Hmmm… Nope, still seems empty.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is cleared up by the time I’m finished writing, so I’ll try to make it brief: Munenori Kawasaki is headed back to Japan. Or maybe he isn’t.

Y’know, just like the title says.

In this corner, conflict source number one, Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star:

And in the other corner, yadda yadda yadda, Mike Wilner:

Now, the implications of any of this, of course, have almost everything to do with the Buffalo Bisons and not the Toronto Blue Jays, so I hesitate to even bother. But on the other hand, Kawasaki is pretty much as awesome as it gets, as far as depth pieces are concerned.

I don’t think I need to list his abundant virtues. It’s just, none of them would appear to involve being able to help a Major League club get better, unless you really believe in the power of magical spirit animals (in which case the Jays, by employing John Gibbons, are probably fucked anyway, eh genius?).

I don’t know. It’s Friday. Would be cool to see him back, though it would not bode so well for the 2014 Jays if he was. And since I wouldn’t wish a year in Buffalo on my worst enemy, maybe… it just… I don’t know… whatever.

Late addition:

Arden nails it:

Um… yep. Not that anybody here is doing that, per se. But I’m sure somewhere they are.

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  1. Better question is, WHO CARES!?

  2. “unless you really believe in the power of magical spirit animals”

    That’s why I have the chickens and goats.
    Not sure if they work but I figured what the hell,I’d better cover all the bases.

  3. *shrugs* Kawasaki was good in the clubhouse, and I think it’s silly to deny that. The team won with him as a starter. It’s ridiculous to give him credit for that, but it’s also ridiculous not to acknowledge that he provides *something* to the team beyond statistics.

    If that’s what you call a “magical spirit animal”, then unicorn me up Scotty.

    • Yeah, you’re pretty much being as willingly dumb as possible here.

      • I’d counter that you’re being willingly blind.
        If the ONLY contribution he made was to make the team more likeable in the eyes of the fan base. If that was literally the ONLY contribution…He is providing value outside of statistics.

        • Suzuki?
          @bnicholsonsmith: A’s exercise options on Brett Anderson and Crisp. per team. They decline on Kurt Suzuki and Chris Young.

      • It’s an exceedingly tricky argument to make that someone provides *nothing* “intangible”. In fact, there is no way to prove it as far as I know, whereas if one can find one one one tiny thing he did (maybe made a joke that Lawrie laughed at, thus relaxing him at the plate once), then that proves you wrong.
        Course you could credibly argue that bad play completely overwhelms any such intangibility, but you’d have a hell of a time disproving spirit animals.

    • not one bear siting in my yard any time Kawasaki played. He’s also a proven bear repellant. I didn’t see a bear at the Rogers Centre either. Must be a sure correlation.

      • Bears are more likely to come out this time of year, than in the summer. Just chased a black bear away 2 nights ago a three oclock in the morning. Gotta love the Island.

        • theres bears all over the place here and they dont wait for the fall or winter to come out. My brother is a Conservation Officer so I hear about them all the time…but not one siting in my yard while Kawasaki was in the lineup..Im standing by my claim..he’s bear repellent.

        • Where are you at on the Island, Digital Jays Fan?

          Im in Parksville…

          Islanders represent.

          • Was in Cumberland, but just relocated to Namaimo recently. Thinking about going golfing tomorrow. Lol. I love the Island.

  4. Cheap shot at Buffalo not really necessary.

    • I considered not taking it, but then I also considered not giving a fuck.

      • This. ^

      • As someone who seems to rail against the “mouth breathers,” ignorant and Neanderthal-like, I just thought it was a little out of character to shit on a city without really knowing it or the people that dwell there. Especially when those individuals love your blog, follow you on twitter and enjoy the city of Toronto. Buffalo is a re-emerging city that has a tremendous amount to offer in the way of food, sports, culture, architecture, etc. once you actually look past the cliche/uninformed jokes and stereotypes. I hope you reconsider in the future

      • Yet if they renamed it Parkdale South you’d be all over it.

      • lolol… this is why i read DJF.

      • Stoeten, you’re coming off as a bit of fuckface.

    • But, Buffalo.

    • Hard for Torontonians to make fun of anyone while their mayor is on the crack.

      But it would take a lot more crack than this for anyone to prefer Buffalo.

      So I’ll let this one go.

      • Sure. I mean, who doesn’t like for shit to be completely under construction for eternity, plus condos, plus horrorshow traffic all summer?

        I am never driving to a Jays game again – train, plus beer on the train, from Buffalo. Another plus.

  5. Kawasaki posted a .340 OBP vs. RHP with acceptable SS defense. I wouldn’t be so quick to run him out of town when my current 2B and backup SS is Ryan Goins.

  6. I can see a team like Tampa picking him up. Consummate team player in an organization that gets the expected value out of undervalued players….

    All Tampa does is pick up our scraps like yunel, kelly, and more and make the playoffs with em… I think he would fit there.

    • I kinda miss some of those scraps at this point.

    • Problem with this is the Rays have a front office that’s interested in good baseball players who look bad, not just all sort of bad baseball players. I love Kawasaki, but he wouldn’t really contribute anything to a team with plenty of middle infielders who don’t hit.

  7. Why wouldn’t Kawasaki be able to get a backup SS job in the majors elsewhere? Considering what we saw from him in 2013 (with the walk rate and defense), he’s good enough to do so,

  8. Who’s suggesting it would be a good idea for Kawasaki not to take the $2M in Japan or shitting on him for doing so?

    I suspect a lot of people would LIKE him to be on the Blue Jays, but isn’t that a very different thing?

  9. He DID put up 1.3 bWAR in under 100 games, that averages out to over 2 WAR over a full season, he’s no all-star but why are you acting like he’s basically a mascot? Hell, he was far more valuable than DeRosa was. As well as Bonifacio, Izturis, and probably a handful of other guys who took the field for them this year.

  10. Well of course we all wish Mune more money and playing time and happiness and all the best. But personally, I think he’s a very good option as the 25th man (MUCH more useful than Izturis).
    So yah, if his heart is in Japan, of course! But if the issue is we don’t have space for him because of Maicer Izturis…yah.

  11. Kawasaki was fun to watch and you have to appreciate his effort.

    I won’t miss him until 1 of our middle infielders gets hurt (because it’s the Jays and everyone gets hurt).

    At that point I will miss him.

  12. Is there any way to turn Gose into Kolten Wong? If Craig is moving to the corner opposite Holliday next year STL will need someone to run down a lot of flyballs (note that I don’t know how close Taveras is to ready or if he is able to handle CF when he is). Even if Gose doesn’t improve much he would still be a useful piece for the Cardinals.

    • an interesting idea. in a perfect world you’d like a more tried and tested player than wong to man a key position in a contending year, but going in with wong Plan A and goins Plan B at 2B would not be the worst. plus, because he’d be cheap maybe the jays would be able to spend a bit more in acquiring a C and an SP. gose is gonna be an MLB player no doubt, but with his flaws at the plate it will be very difficult for him to be better than an average regular. that has value, but its also a little redundant on the jays right now.

  13. Interesting
    The Jays can’t claim the recent success the Nats had in 2012. In fact, with the Pirates making the playoffs this year, Toronto now owns the second-longest playoff drought in baseball, behind only the 28-years-and-counting Royals. But there were some good reasons for the baseball world to get excited about the Jays this year, even if 2013 ended with a last-place finish in the AL East. Granted, the starting pitching sucked, the defense sucked, and Jose Reyes missed a big chunk of the season as everyone figured. But Toronto had a bunch of terrible players suck up tons of playing time this year, which in a twisted way bodes well for 2014. Replace the replacement-level performances of Melky Cabrera, J.P. Arencibia, Emilio Bonifacio, and Maicer Izturis with even average production and that alone could spur a charge back to contention. As we wrote back in August: “It’s entirely possible that the Jays are a pretty good team hiding inside a terrible season.”

    • “It’s entirely possible that the Jays are a pretty good team hiding inside a terrible season.”

      I do believe this quote will get me through to the start of spring training…..

    • I’m expecting a rebound year from Melky. He hardly used his lower body at all in his swing this year and it resulted in a drop in power. Now that he’s had a tumour removed….

    • Kind of completely wrong though.

      Despite Melky, JP, Maicer & Bonafacio, they could have been in contention if their pitching was atleast average.

      I’m not sure why everyone is so quick to find offensive issues. the offense, before EE and JB were hurt was a top one in the game. Their pitching did them in and if they are going to get out of this the pitching is going to have to get them out.

      improve the defense, improve the pitching, don’t assume that the bullpen is going to repeat, that should be the goal for the offseason.

      They could still be in contention with Goins, Melky, JPA if the pitching is improved

      • It wasn’t just the pitching that hurt them. The defence was a complete mess especially on the infield. I’d still go along with keeping most of them because I agree that it’s the cocoon stage of an excellent team. But JPA has gotta go. He’s the parasite sucking the life out of the poor little lava.

        • And you base that, of course, on absolutely nothing.

          The JPA stuff, that is. You’re not wrong that there were clear problems with the defence and parts of the lineup, but I don’t think anyone was trying to say there wasn’t. It’s just, those were survivable problems, if the starting pitching hadn’t been so wretched.

  14. I’d like to see the Jays just spend money this year. Fuck this trade nonsense. Aim for that Japanese pitcher (I know, new posting system makes it difficult). What’s this about a Cuban catcher named Bello? Any good? If they have another bad season, I’d at least like the farm system in good shape, not gutted again.

    • I was wondering about him too but the Jays need a catcher who can play at the MLB level immediately. Also at some point or other that international draft will be starting.

  15. For the role he played, chances are you aren’t going to do much better as a back back up infielder.

    add to the fact that he’s awesome and its an easy decision to retain him.

    but another team may offer him more playing time, so ofcourse he’ll go for it.

  16. Baseball players are people… Except when they’re playing baseball, then they become robots immune to any external influences.

  17. I know it’s unrelated, but I just saw Kurt Suzuki have his option declined by Oakland. http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/s/suzukku01.shtml?utm_campaign=Linker&utm_source=direct&utm_medium=linker-www.typepad.com

    He’s only 30 and also has the added bonus of not being JPA.

    • I never thought I would say this about any catcher, but with Suzuki coming off back-to-back seasons of being not a whole lot better than Arencibia’s 2013… I think I would take my chances on a JPA rebound.

  18. I wish, I was good at satire…because…if I was…I would make fun of, Stoeten’s…writing.

  19. That’s my move!

  20. Jays unlikely to make Johnson a QO according to Heyman. Could still see this going either way to be honest. Heyman isnt the most reliable reporter.

    • I think it’s been pretty clear for 2 months now that the Jays won’t be making a QO to JJ. His agent all but said he’s willing to do another year in Toronto for less. Heyman isn’t really breaking any news that hasn’t been assumed already.

      • handshake deal in place then?

        • I’d say that’s probable.

        • What’s the point of a handshake deal when they can make it official at any time, it’s not like they have to wait until after the QO is offered and turned down to sign another deal with the Jays. Unless you mean there’s a handshake deal in place to let the Jays match the best offer he gets as an FA?

          It doesn’t really add up. Seems more likely that they’re negotiating a one year deal with him until they have to make a decision on the QO.

          • The stuff about a handshake deal is priceless. What would the point of some secret arrangement be? The Jays either make the offer and kill his market value and he takes it, or they don’t make it and he either turns it down or he accepts. What’s to handshake about?

      • I dont know how you can be so certain Canuckistani.

        I am most definitely not counting out the QO. It is smart and prudent to make it at this point. You cant go out and buy a free agent SP with his upside at $14mil. Heck, talks of Ervin Santana getting 5/75. Lincecum got 2/35. 1/14 for JJ to rebound with a clean bill of health isnt a big investment when you are already pot commited, no?

        • I think at this exact monent the Jays have made an initial offer not near the QO level and are waiting for JJ’s agent to reply. The deadline is 5pm Monday so we should know by that point. There’ll probably be a point in the interim wherein they’ll negotiate and either agree or not and that’s why we havent heard anything yet.

    • Davidi tweeted theyre still weighing that decision…. that that with a grain of salt…

  21. Starting pitchers possibly attainable by Jays who could help them: Alexi Ogando, Neftali Feliz, Brett Anderson, Jeff Samardzija, Wandy Rodriguez, Josh Johnson… Maybe? Maybe not? All frequent injury risks of course…

  22. Chemistry is a thing. Anyone who’s played a sport can attest.
    Hence why Soeten doesn’t, nor will ever get it.
    For a team to become championship caliber they need to bond, get drunk together, crush a slumpbuster, laugh together, eat together, become a single entity.

    Teams have won despite having tremendously talented selfish solo guys but you can bet that the majority of the team would kill for each other.

    The Red Sox and those beard growing, whisker pulling, idiots we’re clearly a cohesive unit that cheered for each other, fought for each other and seemed to truly care about each other.

    NO ONE gave them a shot at the start of the year, no one. Hardly anyone gave them a shot when they were in first in August and not many thought they would win once they made the postseason. You can shove SSS up your ass, they looked like a possessed team in the playoffs. They had Chemistry and they had swagger.

    You’ll pull up sabre shit and call me names but chemistry is a thing, I’ve experienced it.
    David Ortiz is a tremendous talent, but that you’ll ignore that he brings so much more to that team, to that city, then just driving the ball is ridiculous. He clearly can bring guys together, fans together, fuck, even the media. He’s one example of a guy who has INTANGIBLES. It’s why despite your railing against it, even Sabre minded GM’s intentionally target guys who are “good in the clubhouse”. You seemed to have changed your tune on DeRosa and Muni of late but earlier in the year (and I’ll try and find some quotes later) I seem to remember you saying they were a waste of a roster spots. They clearly provide more then their stats.

    I don’t think you’ll ever get it about team chemistry/spirit/momentum, and that’s fine, just stop trying to convince everyone else it doesn’t exist, you come off as a malicious dictator.

    I can’t prove that it exists, there’s no tool to do so. But you can’t prove it doesn’t.
    The difference is I (and other people who argue with you about it) have felt it, have experienced it.

    • Smasher you need to accept the fact that someone that has never lived chemistry in a dressing room in real life will never understand it. I get that Andrew does not understand or believe in it because he has not lived it. Let it go!!!!

      • I’ve accepted it completely. It’s his blog and he can do what he wants, I just wish he’d quit using the comment section as an opportunity to tell anyone who believes in this stuff that they are idiots.

      • Just because people think they live something doesn’t mean its real in the slightest. But thanks for the demonstration of how completely hopeless you guys are on this topic.

        Hilarious that you’re asking me to respect your ghost stories after the complete garbage that Smasher just wrote and pretended was insightful– oh, and his pretending he knows the slightest thing about me.

        Sorry guys, but you can’t close your eyes and believe real hard and make something evidence of an effect.

        Could there be a non-zero impact of whatever nebulous concept you want call chemistry? Of course. Pretending we know for sure it’s impacting baseball games in the total absence of evidence is flat out dumb, though. Pretending we know that it must impacting on the level of what Smasher is saying is beyond the pale stupidity.

        Critical thinking is allowed, boys. No need to actually swallow whole hog the hilarious nonsense about beards being responsible for baseball victories. And, like… holy shit, so what was David Ortiz when the Red Sox weren’t magically being influenced by his giant bag of intangibles??? Where did all that magic go?

        Get in line with Radar, open your minds, and maybe try to understand how little you understand. The phony expertise and appeals to phony authority are pretty fucking insufferable– and that, Smasher, is why they get bashed whenever they come up.

    • Actually, the onus falls on those who claim that clubhouse chemistry exists, not on those who dismiss.

      • I guess you could say the same of God, doesn’t stop 80 percent of the world in believing in one.

        • the majority of the world is uneducated… so i wouldn’t use what the majority of the world believes as some kind of support for an argument. Just because many people believe something, doesn’t make it any more true. Unless you can point to something and prove it, all it is is fairy dust. Even if it chemistry does make any kind of large impact, the fact that no one can predict it makes the discussion pointless. Unless you’re a mind reader or fortune teller the only SMART thing a general manager or coach can do is play the percentages and keep their team in the best mind frame possible to succeed. But to think that Lawrie is going to hit worse of Derosa isn’t cheering him on from the dug out is ridiculous in my opinion. If you can get excited for your softball game, why do you think these players need some magical formula to get amped to play for millions of dollars infront of 40 thousand fans?

        • THAT is your answer, Smasher? Because people believe in magical space daddy???

    • “I can’t prove that it exists, there’s no tool to do so. But you can’t prove it doesn’t.
      The difference is I (and other people who argue with you about it) have felt it, have experienced it”

      Sounds like religious revelation.

    • Being totally qualified to comment based on your ridiculous criteria, I still call bullshit.

      • Which is fine.
        And as I said I don’t care what Stoeten or anyone else believes I just wanted to say my piece because he continually bashes any commenter who makes any vague reference to it.

    • Okay it exists, even though it’s impossible to prove. Now how would anyone make moves to improve team chemistry? ok then.

      • GM’s do it all the time.
        De Rosa wasn’t signed because he tears the cover off the ball. There were tons more options for bench guys out there that had better digits
        He was brought in to mentor younger players (Lawrie), to lead, to crack guys up in the dugout etc. He actually played fairly well but I quite sure that when AA signed him he never envisioned a season where De Rosa would have to play as much as he did.

        De Rosa even said himself he was surprised how much playing time he got.

        There’s a reason why there are older guys that seem to hang around for years despite subpar numbers.

        • You are wasting your breath FTS.

          You can take a horse to water but you cannot make him drink. You can ask questions like, Why did armies have guys playing trumpets, and so on, but I honestly believe some people just try to get a rise out of people with their ignorance. Either that, or they are just honestly ignorant. You can;t make them see; I;ve tried! Save your breath or move along (just as I am doing!) Only posting this to save you the trouble!

          • @DWB: Really? Trumpets? I guess the US would have won the Vietnam War if they played the bugle and had more chemistry than the Viet Cong. Anyway, let’s look at Boston and their chemistry. Lester, Lackey, and Buccholz were the chicken-and-beer guys who Pedroia, the guy who exudes leadership, couldn’t get to see the urgency of the situation in 2011. Pedroia was also the guy who pouted when Francona got fired and orchestrated a revolt against Bobby Valentine before there was any justification for it. Does that sound like “leadership”? Also, David Ortiz said that chicken and beer were a regular thing since 2004. So, where the fuck were chemistry, leadership, and all those other intangibles that we keep hearing about?

            • Jeez Dong.
              Are you trolling or actually believe what you’re saying?
              To think that there’s only tangible, measurable factors to winning and that nothing else affects the outcome is shortsighted..
              Different teams, different players, different times,different situations all involve different methodology to succeed.
              That’s the problem with the debate.
              Everybody would like it all boiled down to one logical formula.
              It’s naive to think that other factors cannnot influence the performance of even elite atheletes.
              And a lot of those factors are indeed, unmeasurable

              • Im with Dong on this one

              • @RADAR: Ever consider that winning teams might just fucking hate each other’s guts and that they set it aside because they are at work? I dislike quite a few people at my workplace, but I keep my mouth shut because that is what a professional does. Anyway, I never claimed it is a single formula, buy saying the Red Sox had chemistry and that it is important seems nonsensical in light of players who were seen as clubhouse poison a year ago. You know, like Yunel Escobar who was on a successful Tampa team this year and Boston’s chicken and beer crew. But oh yes! Joe Maddon! He creates chemistry by bringing his team together, just like Terry Francona who allowed chicken, beer, and video games in the clubhouse and it won them two World Series. Same with Buck Showalter who creates a relaxed atmosphere in the locker room. But fire Gibbons for the country club atmosphere he established during spring training!

                • Yes, I have considered that.
                  Many winning teams have had players or managers who hated each others guts.
                  Billy Martin and Reggie Jackson springs to mind.
                  And the examples you’ve provided.
                  So does it, in fact, matter whether the players like each other or hate each other to produce optimal performance and results or does matter at all and indeed all players perform at optimal level regardless of the environment?
                  From what I’ve read,the people I’ve spoken with and from my personal experience the answer,for me at least, isn’t that straight forward. is far more complex.That’s why it won’t fit into any sabermetric formula.
                  Players ( people in general) react to the same environment differently.If the manager is laid back some players respond well. With no pressure,they are relaxed and can focus. Other players can react to the same environment, with a blase attitude and no focus.
                  So is a laid back environment best?Or does an intense environment work?
                  Which produces the best results?
                  Depends on the people and their mindset.

                  • How do you explain why players like Lincecum and Romero regressed so much then if the environment matters?

                  • Radar pretends anyone should give a shit what people he’s spoken to think. It’s quaint.

                    Hey, I can’t prove this thing, but I know a guy who says it’s real, so that is proof enough for me! Air tight.

                    • Dear Stoeten.
                      The reason I mention other sources,is to provide examples of other peoples opinions and insights,It’s not just mine. It’s to show that I’m not “pretending”.I look for examples to contradict these sources and with the exception of people like you,people involved with the game, at all levels,seem to disagree with your stance..
                      So it’s not just me but many others.Kinda hard to ignore,unless you have a closed mind.
                      Keep sticking your head in the sand.
                      That way you won’t see what really scares you.

                    • Scares me? Oh fuck off. I’d be happy to learn there is anything to this junk, it’s just the people on your side need to open their tiny minds and accept that people claiming they’ve seen this particular ghost can’t be taken at their word.

                    • Bullshit Stoeten.
                      You resist everything written on the topic.Everything said by professional players on the subject gets summarily dismissed as a bunk without any consideration.
                      You ignore it because you can’t measure it and it’s something that may flaw your analysis. Something that others recognize and you can’t quantify.I’d need pages of comments to provide the evidence you need.
                      We’ll continue to agree to disagree,as mentioned by the readership,they’re getting tired of the debate.

                    • I ignore it because it doesn’t meet any kind of reasonable standard as “evidence.” That’s what you’re missing– because your mind is closed. And no, pages of comments wouldn’t do it, because that’s not evidence.

                      Oh, and once again: fuck off. My stance has zero to do with protecting any analysis, but thanks for the cheap insinuation and hilarious attempt at pretending you know what’s going on in my head and that it’s so vastly different than what I’m saying with my words. Or maybe you’re just not reading my words because you don’t like what I’m trying to tell you about your precious beliefs. Keep that mind closed!

    • We generally dismiss “chemistry guys” because none of us know who actually contributes to chemistry in the locker room, nor do we know how many wins they provide.

      I think the fact several Blue Jays this year attested to Kawasaki’s locker room influence would be pretty solid testimony from people who actually were in that locker room.

    • @Smasher

      +1. Very well said.

      I understand that stoeten doesn’t like chemistry but don’t we each have experiences in workplaces where there is good chemistry & bad chemistry? I know that I am more productive when I have good chemistry with co workers, bosses etc.

    • Holy load of horse shit. For every person that “played the game” and can say chemistry is real, theres “someone that played the game” that can call bullshit on the idea. Ive played on teams with guys that were real assholes and made a lot of guys on the team feel like shit..but we won championships, because those asshole fucks were really fucking good.

      Id say to your team chemistry that a good night of liquor and whores could relax someone as much as a “good joke” to make an at bat a little easier but I doubt the team will add a whore house to the club house. Hell I bet a happy home could do the trick too. I bet Beurle just missed his doggies the first few weeks and is why he shit the bed at the beginning…the thing is we have no idea.

      Its like black jack. Assume the dealer always has a 10, in baseball assume players are professionals and will play to their ability most of the time. If you have actual insight, which fans very rarely ever do, than you can act upon it, but you dont build a team full of “grinders” and not base 99% of your team on solid research from stats and tangible information.

  23. I wouldn’t fully trust Heyman. He also tweeted out today that Lester was worth 26 million, not 13 mil (the option he picked up), which is pretty hilarious. He’s clearly getting ahead of himself here.

    Lester’s a great pitcher, but he’s turning 30, had declining #’s and his overall body of work (career ERA of 3.75, WHIP of 1.3, career WAR around 30) looks a lot like a Buerhle-esque path. His great postseason obviously leaning heavily on Heyman’s mind

    CBS is off the mark on a lot of baseball predictions, they tend to roll with the most recent sentiments, rather than make their own bold claims/research

  24. Fuck this

    Fuck Farrell


  25. Thanks for the memories Munenori. I hope whereever you go, you get some playing time and remain your Mune self. I would say whereever you end up, I hope your happy, but that’s almost rediculous. Your smiling face won’t soon be forgotten.

  26. Not Mune related, but:

    Sanchez to start the AFL all-stars game, live on MLB.com tonight. Good chance to see him against near-MLB quality hitters.


  27. Wow, this guy hates us – and really zings JPA in the process. Check out #9 and #11 in the draft….Ough.

  28. It would have been so easy for the Jays to keep Munenori and market the fuck out of him for a relatively low cost.

    To me this is a sign that the Jays mean business on the field.

  29. Yes the Jays mean Business as their 3rd string second baseman / SS is at risk of leaving….SAY IT AIN’T SO!?! It’s as though management doesn’t understand the concept of strength down the middle – the way they fuck around with the many sub-standard players there. AA needs to send an early message to his fans that last years results won’t be tolerated again – dismissing your manager can get attention. Hopefully Joey Bats can bring us a quality starter.

    • Another comment from the “punishing ‘em will do it” crowd…the “gotta change the CULTURE” crowd. One less brain cell, and people like that should be sitting on a window ledge getting watered and fertilized once a week.
      I don’t think JBats is going anywhere in 2014 – unless the Jays shit the bed early again, and they’re out of it by June or July. I could see it then. For better or worse JBats is the main offensive force of the franchise – and who are you gonna get to replace those runs?
      Because guys like Kawasaki ain’t gonna do it….unless a guy whose main claime to fame is taking 8 pitches before he grounds out is suddenly going to put balls over the fence to the tune of 100 rbi a year.

      • Yes lets keep the same culture – the culture of losing. Toronto wears it well. Joey has the numbers and an attitude that sucks eggs – I know we can lose with him, I think we can win without him. Also that Posse thing: its gotta go to or get ‘em outta Dodge. New attitudes or a new team, its one or the other. If you like the team the way it is then lets get Bobby Valentine to complete our team!

        • Trading elite players is definitely the best way to compete.

          • birddawg is a fucking troll

            • Dear Nimrods, if you recall the Jays finished dead last in the AL East (you know like Boston did last year). If you can trade your elite player with a personality disorder, for another elite player who is a starting pitcher, and that this move helps solve a major weakness on your team, you do it. No trolling here boys, you just need to get your heads out of your asses, and then it makes perfect sense. Now go tell mom to make you dinner.

              • Old narrative dumb

              • They traded a ton of salary by moving borderline stars (A-Gon) or overpaid (Crawford) and kept the actual elite players (Pedroia, Ortiz) in place, added a few good players to fill holes, and got good health from their starting pitchers.

                Given that Bautista is both cheap and elite, I don’t see the gain unless you’re getting a super-elite pitcher back that provides enough surplus value over a Happ to make up for what you’d lose in RF… Is that a reasonable expectation? What pitchers are even on that list?

                Add non-black holes at second and behind the plate, get better health, and AA has followed the Sox playbook.

              • The personality disorder comment is so dumb, Birddawg, that it makes everything else you’ve said stupid by association, unfortunately.

    • If you had a quality starter, could you trade them for Joey Bats? I say no.

      Do we have a quality replacement for Joey Bats in RF? Nope.

      Given that, why would we trade Joey Bats for a starter?

      • You are aware that Starting pitchers are the most sought after commodity in baseball. Also, if you look for a RF, you might find one. I would share a secret with AA and ask him to check with Scouting.

        • Disagree. Starting pitchers are not the most sought after commodity in baseball. If that were true, they’d be paid more than position players, and they’re not.

          Best free agent RFs this time around are Choo and Beltran. Could potentially throw Granderson and Ellsbury onto the list as well, but it would be foolish to try and convince Ellsbury to move to RF, and it would be foolish to move Colby there.

          Now, to the point: Jose Bautista has significantly outperformed every free agent RF listed above over the past three seasons, save for Ellsbury, who as we already mentioned is not going to move to RF. Ellsbury has outperformed Bautista by a mere 1.4 wins, and that mainly comes from the fact Ellsbury is a better defender–Bautista outperformed Ellsbury batting-wise.

          So no, you can’t just replace Joey Bats in right. Neither do we have any decent prospects in RF to replace him with.

  30. Tanaka has throw 176 pitches in the last 2 days… 160 in a CG shutout. 2 days ago and 15 yesterday to close out the final game to win a championship.

    That’s a lot of pitches.

  31. Good day for Sanchez who pitched in the AFL all-star game today:

    Aaron Sanchez (Blue Jays) started for the East team by pitching two scoreless innings before the West hitters unloaded against the rest of the East staff. Sanchez mixed his 93-97 mph heater with an effective low 80s curveball and occasional changeup.

    • It was live on MLB.com on Sat night, but I can’t find any video now. Hopefully it will show up at some point.

  32. I’ve looked all over and I can’t find anything on this either. Maybe he had dinner with AA

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