When MLB and the Players Association came to terms on a new collective bargaining agreement following the 2011 season, a number of new mechanisms were put in place ostensibly in the name of fairness. The revenue sharing agreement was changed in order to exclude clubs in the biggest 15 markets from getting those dollars, Toronto included, while competitive balance draft picks were introduced, and changes to the competitive balance tax were made, which the Yankees are now notably running up against.

Another area where the playing field was supposedly levelled– at the expense of amateurs not in the union, of course– was in the draft.

What we’ve ended up isn’t quite the commissioner’s preferred “hard slotting” plan, but the introduction of bonus pools and strict penalties for overpayment was supposed to be an improvement on the previous system, in which talented players dropped due to signability and then were scooped up by big market, high payroll clubs. And it’s sort of worked! But… um… turns out there might be a slight problem with the new draft setup when it comes to compensation for players receiving qualifying offers– at least, it sure looked like a problem from where I was sitting when I saw it highlighted in the “Winners” section of Ken Rosenthal’s roundup of yesterday’s activity over at Fox Sports.

Moving away from some paragraphs on the players who yesterday avoided being chained to a market-destroying draft pick, Kenny Ken Ken commented on the good fortune of a couple of teams:

Yankees, Red Sox. The rich get richer.

Both the Yankees and Red Sox made qualifying offers to three players – the Yankees to Robinson Cano, Hiroki Kuroda and Curtis Granderson, the Red Sox to Jacoby Ellsbury, Mike Napoli and Stephen Drew.

Both clubs possess large enough payrolls to absorb one-year, $14.1 million hits; Granderson and Drew are perhaps the most likely of the six to accept – and Drew, like most Scott Boras clients, still would probably prefer to determine his value on the open market.

The Yankees wound up with the Nos. 32 and 33 picks last season as compensation for Nick Swisher and Rafael Soriano (they re-signed Kuroda). This year, they might re-sign all three of the players to whom they made offers. But they also could wind up with extra picks between the first and second rounds.

The Red Sox, meanwhile, could hit the compensatory-pick jackpot – they are almost certain to get one for Ellsbury, and it’s not of the question that they could get two more for Drew and Napoli.

Not quite how the system is supposed to work.

For fuck sakes!

In fact, last year there were just nine players who received qualifying offers, four of whom– including the ones cited by Rosenthal– played for either the Yankees or the Red Sox. This year it’s six of thirteen! Not that those offers aren’t completely justifiable, but… um… holy shit, yeah, let’s give them more draft picks! You know?

Hey, but it’s not so bad. Next year they’ll only potentially be putting out qualifying offers to whichever of those guys actually take a one-year offer made this year, plus their other pending free agents: David Ortiz, Jake Peavy, Ryan Dempster, Shane Victorino, Jon Leaster, John Lackey (club option), Alfonso Soriano, Ichiro, Derek Jeter, and Brett Gardner.

Obviously not all those guys will actually hit free agency, or get offers, or leave those clubs even if they do, but holy shitballs!!!!!1! Another compensatory pick jackpot is pretty much already in the cards. And… like, how warped is it that those are the teams who, so far, have stood to benefit most dramatically from the system, while yesterday a club like the Jays may have had to come to the decision that they could not afford the risk of the payroll structure havoc that would be caused by making a qualifying offer to Josh Johnson and having him accept it. Same goes for the A’s and Bartolo Colon, and the Pirates and A.J. Burnett (unless they truly believe, as MLBTR suggested, that he’s sincere in saying his choice will be between either the Bucs or retirement).

I could add some names to that list, too– Jason Vargas, Tim Hudson, Dan Haren, maybe Scott Kazmir– though figuring on those guys getting offers is probably too big of a stretch. In fact, I’m not sure those guys would have even received a guaranteed $14.1-million from either of the two AL East juggernauts. Jarrod Saltalamacchia didn’t, for example! And that’s despite being predicted by MLBTR to be looking at something in the four-year, $36-million neighbourhood, while Keith Law guessed it could end up being even higher back in September at (Insider only).

So maybe that suggests the system isn’t quite as broken as I fear? Maybe these two teams just happened to have ideal candidates to be given qualifying offers these last two seasons– partly because they have a lot of high salary, free-agent-age guys in the first place? But… I don’t know. I don’t know. Not a lot of clubs can afford to go year-to-year with their players in this way, where there’s no cost certainty until a player’s decision hits you in the face. Not a lot of clubs can say, “See you later, Salty, we think we’re just going to take Brian McCann instead, but just to show there are no hard feelings, we’ll do you a solid and not string a draft-pick-sized anchor around your neck.”

On the other hand, maybe the lesser-spending clubs are actually feeling so flush with TV cash that they’re not concerned about the value of the certainty of keeping the player in hand, as they think they’ll be able to land the players they need at prices not inflated by the dance with the qualifying offer. Maybe they’re ready to flip the CBA on its head, knowing that they’ve got a couple of protected first round draft picks and figure that now is the time, if ever, to pull a 2009 Yankees! Maybe they’re gearing up to target guys they want rather than guys they have, taking runs at Beltran(!), Cano(!), Choo(!), Cruz(!), Drew(!), Jimenez(!), Kuroda(!), McCann(!), Morales(!), Napoli(!), Santana(!), everybody! Fuck the other nine rounds of the draft and get as many as you can! Or how about just the bargain guys who end up getting “Lohse-d” into below-market contracts! Huh? Huh? Huh?

OK, maybe that’s not what the A’s are secretly up to. But thinking of the Jays, I can dream (ridiculously), can’t I?

Shit, I wrote a post about Robinson Cano the other week– damn right I can dream! Try it yourself! It’s sure a whole lot more fucking satisfying than thinking about the Yankees and Red Sox potentially getting three extra high draft picks each, and more again next year.


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  1. If the Jays are ever a perennial contender were gonna laugh at how complex a concept we’ve made contending out to be

    • lol +1

      I was just thinking that the other day. The Jays trying to build a contending team feels like splitting the atom, turning water into fuel, and mastering cold fusion all at once. It really shouldn’t be this hard.

    • I feel your pain but there are 29 other teams with the exact same goal. All with lawyers looking for loopholes and Harvard guys trying to find market inefficiencies, assistants to the assistants of the GM trying to come up with any kind of edge over the other guys.
      It’s cutthroat. It used to be just about talent, money and management, I think it’s probably tougher then ever to field a consistent contender.

  2. I agree entirely, but I would like to focus on a different view for a second. Looking at the 6 players in question and the draft picks, I don’t see a ton of downside for Jays in relation to this particular year’s Sox/Yankees QO’s.

    Robinson Cano – Will decline. If he resigns with the Yankees, they don’t get the pick. If he signs elsewhere, the Yankees lose their best player.

    Hiroki Kuroda – He isn’t signing anywhere but Japan or New York. Non issue.

    Curtis Granderson – This one is the exception. Yankees could get a pick out of it and could survive the loss of Granderson.

    Jacoby Ellsbury – Same argument as Cano. Red Sox may get a pick but that is a huge loss.

    Mike Napoli – Again, would be a big loss for Red Sox

    Drew – Damnit another exception. Red Sox will likely get a pick out of this.

    And I guess if those guys sign elsewhere, the Red Sox and Yankees will just spend the money on someone else. Crap this does suck.

    • I would argue that the Sox would probably get 2 out of 3 picks as it seems Ellsburry is going to sign elsewhere as will Drew. Though i get the feeling drew might take the qualifying offer as well so the Sox might only get one.

      The new free agent compensation were never meant to balance players or teams, but to balance the price of free agents.

      • I think Drew stays in Boston. He can’t get $14M on the open market and I don’t foresee anyone offering a multi-year that’s compelling enough for him/Boras.

        If he does leave, Boston is really lean up the middle with only Bogaerts (rookie) and Middlebrooks (2 AB in the WS). So happy they traded Iglesias for Peavy!

    • I don’t think it’s so cut and dried that Kuroda will sign in Japan or New York only, and with Jackie Bradley Jr. ready, the Ellsbury loss won’t be quite so bad for the Red Sox… they hope.

  3. I shouldn’t feed the fire, but would Cano really see much winning in the future with the Yanks? Maybe he’s tired of the circus and Arod. And Mo is gone now. And the luxury tax is an issue.

    He’s supposedly good friends with Edwin and Reyes… and he likes Toronto enough to visit(?).

    And he would give the Jays that big “offseason story” they’ll need to revive the stunned fans.

    And what else would you do with that 35M a year? Tanaka has never pitched in the majors. JJ would have eaten 14 of it and been a complete question mark. Might as well throw Hutch, Drabek, Stroman, Happ, McGowan, etc out there.

    Never mind. I plead insanity.

    • I seem to remember the same argument about Yu…never pitched in the majors, too much risk, blah blah blah. 277 K’s this year is all I see. I know Tanaka is not Yu, but whatever.

      • Tanaka is not as good as Darvish for sure, he doesnt have the fastball.

        I still hope he’s a part of our rotation as would alot of other teams lol.

        I think he would make a fine #3 starter, possibly #2.

    • If Cano was tired of NY’s circus, I somehow doubt he would have switched agents to Jay-Z.

  4. Jeff Blair’s had a Jays/free agency-related first hour of his show today, chatting with Wilner as well.

    A few of the interesting notes:
    -They talked about how Anthopoulos has had a ‘thing’ for Ubaldo for a few years, and that he usually ends up getting those guys.
    -They mentioned that Kurt Suzuki might appeal to Toronto since he was Romero’s catcher in college
    -They both got the impression that the Jays would do something early, with Blair saying he’d expect a move within the first two weeks of free agency
    -Blair says he’d “be surprised if Jose Bautista was back with the Jays next year” and that the impressions he gets are that the Jays will shop him.
    -Blair says that Steve Delabar got a lot of interest at the trade deadline from teams looking to make him a closer. (I’ve read that the Tigers were one of those teams – is Delabar for Porcello crazy?)

    • I wouldn’t do the Porcello deal – I don’t think you can do a straight up WAR comparison for relievers and starters.

      Porcello’s fWAR is inflated by him constantly underperforming his FIP – he hasn’t within 0.5 of a run in the past four years. People point to the Detroit infield defense, but Fister posts identical GB% rates as Porcello, and does not have that same split he does.

      I think Hutchison/Stroman could replicate the 170 IP Porcello gives you, whereas someone like Wagner would not replicate the 55+ IP Delabar gives you.

      • Have to factor in the brutal infield Porcello has pitched in front of, though, considering he’s a big ground ball pitcher.

        • I don’t think you actually read the post. I already commented on that. Fister has the same ground ball rates, and doesn’t have nearly as large a split.

      • No way a delabar for Porcello swap would work, Delebar is amazing, but he aint no Rosenthal / Kimbrel, regardless of the 4 years of control.

        A happ + delabar for Porcello would more likely get it done possibly. Maybe it’s still wishful thinking on my part.

        • What does Porcello give the Jays that they don’t already have? He’s another back of the rotation starter, that are plentiful in free agency.

          • Porcello’s peripherals suggest he’s on the cusp on breaking out and becoming really good. While he’s not a overpowering striking out pitcher he has good control. The only stat that is suffering is his ERA. Kinda like the problem Brandon Morrow had before his breakout 2012 season.

            • I disagree; he’s consistently shown that he does not strand runners well, nor does he keep the ball in the yard. Imagine him pitching in the AL East: his career HR/FB numbers are over 11% currently. It would not get better in Toronto.

              He doesn’t go deep into games either; his IP/start is pretty low.

              Morrow is a bad comparison too. They’re the exact opposite when it comes to pitchers. Morrow is/was a high K high BB flyball pitcher. Porcello doesn’t strike many out, has good control, and keeps the ball on the ground.
              It’s also debatable as to whether Morrow has actually “broken out” as well.

              • I meant Morrow by concept, not by direct comparison.

                But good point on the HR/FB rate.

                I wouldnt mind aquiring him cause he has upside. He has more upside then Happ anyways. But i guess your point is if you’re gonna aim, aim high.

                • Actually yes, that is more of my point.
                  But if Happ is in the rotation anyways, there’s issues. I think the mindset going into the season is that he doesn’t have a spot.

    • I think just about everyone on the Fan have said that Bautista probably gets moved, I’d say if they move him they have to get a front of the rotation arm for him. As for the Delebar stuff I don’t know they still have years of control left so it doesn’t make sense to move him for porcello as you mention especially since Porcello only has a year left before he becomes a free agent. I’m more apt to think that the Jays may try to go after Ubaldo although he seems like a big risk IMO.

    • Thanks for the info. A couple of my cents.

      - AA does tend to eventually get guys he’s always liked, like Happ, Lincoln, Reyes to name a few. I would not be surprised if AA went after Jiminez though i’m not sure If I would want him.
      - kurt suzuki’s upside is his defense, otherwise his hitting almost as bad as JPA so I don’t really see it. Man I wish we signed Russell martin last year, even before hindsight. The romero connection is really grasping at straws in my opinion.
      - I really don’t see Bautista moving this offseason unless he gets an offer that A) really overblows his value, and B) neatly fits with 2 holes in the current roster. So like a deal for a near ace pitcher and good 2nd baseman or catcher that adds up to more than bautista’s value would probably get the deal done. Otherwise forget it. He’s not going to get moved. And I don’t see any GM willing to overpay on bautista to give up such valuable commodities.
      - Given our pitching roster crunch (in terms of optionless people), I fully expect 1 or more relievers to be dealt this offseason. If AA actually stands pat with his relievers, I will actually be disappointed. I have a feeling at least one of janssen, delabar, cecil and loup will be shipped. I get the feeling Happ is going to be traded as well, could be a useful piece.

      • Happ a useful piece? I do not share this opinion. He missed too much time this year (I know, for a non-pitching related injury, but still), and hasn’t been very good for a number of years. The Jays definitely overpaid to get him, and I don’t think another GM will make that mistake now.

  5. The number of extra would get mitigated by either team signing a player with draft pick compensation tied to them, such as McCann which would result in about a 100k to 700k drop in slot value on that pick (depending on whether it’s the Yankees or Sox). That dips into the gains from another of their compensation picks, which have a value around 1.7M

    So, I do agree that it does suck, but it is a bit less sucky if they end up signing players with compensation attached (which both avoided doing last year, and may again this year as well).


  6. Thinking about it a bit more, in an ideal world, wouldn’t it be great if the Yankees were to sign Ellsbury and the Sox were to sign Granderson!

  7. I know this isn’t really what you meant, but I bristle whenever I see a phrase like “a club like the Jays” in a context that implies a team lacking in financial strength. It’s heightened when the next two clubs mentioned in that context are the Pirates and the A’s, all in contrast to the Yankees and Red Sox.

    We obviously belong much more with the haves than the have-nots, except when our owners willfully choose otherwise.

    • At this point I think we inhabit the middle ground. The owners have all the money any club could ever need but they will only spend it if they think they will get a return. Which is fair enough. But this is the disadvantage of having a corporate owner rather than an individual owner who may see the club as an extension of himself and wants to field a winner and will spend accordingly.

      As for this off-season I’m kind of meh about the whole thing. I do think they will trade Bautista and I hope they get a catcher. But whatever they do I think I am going to stay unexcited until I see the team win during the season.

    • I don’t want to put words in Andrew’s mouth, but I interpreted it to be in reference to a lack of financial flexibility. Which is to say that although the Jays have the have the theoretical capacity to spend, the majority of their finances are already tied up.

      • Yeah, the first point is pretty pedantic. I think I’ve harped on Rogers for not spending more than often enough for it to be clear that I’m not letting them off the hook by pretending they couldn’t run payrolls a lot higher than they have been.

    • you cant just go based on market size. Baseball is not as big part of the culture in canada as it is in cities like chicago, new york, st. louis…..sure they used to sell out every night in the hey day with the new stadium..but that novelty wore off after the strike and now the stadium is considered the second worst in the bigs. i dont think people realize what a joke the facility is considered around the league.

      people dont want to play here. for whatever reason… they dont want to play in toronto. the jays have to either trade for them or hope they are a useful piece that for whatever reason has some blemishes the render Toronto as an acceptable place.

      I think this dislike of playing for toronto is largely ignorant, however it is reality.

  8. Trade then

  9. If the jays had these guys the only guy i would expect them to not qualify is drew. These are actually good baseball players unlike half the jays roster. The only exception is maybe drew who might accept the qo becuase it could really hurt his leverage.

  10. I wish MLB would revisit teams being able to trade picks. When the big dogs come knocking for players in the pennant race the small market teams could/would get these picks.

    I think the current system saves the Yankees and Sox from themselves.
    If picks could have been traded the last decade I can’t see either of these clubs being both dominant and have deep organizational strength as they both do currently. It would be one or the other, not both.

    It’s an embarrassment of riches, the Sox just won the Series and they have some of the best prospects in baseball on the way.

  11. The thing about Salty, if the Sox offered him a QO wouldn’t he take it? Or at least there’s a chance he would take it. I know he had a good year, and he can probably get a 3-4 year deal, but he’s not getting 14M a year.

  12. it is a broken system. only rich teams can afford to make qualifying offers. wtf?

    still, if the Red Sox were to lose Ellsbury I don’t think they would get much comfort in getting a draft pick back. that would be a huge loss.

  13. If they wanna trade Jose Bautista then why not St. Louis. Beltran is likely on his way out, and while Tavares is on his way in, Tavares could easily slot into center with Bautista taking over right and Jon Jay becomes the 4th outfielder.

    David Freese is a mess, so maybe they’d consider Bautista at third base? It’s hard to say but his versatility might be appealing to them, particularly with only a couple of years at a moderate salary remaining on his contract.

    And given their negligence towards Shelby Miller in the playoffs and their supposed willingness to move him or Lance Lynn, maybe he could be the main piece? Bautista for Miller? Bautista and something for Miller and Kolten Wong? Just spit balling here, but if I’m trading Bautista that’s the kind of stuff I want. Cheap, young, assets who can help in the present as well as in the post Reyes/Encarnacion prime years.

    • You make a good point. If I were going to trade Bautista to St. Louis I would probably want to get either Allen Craig or Matt Adams back in the deal (No DH in NL) cuz they can only play 1 anyway making the other expendable. Plus Kolten Wong

      Then I might sell on Edwin Encarnacion by trading him to Seattle for Tywan Walker and their catching prospect.

      If we trade Jose Edwin should go to as a big reason Edwin resigned was cuz Jose convinced him too. Edwin would be pissed if we traded jose.

      Then with the spare cash go and sign Choo :)

      • “Edwin would be pissed if we traded jose.”

        You have no way of knowing that, and given his career trajectory I think Edwin might understand better than most that business is business.

        And why would you trade Bautista for Craig or Adams? We don’t need help at 1B/DH with Edwin and Lind under contract. We need pitching and St. Louis has a plethora of it.

    • how about bautista, stroman and gose for miller, Tavares, and wong?

      the cards start:

      adams 1b, bautista 3b, craig RF, and jay or gose in CF (the other guy is the 4th OF)… stroman slides into the back end of the pen and give them some insurance in the rotation.

      jays free up some dough to spend at catcher or in the rotation.

    • I don’t know if the Cardinala would go all in on Bautista though. I believe their plan is to put Allen Craig in right and they also have Oscar Tavares who could play right if needed. They are an interesting match though (possible solution at second, tons of young pitching, etc.).

      • The Cards definitely have oodles of pieces that would be of great value to Toronto, but their GM is one of the best in the business at drafting and developing that talent so I’m sure he’s aware of the market for his assets. Even so I hope A.A. if making a phonecall or seven.

  14. Forgive me if you’ve already linked to this Stoeten.
    It was a nice little ray of positivity after a shit year.

  15. I don’t think Wilner has ever been right about the jays off-season plans. Seriously they r going to sign a catcher because he caught Romero in college?

  16. I want the Jays to trade all their garbage for good players. Remember Vernon Wells for Mike Naples? Do something like that again, Alex.

    • Naps was a garbage catcher back when the Wells deal took place.

      • Well then, I would also like them to realize the future value of the players they are acquiring.

  17. Hey stoeten. Relax.

    a) Stephen Drew is not worth $14 mil let the red sox keep him (he will accept)
    b) Red Sox r not going to let mike napoli go
    c) Red Sox have no replacement for Jacoby so losing him hurts more than getting a pick

    d) Yanks are not letting Cano or Kuroda go
    e) $14 mil for Granderson would be a good deal for him to accept coming off an injury plagued season

    Therefore, the system is not broken it’s just encouraging rich teams to overpay players like drew and granderson for 1 year. Who cares really, they would have added depth players anyway (remember Kevin Youkalis 12 mil?).

    • Except for all of that being complete bullshit, thanks for the comment!

      EDITED TO ADD: For one, read the Rosenthal piece. Drew and his agent (Boras) very well may not accept. It’s not necessarily about the one year salary– if he can get $30-40 over multiple years, maybe he leaves. With the pick on him that’s harder, yes.

      For two, while you’re probably right about Napoli, the Sox have Jackie Bradley Jr. Ellsbury re-signing is unlikely.

      For three, the Yanks certainly could lose Cano and Kuroda. Though, yes, Granderson will probably accept.

      • Everything I said is accurate.

        JB Jr. is probably not going to be close to as good as Ellsberry and even if he is my point is Jacoby is worth more than a compensation pick to them.

        Stephen drew got a 1 year $9.5 mil deal when he wasn’t tied to compensation.

        Now he is and he’s a year older.

        I could only see him getting 30-40 mil if it’s over 4-5 years. He’s certainly getting less than $9 mil season over multi years. If I were him I’d take the $14 mil. His value can’t drop that much in 1 year unless he gets hurt

  18. One way to mitigate this would be for teams to forfeit their sandwich draft picks if they sign a free agent

  19. I told you it was DUMB that they didnt QO JJ.

    Jesus fuck, it takes Ken Rosenthal to point out that to you?

    Make the QO, its only 14.1 mil. If he walks, we get the comp pick. It is not fucking rocket science.

    • It’s not that simple my friend. No one wil sign him with draft pick compensation, so when we extend the qualifying offer, he is almost a guarentee to come back.

      Its not a simple he walks we get a pick because he won’t walk. Its more do we want him or not at 14.1 million?

    • I suspect there was real concern about his medicals…

      • I don’t have my hands on the medicals, so I guess I cant say with any degree of certainty.

        Must have an elbow that is about to fall off.

        I understand how the system works – that he has to sign with another team to get the pick.

        But if the elbow is not going to fall off, write the 14.1 mil cheque, IMHO.

    • Would you like to be banned for stupidity? Because this comment is one of the dumbest I’ve read in a long time.

      I understand how the system works. Do you? Why are you pretending your position is somehow vindicated, exactly?


        • I’m with Stond Jays Fan. Declining to offer JJ a Q.O. was stupid and cheap. Rogers will never convince me that they couldn’t afford $14.1 million of extra payroll this early in the offseason. Extend the offer, see how it shakes down, and then make other trades later if you have too. They could easily move $4-8 million out of the bullpen and still have a decent one. Further, even if JJ accepted and his arm fell off, it’s only money on a one-year deal to them.

          Teams that operate like this, with this much money in the bank, have no right to bitch about the fairness of the CBA.

          • That makes no sense. If his arms fall off it’s only 14.5 million? What if the medicals were not satisfactory to justify a 14 million dollar contract. It would be irresposible for AA to make the deal just cause he wanted to ensure JJ failed tenure here.

            If JJ had terrible medicals then you would seriously be happy that we are paying 14 million to an injured player as opposed to a different pitcher who had better more guarenteed stats/medicals. You wouldn’t be bemoaning the fact in 2014 “why did we give that 14 million dollar contract to JJ when AA knew his arm was crappy”. Get real.

            • If you can actually show my any professional starting pitcher with “guaranteed stats/medicals” then I’d buy that. The point is that you can’t. There’s risk associated with everyone.

      • You want to ban me from your comments section for ‘stupidity’?

        Holy power-trippin.

        Do what you have to…

        • I’m thinking about the metrics of what stupidity can actually look like in a quantitative theory and all I could come up with for a starting point was Jose Cansenco = +/- 0C/WTF

          • Oh, Tom W, always a good laugh.

            We seriously need to have beer n doobies one of these days… that you are in Errington country….heck, we are practically neighbours!

        • I haven’t, but if I did it wouldn’t be about a power trip, it would be about clearing away willful garbage. Who needs you being blatantly full of shit, ignorant about the topic you’re bleating about, and pretend victorious? This isn’t exactly an academic seminar in here, but still, fuck that shit.

          The difference is, you don’t do it constantly. The one note negative suckholes, though? Not much difference between them and a troll, that I can see. So yeah, it happens.

  20. Crack crack crack

  21. I’d like to thank Rob Ford for easing the pain of the Red Sox defeat.

  22. I want some Cubans on this team god dammit. Not the cheap knock offs but real ones!

  23. I’m going there in Feb., I’ll see how many I can sign up for you Tom W

  24. Did the Wankees or Massholes lose any draft picks signing free agents in recent years to balance this out?

    • Nope, the process just started last year, and neither team signed any agents with draft pick compensation attached to them. IT will probably change this year though.

  25. Testing, testing….have I been banned?

  26. How about me?Still banned?

  27. What about kc, bautista, with perez as the centerpiece coming back

  28. [...] at Drunk Jays Fans, Andrew Stoeten goes on about the Free Agent Compensation that was changed when they redid the [...]

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