Far be it from me to interrupt the love-in for Marcus Stroman today– and now also Aaron Sanchez (except when he’s out of the stretch)– and also that fact that Brandon Morrow apparently feels good!– but… uh… Brett Lawrie’s Viddy page?

Brett Lawrie’s Viddy page.

I won’t even try to describe it. Just check out some ridiculously ridiculous highlights after the jump. #Getttittttttt.

‘Sup bro?

No, seriously though, that’s fucking awesome. Because… he’s working on his ping pong return-of-serve. Because why wouldn’t you?


Crotch grab in the direction of Benny Fresh for the link.

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  1. #heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem

  2. Rivera jersey in house! Possible trade-off for the broken bat lawrie donated to the HOF for mo?

  3. holee fuck

  4. I was thinking that to Chris. Only, because I remembered Lawrie saying his fav team Jersey is the yanks.

  5. Ping Pong worked for Pence, had one of his best years ever. They should get all the boys playing.

  6. Ping pong return of service = hand-eye coordination improvement?

    • exactly. some people want to find any reason to laugh at lawrie because he’s a character, i get it.. but hey man…the guy’s defense is stellar. so maybe someone should instead be thinking that the man is keeping sharp.

  7. the fuck is a viddy page


  9. Wow, so now even the Rogers-owned mainstream media don’t even both mentioning Romero when listing potential depth for 2014. What’s Romero up to this off season and is there anything he can realistically do to make one hopeful he can pitch effectively next year??

    • Um… he’s terrible?

      Why would the company someone works for have anything to do with that clear truth?

      Seriously: look at his platoon splits in the minors. He’s never going to be anything again, unless he can somehow find a way to keep teams from noticing that he can’t actually get left-handers out.

  10. Mad hops! Kid is a stud athlete no question.

  11. But I’d hand him his ass in his hat at Ping Pong

  12. Suck it, Brett Lawrie’s high school basketball coach. #ShootMalish #SaveItStewart

  13. I pretty much everyday said that he is an athlete.
    Stop saying that Tabby is a retard. I know my shit.

  14. That’s an 8-foot basket

  15. Brett Lawrie was the kid in gym class that made everyone else look like chumps

  16. Interesting

  17. This would be so bad and so douchey if he wasn’t so good at doing it and giving it 100 %.

  18. im starting to think that he is sponsored by Dre, otherwise why so shamelessly would one own like 10 pairs, and wear the high priced – mediocre sounding headphones at all possible times. like im sure he would wear them up to bat if the helmet/league allowed it, even at the expense of them being totally in the way

  19. Things that make me feel less like a lesbian in relation to the Toronto Blue Jays:

    Jose Bautista nekkid in Sports Illustrated.

    Things that make me feel more like a lesbian in relation to the Toronto Blue Jays:

    Every video in this post. Jesus fucking ewww.

  20. Jezuz H.

    Kids got game.

  21. I like the Langley porno face at the end of the dunk.

  22. Reminds me of Curt Henning’s Mr Perfect videos back in the 80s.

  23. Could be an exciting season for Lawrie and for us. He’s learning how to learn.Add that to his athletic ability and watch out.

    As a back story to the article, looks like “veteran presents” that gets joked about here so often is a little more valuable than some perceive.

    • “Veteran presents”? I hope that is not in the greek gymnasium sense. Old school “growth-through-trauma”.

    • Great article. I hope Seitzer can continue the progress on Lawrie’s approach at the plate.

    • Only if you swallow that narrative wholeheartedly like a fucking dope, Radar. Again, just because something gets written down or thought by someone doesn’t give it validity. How fucking difficult is this?

      • Why so cranky?Did you read the article?There’s an insight into behind the scenes and you just go ahead and ignore it.
        There’s information that may add to analysis for the future.
        I guess,in your world, Lott and Davidi’s reporting mean nothing or have no validity.
        Your anger with me,again clouds your mind with rage,so you can’t see the facts as presented.
        Go back to playing MLB 2K13,it’s just like the real thing.

        • You guess wrong, Radar. Of course their reporting has validity… when it’s about things that are tangible.

          Once again you demonstrate that you don’t know what evidence is, and you frantically try to hold up something to insist there’s nothing wrong with your un-critical worldview. And then when it’s pointed out that, once again, what you think the thing says is just as hollow as everything else you’ve tried to hold up as “evidence,” you start with the bullshit appeals to authority and attempts to diminish what I’m saying to you by any means but actually addressing the fact– the FACT– that you don’t have any evidence to prove the things you believe are being proven.

          Piss off with the psychology and maybe open your mind for a second to the idea that you don’t know as much as you think you know and that your sources on this topic aren’t reliable just because you really, really want them to be. Sorry, the world doesn’t work that way.

          And the video game shit? Do you know what this dead horse of a discussion is even about??? In addition to acting like a fucking child, you’re acting like I’m saying that none of these ghosts you believe so much in CAN exist. No. I’m saying that you’re not showing that they do, because what you think constitutes proof is insufficient. Try harder. And maybe give it a try without the fucking smugness. As always, your smugly thinking you know shit that you very much do not is at the root of our issue here. It would be a lot less fun writing back at your horseshit if you weren’t such a twat about it.

          • You’re a smart guy Stoeten but your tunnel vision doesn’t allow room for a full analysis.
            You have provided a medium to revisit my beliefs and look for concrete evidence to either support or disprove them.
            FWIW, I wondered if a veteran provided that much influence on younger players.After all you have stated that none of us are in the clubhouse and have no idea what goes on behind the scenes.
            Did Winfield provide the focus to win?maybe. Was Vizquel a mentor to others?Didn’t think so.Was DeRosa anything more than a cheerleader and a babysitter to Lawrie?It seems so. Would Lawrie have been able to seek the advice he needed to improve?Given his past resistance to criticism and his denial in regards to his accountabliity for fuck ups,it doesn’t seem likely..
            There were grumblings from the fan base in July that his offense wouldn’t come around unless he learned to quiet down at the plate.His own intensity and stubborness inhibited his progression and development.
            Is “veteran presents” overated?In general yes, but it would seem that it can be helpful in certain situations.
            I wonder about what you’re trying to say when
            “Again, just because something gets written down or thought by someone doesn’t give it validity. How fucking difficult is this?”
            And then
            “Of course their reporting has validity… when it’s about things that are tangible.”
            They’re writing about direct quotes and player interviews.So I’m not supposed to give them any credibility but blindly accept what you say as gospel?C’mon.

            Did I win the book?
            When would you like me to submit my guest post for editing?

  24. So I gather from this he is a good athlete, cool. I am very impressed by his vertical though.

  25. What is the name of the song in video 2?

  26. Quiet offseason

  27. Bold prediction:

    Traded – Bautista, Jansen, possibly interchange Bautista with Encarnacion for BONER-FIDE STARTING PITCHING.

    Fire away bitches.

  28. Problem is who has pitching that could use Bautista. A rebuilding team maybe? St Louis maybe? I like your idea I just don’t see a contending team willing to trade a starter

    • Why does it have to be a contending team. Might get bites elsewhere?

      But keep him outta the AL Beast of course. Cause all those sumbitches contend and we gotta play me way too much.

      Talk to me Drunk Jays Fans.

      • What if they traded Bautista and the club they traded him to moved to the Yanks or Sawx? Can’t see Jose being moved.

  29. Take that Brett Lawrir

  30. [...] Andrew Stoeten at DJF shares video of Lawrie dunking a basketball from his Viddy page. [...]

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