The Edge! Tony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin, Elle Macpherson, black guy from Oz, whacking great bear, The Edge. Why aren’t you counting???

Hey, did you hear? R.A. Dickey won a Gold Glove award.

OK, the Gold Glove choices, from what I saw in my one brief look at the list, and the lack of outrage from Twitter yesterday, didn’t seem particularly egregious– especially since, as Gregor Chisholm notes in his post about it for BlueJays.com, Rawlings made a concerted effort to incorporate sabermetrics as a component of the vote this year.

Drew wrote in praise of the new process last week over at Getting Blanked.

Sticking with this somewhat pointless subject, Dickey also won a Fielding Bible award, which at least at one time was slightly more impressive.

When the nominations for Gold Gloves were announced, Guy Spurrier of the National Post noted that Colby Rasmus was overlooked, despite having an excellent season by the metrics.

Hey, and why wouldn’t you want to give a member of the 2013 Blue Jays an award after this disasterfuck of a season, right? Ugh. But at least the MLBPAA (the extra “A” is for “Alumnii”) is trying to give one to Mark DeRosa, who we now know is pretty seriously awesome. You can vote for DeRosa as the Jays candidate for this year’s Heart and Hustle Award, which is apparently a thing.

Speaking of the fucking insufferable awfulness of 2013, Baseball Prospectus revisits some pre-season predictions that they got way wrong. Want to guess what one of them was???

In that BP piece they link to a tweet from Shi Davidi, who announced this week that he has co-authored a book with John Lott, called Great Expectations: The Lost Toronto Blue Jays Season. Because… y’know… why waste all the excellent work that they surely did just because along the way they had the change the premise to that from something about the franchise’s triumphant return to glory?

At ESPN New York, Mark Simon looks at the free agent case of Josh Johnson, who he figures makes sense for the Mets, or any team that’s bargain-hunting, “because of his combination of tantalizing potential and legitimate risk.” I still don’t think he gets to free agency, though there’s certainly still a chance the Jays don’t like something about his medicals. If it’s only about money, one would hope it would be a no-brainer. Guess we’ll find out within five days of the end of the World Series, which is when teams must extend their qualifying offers by– so… potentially as soon as Monday, I guess.

Gregor has another piece at BlueJays.com in which he suggests that, while no formal announcement has yet been made, the club is almost certainly going to pick up the options on DeRosa, Adam Lind, and Casey Janssen. Because… obviously.

Speaking of money, Ballpark Digest looked at how much teams spent per win during the 2013 season, determining that the Jays paid the eighth most ($1,588,214). They paid almost the same amount per win, though, as the Tigers ($1,595,855) and the Red Sox ($1,553,149), for whatever that’s worth.

An interesting piece from Science Daily points us to a study that shows brief exposure to performance enhancing drugs “may have long-lasting, possibly permanent, performance-enhancing effects.” Fingers crossed, Melky!

Dirk Hayhurst looked last week at the Jon Lester foreign substance stuff, and copped to all kinds of fun stuff that pitchers do to get an edge– i.e. a better grip– saying that “it’s thumbing your nose at a sport that picks and chooses what justice and cheating really is, and who to chase down the rabbit hole.” Awesome.

Jays Journal wonders whether the Jays will try to pry free some of the Cardinals’ impressive pitching depth this winter. That would be fun, but… yeah… uh… good luck with that?

Very interesting stuff from Chris Creamer of Sportslogos.net, as he looks at what might be the quiet phasing out of the Clevelands’ unfortunate “Chief Wahoo” logo.

In an official release, the Jays announced yesterday that they’ve extended their agreement with the New Hampshire Fisher Cats through 2016. Sorry, Ottawa.

At Bluebird Banter, Nick Ashbourne takes a moment to appreciate the little things about Jose Bautista– like his arm in right field, and his base running.

Mop Up Duty looks at the end of Brett Lawrie’s season and wonder where all his power has gone.

It’s another episode of the Quazcast– Jeff Pearlman’s new podcast for theScore. This week he speaks to former Dodgers GM Fred Claire.

Lastly, not Jays- or baseball-related, but as you’ve surely heard, Lou Reed passed away this week, and it turns out he was way more into sports than you perhaps realized– and not only because he just wanted to play football for the coach. Andrew Unterberger from right here at theScore looks at his life as the least likely celebrity New York Knicks fans.

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  1. Well, we acquired Jeff Samardzija yesterday. Wonder who we’ll land today.

    • Gordon Beckham, apparently.

      • Sounds good. Or Daniel Murphy!

        • I know some Jays fans have had Murphy on their list for awhile; apparently the Mets would consider moving him and moving Eric Young Jr. to 2B. Get it done, then!

      • Not if the price is Sanchez or Stroman, like the MLB.com article states – though I can’t imagine that’s feasible.

        I wonder if Moises Sierra might be a piece the White Sox are interested in… though they already have Dayan Viciedo, who’s pretty similar. I’d hope Sierra’s hot end of 2013 does a bit to boost his value, and if he’s worth acquiring, Beckham wouldn’t have a huge trade cost.

  2. Who are we going to unload Romero on? Even if we eat all but 1M… I mean it has to be done right? For his sake and ours.

    • Why bother? You’ll get absolutely nothing for him. Better off just seeing if he can make some kind of return to usefulness…

      • A penny saved is a penny earned!

        Look I like him personally, but if we give him even one start next year it means we are in some serious trouble.

  3. The total disregard of the obvious cheating by Lester is confusing the hell out of me. If you smoke weed you’re a juicer, if you load a ball that makes your best pitch unhittable thats just being smart. IF you try to fight someone as they cross home plate after a home run you’re a good ol boy playin the game the right way, if you’re excited after a home run you need to learn respect. Getting a cortisone shot is ok, but if you take too much red bull you’re out of the league

  4. Dave Cameron stated the Jays should offer JJ the qualifying offer in his chat, a contrast from yesterday’s chat. It’s a tough pill to swallow in terms of cash but the upside is definitely there.

    • Why do you care? It’s not your money…

      • The money that goes to JJ increases the payroll. The more money you give to JJ, the less you have for other players you trade/ sign for. Assuming Rogers have a payroll parameter. I could care less if AA overspends, but I do care if alot of that money goes to JJ and not other good players.

        The dodgers and Yankees we are not, though we easily could be.

  5. Wow just finished the Bautista article. Seriously positive stuff. I’ve always thought he was an asset in the field and on the basepaths.

  6. Hey out of my head!

    You have perfect timing on that Frisky Dingo quote – I watched that episode last night for the first time.

    • One of my favourites from the whole series. THIS MARSH WILL RUN RED WITH THE FRUITS OF MY VICIOUS SLAUGHTER!

  7. Re permanent performance enhancement: anyone see the fourth Bourne movie where the pills lock in the enhancement? It’s like that.

  8. There is a silver lining to paying $1,588,214 per win in this shitty 2013 season…the losses were free based on their calculations.

    Good deal, really!

  9. I was absolutely convinced that Lou Reed was immortal. May he get his own satellite of love.

  10. Pine tar glued to the inside of your glove is no different than Phil Neikro having a nail file is his back pocket. The fact that they let Lester away with this is a giant shit platter in the face of Baseball, the fans and it’s players.

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