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I don’t even…

That’s three M’s in Boston Globe writer Nick Cafardo’s “hmm” there, for those of you counting.

As for the actual content of his tweet, I’m reminded of the fact that seemingly every single time I write a post that has to do with whatever this man has to say about the Jays, I find myself compelled to use the word “insanity.”

That probably tells us all we need to know right there.

Of course, this tweet of his isn’t insane, per se, but… doesn’t this happen every single goddamned year? Doesn’t the fact that the Jays are secretive about the specifics of their plans, kick the tires on absolutely everybody, and are potentially backed by a multi-billion dollar corporation lead to this same exact scenario playing out at the Winter Meetings, and now the GM Meetings, like… always?

Yes, they sniffed around the market for Cano. No, they’re not going to tell you anything about it. Yes, their ownership group could buy ten Robinson Canos if they really wanted to (and, y’know, could somehow magically stop having to report to shareholders). No, we’re not going to get worked up by a damn “hmmm” like it’s coming from an upturned speaker in that scene from the Howard Stern movie fifteen years ago.

Not this year, at least. Or… well… not yet.

Oh, hey and now also this:

Yep. I’m sure that they are.

So… ?

There’s that?

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  1. I would be ok with saying goodbye to Mr Batts if it helped cover the cost of 1/3 of Cano’s salary…..

  2. C’mon, isn’t it obvious?

    The Jays will trade Jose Bautista for prospects and then sign Robinson Cano because that makes total sense! Duh!

  3. It’s as if there are these ‘meetings’ where GMs go to ‘negotiate’ the movement of players. Rumours are dumb.

  4. Would wanna keep Bats and add Cano preferably, Cano-Bautista-Encarnacion as a 2-3-4 or 3-4-5… playing in the Rogers Center, thats a lott of runs.

    • Except that the Cano stuff is bullshit, so… let’s not do this.

      • First you criticize a guy asking him why is he here because he is not into speculation regarding the GM meetings.

        Then you criticize a guy just after this because he IS speculating about the possibility of cano in the lineup

        Even you can see how small minded that looks.

    • Reyes is mad at you

  5. Troy Renck – The Rockies reporter who I actually think may have the best sources of any of the non-New York beat writers – had this in this Rockies-chasing-Ruiz update:

    “The Rockies would like to believe their chances of signing Carlos Ruiz are better. Colorado made an offer to Ruiz over the past 48 hours, and that has them in the mix for the veteran catcher. It may take an over pay in either money (something Colorado has some flexibility to do) or years (something the Rockies rarely do) to keep them at the table with the Phillies, Blue Jays and Red Sox all interested in Ruiz.”

  6. Cafardo is one of the poster boys for silly season.

    It’s always good blog fodder for you, Stoeten!

  7. re; Cano

    So you’re saying there’s a chance?


    I read you.

  8. what wet dreams are made of… I wonder if our current Dominicans would be able to sway Cano and Santana

  9. so hotstove
    very baseball
    much intrigue
    such money

  10. There was an interesting comment in the Fangraphs chat where a commenter suggested Happ, Arencibia, Gose and Osuna for Castro. Thoughts?

  11. Well one way to top the expectations of last season is signing Cano.

  12. Haven’t we seen this before? Hmmm

  13. I’m not saying this is possible, or even pretending like this makes sense, but if you have a surplus of outfielders and a need for a second basemen, would trading bautista while aquiring young pitching, only to use the savings on bautistas contract plus a little extra to sign cano? Thoughts?

  14. A part of me wants the jays to get in on cano just to drive up the price for the yankees. He is a great player, no doubt, but his contract will be a huge burden 3 or 4 years from now when he is declining.

    • the jays involvement will have little bearing on whats driving canos price. i bet the jays would probably do a 5/125 mirroring what josh hamilton got…but how can a management team who has openly said in the past it doesn’t like to go past 5 years and prefers to build through trade offer a guy like cano 8/200… a competitive bid that still won’t get it done.

      the cano thing is NEEEVVVEERRR happening. we are not in the running. the guy with the beard is right cafardo is a morono who is not to be taken seriously

  15. “a damn “hmmm” like it’s coming from an upturned speaker in that scene from the Howard Stern movie fifteen years ago.”

    … must say I would never have expected that reference in a million years.

  16. It’s not gonna happen. And cattardo likes to throw shit at the wall and see what sticks.

  17. If Cano is too expensive then maybe we should look at other Yankees – who’s this Vernon Wells kid? I hear good things.

  18. didn’t anyone learn anything from the Fielder/Darvish shit show of a few years ago? “Where there’s smoke…” doesn’t apply to AA.

    • Except for all the deals (Dickey is the easiest to remember) where there were plumes of smoke for a long time before the deal actually happens. AA doesn’t operate in a vaccum.

      • I was referring to Free Agency

        • true, AA does not have much of record when it comes to free agency, but now he’s stated and quoted to have a 50/50 movebook with trades and free agency, proably alot higher then he’s had in previous years. I don;t think he has ever been this candid in his intentions of signing anyone in free agency

  19. Great report on Aaron Sanchez at Baseball America but it’s behind the paywall.

    Andrew, you should paste a bit of it. Or can I?

  20. There is no surplus of outfielders. And with the payroll at where it’s at, they should be trying to keeps as many plus position players as possible, while not trading key pieces of the farm. Let’s hope there is a signing or two, and if the do make a trade, lets hope it consist of not much more than Happ and/or Rogers, and an extra bullpen piece or two. Anything beyond that would hurt their depth, that will be tested if they want to contend next year, not to mention dealing prospects would leave the system strained for talent. Come on AA, make it happen.

  21. Actually, signing Cano and trading Bautista for some insane return would be a bit of a coup. But not trying to rumor-monger – it’s just the kind of out-of-box thing you might consider if you were running a fantasy team.

    • Why not keep Bautista and his steal of a contract and sign 2 pitchers with the money you would spend on Cano and then trade smaller pieces for a workable 2B?

      • That’s just crazy talk.
        I much prefer to read the posts from the guys who want to sign Tanaka, Cano and McCann this off-season.

        • Did you just openly admit your fanfare of the yankees? lol

          • Perish the thought!! The Yankoffs? Pardon me while I rinse the puke taste from my mouth.
            No, I was saying that the over-caffeinated types that want to sign everybody are just so funny.
            EW’s comment was just so boring and semi-logical compared to the postings of the heavy-breathing types.

  22. Love this time of year. It’s fun to dream of blowing the payroll up and talking different trade scenarios. Social media is great for immediate rumor spreading and having a iPhone or other device wraps it all into one neat little bundle. Let the games begin. Ps Vernon who?

  23. Best line:

    (and, y’know, could somehow magically stop having to report to shareholders)

    This is not generally given enough consideration in the comments section. It’s more important than most want to believe.

  24. “A lot of denials on Robinson Cano. Hmmm.”

    Aren’t we all glad we don’t have to deal with this fool?

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