Fear not, Mike McCoy fans.

Or.. maybe fear a little. But don’t be so sure that all is lost, even though the most well-travelled man in recent Jays history is among the players in the organization who have qualified for minor league free agency, according to Matt Eddy of Baseball America. But as Juan Perez demonstrated earlier today, being released by the Jays doesn’t necessarily mean that a player’s time in the organization is done. According to a team release, after electing free agency (and thereby being removed from the 40-man roster), Perez signed a minor league deal with the club, with an invite to Spring Training. He’ll join, the release noted, Mike Nickeas and Andy LaRoche as guys on minor league deals with invites.

Will that be the case for anyone else? Meh. I don’t know, or particularly care. But here’s the full list anyway, which includes several names that you’ll recognize, as does the full list of 550 players qualifying, which includes for the first time draft picks from 2007 who aren’t on their club’s 40-man roster– meaning one-time Jays prospect Kevin Ahrens, who was J.P. Ricciardi’s second ever first-rounder selected out of high school, following Travis Snider the previous year. Ahrens ended up truly stalling out in high-A, spending parts of four seasons with Dunedin of the Florida State League, including full years in 2009, 2011 and 2012– he was demoted to Lansing for part of 2010, and managed to spend this season in double-A.

Man, Ricciardi’s draft record is a-fucking-bysmal.

Anywho, the list:

Toronto Blue Jays
Chad Beck (AA), Tyson Brummett (AA), Buddy Carlyle (AAA), Joel Carreno (AAA), Alan Farina (AA), Marcus Walden (AA)
LHP: Willie Collazo* (AA), Juan Perez (AAA)
C: Brian Compton (Lo A)
1B: Luis A. Jimenez (AAA), Clint Robinson (AAA)Jon Talley (AA)
2B: Daniel Arcila (SS), Oliver Dominguez (Hi A), Jim Negrych (AAA), John Tolisano (AA), Lance Zawadzki (AA)
3B: Kevin Ahrens (AA)
SS: Mike McCoy (AAA), Amadeo Zazueta (AA)
OF: Blake Gailen (AAA), Adam Loewen (AA), Ricardo Nanita (AAA)

The star next to Willie Collazo’s name is just to indicate that he spent the entirety of 2013 on the DL.

So… yeah. Some names we’ve followed a little bit over the years, but certainly nobody who was going to help the 2014 Blue Jays. (Sit down, Negrych fans!)

I was going to pour over the entirety of the list for some intriguing guys who the Jays might be interested in taking a flyer on, but… uh… 550 names? Most of whom I’d have to at least check out the BR and FanGraphs pages of? Yeah, I think I’m just gonna mail this one in and leave it at that. Er… I mean… why would I want to hog all of that fun for myself? Go to Eddy’s piece and knock yourselves out!

Godspeed, Ricardo Nanita, et al.

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  1. I’ll play Jeff Blair here…

    Wasn’t Nanita the guy brought in because he was good friends with Bautista?????

  2. I still miss Jeff Mathis.

  3. OCD troll back in other thread

  4. Hey, remember Jim Negrych?

  5. I recall there being high hopes for Alan Farina a few years back before some arm trouble…..

    Then there was a drug suspension this year for second violation of drug abuse.

    FYI Farina in italian means “flour”, which is italian slang for cocaine, and now you know!

  6. I still think that Carreno could be an effective MLB reliever, and was surprised that he didn’t get a shot last year.

  7. Kevin Kouzmanoff (3rd) might be interesting. He has a career .776 OPS vs LHP and .699 vs RHP…not too bad if you can get him cheap. Bobby Wilson (C) also has a decent OPS against LHP, in an extremely small sample size (couldn’t find minor league splits). Then there’s good ol Ben Francisco, who apparently has a career OPS+ of 98. Not very attractive options (I only looked for names I recognized), but I’m sure AA will find something in that scrapheap.

  8. Randy Ruiz. Sign him. Explain it later. God bless the people of Buffalo.

  9. I don’t give a fuck but can someone give me a good reason to spend $8,100 and renew my Season Tickets

  10. Will this team play at a level that I can watch and enjoy? The last 20 games last year I threw in the garbage

    • You mean when the Buffalo Bisons were playing? Yeah, real representative.

      • He’s a troll stoeten

        • Is he? It’s legitimate to ask such things– the first question at least, since the last 20 games stuff is pretty dumb– but I think the answer is pretty obvious.

          • He was here acting like an expert the big guy 1968 in spring training acting like he was a know it all

          • Troll or not, it’s a good question.

            $8,100 is a lot money to gamble considering the overall performance this year.

            Personally, if I had $8,100 to work with as soon as single game tickets are available I’d cherry pick all the good series from May 24 weekend on and make sure to buy the last home stand incase of a playoff race.

            Even if the team is great out of the gate, April and most of May will have plenty of good seats because of the time of year, and all the other fans “waiting and seeing” before they pony up.

            Just pick the nice days in the summer to see a ballgame against the teams that have cache if you want to sell them if you can’t go.

            Also, by buying less total games, the guy could have a better experience and get better seats (I’m assuming that this is a pair of $50 seats that he had last year).

            The real advantage of seasons ticket is that you get a seat in the playoffs (and a100% tax deduction if you describe it as promotional for your business!), but if he trims down and just catches the good stuff he would probably have the money left over in the budget to buy scalper tickets if the Jays make the dance. If not, the cash stays in his pocket.

        • Are you for real?

          Teacher! Teacher! Johnny is saying bad things about my baseball team, please do something.

          Do you even realize what a creepy little bitch you come off as?

          My God!!

      • I actually thought all things considered the team gutted it out until the end. The last weekend against TB were some good games. They were a little talent challenged but they played well.

  11. JPA projected to earn $2.8 million for HRs & RBIs:

    Fingers crossed the Jays sign a catcher and non-tender JPA in one fell swoop…

    • Soto just re-upped in Texas for 1 yr, 3.5 mil, so 2.8 doesn’t sound too ludicrous, as much as I dislike JP and his gross stats.

      Salty made 4.5 last year, in his career year. MLBTR has him pegged for 4 ys, 36 mil, which is pretty disgusting considering Salty ain’t that good. I shudder at the thought of that deal being drawn up.

      AA would be best off to hold onto JP and turn that into value somewhere should he be moved. Alternatively, keep him as back-up. JP’s attitude could change, while his stats likely won’t differ vastly (for better or worse) from what his career body of work has show, there’s nothing wrong w/ paying 2.8 mil to a backup if you want to contend. If Rangers intend to go after McCann, they’d be paying Soto slightly more money than JPA, to be a backup, and both players aren’t terribly great at this point.

      • Back up catchers are generally catch and throw guys. JPA is a horrid defensive catcher and he is a horrid offensive player as well.

        You can literally bring in minor league fodder for the MLB minimum and get better defense and equivalent offense. (you will lose power, but you will likely gain in reduced out making)

        why pay someone 2.8 million when you can get as good if not better production for a fraction of the value?

    • Not that I’m a JP fan, or even a believer, but you can’t teach power. I just look at what Chris Davis has turned into and maybe there is still hope? I mean if JP can just improve his contact & walk rate slightly he would actually be useful. Not saying they shouldn’t find other options though. The Jays don’t have the luxury to wait for him to “figure things out” if he ever will. But you never know what could happen.

      • Honestly if I thought he could do that I would be all for keeping him around. But he hasn’t shown himself to be particularly teachable. Also he’s hitting in a band-box so if he has any power at all he should be getting those home runs. And at this point those home runs are all he’s got. Bad defensively and has a lousy 2-strike approach that doesn’t seem to have changed at all over the past couple of years. I really hope we’ve seen the last of him at the RC.

  12. Ahhhh Jeremy Hermida, Matt LaPorta, JC Romero…all kinds of guys who remind me of their hot streaks a few years ago for my fantasy team. These lists always make me nostalgic :)

    Also Jair Jurrjens = Ricky Romero amirite?

  13. Kyeong Kang looks like a guy who would be a good pickup. Saw him play in Port Charlotte this year, nice swing.–001kye

    Matt Buschmann and Matt Nevarez also look interesting from their numbers.

  14. Also Carlos Pimentel and Will rhymes.

    Rhymes has been around but he’d be good AAA depth for 2b.

  15. Just scrolling quickly at 2B and C, two popped out:

    Jason Donald and Will Rhymes. Both have MLB experience. If I remember correctly, the Jays reportedly had interest in Donald in the Halladay trade. Either could provide good AAA depth, and if the Jays are going with Goins, then maybe a shot to make the roster out of spring training.

    Obviously nothing to get too excited about, but what else can you expect from a list of minor league free agents.

  16. One guy who popped out to me , that I thought might be an interesting flyer, was Alfredo Aceves, ex of the Yankees and the Bosox of years past. He can still throw 95-97 and has a decent breaking ball. Has a penchant for giving up homers, but considering he was a closer at one time for the Bosox( not for long mind you) he could be a cheap pick up and depth should we move some of our relievers. Anyway he was one guy that I used to think to myself, man, if he could spot that fastball at 97 a little better he could be awesome but he has never done it consistently

    • Yeah but I’d like to get out of the mindset of accumulating relievers. It’s true that the bullpen has been one of the few bright spots in the last two years, but I don’t see moving a reliever and then signing someone like Aceves.

  17. Former first-round draft pick Kevin Ahrens. Ugh, for fucksakes.

  18. JPR sure could pick ‘em. Not.

  19. Need a little off season drama.

  20. Is it April yet?

  21. Reed Johnson as a 4th OF?

  22. This might deserve some attention.

    Only 7 teams have less salary committed beyond 2015 than the Jays. And Jays are one Of only 8 teams with no commitments beyond 2017. Oddly the Stankees are another.

    Looks like there is the capacity to add long term commitments if they so choose. But will they choose to do it or not. Teams with less committed are small market Oak, Hou, Mia types for the most part.

    • I think it says that it’s very much worth it to take a run at Cano.

      Problem is he might be asking to be the highest-paid player in the game. That’s a price tag that he isn’t worth, and the assets could be better allocated elsewhere.

      • Not sure if I’d go that far…. But it sure would be fun.

        I think it definitely does give weight to Stoeten’s post about Rogers needing to come to the plate with some cash in one form or another.

        Payroll has shot up which is great to see. But when looking at the big picture Jays are still playing things much safer than most of their competition.

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