The GM Meetings begin today in Orlando, and you’ve probably heard by now that last year’s version of the event was where the groundwork for most of last season’s big moves was laid. In fact, by this time in 2012, the Jays had already traded for Esmil Rogers and signed Maicer Izturis (though the latter deal didn’t take place until after the meetings, which were earlier on the calendar). Things have been much quieter so far this winter, but that doesn’t mean that the stakes aren’t just as high for Alex Anthopoulos, which means all kinds of fun innuendo should be coming down the pike this week. And as long as our mayor doesn’t get indicted, I’ll be fully devoted to passing it all along until the meetings adjourn on Wednesday– and for quite some time after, no doubt.

In other words, you have no reason to not be following us. But I’ll do you one better and give you another.

Back on Friday I received my review copy of Great Expectations: The Lost Toronto Blue Jays Season, the new book from Shi Davidi of Sportsnet and John Lott of the National Post. Along with it, ECW Press was kind enough to send along a copy for us to give away.

So, here’s what we’ll do about that:

The DJF Twitter account (@DRUNKJAYSFANS) is closing in on 20,000 followers– less than a hundred away last I looked– and while I figure most people who want to follow are probably already doing so, I’ve got precisely zero better ideas for using this book to the site’s benefit except to try to bump us close to the prestigious-only-in-my-mind 20K level.

So, if you’re not doing so already, follow DJF on Twitter. Then, at some point this morning I’ll send out a tweet that says something like “RT this to win the copy of ‘Great Expectations: The Lost Toronto Blue Jays Season’ that we’re giving away. You must be following us to win!“– probably something exactly like that, now that I mention it– and then later in the afternoon I”ll print out the names of everyone who retweeted, cut ‘em up, pull one from a hat, and as long as whoever gets picked is following DJF (because apparently I’m gonna be a stickler about this for some reason), they get the book.

Sound good? Of course it does.

And if you don’t win, you can always order yourself a copy by way of the link to ECW Press above, or find it later this week (if not already) in your local, preferably independent, bookstore.

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  1. Oh, that’s a real book? Not a photoshop?

    I respect both writer’s work, but we all know how this book ends. Why would a fan want to re-live this past season?

    • Because it’s about the journey, and there are all kinds of interesting and worthwhile tidbits in there.

      Though, obviously, yes, when they started writing it they didn’t think the end was going to be quite like this.

  2. Because John Lott takes the best pictures of baseball and Shi Davidi is a really great writer, and the season happened, and if you can distance enough from the impotent rage we all felt, it’s kind of a great story.

  3. I’d love it…except I know how it ends. (badly)


  5. When I first heard about this book, it seemed like a dumb idea. But I’ve heard nothing except great things about it since then. Definitely looking forward to reading it.

    Besides it makes for a great prelude to the 2014 world series victory.

  6. [...] Speaking of Great Expectations, the good people of DJF are giving away a copy, so head on over there to find out how. [DJF] [...]

  7. Interested to see what the market is for a book like this.

  8. I read it and wrote about it on my site

    It’s a rather great book. And Mark DeRosa is sort of the star.

  9. The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald would have been a fine title for this book.

    • ♫ The team was the pride of the Canadian side
      coming back from some mill in Dunedin.
      As the big contenders go, it was bigger than most
      with a crew and good captain well seasoned ♪ ♫,

      ♫ Concluding some terms with a couple of agents and firms
      when they left fully loaded for Cleveland.
      And later that night when the ship’s bell rang,
      could it be the north wind they’d been feelin’?♪ ♫

  10. hello Andrew Stoeten, I am a sports journalism student, Shi Davidi is my teacher, I’ll intervies him next week about this book. So Could you tell me your e-mail adress, Can i ask your some questions about this book? thanks a lot !

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