and C (and SP for that matter), Beckham seems to be just such a guy, maybe with a little upside left. Howie Kendrick would be better, but will come at the cost of one of our potentially valuable rotation pieces (stroman, Nolan, Hutchison, etc.), and is obviously more expensive too. Maybe Beckham fits better with AA’s plan for the rest of the upgrades he needs to make. In other words maybe saving money and prospect depth by having a Beckham plan A and goins plan B at 2B, allows them to sign an above average C like carlos ruiz or take on salary and deal prospects in acquiring a decent pitcher. As far as the Danks and Santiago go, Danks was a solid pitcher prior to injury problems the last couple years. Assuming he can get back to form, he’d be another buerhle/dickey type to eat innings in an unspectacular fashion. Not the worst option, but at the price tag and given the question marks, there have to be better options. Santiago isn’t proven enough to in any way be considered an upgrade, I’d rather hand the ball to Happ or rogers or Redmond or one of our younger guys.

    • whoa better than kawasaki who had a higher obp and higher WAR than beck? And we need to actually give up prospects for that when we already have a better option who only costs 1 mil? stupid

      • Kawasaki’s higher WAR probably has something to do with the positional adjustment for playing SS.

  21. Trading any “real” prospect for Beckham seems like a horrible move. Hopefully it does not come to pass.

  22. I’m underwhelmed. I can’t see the benefits of making a deal like that…either on the field or on the payroll.
    It’s almost smacks of making a deal purely for the sake of making a deal.

    • Totally agree, this makes no sense unless AA is using it as a ploy to get the Sox to talk about Sale. Danks is not an upgrade imo over Hutchison, Drabek, Stroman or even Rogers. Beckham, is getting expensive and has been trying to figure shit out now for half a decade.

  23. Maybe the phils will get off to a 5 – 25 start and deal us cliff lee and utley

    • uhh, Cliff Lee makes 25m/year! Ain’t happening. and he says he is retiring after the 2015 season so Persoanlly I could never see trading half the farm for a guy like this.
      I would think that perhaps Detroit with their BS bullpen might be interrested in some of our pieces like Janssen and Delabar and maybe we can get them to part with a Doug Pfister which is much more realistic than saying we can trade for , say, Scherzer

  24. Beckham finished the year with 0.2 more fWAR than Emilio Bonifacio.

  25. Beckham would be a horrible idea. In my mind, one of the better options the Jays have at 2B this year for some reason seems to be totally overlooked: Rickie Weeks.

    The Brewers seemed like they were ready to move on at the end of last year with Scooter Gennett, and he comes on a 1 year deal at $11M, which isn’t cheap, but isn’t bad at all considering his upside. He’s coming off a horrible year, yes, but 2013 is a clear outlier in the context of his career, and he’s not old enough to be in that steep of a decline yet. I’d bet he wouldn’t cost much in prospects from a team likely looking to rebuild.

  26. For the 3rd straight game , Boston is starting Ross over Salty at catcher. I think he has already played his last game in Boston. They know he can’t throw anyone out, so they might as well go with Ross who has a bit of a gun back there

    • I told myself the baseball season would end once the Red Sox had won 3 games. It’s over. I just can’t watch those douches win a world series.

      Hopefully the Leaf game doesn’t include world series highlights.

  27. Look, I may not be a genius but my 170 IQ and contempt for good spelling suggest other wise.

    Folks around these parts love to shoot off their mouths – “if only we could turn the black hole at 2nd + catcher into average players then we’d be awesome!” Keep your shit together man.

    Seems to me like AA has a history of targeting guys with high ceilings and possibly disastrous floors. Time to change it up. We don’t need good players, we just can’t afford to have shitty ones in the lineup.

    As far as I’m concerned AA should get guys that don’t give people hardons (high ceiling player) but that won’t give them heart attacks either (low floor).

    Go get Beckham. He’s 27 years old and is just above replacement level and people are saying he’s at his floor (results have let people down). Have Goins around to push him a little. No biggie.

  28. I read this on the TSN website at lunch.

    The article stated AA was looking to upgrade at 2nd, LF and starting pitching – so – yea – hang on to those JP jerseys for next year…

    • Yeah, don’t.

    • IF I were AA, upgrading second base would be “nice”…but far from their most pressing concern. Goins is a bit of a glove, but no-bat guy…but by the looks of the available guys, it’s pretty much the same everywhere. Reports say that Melky is recovering from his spinal tumour surgery, so he should be head and shoulders better than he was last season. With a little health and a little luck, I’m hoping that guys like Morrow and the rest of the walking dead that comprise the starting rotation will rebound. Yeah, another starter who can pitch 200 innings with a modicum of success would be nice – but that’s like having a Corvette AND a blonde.
      So, by process of elimination, that leaves JPA – who I can’t see having anything resembling a reason or an excuse for his immense black hole of suckitude. I’d suggest to AA that trying to upgrade that position is a big giant priority.

    • He gawn…

  29. Why are we dealing with the White Sox???? What is Kenny Williams up to this time?

    • Kenny (the snake) Williams is gonzo, but if he was still around he’d probably try to trade us Sirotka again.

      • He’s still there, President now, he got promoted after successfully trading every player on their payroll that has ever needed Tommy John.

  30. Not really interested in The Beck. This rumours has me at meh.

  31. I say we hold out for the Manic Hispanic – Jose Altuve.
    Hits machine, he’d actually have protection in our lineup so wouldn’t have to swing at every pitch and his OBP could return somewhere closer to his career minor league average of .386

  32. Don’t we already have 3 players that can hit 9th in the order?


  34. Beckham is potentially horrible. Pass. As mentioned upstream, Sale would be great but I would be worried if the Sox actually wanted to deal him.

  35. John Farrell may win a WS tonight and we are wondering whether we should get Gordon Beckham.
    Fuck me gently with a chainsaw.

    • @Phil

      If the Red Sox win tonight & Farrell steps up to the podium drenched in champagne & thanks Alex Anthopoulos for letting him pursue his dream job in Boston, what’s the over/under on board members exploding in rage?

      • You know what? They are a good team and they had a great year. I loathe them and I loathe him but there’s just no point in me getting all upset about it anymore. It is what it is. Maybe one year Please God by us.

  36. Its not even halloween and jays have been linked to tons of names already. Does beckham have any upside offensively at this point? Thats what I wonder.

  37. I seem to get more satisfaction out of rooting for the Red Sox to lose rather than the Cards to win.

    • Whatever gets you to the light
      It’s alright, it’s alright
      Out the blue or out of sight
      It’s alright, alright

      Don’t need a gun to blow your mind
      Oh no, no no, no no

  38. A clusterfuck of a year capped off with John Farrell and those fucking douchbags in Boston winning the World Series.

    Honestly…what the fuck…

  39. Fucking Farrell. And Fox… “And boy did this organization bring the right guy in!”

  40. I am a huge baseball fan but I am not sure I can continue to watch this.

  41. God, I can’t stand it…..the Massholes look like they’re going to win.
    Fuck me gently, Martha…I just can’t watch. I’m turning to the Leafs,

  42. So…we’re all pretty much in agreement this season can go fuck itself?

  43. Fuck baseball.

  44. Farrell getting his trophy lifting arm stretched out. FUCK THIS

  45. I must be a masochist because I’m still watching this.

  46. Sadly, I predicted this debacle would transpire. Farrell will thank us for helping him gain experience during the locker room celebration interviews.

  47. Little league


  49. The good news for jays fans is that AA picked a manager who could win a World Series… Too bad he would trade him for Mike Aviles.

    #Gibby the Best

    This is a nightmare.

    • Cherington deserves far more credit for turning the Sox around. Farrell might have had a hand in it, but he’s made some stupid decisions and been bailed out by his players a few times this postseason. And let’s be honest: you or me could have gotten results from that team had we followed Bobby Valentine.

      • @Sharkey.

        I know that. I am being sarcastic. It is still very annoying that Farrell wanted out after 2011.

        It looks like he didn’t really care what happened to the Jays in 2012 & once Valentine imploded the team it was obvious he would leave.

        Farrell’s in game decisions were more annoying than Gibby’s.

        At the end of the day Farrell is rewarded for being disloyal to the Jays.

        Yo know damn well if the situation was reversed the Red Sox wouldn’t let their manager go to Toronto for Johnny Mac.

    • Oh fuck! Are we still on giving up Farrell for zippo? Have you bothered to look at what other teams have given up for managers who had already won a World Series?

  50. Look at it this way: Boston had a wild turn-around season. The Jays should be sitting there right now watching them and thinking “You know what? Why can’t this be us?” There’s no reason it can’t be.

    • The jays have a completely different roster composition though. Firstly, bos has good, durable starters. Secondly, the red sox hitters know how to have good ABs and not jpaesque ones weve seen from the jays. I would love it if the jays had a great comeback next year but not unless they have some major changes.

      • really? they have good durable starters .. did you start watching baseball this yr?



  51. Fuckin unbearable.

    Suck it Farrell.

    Why this year? Why?

  52. @sharkey.

    Anything is possible. For one thing, video replay should cut down on favourable calls he umpires give the red sox & yankees in their home parks

  53. Come on, damn it, Cardinals, break through here and save us from the Boston trolls.

  54. I said it last week, the Jays players better come to play next year. Farrell just shit on them.

  55. Ah well…what’s done is done.
    I hate Boston…but those guys are scrappy muthers, who embody that annoying never-say-die attitude that makes me want to break their head with large rocks whenever we’re playing them.
    But they hit when they needed to hit, and got a couple of big games from pitchers when they needed it, too.
    Bottom line…I’m a baseball fan. The best team won. I don’t have to like it, though.

  56. Fucking red sux and farell. Pressure is on AA now big time. Red sox have shown its possible to have a big turnaround over an offseason. Some changes to the core are crucial though.

  57. Cherington tore down a bad team and put together a near perfect one that had near perfect health and good luck. Hard to beat that.

  58. The red sox are one out away….

  59. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

  60. Red Sox are World Champions…. Wow.

    Why is Big Papi wearing a military helmet?

    I see beer & chicken wings in the white basket

  61. Had to watch it just to torture myself one last time. Worse season ever!!! Now let it die a miserable death and never speak of it again.

  62. I’m puking


    • +1.

      ” I seem to recall that I was traded……”

      At least AA is trying to get Beckham…….

      I need a drink…

      I see Farrell laughing…

  64. Drat

  65. /wrists

  66. Now that it’s official, again: Baseball can go fuck itself.


  67. I feel lower than snake shit. It’s gonna take a while to recover from this. The thought of seeing Farrell’s fat dopey mug on TV being called a World Series champ season after season until it hopefully ends very badly like Tito is nauseating. Fuck Farrell forever.

  68. Johnny Gomes called out Saber Geeks with their fancy numbers . He mocked the WAR statwhich is the bible of Sabermatricians. He just said he goes to WAR in the playoffs.

    Stoeten must be outraged.

    Gomes talking about the script being set in Ft Myers…. Ouch

    Good News is that Red Sox World Series Merchandise is available now..

  69. Welp, this hurts.



  72. Here’s where we collectively wake up from our nightmares and it’s March 2013 again.

  73. So Farrell won the World Series with the evil Sox. So what? I’m over it.

    • +1


      Cherington praising Farrell for having the best prepared team in baseball…

      I need another drink.

      Farrell allows Escobar onto the field with gay bashing slogans & Sierra didn’t even have sunglasses .. now that’s what i call being prepared.

      We are here because of John Farrell…..according to Cherington

      • “Farrell allows Escobar onto the field with gay bashing slogans & Sierra didn’t even have sunglasses .. now that’s what i call being prepared.”

        You’ve managed to set a new stupid.

  74. Kevin Seitzer will be the Jays new hitting coach, according to some guy

  75. AA isn’t a good gm in fact his moves and trades have depleted the farm system of too many prospects

    • 10 months you were going crazy and ALL IN on the jays I bet ..

      and the prospects he has traded away to date have done what to date? which has had no impact on MLB roster as of yet ..

      Adeiny – historically terrible year
      Marisnick – half of a shitty year
      Dude they got for Santos – awful
      Travis D – did nothing

  76. Farell said red sox fans are thegreatest… He did not thank Beeston or AA for letting him pursue his dream job… He thanked the cardinals etc..

    He is quite the diplomat

  77. And Ortiz says the first thing he noticed was how the manager was in ST.

    • @radar.

      You know that Stoeten will get upset with you for mentioning that a player thought a manager was “special”. :))

      • Manager’s don’t impact a player’s mindset and performance! What is this voodoo chemistry bullshit?! Players are robots, and only talent matters!

        • Maybe Ortiz didnt realize the first thing he noticed was that the new Manager wasnt bobby valentine which he did not like, to someone who was a familiar face. He also wouldn’t realize that the lineup had no weaknesses, and that pitching would do well.

          The problem with the Farrell was the reason we won the world series arguement is that people seem to forget that EVERYTHING went right for the Red Sox. Remember how we used to say, if everyone stayed healthy and we had a few career years from some players, we would be contention. That was what the Red sox accomplished this year. If gibbons managed the red sox, i would venture to say the red sox would have a very good chnace at winning the world series as well, maybe win more close games because gibby is superior at running a bullpen.

  78. .

  79. Enjoy the Cito treatment from here until eternity Farrell

  80. +1. Time to find the fake wilner twitter account again.

    In all seriousness, Ortiz is a cool dude waving the world series trophy & saying this is for Boston after the bombings.

  81. @Royals_Report: Former #Royals hitting coach Kevin Seitzer will be Toronto’s new hitting coach.

  82. wow cheating is alive and well.

    lester keeps a pharmacy in his glove
    bucholz has motor oil in his hair
    ortiz is the biggest ped user who never gets caught. arod is proud

    congrats you cheaters.

  83. I never thought I would hate the Sox more than the Yankees but the passing of the torch is complete.

  84. Barry Davis is interviewing Farell. He told Farrell that deep in in his heart he must have respect for AA. Farrell said he is indebted to Beeston & AA for the opportunity . He can’t say you thank you enough…..

    That is absurd…Davis should resign for allowing farrell to get away with BS.

  85. Remember “buy low on former top prospects”?

    I’m not against it…as long as it doesn’t cost much more than a bag of balls and a smile.

  86. on the brightside this fuckshit disaster of a year is fucking over.

    Bring on 2014! 150 mil payroll! So some shit AA!

  87. Hey, i hear you guys need a second baseman?

  88. It’s funny how little “managing” Farrell had to do to win a WS.

    Just remember how quickly they turned on Tito, John.

  89. Never get out of the boat.

  90. Seitzer eh….remember he was fired by “The Royals” right when they started to be respectable again. Kinda reminds me of another guy who the Royals dispatched.
    AA won’t pick up Beckam unless he’s part of a bigger package.
    Catcher wise…isn’t AJ Pierzinski a free agent. The guy is constantly on contending teams. That is not a coincidence folks. He makes teams better. Great competitor. But he is old for a catcher

  91. I think it depends on what stats you use to quantify Gordon Beckham. By War he was worth 1.0 war last year according to fangraphs at a salary of 2.925 he is under control for 2 years. He is 27 years old as opposed to Kendricks 30 and, Cano’s 31, Infante’s 32, and Utley’s soon to be 35. Outside of trades or Gomes is there much better options? If you want to go for someone over 30 why not stick with Goins and wait till next year and go for Zobrist? Heck Cano who will get 300 mill had a uzr and dsr of .8 and 6. while Zobrist, 7 DRS, 10 UZR.

    the jays had been linked to him in the past

  92. Sale would look great in our rotation.. And did Abreu have a no trade clause in his contract.

    Expand the deal AA!!!!

  93. Try harder troll

  94. I say there’s a 100% he will do something this offseason. 1 more year of no results after the huge spike in payroll and his job is on the line. Some idiotic fans are already calling for his head, he needs to make a couple of moves to restore confidence in the fanbase.

  95. Except it would be difficult to find a more sabermetricly perfect team, or a more sabr-focused front office in baseball.

  96. Do a rain dance every day. When it finally rains, call yourself a rain-dancer.

  97. I wonder how Beeston and AA are feeling this morning.

  98. Bring on the off-season!

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